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Jun 2016 QRP/CW mW Sprint

VA3PEN Comments - Thanks for your participation.

Final Results
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

W1 Division
KN1H     15   14  29   11  319   x2   638  END FED WIRE @50'
WB1GYZ   12   12  24    7  168   x2   336  80M LOOP, OPEN WIRE FED (SLOOPER)
K1IEE     7    7  14    7   98   x2   196  OCF long wire@30'

W2 Division
W2SH     20   20  40   13  520   x2  1040  270' dpl@45'
KA2KGP   14   12  26    8  208   x2   416  Dipole up 25 ft.
W2JEK    11   11  22    6  132   x2   264  20m gp, 40/80 end fed -both at 20 ft
KQ2RP     6    6  12    5   60   x2   120  W3EDP

W3 Division
K3JZD    21   20  41   12  492   x2   984  dpl@25'
KD3CA    13   12  25    9  225   x2   450  132 ft ocf windom @33 ft
KC2EGL    7    7  14    6   84   x2   168  Random Wire
AK3X      5    5  10    4   40   x2    80  OCF inverted vee @25'
!WB3T     2    2   4    2    8   x2    16  dpl@20'

W4 Division
NA4O     18   18  36   13  468   x2   936  dipole@45'
WB4OMM   18   15  33   14  462   x2   924  20M Sloper
W4DUK    19   19  38    9  342   x2   684  End-fed Zepp @20'
WG8Y     15   15  30    8  240   x2   480  HB OCF 10-80@ 25FT ENDS 10FT
KB4QQJ    9    9  18    6  108   x2   216  EndFedz @ 33 feet

W5 Division
KA5PVB    5    5  10    4   40   x2    80  G5RV at 30 ft.
KA5TJS    3    2   5    2   10   x2    20  80 mtr dipole @ 30 ft.
KE5YUM    1    1   2    1    2   x2     4  RANDOM WIRE AT 20 FEET

W6 Division
K6MGO     3    3   6    1    6   x2    12  INDOOR DOUBLET 50' ON IN GARAGE RAFTERS
$K6CSL    3    3   6    3   18   x2    36  Loop, Dipole, Vertical

W7 Division
KF7WNS   12   12  24   10  240   x2   480  OCF 3WL Longwire @ 45ft
K9JWV     2    1   3    2    6   x2    12  Inverted U with 20 elevated radials

W8 Division
N8XMS    12   12  24    5  120   x2   240  R7 Vertical
$WV8DH    9    9  18    5   90   x2   180  End Fed Zepp Sloper @32 FT

W9 Division
W9CC     10   10  20    8  160   x2   320  6btv
N9RLO     1    1   2    1    2   x2     4  dple@40'

W0 Division
KC0DD     4    2   6    3   18   x2    36  bazzoka  up35ft. ground mtd   dx88 vert.
N0WKZ     3    3   6    3   18   x2    36  Half Wave Sloper - Tip @ 45 ft
WD0K      3    3   6    2   12   x2    24  delta loop @ 30'
NN0SS     2    2   4    2    8   x2    16  20M EDZ @ 35ft
$KD0DK    3    3   6    3   18   x2    36  117' qso king end fed @ 30 ft.

Canada Division
VE3FUJ    4    4   8    4   32   x2    64  G5RV @ 50'

DX Division

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

W1 Division

W2 Division
N2HTT     7    7  14    6   84 x1.5   126  135' doublet @35'

W3 Division
K3WWP     7    7  14    7   98 x1.5   147  ~110' attic rnd wire

W4 Division

W5 Division
NF5U      2    2   4    2    8 x1.5    12  40m/80m dipole at 33ft

W6 Division

W7 Division

W8 Division
N8BB      7    7  14    4   56 x1.5    84  Dipole@50'

W9 Division
N9SE     12   11  23    8  184 x1.5   276  Inverted Vee @68'

W0 Division
KD0V      1    1   2    1    2 x1.5     3  cf Zepp @ 50Ft

Canada Division

DX Division

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

W1 Division
KB1M      9    9  18    7  126        126  40 mtr dpl, 20 mtr invV @30ft
$KC1DVT   1    1   2    1    2          2  efhw@50'

W2 Division
WA1GWH   17   17  34   12  408        408  40M dipole @ 15 feet
WA2FBN    7    7  14    5   70         70  64 ft end fed sloper up 25 ft

W3 Division
KB3AAG   28   27  55   12  660        660  ver loop top @ 30 ft
K3RLL    10   10  20    8  160        160  G5RVjr
AB3RU    11   11  22    7  154        154  G7FEK@33'
WA3FIR    5    5  10    5   50         50  end fed sloper @ 20'

