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Dec 2017 QRP/CW Sprint (#158)

KF0U Comments - Missed 100 by 1. Well, there is always next time. Thanks for all the help and great Soapbox comments. See you in few months. Special thanks to John (K3WWP) and all the work he's put into making this club so great.

K3WWP Comments - I wish we could have completed my job of cross-checking logs by giving me at least 100 logs to work with, but it's not surprising with the abominable conditions over most of the country. I want to thank you all for the fine comments on my final retirement from club work. It's been fun for the most part except when I had to deal with malformed sprint logs. However it has been enjoyable to see so many of you improving your logs as the sprints passed by. My final cross-checking is now done and the scores adjusted. Now as usual you have a week to appeal any score change. Just email me at pix_newemail_naqcc (1K) with the subject "Sprint Log Question" before Christmas Eve at 2400Z. Incidentally that email will be retired also at year's end. Paul will post a new one for club business after that. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Be seeing you in the upcoming sprints, hopefully with better conditions.

Results Pending Score Appeals
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

W1 Division
KN1H     22   22  44    9  396  x2   792  END FED WIRE @50'
WB1GYZ   18   18  36    9  324  x2   648  80 foot dipole, HB open-wire at 35'
K1IEE    14   13  27    6  162  x2   324  OCF 135' long wire@30'
K1IX      6    6  12    3   36  x2    72  OCFD @ 38'
W1RVY     3    3   6    2   12  x2    24  Inverted V at 50 ft
KQ1P      3    3   6    1    6  x2    12  80/40 trap dipole @20'

W2 Division
W2SH     25   25  50   12  600  x2  1200  Dpl. 270'@45'; inverted L, 86' V+68' H
W2NRA    24   24  48   11  528  x2  1056  EFHW-8010 @ 35ft
KA2KGP   12   11  23    8  184  x2   368  G5RV up 25 ft.
WA2JSG    7    7  14    7   98  x2   196  Vertical@10ft
W2JEK     8    8  16    7  112  x2   224  110 ft end fed wire at 20 ft

W3 Division
K3JZD    11   11  22    7  154  x2   308  dpl@25', 59;' EFRW Sloper 
K2DEP     9    9  18    8  144  x2   288  G5RV @29'
W3TTT     8    8  16    8  128  x2   256  INV VEE AT 50 FT
KD3CA     4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  132 ft Windom @33 ft
WA3VXJ    4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  G5RV  35 feet
AK3X      3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  OCF doublet at 27"

W4 Division
WG8Y     23   22  45   16  720  x2  1440  HB 40-80dp@ 45 ft & 6btv grd mt
K4KBL    25   22  47   15  705  x2  1410  OCF dipole @ 50'
W4OEP    22   20  42   15  630  x2  1260  Inv Ell @ 30 ft
K4ORD    13   13  26   10  260  x2   520  40dpl@40', 80vee@30'
WX4RM     9    9  18    8  144  x2   288  6BTV gnd mtd vert
W4QO      6    6  12    6   72  x2   144  80M EDZ @ 75'
KB0ETU    8    8  16    4   64  x2   128  dpl@35'
KA4DRB    5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  Dpl@45'
W4DUK     4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  End-fed Zepp @ 20ft
K4JPN     4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  Zepp
N4FI      3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  G5RV jr 
N4OW      1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  80m loop avg height 12'
KM4THR    1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  dipole at 25 feet

W5 Division
N5GW     20   19  39   10  390  x2   780  CFZ @ 50'
W5WIL    10   10  20    9  180  x2   360  240' dblt @ 35'
KA5TJS    7    7  14    4   56  x2   112  80 mtr inv vee @ 30ft

W6 Division
WK6L      1    0   1    1    1  x2     2  Windom Vee, 40 & 20 Meters

W7 Division
KC7DM     5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  450' skyloop @ 65'
KF7WNS    4    4   8    3   24  x2    48  232ft OCF Long Wire

