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December 2018 QRP/CW mW Sprint

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

W1 Division
KN1H      8    8  16    8  128   x2   256  400' End-fed wire
K1MZM     9    9  18    7  126   x2   252  80 Meter OCFD at 35 feet
W1PQO     3    3   6    3   18   x2    36  25' center fed dipole with 100 ft lead
WB1GYZ    3    2   5    2   10   x2    20  Sloping vee into the pines
K1IEE     1    1   2    1    2   x2     4  OCF 120FT long wire @ 30FT
KQ1P      0    0   0    0    0   x2     0  trap dipole @30'

W2 Division
KA2KGP   14   11  25   10  250   x2   500  G5RV up 25 ft.
W2SH     10   10  20    9  180   x2   360  inverted L, V86',H68';270'cf dpl@45'
KN2G      5    5  10    5   50   x2   100  fanned inverted vee @55 ft
K2JT      2    2   4    2    8   x2    16  dpl@30'
WA2FBN    1    1   2    1    2   x2     4  EFHW at 25 ft
W2JEK     1    1   2    1    2   x2     4  110 ft end fed wire up 20 ft
N2HTT     1    1   2    1    2   x2     4  g5rv at 35'

W3 Division
KD3CA    16   15  31   14  434   x2   868  ocf Windom @ 33 ft
K2DEP     0    0   0    0    0   x2     0  G5RV @ 28ft

W4 Division
K4KRW    13   13  26   11  286   x2   572  Dipole @ 35 Ft
K4JPN    12   12  24   10  240   x2   480  80M CF Zepp
K4PQC     7    7  14    6   84   x2   168  Horizontal random wire loop up 20'
WG8Y      6    6  12    5   60   x2   120  HB 10-80M OCF dp@30ft
WT4U      2    2   4    2    8   x2    16  EFHW
W4DUK     2    2   4    2    8   x2    16  End-fed Zep @ 20'
W4HH      0    0   0    0    0   x2     0  End-fed, 63 ft long, 20 ft up
KJ4R      0    0   0    0    0   x2     0  34' vertical

W5 Division
N5GW     18   18  36   14  504   x2  1008  CFZ at 50' & 75'
WA6EEM    4    4   8    3   24   x2    48  132' EFW @32'
KA5PVB    2    2   4    2    8   x2    16  80 meter 1/4 wave Inv. V @ 30 FT.
KE5YUM    0    0   0    0    0   x2     0  OCF 40 @ 20 feet
$N5ZN     1    1   2    1    2   x2     4  dipole @ 30 feet

W6 Division

W7 Division
KC7DM     2    2   4    1    4   x2     8  480' horizontal loop @ 60'

W8 Division
AB8FJ     3    3   6    2   12   x2    24  End fed random wire @ 15'
AA8R      2    2   4    2    8   x2    16  gnd mtd vert
N8XMS     0    0   0    0    0   x2     0  R7 Vertical

W9 Division
W9CC      6    6  12    6   72   x2   144  inverted vee @35'
WB9HFK    6    6  12    5   60   x2   120  OCF Dipole @ 20 Ft.
KC9IL     5    4   9    5   45   x2    90  G5RV at 45 feet
NI9M      0    0   0    0    0   x2     0  Random wire sloper
KD9EBS    0    0   0    0    0   x2     0  Fan Dipole at 25 feet, in the attic
N8HWV     0    0   0    0    0   x2     0  EFHW AT 15 FT

W0 Division
AA0W      5    5  10    4   40   x2    80  Dipole @ 30ft
NN0SS     1    1   2    1    2   x2     4  80 meter inv vee @40 feet

Canada Division

DX Division

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

W1 Division

W2 Division

W3 Division
K3WWP     0    0   0    0    0 x1.5     0  ~110' attic ef random wire

W4 Division
K3RLL     4    4   8    3   24 x1.5    36  33' Wire fed with HB 9:1 Unun

W5 Division
W5ODS    12   12  24    8  192 x1.5   288  G5RV @ 50ft.
NF5U      7    7  14    6   84 x1.5   126  40m/80m trap dipole at 33ft

