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Jan 2015 QRP/CW Sprint (#123)

Final Results
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

W1 Division
KN1H     21   21  42   15  630  x2  1260  End fed wire @50'
K1IEE    16   16  32   13  416  x2   832  OCF dpl 30'
WI1B     19   19  38   10  380  x2   760  Dpl @25'
K1IX     13   13  26   11  286  x2   572  OCFD @38'
KX1NH     9    9  18    7  126  x2   252  Dpl @35'
N1JI      4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  88' doublet @25'
KB1UOH    1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  Vert

W2 Division
W2JAZ    39  38   77   18 1386  x2  2772  Carolina Windom @40'
W2SH     29  28   57   19 1083  x2  2166  Inverted L, 76'V + 90'H
K2ZC     21  20   41   15  615  x2  1230  Dpl @25'
KA2KGP   15  15   30   12  360  x2   720  Dpl @25'
W2JEK    11  10   21   11  231  x2   462  20m gp @20', 40m end fed @15'
WA1GWH   11  11   22   10  220  x2   440  40m dpl @15'
WB2LQF   11  11   22    9  198  x2   396  Multi-band 94' Attic Zepp @30' AGL
WA2NYY   12  12   24    6  144  x2   288  80m OCF dpl @35'
WA2JSG    8    8  16    7  112  x2   224  Vertical elevated @10'
WA2FBN    3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  Dpl @30'

W3 Division
KD3CA    23   21  44   15  660  x2  1320  132' Windom @33'
AB3RU    18   18  36   13  468  x2   936  Wire vertical, g7fek @22'
KC2EGL   14   13  27   10  270  x2   540  G5RVjr @20'
KQ3Z     11   10  21    7  147  x2   294  135' sloping doublet @30'

W4 Division
K2YGM    39   39  78   20 1560  x2  3120  Vertical ground mounted
WH6LE    31   28  59   20 1180  x2  2360  Horizontal wire loop @45', 215' long
WX4RM    25   25  50   18  900  x2  1800  6BTV gnd mtd vert
WG8Y     31   28  59   14  826  x2  1652  20-40M HB DP & 80m 1/4 sloping wire
K1RA     26   25  51   16  816  x2  1632  ZS6BKW @45' NE/SW & NW/SE
N4SX     23   22  45   16  720  x2  1440  W5GI Mystery Antenna @37'
W4ONC    20   20  40   17  680  x2  1360  OCF @40'
WB4UHC   19   19  38   14  532  x2  1064  0M Inv Vee @30'
KB4QQJ   20   20  40   13  520  x2  1040  EndEfedz @33'
WD4OHD   16   16  32   10  320  x2   640  80m and 40m dipoles, 20m vertical
K4KRW    12   12  24   11  264  x2   528  Dpl @25'
AK4NY    11   11  22    8  176  x2   352  G5RV @35' in center abt 50' @ each end
W4DUK    11   10  21    8  168  x2   336  End-fed Zepp @20'
KK4BE     7    7  14    5   70  x2   140  Dpl @30'
K4NVJ     6    6  12    5   60  x2   120  88' long dpl @30'
NA4O      5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  Dpl @45'
N4FI      3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  115' Rnd Wire
K4JPN     1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  Zepp @32'

W5 Division
K5OAI    10   10  20    7  140  x2   280  HiQ vert @20'
WI5H      7    7  14    6   84  x2   168  Loop @20'
KE4D      6    6  12    5   60  x2   120  InvV @40'
KA5TJS    6    6  12    5   60  x2   120  80m dpl @30'
KE5YUM    3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  Inverted V @30'

W6 Division
WK6L     20   17  37   15  555  x2  1110  40M/20M Windom Vee, @35'
NS3C      8    8  16    8  128  x2   256  Dpl @20'
WB0USI    8    8  16    7  112  x2   224  Vert @25'
K6MGO     8    8  16    7  112  x2   224  Indoor 50' doublet
W6FPS     3    3   6    2   12  x2    24  Trapped vertical
@AE6SF    3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  InvL @36', invV @36'

W7 Division
AA7VW    47   43  90   27 2430  x2  4860  80m G5RV @40'
KF7WNS   28   26  54   17  918  x2  1836  Inv Vee @35'
WD7Y     21   21  42   16  672  x2  1344  88' doublet @30'
K9JWV    16   15  31   14  434  x2   868  Windom @30'
KF7TDF    9    9  18    6  108  x2   216  Dpl @25'
KF7ATL    6    6  12    6   72  x2   144  Dpl @20'
WU7F      2    2   4    2   16  x2    32  Inv Vee up 30'
$WA2TRF  20   14  34   17  578  x2  1156  InvV @30'

