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Beginning March 1, 2013 all awards are available for NAQCC members only. Membership is free and if you are interested enough in the awards, you should be interested enough to join the club and help us in our mission of helping to preserve CW on the ham band and showing how efficient it is, even at QRP power levels.

Our Awards Manager is - John KK1X. See below for his address, etc. Address all questions and comments about awards to him.

All QSO's involved in NAQCC awards (as well as other NAQCC activities) are to be made via 2 way CW (Morse Code) - nothing else.

To be considered a QRP QSO, the QSO must be initiated using QRP. You can not start a QSO with more than 5 watts output power then reduce power to 5 watts and call it a QRP QSO for the purpose of our awards.

Similarly for a QRPp QSO, you must initiate the QSO using 1 watt or less output power.

If it is a 2X QRP QSO, the station you work must also initiate the QSO with QRP or QRPp as appropriate.

If the award specifies use of a simple wire antenna, refer to the FAQ's/Info page for the NAQCC definition of such an antenna.

QSL's are not required for any NAQCC award. However we still encourage our members to continue to exchange QSL cards as they see fit.

Unless otherwise specified, qualifying QSO's may be made in the CW portion of any amateur radio band.


Submit your application (paper or electronic) in the form of COPIES of log book entries with the info prescribed in the 'Logs' section of the award's page. Any paper logs received will not be returned, so don't send your original logs! For the simple wire antenna awards you must include a description of all antennas used in making the qualifying contacts. Applications may be sent via email or regular mail

All our award certificates are FREE and sent to you via email for you to print out. If you want us to print it out and send it via regular mail, the fee is $3.00 per certificate.

Some awards have endorsements. Likewise they are FREE if sent via email. If you want us to print and send a new certificate with the endorsement, the fee is $2.00 per certificate.

If a certificate is printed and mailed by us, the fee must be paid in United States currency or for those who cannot obtain US currency, IRC's at a rate of one IRC per dollar. Payment may also be made by check or money order drawn on a United States bank. The check or money order must be made out to John Griswold, NOT just NAQCC. No other form of payment can be accepted.

Mail any fee (and/or paper application) to:

John Griswold - KK1X
34 Cambridge St.
Ayer, MA 01432

Email: pix_email_kk1x (1K)


All of our awards are also available to SWL's. The SWL must use a simple wire receiving antenna for those awards requiring simple wire antennas. The stations heard must be running CW and QRP. All other rules are the same.

We hope to be receiving applications regularly for these awards. Good luck on your quest.