W4 Division
AC4PA    17   15  32   10  320        320  Dipole @30'

W5 Division

W6 Division
WK6L      7    6  13    5   65         65  Windom(Inverted Vee),Up  35ft,  40M/20M

W7 Division

W8 Division
WB8LZG   15   15  30    8  240        240  dpl@30'
AB8FJ     9    9  18    6  108        108  Inverted L@15'
WA8SAN    5    5  10    3   30         30  End Fed @ 15 Ft.
N8ZYA     3    3   6    3   18         18  Indoor Isotron Antenna

W9 Division

W0 Division
K9OSC     3    3   6    3   18         18  CF Zepp @ 30' and HB Rotary Dipole
NO2D      3    3   6    2   12         12  dipoles & 80 m doublet @ 30'

Canada Division

DX Division

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

Straight Key
K4BAI    22   21  43   16  688   x2  1376  TH6DXX at 55'; 88' center fed zepp at 50



Not eligible for certificate or prize for the following reason(s):
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$ QRO power
! Late log
~ Submitted as check log
Key typeSKBUGK/K
First time special sprint entrant high scorer
Key typeSKBUGK/K

KN1H - Great to hear so many milliwatters active at the solstice! Bands about what one would expect for this time of year. Measured 19V p-p in 50 ohm load to get 900mw output. Used Nye Viking Master Key.

WB1GYZ - My first MW sprint. It was like pulling teeth in the dark with a tweezer. Insaneā?¦I'll be back for more!

K1IEE - Could only stay for the first hour. 40M conditions sounded good for mW signals. Made 2 contacts on 20M one was Walt KB1M in NH. Nice challenge with HW-8, 800mW and 130ft long wire. Thanks to all 73 Dick

KB1M - K1 @ 900mw MY first attempt at seriously calling CQ in a sprint. 20 was slow but that worked out good for this beginner, best dx was KA5QQA in TX, G3RSP called but couldn't make complete exchange. closest was K1EII abt. 7 miles as the crow flies, for my first local QRP QSO! Thanks to all who took part. 73/72 Walt

W2SH - 20m was open, but lightly populated. 40m conditions were excellent, though only briefly, for they were really awful throughout all of the final hour. 80m QRN was no worse than on 40m, but activity was almost non-existent--a pity because it was probably the best of the three bands during the final 45 minutes.

KA2KGP - 20m. was open nil here in WNY. No one heard my mW signal there. 40m. was OK but had some QRN from approaching storm. Only 1 contact on 80m. near the end of the contest. QRPp is fun! 73

W2JEK - Used my oak hills ohr-500 at 900 mw per my wm-2 wattmeter. Started on 20 with 3 qso, then 6 on 40 and last 2 on 80. Bands not great due QRN from storms. Went to 80 m at the end and got W2SH for NJ multiplier and N2HTT. Had fun giving the OHR-500 a workout. 72 and 73 Don W2JEK #1135

N2HTT - Quite a number of stations heard on 40m, conditions were pretty good. Worked just about everyone I heard with 500mw. Fun event as allways, thanks to all the ops out there 72, Mike

WA2FBN - What a blast! Was surprised by all the great QRPp sigs on 40m. Tnx to all who copied my signal.

K3JZD - Spent an hour and a half on 40 meters with my Softrock RXTX SDR. The band had a surprisingly low noise level considering that there are thunderstorms coming my way. With the low noise level, everybody sounded great with their milliwatt power. I like using 750mw instead of 5w - it keeps my electric bill down :-)

KB3AAG - Lots of fun! Worked 40 found one on 80, ran the same power (8/10 of a watt) as I did in last weeks sprint. Almost the same results 2 less qsos and three less states. The band seemed to be short tonight I never worked as many PA contacts before! The thunderbumpers are not in my holler yet but it sounded like they are close! Now for twenty states on field day? Frank PS. K1IEE if you had hung in there till I got my fingers going right on the keyboard we would have made it!

KD3CA - Many tnx to stations that called , sorry to ones I missed . Band's very QRN here. Thanks to the couple stations that dropped by for a chat.73 to all Don

KC2EGL - Had a great time participating in the MW sprint via a tag team effort with K3WWP. I need to make time for the sprints again.