W8 Division
WA8AXF   24   23  47   17  799  x2  1598  130' Doublet @40'
WB8LZG   23   22  45   17  765  x2  1530  Dpl @30'
N8BB     22   21  43   15  645  x2  1290  Dpl @40'
NT8P     17   16  33   13  429  x2   858  80 and 40 dpl @25'
NF8M     14   14  28   11  308  x2   616  80m OCF dpl @35'
N8XMS     9    9  18    8  144  x2   288  R7 Vertical
K8RJW     5    5  10    4   40  x2    80  6 BTV @15'
WB8ENE    5    5  10    4   40  x2    80  132' doublet @15'
K3YP      3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  GAP Titan Vertical
KB8FE     3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  Indoor dpl @15'
AB8OU     1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  Double Zepp

W9 Division
N9SE     20   18  38   13  494  x2   988  Dpl @15'
W9CC     15   15  30   11  330  x2   660  6BTV
KB9BVN   14   14  28    9  252  x2   504  Attic dpl @30'

W0 Division
N0TA     11   11  22    7  154  x2   308  Doublet @30', 1/4 wave gnd mnt vertical
N8LA     10    9  19    6  114  x2   228  Dpl @35'
K2HT      8    8  16    6   96  x2   192  Loop @40'
NO2D      6    6  12    6   72  x2   144  80m doublet
AA0W      4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  Dpl
K0MIS     3    3   6    2   12  x2    24  OCF dpl @25'

Canada Division
VE2TH    33   31  64   14  896  x2  1792  Inv vee @32'
VE3EDX   11   11  22   11  242  x2   484  Grd mtd vertical
VE3FUJ   10   10  20    8  160  x2   320  G5RV @50'
VE5BCS   10   10  20    7  140  x2   280  D pole @25'
VE3DVC    8    8  16    7  112  x2   224  Inv Vee @40'
VE3DTI    5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  End-fed vertical wire @43'

DX Division
CO8CML    7    7  14    6   84  x2   168  Inverted "V" dpl @27'
WA4ZOF    2    2   4    2    8  x2    16  31' wire vertical

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

W1 Division

W2 Division

W3 Division
K3WWP    20   19  39   13  507 x1.5  761  ~110' attic rnd wire 

W4 Division

W5 Division
K5GQ      2    2   4    2    8 x1.5   12  Dpl @20'

W6 Division

W7 Division

W8 Division
AB8FJ    11   11  22    9  198 x1.5  297  Inverted L

W9 Division
AA9L     36   35  71   19 1349 x1.5 2024  Trap dpl @50'  
AA9WP     2    2   4    2    8 x1.5   12  Vertical 18'

W0 Division
WD0K      3    3   6    3   18 x1.5   27  Delta loop @30'

Canada Division

DX Division

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

W1 Division
N2CN     35   32  67   17 1139      1139  ZS6BKW @60'
NR1D     15   13  28   13  364       364  40m loop
K1SX     16   16  32   10  320       320  270' open wire fed doublet @15'

W2 Division
N2ESE     8    8  16    8  128       128  80mtr OCF dpl @25'
KC2MJT    1    1   2    1    2         2  Dpl @15'
$@NG2D    7    7  14    6   84        84  Dpl @20'

W3 Division
N8XEE    11   11  22    9  198       198  G5RV Junior @35'
WB3T      4    4   8    3   24        24  Ground Mounted Vertical

W4 Division
K4VIG    49   46  95   18 1710      1710  G5RV @45'
N4MJ     23   22  45  18   810       810  Windom and Extended Double Zepp
KU4A     13   11  24  11   264       264  40m slp dpl, 80m 1/4-wave sloper
W4TZM    12   12  24  10   240       240  Dpl @45'
K3RLL    10   10  20   7   140       140  Night-only Vertical
WA4RG     5    5  10   5    50        50  G5RV @60'

W5 Division
N5GW     48   47  95  23  2185      2185  CFZ @50'
AC5T      3    3   6   3    18        18  Homebrew Vertical

W6 Division
KR5RR    16   16  32  13   416       416  44' Doublet @35'

W7 Division
AA7CU     3    3   6   2    12        12  6' whip @12' using 8 radials

W8 Division
WA8SAN   14   14  28  10   280       280  G5RV @25'

W9 Division
K9FO     20   18  38  15   570       570  20 dpl, 80,40 long wire
K9IS     17   17  34  11   374       374  330' horizontal loop @30' 
AB9YC     7    7  14   6    84        84  Dipole @20'
KG9DW     2    2   4   2     8         8  Windom @45'
K9EYT     1    1   2   1     2         2  40' 24 ga. wire shoot over a tree

