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Print A Sprint Schedule

NOTE: To be sure the dates and times are correct on these schedules, ALWAYS check here and if there is a discrepancy, let us know about it.

To remind you of our sprints, download, print, and post in an appropriate place the following plain text schedule for your time zone:

Eastern    Central    Mountain    Pacific

Download A Digital Calendar File

Mark, K0NIA, has created a digital calendar file (.ics) containing our complete sprint schedule through the end of 2020. Just about any calendar app that you use should be able to import this schedule. Furthermore, most applications will convert the time values into your local time zone setting. The file also contains reminders for our monthly challenges and annual anniversary celebrations.

If you use an Apple, Google, or Android calendar app you can find information on how to subscribe to this digital calendar here. The link that you need to use for the subscription is Subscribing will ensure that all changes to the NAQCC schedule of events will automatically show up in your personal calandar app.

Alternatively, you can download his digital calendar for a one-time import into your app here. If you choose this route, please be aware that future changes to the NAQCC schedule won't be reflected in your downloaded calendar, so you'll need to continue checking here for updates.