W8 Division
WV8DH     9    9  18    7  126  x2   252  ZS6BKW
K8AG      6    6  12    6   72  x2   144  Inverted L @ 30'
KX4S      3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  135 ft doublet at 30 ft
NF8M      2    2   4    2    8  x2    16  6BTV (40m); OCF dpl@35' (80m)
WB8ENE    1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  40 meter dipole @ 15'
N8XMS     1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  Cushcraft R7 Vert
N8BB      1    1   2    2    2  x2     4  Fan dipole @45ft
N8XX      1    0   1    1    1  x2     2  132 foot inverted VEE 28' at apex

W9 Division
W9CC      7    7  14    6   84  x2   168  6btv 
WB9HFK    6    6  12    6   72  x2   144  OCF Dipole
N9RLO     5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  Inv. V @ 35ft.
KA9FQG    4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  G5RV @ 37ft

W0 Division
NN0SS     9    8  17    8  136  x2   272  80 Meter Invert V @35ft
KE0CU     6    6  12    5   60  x2   120  Gnd mntd vertical
AA0W      4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  Dipole at 30 Ft
N8LA      3    3   6    2   12  x2    24  200' Dipole Up 35'
KD0DK     2    2   4    2    8  x2    16  QSO King 117' end fed 

Canada Division
VE3EDX    1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  Gnd Mtd Vertical

DX Division

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

W1 Division

W2 Division
WB2LQF   11   11  22    8  176 x1.5  264  40 Meter EFHW Inverted L at 30'
KC2VBU    2    2   4    2    8 x1.5   12  80M HWW up ~30ft

W3 Division
K3WWP    11   11  22    8  176 x1.5  263  ~110' attic ef random wire
AF3Z     11   11  22    7  154 x1.5  231  80m inv vee 30' at center

W4 Division
KJ4R     31   31  62   14  868 x1.5 1302  Gnd Mtd Vertical
WZ2N     22   22  44   15  660 x1.5  990  G5RV @ 35'
AK4NY    10   10  20    9  180 x1.5  270  G5RV @ 35 ft
K4LNN     3    3   6    3   18 x1.5   27  dipole
W4EDN     1    1   2    1    2 x1.5    3  dipole up 30 ft

W5 Division
NF5U      9    8  17    7  119 x1.5  179  40m/80m trap dipole at 33ft
WI5H      2    2   4    2    8 x1.5   12  90ft wire loop

W6 Division

W7 Division
N7QR      0    0   0    0    0 x1.5    0  Butternut HF6V gnd mtd vert w/o radials

W8 Division

W9 Division

W0 Division
KD0V      3    3   6    3   18 x1.5   27  cf Zepp at 50 feet

Canada Division

DX Division

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

W1 Division
KC1DVT    1    1   2    1    2         2  Efhw@30'
KB1M      1    1   2    1    2         2  40 mtr dpl, 20 mtr invV @30ft

W2 Division
K2YGM    23   23  46   16  736       736  40-G5RV MINI,, 80-PAR ENDFEDZ
N2ESE     9    9  18    9  162       162  80m-OCF
WA1GWH   13   13  26    7  182       182  40M dipole @ 15 ft
WA2FBN    1    1   2    1    2         2  64 ft end fed sloper up 25 ft

W3 Division
W3KWH    18   16  34   12  408       408  alpha delta dipole

W4 Division
KB9ILT   28   28  56   16  896       896  End fed @ 20 feet
KU4A     11   11  22    9  198       198  40m slp dip @40', 80m 1/4-wave slp @40'
K3RLL    10   10  20    8  160       160  Stealth black nite time vertical
WB4M      7    7  14    6   84        84  OCF dipole
N4MJ      5    5  10    3   30        30  Windom
AE4ZR     4    4   8    4   32        32  InvV@42'
AF4OI     4    4   8    3   24        24  80m Dipole @ 25ft
K4RHG     2    2   4    2    8         8  Stealth Long Wire up 40 feet on roof
WB4OMM    1    1   2    1    2         2  G5RW at 45 feet

W5 Division
K5MBA     2    2   4    2    8         8  EFHW 40M invL @ 20'
KE5YUM    0    0   0    0    0         0  33 ft vertical wire

W6 Division

W7 Division

W8 Division
WA8SAN    3    3   6    3   18        18  End Fed wire @ 25 Ft
WB8LZG    2    2   4    2    8         8  DPL@30'
AB8FJ     2    2   4    1    4         4  End Fed Random Wire up 15 feet