W0 Division
K9OSC    23   21  44  18   792       792  CF Zepp @30'
N0FN      5    5  10   4    40        40  InvV @35'
AD0IV     4    4   8   3    24        24  Big loop, low to ground 

Canada Division
VE6CPP    5    5  10   4    40        40  Gnd mtd vert

DX Division

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

Straight Key
NQ2W     27   27  54   19 1026  x2  2052  Mini beam @25', inv V @40', gnd mtd vert


W2IX     12   11  23    9  207       207  Force 12 C3S tribander @20'
W6SU      3    3   6    3   18        18  3el yagi @40', roof mtd vert

Not eligible for certificate or prize for the following reason(s):
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$ QRO power
! Late log
~ Submitted as check log
Key typeSKBUGK/K
First time entrant high scorer
Key typeSKBUGK/K

Logs submitted: 123
Total participants found in cross-checking spreadsheet: 195 
Total QSOs in master cross-checking spreadsheet: 1,664
States represented: 39 + AB ON QC SK + CM

AB9YC - Only had a short while, in the opening 30 minutes. I was only S&P but have a blast, everyone I could hear sounded great. See y'all next month.

WU7F - I quit early after a "Locust Swarm" (LQP QRM) got me.

N1JI - I could only participate for the first half-hour this month and high noise levels didn't make for a lot of QSOs. I was pleased that my first three contacts were with members I haven't worked before: W2JAZ, W4ONC and K3WWP. 72 and see you next month!

KX1NH - Noisy here on 80. QRM on 40. 20 was good and long here but didn't hear too many. Great working KF7WNS on 20 for a coast to coast NH<>OR QSO. CU next time

K8RJW - Too tired to continue...still fun! Better luck next time. '72

KB8FE - Not much heard in northern Ohio tonight. Mild weather. Nice to hear the few that I was able to work.

K3RLL - K3 to Antenna-restriction temp vertical: No action on 20m and driven down the band on 40m only to find that is where everyone was. Who knew? I thought we paid dues for 7.040-7044. (Smile) 72 and Tnx.

NO2D - Decided to try my old straight key. Rusty. Glass elbow. Quit after six contacts. Need more practice. 40 meters very busy. 80 meters quiet here in Parker.

K3WWP - Conditions were better (well actually less terrible) this evening. The noise was still there (s6-7 on 40 and s9 on 80), but signals rose above the noise quite a bit of the time and I got my 20 QSOs before 0300Z tonight. Thanks to all I worked and apologies to those whom I missed - I'm sure there were some. Nice to see 20 open to EU this evening - the first time in a while now. Hope that's a sign of things to come now that we've got the winter solstice a month behind us now.

KG8DW - Just had a few minutes between projects so jumped on and handed out a couple of contacts. Heard some real good fists tonight.

KC2MJT - Hardest I've ever worked a sprint and only to get one contact in 1.5 hours. Conditions here were 80 grit.

KB9BVN - First NAQCC Sprint in a LONG time...did not realize how much I missed it and how much fun it was. Only made 14 contacts but it was great fun off the attic dipole. Putting up a homebrew wire vertical next month, in the backyard...should do better then.

KE4D - First Sprint for me. Took me the first hour to figure out how to get the YOuKits EK-1 to transmit and receive on the same freq. I guess it helps to read the instructions. Lots of fun though. I'll do better next time! de ke4d

KC2EGL - Finally after a long absence do to a crazy work schedule I have returned to the monthly sprint. Thanks to all who logged me this evening. As usual it was great fun. Hope to cu on the radio again soon. 73 Mike Rig-KX3 w/PX3 Key-US Navy Flamproof

KC7TDF - Another fun sprint, conditions in Wyoming were very hot and cold and dropped off completely at 310. thanks to those that that shared their number with me and see you next month or in the Mw sprint.73 danny

AA9L - Lot's of activity on 40 meters. Pileups! What fun! Decided to use the Vibroplex this evening. A little rusty.

AB3RU - Fun sprint as always. Worked all three bands tonight. Spent a lot of time calling - sometimes it seemed like no one could hear me, and then three or four calls in a row. Always interesting on the air...

K4KRW - Bands were not great here in NC tonight. I did not hear a lot of the regular crowd I seem to always run into. 40m kind of got taken over for the last half hour by another contest. No contacts on 20m tonight. I tried to get an Oregon station I heard, but no joy. I got a few on 80m. Still, I had a great time. Thanks everyone! Richard

WA8AXF - Lots of activity on 40M would help if stations spread out a little. 0.15 kHz is not enough room! WE8UPJ worked for 1.28 watts per mile hi hi neighbor.