K3RLL - FT-817 to G5RVjr @35 ft - This was FUN! 20m sure went away like my last Social Security check but signals were great on 40m this evening. Nice to make solid contacts at the mW level with so many good ops. Nice to work W2SH again. Been a long time, Charles. Met my goal of 10 in a half hour. Is this really QRPp? Love it -- well, love it here in PA with a reasonable OUTDOOR antenna and some elevation. Thanks to all. 72 ... Don

AB3RU - First mW sprint and had a blast. I used the ft-817 at 0.5w and some earbuds. Also used my vibrokeyer which feels good to use but it's old and sticks dahs sometimes. Had better luck pouncing than calling, but did get a few answers to my cq. Power levels this low are certainly a challenge and I sometimes found myself pushing the earbud further into my ear to hear better. Good times and see you all next sprint!

K3WWP - Just fooling around having fun with Mike KC2EGL who is here with me tonight. We did one of our tag team events in which I would work someone, then Mike would work that same someone. Then we'd reverse the order and he would work someone, then I'd work the someone. Four times it worked, other times it didn't. The station disappeared after Mike or I worked him. Thanks to the folks for digging out our 900 mW signals from my attic random wire.

AK3X - Ran my DSW-40 on a 9 volt battery which gave 900 mw output. This was my first milliwatt sprint and it was lots of fun, despite frequent interruptions. Some folks could not hear me and following the sprint I discovered I had left my Emtech ZM-2 tuner in the "tune" position, which would provide about 3db attenuation, so I was probably radiating 450 milliwatts or less. Next time I will pay attention! 72 for now, Peter.

NA4O - I am quite pleased with what 700mW from a KX3 and dipole up 45' can do. Even after 49 years as a ham, I am still thrilled and amazed by it all!

WB4OMM - My first NAQCC mW Sprint! And WOW! 20M was great tonight! I used a 20M "1Watter" kit with .9W output to a 20M Sloper. The band was quiet, although QSB set in near the end of the Sprint. My biggest surprise was being called by G3RSP! It took a few exchanges, but we made the QSO! Thanks AJ! Also worked MB, and ON for some good DX. Thought I heard my good friend K3RLL at the start, but he faded away and I never heard him again. Worked several regulars (Thanks for the call K4BAI - It just ain't a CW QRP event unless I work John!!) and and most of the signals tonight were pretty good. As the 1 Watter and antenna were restricted to 20M, that's the only band I worked. Very happy with the number and quality of contact tonight. Hope everyone else had good conditions too. Thanks to all for being there! It was a fun night! I enjoyed it! 72/73 to all!!! Steve WB4OMM #5913

W4DUK - Was running 900 mW. Worked G3RSP on 20m for my first ever QRPp contact in Europe. Also, my apologies to KM4BPE - I heard you answer my CQ and I sent you my info, but I never heard your reply so I didn't log it as a contact. 72/73 de Dave

WG8Y - Hi all,Hope the QRN dies down before FD. Wrkd 1 on 20, 14 on 40m & zero on 80.Tried but too much QRN tonite. Still can't get over some of the great signals for MW.I used my FT817 at 500 mills & a freshly home brewed 10-80m OCF at app.25ft,ends maybe 10ft up.Figured if I could make some Q's with it in the MW Sprint it would be OK for FD at 100 Watts. Hi Hi.Gonna be with the N4UH gang, the local club here in Salisbury,NC. Had fun guys.See ya this weekend. 72 from N.C. Mark WG8Y

AC4PA - My second NAQCC Sprint and my first Milliwatt Sprint. It's truly amazing what you can do with just one watt and a dipole! My most distant contact was 590 miles away. Interesting to note that most of my QSOs were in the range of 450-550 miles away, mostly north and north-east from me (Atlanta).

KB4QQJ - Bands were down and made the QRPp a little tougher. I got a late start but as always had fun. Only got to play on 40 meters First contact was #2 John, always a pleasure. I ran the KX3 at 940 mW into an LnR QUAD at 33 feet. Logging - NAQCC Logger by K2RFP- Great logging for NAQCC Key - SKCC Club Key 73 for now, Randy_KB4QQJ

KA5PVB - Despite the really poor log, my 800 milli-watts output to my G5RV antenna gave me LOTSA fun this evening using my FT817ND xcvr. Just goes to show what you can do with almost nuttin'! Hope to work more members next month during the regular Sprint! 73's Chuck

KA5TJS - Signals were not good here. I checked the band forecast and it looked like 20 would be dead so I started on 40 and only got 2 in 30 min. so went up to 20 and got one more. Had fun anyway. Did the deed with the FT817 at 500mw and the 80 meter dipole. Allen

KE5YUM - I met my goal of one QSO. Thanks Allen for the contact.