W6 Division

W7 Division

W8 Division

W9 Division

W0 Division
KD0V      6    6  12    5   60 x1.5    90  cf Zepp @ 30 feet

Canada Division

DX Division

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

W1 Division
N2CN      6    5  11    5   55         55  ZS6BKW @ 60 feet
KB1M      4    4   8    4   32         32  20 mtr inv V, 40mtr dipole @ 30ft
K4RHG     2    2   4    2    8          8  End-fed dipole at 30 feet

W2 Division

W3 Division

W4 Division
N4MJ      5    5  10    5   50         50  Windom @ 55'
$N4NSS    2    2   4    1    4          4  GND MOUNTED VETICAL AND W3EDP WIRE UP 25

W5 Division

W6 Division
KX6A      1    1   2    1    2          2  60' End Fed

W7 Division

W8 Division
WB8LZG    8    8  16    6   96         96  dipoles @ 30'
W8RTJ     5    5  10    5   50         50  endfed wire up about 25'
N8IFU     0    0   0    0    0          0  NorCal Doublet @ about 20 ft
$K3CTN    2    2   4    2    8          8  inverted L @ 30'

W9 Division
N9BC      0    0   0    0    0          0  inverted V @40'
AB9BZ     0    0   0    0    0          0  End fed half wave, and indoor loop

W0 Division
$WD0K     0    0   0    0    0          0  center fed zepp

Canada Division

DX Division

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

Straight Key



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KN1H - Ran the IC7300. At the 1% power setting the output is 19.5V P-P into the 50 ohm load for 950 milliwatts. It produces 780mw at the 0% power setting, but tonight I needed all the milliwatts I could muster as conditions were not favourable! Worked 8 intrepid souls and had a wonderful time. Happy Holidays everyone! 73, John, KN1H

K1MZM - This was my first Sprint, and I had a ball. I often wonder when I contact a station who is running high power how hard it is to copy my little signal. With everyone running less than 1 watt I got a chance to see what it was like. No trouble pulling out most of the signals. I look forward to the next Sprint!

W1PQO - First time in the 1 watt sprint...lots of fun! Surprised that I could raise anyone with my 100 ft coax

KB1M - k1 AT 900mW. Thankfully 40 was very quiet, QSB not so good, band seemed to have improved over last weeks sprint and Sundays RFTB. I especially enjoy mW sprints, thanks for the Q's. 72/73 Walt

WB1GYZ - Marginal conditions - so much so, that when I worked a close by station (our antennas almost touch) he didn't even give me a decent signal report.

K4RHG - Only two QSOs in two hours but had a lot of fun doing it only running 500 mw. RBN showed me getting out as far as Kansas (2db) but could only hear and work NY and PA.

K1IEE - The little HW8 tried real hard but only station heard and worked was Walt KB1M on 40M. I did try the HW9 and found same poor conditions. Fun sprint playing with the HW8. 73 Dick K11EE

KQ1P - It was very lonely on 40M. One station heard but no QSO made, try as I might. 73 and pleasant holidays to all.

KA2KGP - 20m. was nil, only one QSO on 40m. with the rest on 80m. This MW sprint a tough go, QSB on 80m. but QRPp still cut thru despite poor band conditions. Rig: IC-7000 at 1w. into G5RV up 25 ft. 73 to all.

W2SH - 40m was in failing shape; it took a while to achieve my first QSO, and I was cheered that my 600mW reached a kilomile away to N5GW. After two more QSOs I moved to 80m for the remainder of the sprint.

KN2G - 40m was unusable here in the Mohawk Valley. 80m was only somewhat better. Everyone worked hard to pull me out of the background. Thanks to all the patient ops!

WA2FBN - Heard several very weak stations on 40m, but couldn't copy with stations fading in and out. Pwr 1 watt into EFHW; key CWmorse straight key. N5GW only strong NAQCC station heard. 72 Ken

W2JEK - Used my OHR-500 at 900 MW. WM-2 wattmeter. made one qso with W2SH. Found that my Yaesu FT-840 has a better receiver. Next time will try a relay with a foot switch and use the OHR-500 as a transmitter and receive with the Yaesu 72 DON

N2HTT - Sigs really low, and the one QSO took a couple of repeats. Called CQ for a while on 40 but no takers, although I turned up on RBN. Fun event, thanks to all and 73.