AD0IV - Thanks for the QSO's -- lots of fun tonight!

K1RA - It was good to hear activity on 20, 40 & 80m, though 80m was a bit noisy here. 40m was best band with 12 Q's, 20 & 80m each with 7.

VE5BCS - A special tnx to w2ix for hanning in for the contact that was tough. the band was ok. All on 20m.

NR1D - My ears hurt from all the static on 40 meters!!!! 80 was a bust.

AB8FJ - K3/10 at 5W to the Inverted L and this time used my old Lafayette Radio Electronics Bug ... same as a Hi-Mound BK-100. Purchased it 42 years ago. Great fun and will have to keep adding makeshift weights to slow down the dots. Concentrated mainly on 80M this evening until things got very slow there and then moved to 40M for the last 20 minutes to finish the Sprint.

WA2NYY - Only able to get on for the last hour. Band conditions were not very good tonight. Was only able to make contacts on 40 and the band was very noisy. This was the first night I couldnt pull out a lot of stations that I usually could. Sorry fellas. But it was still fun and was glad to work K2YGM/4 down in FL. 72 - Mark

WD0K - What a noisy nite! You would think it was New Years Eve. 80 mtrs was like rolling thunder (in and out). 40 settled down then the nets started and qrn was strong! Low score, but was fun. 72's Rich/wd0k

N8BB - Fair openings but still a little messy in spots. 80 had a rather large amount of noise and very hard to get on. Thanks to everyone, had fun.

K5GQ - Got in late. Nothing on 20m. Loud AB9CA and good signal from K2YGM/4. Been enjoying being an Advisor for CWA. I could not get any one to join me tonight.

WH6LE - Swarmed by the Locust QSO Party which crowded things a bit. Another great sprint pounding the AMECO. Thanks all! WH6LE PETE

WA8AXF - Lots of activity on 40M would help if stations spread out a little. 0.15 kHz is not enough room! WE8UPJ worked for 1.28 watts per mile hi hi neighbor.

VE6CPP - Slowly Improving ! Nice to hear the Band Open a bit better, although as much Fun it is hearing Pile-Up's..they were not for the CQ NA guys ! Nice to work a few 'New NAQCC Op's since last sprint. Hope everyone enjoyed ! 73

K1IEE - Tried 80M but the noise level was very high. Went to 40M and also had high noise level and digital QRM even with all that QRN I did hear lots of signals so stayed there except for 3 contacts on 20M. Thanks to all 73 Dick

KQ3Z - Great night with lots of signals on 40 here in Pittsburgh. Thanks for the contacts.

N2CN - Conditions were decent on 40m, which was where I spent most of my time. A special shout out to my old pal, Dave WA2TRF, who joined NAQCC today. I heard you in there!

KN1H - A very nice sprint, great to hear the West Coast so strong on 20. Used IC7200 at 5W with Nye Viking Master Key.

NT8P - Vry noisy bands tonight with some high speed cw mixed in with our event. Took a while but I got you Mark WG8Y.

WX4RM - All bands very noisey, a good nite to wear headphones to pull sigs out of the noise. Can't moan about the conditions, skip was good. Worked stations in all directions, CA, Cuba, QC, Fl., so I am happy here!! Had lots of fun.

WG8Y - Hi all, Spent time this afternoon putting up a kinda sloping 1/4 vert. for 80M & only made 2 Q's there.80M had QRN pretty bad here in NC.Started on 20m but that lasted 15 minutes here.40M was good. Had a 9 land call that was real loud. Turns out he was running 100w. No wonder my head phones came off! We had a rag chew of sorts getting his info. Boy thoses high speed guys were steping all over everyone. Oh well. Actualy worked a couple guys thru their QRM. Thanks for the repeats guys. My 817 was no match. Hi HI . Hey Ron,NT8P glad I could get you out of that mess.Gud hearing my Ohio QRP buddy.Had fun.72 From N.C. Mark WG8Y

KF7WNS - Wow 20M was busy tonight. Don't think I've heard that many stations before. Finally moved to 40M at 0300Z, but it had already gone long. Lots of fun. 72, Gary/KF7WNS

WB2LQF - First contact was Oregon on 20M. "Oh boy," I thought, "this is going to be a good night! Well....I was down on 40M about fifteen minutes later and stayed there all night. 80M was except for a couple of traffic handlers. Looking forward to next month! 73, Stan

N0FN - Thought I was getting on for something else, but heard CQ NA and jumped on for a few QSOs before CWT. NAQCC sprints are the most intelligible to my ears. Thanks everyone for keeping it nice for the CW newbies.

