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January 2019 160 Meter Sprint

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bon Final  160 Antenna

W1 Division
WB1GYZ   13   12  25    6  150   x2   300  sloping vee about 150 feet

W2 Division
W2SH     20   18  38   13  494   x2   988  270' dpl@45'; Inverted L,86'V,68'H
WA2YOW    5    5  10    4   40   x2    80  TX:indoor wire mag-loop 30 ft perimeter
K2JT      3    3   6    3   18   x2    36  dpl at 30'
KN2G      1    1   2    1    2   x2     4  fanned inverted vee @55 ft

W3 Division
N3HEE    23   21  44   13  572   x2  1144  Inverted L over K2AV FCP
AH6AX    16   14  30   10  300   x2   600  WINDOM @ 50'
AI4SV     8    8  16    6   96   x2   192  dipole @35'
AK3X      2    2   4    2    8   x2    16  T vertical

W4 Division
WG8Y     13   10  23   10  230   x2   460  130FT invert L
WA4ZOF    7    6  13    6   78   x2   156  160 mtr endfed half wave @50ft
W4DUK     3    3   6    3   18   x2    36  End-fed Zepp @ 20'
K4JPN     2    2   4    2    8   x2    16  Tee at 32 Feet

W5 Division
N5GW     15   13  28   10  280   x2   560  T vertical 70' long

W6 Division

W7 Division
KC7DM     3    3   6    3   18   x2    36  480' horizontal loop @ 60'

W8 Division
AJ8S     20   16  36   15  540   x2  1080  204' wire @ 50'
NF8M     11   10  21    7  147   x2   294  Xmit: Inv-L (40+90 ft); rcv 250' Beverag
W8BUD     2    2   4    1    4   x2     8  533 foot delta loop up 65 ft

W9 Division
WB9HFK   27   23  50   19  950   x2  1900  150 Ft. Random Wire

W0 Division
N0AR     12   10  22    8  176   x2   352  43' Vertical 3' rx loop & 80 mtr rx loop
AA0W      6    6  12    5   60   x2   120  Loaded Dipole @ 30 Feet
NN0SS     1    1   2    1    2   x2     4  80 Meter- Inv V

Canada Division

DX Division

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bon Final  160 Antenna

W1 Division

W2 Division

W3 Division
N3LPJ    20   18  38   11  418 x1.5   627  Inverted L, 85' vertical  70' horizontal

W4 Division

W5 Division
NF5U      1    1   2    1    2 x1.5     3  Ground mounted half wave vertical

W6 Division

W7 Division

W8 Division

W9 Division
AA9L      8    7  15    7  105 x1.5   157  160-80-40 trap dipole @ 50 feet

W0 Division

Canada Division

DX Division

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bon Final  160 Antenna

W1 Division

W2 Division
WA1GWH   13   13  26   11  286        286  66 ft base loaded wire w/ground system
N2ESE     5    5  10    5   50         50  120ft.end fed

W3 Division

W4 Division
KB9ILT   21   19  40   12  480        480  End fed wire at 60 feet
K4BAI     6    5  11    6   66         66  tee vertical using 80M inverted vee dip
WB4OMM    6    5  11    5   55         55  160M Sloper (Tower)
N4EEV     2    2   4    2    8          8  25ft tall T vertical
WD4CFN    1    1   2    1    2          2  CF Zepp @ 45'

W5 Division

W6 Division
NR5NN     5    4   9    4   36         36  Inverted 'L'

W7 Division

W8 Division

W9 Division
NN9K     19   17  36   16  576        576  135 end fed@25 ft

W0 Division
K0EW      3    3   6    2   12         12  OCF Dipole @25'

Canada Division
VE3DQN   11   11  22    8  176        176  dipoles@40ft

DX Division

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bon Final  160 Antenna

Straight Key
@N5ECT   15   14  29   11  319   x2   638  DEDICATED 1/4 W VERTICAL- BEVERAGES



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@ Non-member
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WB1GYZ - Was thinking of foregoing Sprint cuz one leg of my vee still on ground encrusted in ice. Loaded 160 surprisingly well, band was in great shape, so lesson learned: ya never know till u try.

W2SH - Activity seemed light. Over the past five years an average of 47 logs were submitted for each of these sprints. We shall see how 2019 compares. Conditions were OK. I mostly used the dipole with its much lower received noise than the inverted L. Worked just about everybody I heard, and my search for more QSOs led me sometimes to inadvertently begin transmitting what would be a dupe.

WA1GWH - From here in NY started out with quite a few signals but then got rather sparse. Thanks for the contacts! 72, Garry WA1GWH

WA2YOW - 5w to an indoor mag-loop made for tough going, estimated less than 2% efficiency. RX antenna was an earth probe 24 ft long through a 9 to 1 ferrite transformer.

KN2G - It was very busy on the band with another contest going. I could only jump in for a few minutes. This is my second favorite sprint, right after the Milliwatt. Sorry I missed you WB1GYZ....