W9 Division
KW9E     21   21  42   15  630       630  80/40 fan dpl@45'
K9CW     10   10  20    9  180       180  InvV@60'
N9SE      3    3   6    3   18        18  Inverted vee @68'  

W0 Division
W9LHG     6    6  12    6   72        72  40m loop at 25'
NO2D      4    4   8    4   32        32  40 dipole @30'
K9OSC     0    0   0    0    0         0  CF Zepp @ 30'

Canada Division
VE3DQN   11   11  22    4   88        88  dipoles@40ft
VE7YU     2    2   4    1    4         4  2 switchable 20M EDZ's at 60 ft
VE3IDS    1    1   2    1    2         2  130' doublet at 35' open wire to tuner

DX Division

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

Straight Key
K4BAI    40   38  78   20 1560  x2  3120  TH6DXX 55'; 40M dip/88'cfzepp; 80M inv v


NN9K     16   16  32   14  448       448  3el yagi@50ft, 135 ft wire@23ft

Not eligible for certificate or prize for the following reason(s):
@ Non-member
$ QRO power
! Late log
~ Submitted as check log
Key typeSKBUGK/K
First time entrant high scorer
Key typeSKBUGK/K

Logs submitted: 99
Total participants found in cross-checking spreadsheet: 136 
Total QSOs in master cross-checking spreadsheet: 817
States represented: 36 + BC ON QC

N9SE - Signals were weak this time around.

VE3IDS - Very dismal propagation. Got K4BAI on 20 but that was all. Not a whisper on 80 or 40 up here. 72 Don VE3IDS

KD0V - I gave up after 43 minutes and 3 contacts. Band conditions were not good here in Minnesota. 73, Merlin - KD0V

WB8ENE - Bands (40 and 20) were dead here. Only managed one contact in over 1/2 hour, so decided to call it quits. Hopefully, better conditions next time. 73, Art

W4QO - WOW! Bands seemed awful! But as always FUN! de jim/w4qo/1743

K3RLL - K3 to my flat black stealth HOA Special vertical, now supporting US Flag on rare daylight deployments. (Life is tough in a FL HOA) Sprint started out looking pretty dismal this evening and I thought I was headed for the famed Worked All Florida. But things picked up steadily as did signals on 40m until my goal of 10 was met by 02:12z. Big signals into FL tonight included KM4THR & WX4RM. Hope to hear everyone next week for the Winter mW Sprint, always a challenge from here with highly compromised antenna situation. But it is all good and always enjoyable to run into good radio friends. 72/73 ... Don

KE5YUM - The bands were in pretty bad shape tonight. I heard no signals on 20 or 80 and very few on 40. Having said all that I did manage one contact—N4MJ. Perhaps the propagation gods will favor us with good conditions soon. All the best and have a blessed holiday season. Terry

W4EDN - Heard no one on 80 and tried 3 on 40 but only one responded. Bill

WA2JSG - Wishing everyone a Happy Hanukkah and a very Merry Christmas. See y'all in the new year!

K3JZD - Unexpectedly home due to snow.

KD3CA - Band's very bad for me , QRN very bad , took almost 1 hour to work 4 stations & I lost 2 stations in the QRN . I gave up & shut down . Hope conditions better for the next contest . Many thanks to stations that called & sri to those we lost. Best 73 Don

N8XMS - I didn't get home until about 0300 and when I turned on my rig the bands were both dead and deserted. I called CQ NA for about 15 minutes and finally managed to work K0ZK in ME for a single sprint QSO. Oddly enough he had a good 599 signal and gave me a 579.

KB0ETU - Considering the band conditions I didn't do too bad tonight. Lot of weak signals and only a few strong ones. I was surprised that there wasn't a lot of QRM, but no complaints there. Okay, thanks for the sprint. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all. 72, Phil

KF7WNS - WOW...absolutely the worst conditions. I worked every station I heard ...3 stations. Gord/VE7YU good copy on 40 and 80. 72, Gary

K1IX - Rig Yaesu FT-2000 @5w , activity light,80m the best. Happy Hoildays to all 73, Frank

NO2D - Sprint & Fox Hunt together. Not so good for either. No foxes tonight. Only 4 NAQCC contacts. Was the band that bad or is there something wrong with my ears or equipment? Even so, just fun to be on the air and listen to static with some CW mixed in. Pete. NO2D

