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The NAQCC online Newsletter is published monthly on the 8th of the month. Every month it is filled with useful and interesting information including the following features:

pix_ga (1K) General club news.

pix_ga (1K) Info about NAQCC sprints, challenges, and awards, including recent winners, and everything that you need to know to participate in upcoming events.

pix_ga (1K) Feature articles on a variety of QRP/CW related subjects.

pix_ga (1K) News from our various club chapters.

pix_ga (1K) NAQCC QRS Net schedules and reports.

pix_ga (1K) Helpful hints for both newer and more seasoned CW operators in our CW Assistance section.

pix_ga (1K) A cartoon by club artist Dick, W9CBT.

pix_ga (1K) A ham radio biography of a member selected at random in our Member Spotlight.

pix_ga (1K) Member News reports from around the world. This is your opportunity to brag about your QRP CW accomplishments, share tips, review a piece of gear, describe a homebrew project, or report on an outdoor ham radio adventure. Just about any positive news related to the NAQCC or QRP CW is welcome. Our news editor is Paul, KD2MX, and he approves or rejects any submitted items. Send your news to him at pix_email_kd2mx (1K).

An email is sent out each month to remind members that the latest newsletter has been posted. Please be sure that we have your correct email address on file for this (see "Contact Us"). We use a mail list at to distribute this reminder so you might need to add the following email addresses to your approved senders list. (We do not respond to any emails that say we must fill out a form to add ourselves to your approved list so please take care of this yourself.)
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You can read the latest newsletter by clicking on the "Current" option in the menu at the left or by following the link that is sent to you in the email notification. All issues starting with #042 are available through the "Past Issues" menu choice. And two special issues, the "KX-1 Project" and the "NAQCC History" are also available via the menu for your enjoyment. If you are a non-member reading this, and wish to receive the email notifications, you need to join the NAQCC! Membership is free and there are no obligations other than to do whatever you can to help preserve and promote CW and QRP on the ham bands. You don't even need to be a licensed amateur to join. All who have our common interest are welcome.