KD3CA - Pretty rough condition with lots of QSB here . Very sorry to the stations that called & just couldn't pull them out of the QRN and QSB . Many thanks to all. Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year Best 73 Don

K2DEP - Horrible conditions at my location in MD. Did not hear any participants and no one heard me CQing on 40 or 80 on my KX3. Not the norm. Hope to be on next month. 73 and MC and HNY.

K4KRW - All of my contacts were on 80m. I heard a few very weak signals on 40m. Best signal out of state was K4PQC. The one that got away was W5ODS in OK. I used my KX3 with a Begali Blade key and a fan dipole. Great fun as always. 73, Richard

K4JPN - Heavy QRN on 80M, tried 20M and 40M, but none heard and could not raise anyone with a CQ. 72, Steve K4JPN

K4PQC - I tried 20, no luck then 40 meters and still no luck then there was quite a bit of activities on 80 and this I guess is the watering hole... at least for me. All bands were a little noisy S3-4, no static crashes here in the boonies.

WG8Y - Not my nite tonite. Genlog always just fires rite up.Not tonite. I must have monkeyed something up. Had to go talk nice to it. Hi Hi. That put me 1/2 hour late.Ran the 817 at app.700mw.Tough going. No 20m,didn't work anyone on 40m.40 was long.Heard a CO non NA station calling CQ S7. Did catch 5 on 80m. Had to pull the plug at 10PM. My wife is still ill and needed my attention. Thanks for the MW Sprint. Still fun. Merry Xmas all & gud nite from N.C. Mark WG8Y

N4MJ - Surprised at the number of stations I heard in the Sprint. Was working a Fox Hunt simultaneously. Most of the time was spent Fox Hunting. Condx have been terrible in recent months. Skunked again in the Fox Hunt but did a bit better in this Sprint. Thanks to all participants & CU in the January 2019 Sprint. 73, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. God Bless America. N4MJ

K3RLL - Ran 90 degree VizKey bug to HB 9:1 Unun to 33' wire over garage. Turned practically everything in house off to eliminate noise. Result? Four skilled and patient ops pulled my mW signal out of the QRN tonight. I think I qualified for the Worked ALL New England Award. (Smile) Good ears there in ME, NH & VT. Thank you.

WT4U - When I finally heard a call back, after an hour of wondering if my 1W was getting out at all, I half suspected he was answering someone else! Glad I stuck with it.

W4DUK - Made a couple of contacts and I'm satisfied, considering propagation at my QTH tonight. 73/72 and Merry Christmas / Happy New Year!

N4NSS - First try at a sprint. Sigs were not strong or even readable.

W4HH - Rotten conditions on 80, 40, 20. Called CQ for 30 minutes, moving from band to band. Heard one weak signal each on 80 and 40. See everyone next month. Merry Christmas!!

KJ4R - PFR 3B with homemade attenuator for 950mw. 40M was in poor shape. Never heard anyone to work and called CQ for almost an hour with no replies. I set up my rig about 2 hours before the sprint and heard AA9AA calling CQ and was able to have a nice QRP to QRP/p QSO with Mike. I hoped the band would hold up, but didn't happen tonight. This morning I checked the reverse beacon to see if any of them picked copied my CQ. there was one spot from K3LR @ 5db. Pretty poor for an hour of CQing. Last time I was 'shut out' in a sprint was when I operated from a hotel room in Canada with a wire hanging in the window. Looking forward to next month. Just got a KX3 and looking forward to building it and putting it on the air. Merry Christmas to everyone!

N5GW - I was using my KX3 at 900 mW and rake tine straight key. I started out on 40M which had sparse, generally weak QSB signals but was able to work nine sprinters before the band faded out. Moving to 80M I found several fairly good signals, except most sprinters seem to have departed toward the end. Best signal was NF5U whose HW-8 was booming in on 80M, but he could barely hear me. A two bander with KC7DM in OR was a surprise.

W5ODS - My first Sprint at 1 watt power level. Harder to pull sigs out of the s7-s9 noise on 80M. 40M was a no go after 1 contact due to band noise here in OK. Surprised at how many stations on tonight.