KJ4R - Got started with the sprint about 15 mins late. Pretty good conditions in SC on 40 but lots of noise. Had several stations that called that I just could not pull out of the noise. My apologies to all that I just couldn't hear well enough to work. Signals tonight ran the range from 599 to just a whisper above the noise. Fun time as always and thanks to every one I worked. A special thanks to K3WWP for the years of service with the sprints. Enjoy your retirement! Merry Christmas and HNY to everyone! 73

NF8M - Seemed like really lousy condx here tonight (Mich). Signals weak. Only worked 2, heard a couple more but could barely make them out. 72

K1IEE - Conditions pretty poor, nothing on 20M and very strong static crashes on 80M. Stayed on 40M but that had very hight noise level all night. Made 14 QSO.s all but 5 were NY and NJ. Thanks to all 73 Dick

KX4S - Only worked the 2nd hour and only managed 3 contacts! Art W2NRA had the loudest signal I heard. Lousy conditions (but still fun!). I hope we have better conditions for the mW sprint... 73 from West Virginia, es Merry Christmas to all!

K4KBL - QRN was tough this evening but had a great time !!

NF5U - Very tough conditions tonight. 40m was dead here, so 80m was the only usable band for this qth. I had a great time as usual, and already looking forward to mw sprint next week. 73's to all

K8AG - Bands were very bad. I had probably as many half QSOs as QSOs. Hope better next time. 72/73

KN1H - Strange conditions tonight, lots of noise, not many multipliers but several opportunities to work stations on both 80 and 40. A fun time! 72, John, KN1H

KC7DM - At this OR QTH, it was "check your antenna connection" condx. On the other hand, the 5 successful QSOs were unusually satisfying . . .

N8XX - Condx LOUSY! Looonnnggg skip, high absortion, beard nothing but one local who wasn't even in the contest, but he gave me his info and took mine. With this sunspot cycle, mebbee we should move to 160 meters or 600 meters.

WV8DH - Really rough night. Bands were really bad and could not hardly hear anyone. Worst I have ever experienced. Best 72/73 from Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, Dave

W3TTT - I still enjoy these sprints ! Had fun regardless of the band condx. See you all again for a nice chat too. Thanks to all especially those who make the sprint possible, 72 - Joe

K4ORD - Well the Qrn was at least as loud as most signals on both 40M and 80M, also the QSB was very bad. I completely lost a few stations. Used my model HK-3M HAM-KEY, AND K3@ 5W. Thanks to all 72/73 Riley, K4ORD

K3WWP - I've said it before, but I think tonight was the ultimate for poor conditions. My noise level jumped between S7 and S9 on 80 and was around S6 to S7 on 40. Every signal I heard had strong QSB, and every signal was weak to begin with. Of the measly 11 QSOs I did make, none were more than one S unit above my noise and most were right at the noise level. When I answered the CQ of Paul KB9ILT on 40, he started with the comment that I usually run stations. My answer pretty much sums up my results. I told him the QRN was just too high tonight to be running. If I called CQ, I wasn't sure if anyone was answering me or not so I did a lot of S&P for my 11 QSOs. I bailed out after about 1 hour and 15 minutes with a headache. As you know, this will be the last sprint in which I will be doing the log cross-checking. Thanks to all of you who helped make that job easier by sending in properly formatted logs. From now on, I'll just be a sprint participant, nothing more.

W2JEK - Got on late. Not a big score but a lot of fun. Happy Holidays 72 and 73 Don W2JEK

WB4M - My first NAQCC sprint. Heard some surprisingly strong stations, but they oouldn't hear me.

WB2LQF - Just installed a new resonant 40M EFHW inverted L at 30 feet. The 40M band was extremely noisy tonight. Not a good night to evaluate a new antenna!