K6CSL - I was a little late. 20 was in poor condition here. 40 wasn't much better. I was happy to have made these 3 QSO's. 73's to all. I hope to be on for the next run. Bert, K6CSL

KF7WNS - 20m started out slow and QSB was pretty tough. Band would drop out completely. When things came back I could hear quite a few stations. Was listening for John/AL7JK, but didn't happen. Worked John/K4BAI off the end of my N/S wire...he was 449 when I switched to my long wire he was 579. Another good signal was Chas/W2SH. Just about the most fun you can have with 900mW. 72, Gary

K9JWV - 20 was the pits 'cuz too early out here in the west (what else is new?) but 40 was sounding great.... but ..... hardly any participants. Milliwatt events are difficult to drum up enthusiasm for in the summer, one suspects.

WB8LZG - Hello Fellow Sprinters es Milliwattmen ! Great MW sprint ! 40m was packed with peanut whistles last nite! Nice to see a lot of stations on for the MW fun. tried a listen on 20m but just a few "peeps". 40m was gud but very "close-in" qso's. I had 4 QSOs wid PA es 3 wid IN. Nothing heard from "out west". I did not have my usuall beeline to the southland, but did get GA. SRI to those of u who called es I couldn't pick out ur call. I only was on fer a bit over an hour, but my QSO rate was about like our normal QRO sprints , so that was fun! Very nice to work several new members too. Welcome gents! See u all next month es at FD this weekend. 73 Gregg WB8LZG

N8XMS - Like chasing phantoms in a fog - that was tough! 12 QSOs in an hour of noise. The wind must have been blowing easterly because 6 of my contacts were all with PA and only 1 was to the west!

WV8DH - I don't currently have a mW transceiver so I used my HB-1B at 5 watts. Hope I was able to help someone else. Only worked for a little over an hour but it was a lot of fun. 72/73, Dave

AB8FJ - Stayed on 40 meters for the night. Some stations were very strong this evening. K3/10 at 900mw to the Inverted L at 15 feet. Looking forward to the regular sprint next month.

N8ZYA - Not much time this evening so handed out just a few WV contacts and closed early. I was surprised to work WB8LZG in Michigan with 1 watt.

N9SE - Worked 40 meters at 900mW. 80m was unusable due to QRN. Fun while it lasted --had to QRT due to storms. Some pretty good signals in general, S7-S8. (KI4IO was S9+20dB!?)


N0WKZ - Thank you and thank you to those who tried.. Best.. D Keath - N0WKZ

WD0K - Great conditions here for change! K4bai was loud as normal. Nice to hear the activity.

K9OSC - Yet/still another thunderstorm plowed through just at Sprint time. Been a tough month. Only heard three stations on tonite and worked each of them. Many thanks for the contacts! See you next month.

NN0SS - Thunderstorms in the area first 90 min. Limited time and severe QRN . Poor conditions overall for the mw sprint at this QTH.

NO2D - Wow! Sure messed this one up. I copied KF7W, but can not find such a call in the member list. The number I copied is for another ham. I am including KF7W in the log in the event that he or some other might get credit for the contact. Don't know how I botched that one so bad. Georgia was coming in loud and clear. Heard NF5U on 40 at the end, but he never heard me calling him back. Thanks to all that make these sprints possible. Pete, no2d.

KD0V - I could not copy anyone on 20M. Thank you for trying to call me. The local QRN was S9 plus due to thunder storms. QRN was worse on 40M, but WB8LZG was almost as loud, as the QRN. I gave up after 30 minutes. 72, until next time. I hope don't have thunder storm and a geomagnetic storm at the same time. Merlin - KD0V

VE3FUJ - Condx at this QTH not very good noise level at abt. S6 QRN and loud crashes, condx dry need rain. The Qrn drowned out most stns. Managed 4, quit after abt 20 mins could not stand the noise. Brion

K4BAI - FT1000MP, 990 mw, TH6DXX, zepp. Thought the MW Sprint was Tuesday night when I was out of town. Found the message reminder that it was tonight at about 0030Z, the start time of the contest. Missed the first 17 minutes while I was connecting back up the WM-2 QRP wattmeter to the antenna post B on my transceiver. It is usually connected there ready for use in QRP events, but it had been disconnected for a while and it took a while to get it on line again. QSOs by band: 20M: 15. 40M: 7. QRN was high on 40 and I didn't try 80M. Apologies to the station in NC that I couldn't get his call through the QRN. 20M was quite good out to OH, TX and longer, plus WB4OMM in FL with a great signal. 73/72, John, K4BAI.

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RULES specific to this month's sprint:
Operate at 1 watt or less (the lower the better) to be eligible for any awards or prizes. Others welcome to participate and submit check logs.

Date and time:
Thursday, June 23, 2016 0030-0230Z

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