N3HEE - Lots of fun working many fine QRP signals on 160 meters ! Great conditions and the band was very quiet tonight. Flex 6600M @ 5W. Homebrew straight key. Thanks -Joe N3HEE

AH6AX - Had fun - rough night with noise levels, but managed to pull in a fair amount of stations... thanks to all I worked, and to those I couldn't quite bring through the noise - sorry... get ya next time! HNY to all!

AI4SV - Heard a lot more that I could work during the first hour -- I suspect my not very long dipole is not very efficient on 160m, but hey, it at least tunes up. Noise went up significantly during 2nd hour. I heard OH and IL, but was only able to work stations along the eastern seaboard. 73 - Jack

AK3X - I had planned to try a better antenna for the sprint but never got around to it. Used 171 foot doublet as a T vertical. Truth is I got two more contacts than I expected. Band was very noisy here. KB9ILT was very strong all night. N3HEE had a good signal as well... Heard WB9HFK and W2SH, but not well enough to attempt a QSO. Anyway, it was still a fun sprint, although I had to take a break for the 40 meter QRP Fox Hunt, where I had much better success! 72 to all... Peter

WG8Y - Hi all,Ran a 130ft wire hose clamped to the base of my Hustler 6BVT. Slopes up app.40ft then down into the backyard 12ft off the ground. worked 7 Q's. Stopped for 30 check on my wife. Then worked 6 more Q's. Stopped app 3:10Z.QRN right up there tonite.Tnxs to all that heard me. C ya all in the next one. Enjoyed it. 72 from N.C. Mark WG8Y

WA4ZOF - always fun, tnx to all ... ARGONAUT VI 260ft end fed at 50ft.. TOM WA4ZOF

K4BAI - Time was limited tonight. Got in about 41 minutes. Heard a lot of guys who couldn't hear me with my compromise antenna. W2SH, WA1GRH, N5ECT, K8LBQ. Actually never heard ECT or LBQ call CQ, so probably could have worked them if I had. Also another loud station in IL and one in OH and I never heard their calls. Also called N3LPJ, but he didn't answer me until the sprint period was over. Hope to work all again in CQ 160 CW contest this weekend. 72, John, K4BAI.

WB4OMM - Slim pickins tonight. But did manage a few (just got my 160M sloper up today too!). Heard NV3N, W2SH, WA4ZOF N5GW, AJ8S but could not work them. Most signals in the noise and had QSB here. Was very surprised to work the Cuban station. 72 to all, thanks for the top band efforts! Steve WB4OMM

N4EEV - Lots of QRN. I heard several ops but they were below the noise floor. Thanks for the QSO. 72 Mike

N5GW - KX3, rake tine straight key, T vertical, metal roof ground. There was very little QRN even though an approaching rain front was only a few hundred miles away. Many sigs were very weak with QSB - hope I heard all of you that called me.

NR5NN - NR5NN/6: WOW! It's a vast and sparsely populated 160m landscape here in the west, especially on 160m. My five contacts were at 38 miles, 40ml, 300ml, 350ml, 560ml, and that's all for more than one hours ops time. In the last 25 minutes neither heard nor saw a single other station on the waterfall. Many thanks to FRN colleagues, Doug, Rick & Rob, and the one non-member I pounced on because he was the only signal in the bottom 50 KHz of the band. RBN doesn't spot my NR5NN callsign so I used a friend's with his permission - my signal was (weakly) spotted as far East as WI, CO, and TX so the RF was getting out there..... Top band is a real tough test of antenna, weak signals, and environmental noise (man made QRN). Thanks to all that tried. 72/73/77 de JB.nr5nn

AJ8S - Band was pretty quiet. Tnx to those who were patient. Had fun!

NF8M - I planned to get on for a bit and try to make 5 contacts but conditions were decent enough that I stuck around for 10 plus one more. Faintly heard a couple guys calling me - sorry I wasn't able to dig you out. 72

W8BUD - My first sprint not very good here bud 72

WB9HFK - Lots of Fun! Thanks for the Q's and sorry to those I just could not pull out. I thought conditions were pretty good. 72, Mark WB9HFK

AA9L - I was surprised at the activity on 160.

N0AR - Best conditions I've heard in months! NN9K held strong all nite and best esp contact was with N5GW, good ears Gene. 72 to all. Scott N0AR St.Paul, MN

AA0W - Fair conditions just could not pull some thru the noise.

VE3DQN - A fun sprint, good signals. I recommend (again) that during the winter months, along with 20-40-80, 160m also be used for the regular monthly sprints.

@N5ECT - Marlene allowed me to use her station, WD5R. I pulled my call, N5ECT, out of the junk pile for this contest. Both the call and the straight key were feeling old. Dedicated 1/4w vertical and pasture full of beverages.

Ki VA3PEN is responsible for the contents of this page. Questions should go to him at pix_newemail_va3pen (1K).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are planning to operate in the sprint from a state other than your home state - OR - will be using a callsign that is different from one that you have used in previous sprints we need to know about it for our cross checking and record keeping. Please email Ki with this information before the start of the sprint.

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

RULES specific to this month's sprint:
All QSOs must be made on 160-meters.

Date and time:
Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 0130-0330Z

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be RECEIVED before 2400Z on the Sunday following the sprint. So submit as soon as possible.

Preferred method of submitting your log and report is our on-line autologger.

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