AF3Z - Enjoyed getting on for a while... 80m was where I found some activity. A couple QSOs almost happened on 40m, but couldn't copy... I have a lot of local noise at about S7 to S9 most of the time. It makes copying a challenge, and more than that it makes giving a decent signal report even more challenging because I crank the RF gain way back -- sorry about that... 72 & tnx! - Jim, AF3Z 1786

N9RLO - Well that was brutal. Either I had fun or I'm a glutton for punishment. Weak sigs, QSB, and S7 noise. The worst Sprint conditions that I can remember. I made 5 contacts. I hope conditions improve for the mw sprint. Thanks to Steve NN0SS for trying to pull me out of the muck, I'm sorry we couldn't get it done. Thanks to everyone and 73, John N9RLO

WG8Y - Hi all,My asked me at 0130z. Are you forgetting your Sprint? OH WOW! Good thing for an understanding wife or I'd probably still be in the easy chair.Hi Hi. Worked 4 states on 20m then it was gone. Struggled on 40m. Signals were down.Not getting responses.The Hustler seemed to be hearing better than the 40/80 DP.80m was pretty gud here on the wire. Still fun hearing all the guys. Tnxs John,K4BAI for 3 bands.Cool. Sorry to a couple I couldn't pull out of the noise on 80m.Had fun. 72 from N.C. Mark WG8Y

WZ2N - Fun as always. 40m once again was the main band for me but it was in great shape for me tonigh...too late in the evening for 20m and 80M was hopping but unfortunately too much local QRN for me to hear anything. Great ops as always. CQ'd most of the night with just the last 40min or so left to S&P. Thanks to all who make this happen and all the great QRP ops that make it fun!

W1RVY - Always enjoy participating, thanks -

VE7YU - WOW that was bad! Thanks to Gary KF7WNS for keeping me from being skunked. At least I was able to work 50% of the stns heard! 73 Gord

NN9K - Terrible way to end the year--worst Sprint ever!

KW9E - My first NAQCC sprint. Fun event - I look forward to participating again.

W2NRA - Wow, this was a toughie. Static crashes were driving me nuts. I walked away from the radio 3 times. Propagation was terrible which is obvious, I only worked 10 states and all were fairly close to me. Longest was NY to NC. When the 2 hours was up I was surprised to see 24 QSOs. Thanks for the QSOs 72 de Art W2NRA 8866


KQ1P - Finally got back on the air for a sprint, plenty of QRN and deep QSB and only a few stations heard. Tons of fun! 72/73 John

K5MBA - I only worked the sprint for about an hour. I heard many weak signals, but could not pull out the calls. I did manage to make two contacts.

WA1GWH - Wow! Great close-in conditions on 40M. Seems like we turned back the sunspot cycle! From here near Syracuse, NY I worked ME and NY three times each and NH and CT twice each. This is unusual. Only one station farther out in 40 minutes of operating--MD. Thanks for the contacts! 72 Garry

W4DUK - Was only able to be on for not quite an hour. Band conditions were terrible at my QTH tonight, maybe the worst I've experienced during a sprint. Had fun nonetheless! Hopefully the bands will be better for the mW sprint next week.

W3KWH - Conditions were poor on 40 meters, lots of qrn, but it was still fun

K4LNN - Only had a 20m antenna available so didn't get many contacts as 20 seemed to go silent after a very short time. Will be more prepared next time.

KD0DK - Conditions were bad once again. Merry Christmas to all! 72/73

KA5TJS - I usually have to pick between stations with narrow filters. This sprint I could not find any stations on 20 or 40! Worst conditions I have seen in a sprint. All contact were to the lower East US. Did not try 80 meters but probably should have. Did manage to get 7 with the Icom 7410 at 5 watts and the 80 meter inverted Vee at 30ft. Used my HB cootie for most of the sprint.

KB9ILT - As bad as conditions were, they were worse a few hours earlier when I tuned the bands to hear what we'd be up against. The static crashes were large and frequent, and looked to be caused by lightening off the eastern seaboard. At that point I decided to skip the sprint, but curiosity drew me into the shack for a late start. Thought I'd give it a few minutes, but stayed about an hour and had some good QRP CW fun.

AA0W - Big changes in signal levels on 80. Slow deep fades.

