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WAS BEAR HUNT - Managed by Ron (Bear Master) Morrison, K5DUZ


Due to a lack of interest, compounded by the currently marginal propagation conditions, the NAQCC WAS Bear Hunt is going into "hibernation" for an undetermined period of time. The premise was to encourage the more "rare" states to get on the air using QRP CW in order to facilitate 2XQRP (two way QRP) contacts with those states for various clubs and organizations' WAS awards.


All NAQCC officers and members thank the following 21 Bears listed in chronological order. We're proud of you and grateful beyond words for your efforts to try to make this concept succeed. We also thank all of those who worked these Bears and encouraged them even though they may not have needed their states.

Paul KD2MX (NJ) - Our very first Bear back in September 2006.

Steve NU7T (NV) - Steve is supportive of all our NAQCC activities.

Dale WC7S (WY)- As Ron said, the staunchest Bear Hunt supporter who was a bear on 6 separate occasions.

Bill K1EV (CT) - Despite poor conditions and being an early Bear, Bill gave out CT to 28 folks during his week.

Terry WU9F (WI) - Terry did a nice job despite being from a not-very-rare state.

Greg K4KO (TN) - Another participant who put forth a big effort (over 10 hours in the woods) from an easy-to-work state.

N3A (PA-NJ) - We made our 2006 special event call a Bear and garnered 170 QSO's from 3 ops - K3WWP, KB3LFC, and W2LJ.

Jim WD9HBC (MA) - Jim really enjoyed his week as a Bear, and was willing to do it again.

Ivin W9ILF (IN) - Ivin was really hard to hunt down since he was a mobile Bear during his lunch breaks at work.

Gary W6GY (ID) - A not too common state was given out by Gary to several who needed it.

Mike K0MDS (KS) - Thanks to Mike, 25 folks now have at least one 2X QRP QSO with Dorothy's state.

Dar W9HZC (NE) - Dar was our first 'Bear-for-a-day'.

Jim K5CQB (TX) - Our Texas police officer had to cut his sked short due to the death of a fellow officer.

Lou W7JI (KS) - Lou had great success with 53 QSO's from 20 states.

Larry W2LJ (NJ) - Our club publicity officer was another 'BFAD'.

Ken N2ZN (NY) - This fine op was hurt by being from a very common state, but still tried his best.

Charles N3EJS (DE) - One of the rarer states, however Charles unfortunately had a severe case of local QRN for his week, but still worked hard at it.

Ken WA8REI (Various) - Ken operated from the Appalachian trail on a hiking trip.

Scott W5ESE (TX) - One of our very active members did a two week stint for us.

Bruce WY7N (UT) - Things were slow for this Bear from the Beehive State - you'd think the hunters would know Bears love beehives and Bruce would be easy to find.

Joe KK5NA (TX) - Our NAQCC member number 0012 was in the woods for two weeks.