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NAQCC Awards

IMPORTANT: We now have a new Awards Manager - John KK1X. See the General Rules or the Contact Us page for his address, etc.

The NAQCC offers an extensive array of awards, at least one or more of which should appeal to every member's tastes.

Some duplicate other organizations' awards, but ours are FREE - WAS, WAC, 1000MPW, etc.

Others we believe are unique to the NAQCC, unless they have been copied by other organizations since their inception here - QSO-A-Day, 30-30, etc.

Certificates are now emailed to winners hence we no longer charge a fee for them. However if you wish to make a donation to the club, we won't refuse it. There is no obligation whatsoever to make a donation though. We will charge a fee of $3.00 IF you want us to print your certificate and send it via regular mail.

You will find the complete listing of the awards that we offer by following the "Current" link at the left.