N4MJ - Propagation Princess was in a bad mood last night. Only worked STRONG sigs and a couple of those failed. Other stations were in/out or so weak they were a whisper. Called NF5U many times at the beginning and later but no joy. KB9ILT, Paul, was a challenge, took 5 minutes calling before we connected. Was Fox hunting concurrently with the Sprint. Results there was same. Two foxes, one in NY, the other in CA. Only heard the NY Fox late in the hunt but he was too weak to work. Their logs showed similar results as my log here, way, way short of normal 40m hunts. As you see I gave up the Sprint after KB9ILT...chased the NY Fox when I heard him about 0250Z but no joy. Hopefully, the Prop Princess will feel better Thursday night for the 80m Fox hunt and surely she will be better for the NAQCC mW hunt later this month. 73 and thanks to all who participated. The scores will be very interesting this time around. N4MJ//glenn

K4JPN - Conditions terrible, very heavy atmospheric QRN, tried 20M nothing, only one on 80M and 3 on 40M. 72, Steve K4JPN

KE0CU - I couldn't hear anyone on 20 or 40 meters so all 6 contacts were on 80 meters. States were MN, IL, TX, OR and OK. Heard one station from PA but no contact. Signals were pretty weak here, noise was OK. Thanks to all!

W4OEP - Ugh! All I want for Christmas is a sunspot or two... 73 es MC

KU4A - My hockey team stunk up the joint last night so I had plenty of time for this one. But didn't hear a single strong signal and the bands seemed generally poor. Happy Holidays to all.

K4BAI - Bands seemed good, generally, but activity seemed down. 20M was quite short and signals were readable from TX to NJ and as close as NC. Nine QSOs on 20. It would be a mistake not to at least check out 20 at the start. Often we can work west coast stations only on 20, but there didn't seem to be any last night. 40M was the best band with 27 QSOs. Again the band was short and GA stations were readable for most of the sprint period. Best DX was K0ZK in ME or KN1H in NH. Nothing heard west of TX. 80M was a bit noisy with only 4 QSOs, but those were loud, including NF5U in TX. Thanks to WG8Y for QSOs on all three bands. Don't think that happens too often. Thanks for all QSOs and Seasons Greetings. As a side not, at 0200Z I had planned to detour and work the QRP Fox Hunt on 40. For almost the entire 90 minutes of the fox hunt, I listened for the foxes and the hounds and didn't hear a trace of either. I note that at least 3 GA stations worked KV2X in the Fox Hunt, but I never heard him. K0DTJ clearly didn't have propagation east of TX from his QTH in CA. 73/72, John, K4BAI.

VE3DQN - Well, I can only echo what others have been writing in Soapbox about band conditions. I worked what I could hear, but that wasn't much. Couldn't hear anyone beyond PA. And I thought my new-and-improved-and-higher dipoles would do better.

K2YGM - Conditions were as bad as ever. QRN took its toll on both 80/40 meters.. There were some very strong signals out there, but the rest were usually in the noise and with much static. The filters were a big help and allowed for a few more contacts.. Congratulations go out to K3WWP on his retirement from duties involved with log cross checking... Your statistics will be surely missed... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE. SAFE AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR. 72 Bob K2YGM

N8LA - Definitely the WORSTEST (negative 11 on a scale from 1 to 10) band conditions that I remember, even though senile -- succeeding juvenile, adolescent, and adult -- dementia is setting in. However, although being a wimp in many other areas -- e.g. I avoid expressways like the plague because driving on them seems to me to be semi-suicidal insanity --, when I get on the air in conditions like those during the sprint I persist throughout the entire time. On 20 I was only able to work WB4M and WG8Y, both in NC, relatively early -- for me --, while I was only able to work KX4S late -- appropriately the "QRU" Radio Club -- in WV, on 80 after calling CQ on the 3 available bands for the entire time between. To make a long story even longer, on Sunday evening under similar band conditions I called CQ on 30, 40, and 80 with no success until finally W4QO answered on 3555. He was initially 329 but I was 569. He had an 80 meter horizontal loop @ 75 ft. while I had a 200 ft. dipole @ 35 ft. We were both QRP using KX-3s. Apologies to K8AG whose information I was unable to copy and to all of the others I was unable to copy. On to the milliwatt sprint. If I get on it for the full time but do not make any contacts, can I still submit an entry? 72, Lou, N8LA/QRP

WX4RM - Yikes, QRN was here bigtime. Hope Santa brings better condx with him next year!! Pipeline tonite was into the south, and was glad I tried 20 meters, found 4 contacts on it. Next best was 80M, with 3 qso's, and then 40M with 2 qso's. HOHOHO

N4OW - Very high PLASMA rfi on 40 and 80 wiped out my RX front end. Happy to work FL for one contact -- Merry Christmas to all NAQCC ops. 73 de N4ow 7700

N7QR - Started with the new to me kx3, but went back to the IC706 and a 1958 Vibroplex Presentation. heard absolutely nothing. Even went out and checked the antenna. Was reduced to calling CQ over and on 40. We'll try it again next month. With a half hour to go, I threw in the towel and worked out local net on 10.