NF5U - I fired up the old HW-8 tonite and the results were not that bad considering it has poor ears and was only putting out .75 w at the transmitter with 100ft of coax. It was fun, it was challenging. Merry Christmas to all and see you next year. 73s Jerry NF5U

KA5PVB - First time using my 'Lil Joe 40 meter xmtr and really had a blast despite only 2 QSO's. The 650 milli-watt power level DOES reach out. Rcvr - Yaesu FRG-100 with 500 Hz. filter and active ant. at 30 ft. Already looking forward to the next MW event. Happy Holidays all. Best 73, Chuck

KE5YUM - I heard a lot of QRO but only one QRPp and could not make contact. FT 817 @500 mw..Merry Christmas to all. Terry

KC7DM - Began the sprint logging N5GW on 40. Ended the sprint logging N5GW on 80. Between - nothing. Very few signals heard and those were weak. TU Gene

WB8LZG - Hello milliwatt-men! Tough nite fer the peanut whistle crowd last evening. I Hauled out my neglected K2 and cranked er down to 900mw. Whew! 20 was dead an hour before the sprint, 40 was poor to say the least. I only heard 2 stns on 40 and I couldn't make out the calls. 80 was the spot. Lots of peeps out there but many right at the noise level. started out slow es got a bit better as the nite went on. Got 3 in NY and several New Englanders, but no on from down south or out west heard here in Mich. I heard but didn't work , KD0V,WB4M, K4MJ, es K4JPN Tns to all who call me. There were several of u out there I just couldn't pull out the call. After an hour of static es noise in the ears, I finally pulled the plug. Great to hear all of the HARD CORE QRPp guys poundin away last night. Have a Merry Christmas es hope to hear you all next sprint in the new year. 73, Gregg WB8LZG

W8RTJ - Started on 40 , not much heard . Went to 80 for my only 5 qs . Still fun an like all am sure hoping for better conditions next time. 72 JIM W8RTJ

AA8R - My first QRP sprint

K3CTN - Very poor conditions on 80M, nothing heard on 40M or 20M.

N8IFU - Well, this my first time trying the mW Sprint. 40 seemed pretty bad to me, so spent most of my time on 80 which seemed a little better. No contacts @ 1 watt. Was running Hunt and Pounce only. Heard you KN2G, and tried a couple times to answer your CQ on 80, but you did not hear me. Did not hear many CQ NA's tonight.

N8XMS - Well that was 35 minutes of frustration! I briefly heard parts of QSOs that WA2FBN and N4NSS were making but I never even had a nibble on my CQs. I don't think that I even heard more than a couple of QRO stations as I tuned around! Oh well, I guess that's the way the sunspot cookie crumbles sometimes. Merry Christmas and 73 to everyone.

KC9IL - 1st time on the QRPp sprint. Even better test of my ears. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

N9BC - Tried but no success.

NI9M - I tried but got no answers and did not hear much. I was spotted a couple times so I know my 800mW was getting out but sadly, not well enough.

AB9BZ - I tried not expecting much, as I can't make any contacts lately in the 5W sprints with the high noise level. Started with the EFHW, then moved to my indoor loop where I could hear stations (not QRP) but was not heard. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

N8HWV - I heard a call or two, but that was about it. No QSO this time but condx have been pretty poor lately; didn't expect much tonight.

KD0V - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

AA0W - Heard stations but conditions would not allow an exchange. KX2 internal battery 900 mws.

WD0K - No propagation here in the metro area! Band can't get more dead than that.......Merry Christmas to all! 72 Rich wd0k

Ki VA3PEN is responsible for the contents of this page. Questions should go to him at pix_newemail_va3pen (1K).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are planning to operate in the sprint from a state other than your home state - OR - will be using a callsign that is different from one that you have used in previous sprints we need to know about it for our cross checking and record keeping. Please email Ki with this information before the start of the sprint.

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

RULES specific to this month's sprint:
Operate at 1 watt or less (the lower the better) to be eligible for any awards or prizes. Others welcome to participate and submit check logs.

Date and time:
Wednesday, December 19, 2018, 0130-0330Z

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be RECEIVED before 2400Z on the Sunday following the sprint. So submit as soon as possible.

Preferred method of submitting your log and report is our on-line autologger.

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