N5GW - Argo V, rake tine straight key. Got off to a late start. Didn't even listen on 20. 40 was in fair shape except for deep QSB. 80 moderate QRN from approaching wx front. Looking forward to mW sprint next week.

W9LHG - I'd forgotten how much noise there is on 80m. Heard nothing on 40m.

W2SH - A couple of hours before the sprint a check of 20m showed a completely dead band for the bottom 100 kHz, yet I managed three QSOs there with sprinters before it closed. An arriving weather front brought a 20-degree temperature drop and QRN whose loud rifle shot bursts punctured every 40m QSO. 80m was just as bad but the close-in signals were a bit louder. A deafening evening full of my butchered callsigns, attempted duplicate QSOs and requests for fills.

NN0SS - No signals heard on 20 and 40 meters. All QSO's were on 80 meters. Very few signals heard so started calling CQ. Marty N9SE and Dave WV8DH were the strongest signals I worked

KM4THR - First try with sprint 1 contact but lots of fun trying. hope I have autologger right

WB1GYZ - Had a pipeline to NY (5) and NJ (5) this Sprint. Special thanks to K3WWP for his untiring volunteer effort.

KA2KGP - Poor band conditions this sprint. 20m. was dead, 40 & 80 were in bad shape with QRN & major "Snow Static here in WNY. Rig: ICOM IC-7000 at 5w. into G5RV up 25 ft.Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all. KB1M - On first QSO noticed that the K1 not showing normal, so shut down to find problem. So far blaming heavy ice coating from ice storm this afternoon. 72/73, Walt

KA9FQG - I definitely echo the observations that propagation conditions were very poor this month. Guess it makes us appreciate all the more when we enjoy sprints with good conditions! Merry Christmas to all, Mark

AK3X - I started on 40 meters because I was planning to do the NAQCC sprint and the 40 meter QRP foxhunt. That accounts for the large time gaps between sprint QSOs.. I was looking for the fox or at least the hounds. In the end I heard nary a dit from a fox or hound.. then my wife called me away to higher priority pursuits! Still, it was a fun 3 contacts. Rig was my trusty DSW-40 at nearly three watts. 72 until next Sprint, which I think is a QRPp sprint later this month. Peter

WB4OMM - Got home late from a church function with the XYL; ran out to the shack just in time got to make one QSO (a non-member to boot!) From the looks of the Soapbox comments, I didn\'t miss anything!! Yaeus FT-2000, G5RV, American Morse Express Paddle. Safe and Happy Holidays to all, and K3WWP - thanks for all the years, enjoy being just a \"participant\"!! 72/73, Steve WB4OMM #5913

K9OSC - Spent a half hour trying to find any stations in the Sprint on 40 and 80meters. Conditions were terrible plus S7 line noise. Maybe next month things will be better.

VE3EDX - Only heard one station. Gave up after 45 minutes. Hope things are better for the MW sprint.

K2DEP - Had lots of fun. Condx were not great. Got captured by a ham who wanted to chat so I spent about a half hour in a QSO during the sprint. Nice gent and good QSO. Hope to participate again soon.

K4RHG - Only had time for two QSOs. Looking forward to the QRPp Sprint Dec 20.

AK4NY - Couldn't spend a lot of time on the air. Conditions at the start were poor and went downhill from there at my QTH, Hope others had better condx than I did. Hope to catch you on the air 72/73 de Tom

N8BB - That was as bad as I can remember things being. QRN killed what little was there so I got my one and quit. It was UGLY.........

WA2FBN - Tough band conx, only able to work 1 station through the QRN. Hope for better condx for next sprint. 72 Ken

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