KB4QQJ - 20 meters was a good place to start, but 40 took its lead quickly! I think we need to consider spreading out some more. LOL I tend to leave my filter wide to hear those who don't zero beat, but can't do it in this sprint. With stations a 300Hz to either side it is a tough( but fun!) sprint. Never had a chance to make it to 80 meters. I apologize to the W9??? station that kept trying. I just couldn't get the other stations to stand by. For some of the new members, AND some of the more persistent, I suggest a review of Johns Sprint Tips found here: Great information to make a sprint go smoothly. In any case a lot of fun was had and Thanks to the NAQCC staff for making it happen each month. Rig was my KX3 #85 at 5 watts, Antenna was a Par EndFedz at 33 feet, Key was my 1928 Marconi AS300-A, 72 for now, Randy_KB4QQJ

VE3DTI - Always nice to work QRP to QRP!. Rig: ic-703+ at 5W max (as shown by Elecraft W2 wattmeter). Ant: endfed vertical wire at 43 Ft. Straight Key: Scheunemann Kleine Hantaste. TU all es 73 de Jose VE3DTI.

VE2TH - Hi!, Thanks again to all who copied my "peanut whistle thru the QRN. With the KX3 @ 100 Hz of selectivity + earphones, I had no problem to dig out everybody. See you next month for more fun. 72/73 Michel

WA4ZOF - First sprint I have been able to hear and work since moving to KH6 land. Tnx to GENE N5GW and GARY KF7WNS for the points....GREAT EARS GUYS...RIG , ARGO VI 5W to a 31 ft wire vertical..

AE6SF - First time in this contest. It was fun!

W2IX - this is my first entry for the sprint... a single band effort. i'm working on stringing up some wire for 80/40....20m went to sleep around 40minutes before the end of the sprint..73 es hny. frank w2ix

NF8M - Glad to hear some action on 20, which was fun because I worked near and far - my neighbor N8XMS as well as a rare California, WK6L. And once the sprint on 40 was over, the second hour was good there. CU next month es 72!

N8LA - First, my sincere apologies to the ?VE3? station who patiently answered my repeated requests for repeats but whose information I could now pull out of the QRN. KX-3, 200 ft. dipole @ 35 ft. I was using a hand key I am making into a TOCK (Tricked Out Crappy Key.) It is a cheap Japanese key with a plastic base and a U-shaped piece into which the lever snaps. I am smoothing the lever and polishing it to a bright shine and have mounted it on an oak base. It has a ballpoint pen spring. My therapist is trying to come up with a name for people who have this type of "key fetish." The bands were weird, but interesting, tonight. Was happy to work Brother Gregg, WB8LZG. Also, I had a 12 minute QSO with a 92 year old op, Lowell, W0TER, in Iowa. Thanks to all the great and interesting people who worked me tonight. You made my night! 72 Lou N8LA.

K9JWV - Enjoyed operating my recently acquired K1. Moderate condx on 20 meters and nice to hear and work CO8CML.

CO8CML - Some QSB on 20m, but worked 7 stations.I hope see all again next month!!Best 73's, Carlos.

N5GW - KX3 with internal keyer to HB tuner & CFZ. QRN from an approaching wx front was mild on 20M, moderate on 40M and severe on 80M. However 20M was otherwise in very good shape for this time of day and year, yielding 28 Q's. The remainder were on 40M which was in decent shape. I could hear a few 80M stations, but couldn't make out any call signs. Maybe next sprint I'll be back on the J38 before the rust builds up again.

WB8ENE - I spent less than an hour in the sprint, and all of that time was on 40 meters using my Peaberry V2 at 3 watts. I wanted to use my new Hardrock-50 amplifier to boost the output to 5 watts, but the Peaberry output power is not stable at such low power (about 0.2 watts) so I went barefoot. I guess I'll try running the full 50 watts in the next SKCC sprint. There were a lot of signals on the HDSDR waterfall in this 40 meter band segment. Thanks for the contacts, and I'll see you in the next sprint. 73, Art

KA2KGP - Nice Sprint - Good Bands & a good turnout tonite. Rig: IC-7000 at 5w. into dipole up 25 ft. w/keyer. Good to hear some newer members.


WD4OHD - Good signals on all three bands, but QRM at times on 40m. Conditions improved over the span of the Sprint. Thanks to all.

WA1GWH - 40M had quite a bit of QRN but good propagation. Was nice to see folks spread out! Were even ops down around 7030! TU ES 72, Garry

WA4RG - Great fun as always!

K2ZC - Lots of fun as always. I had to leave before the sprint was over because of another obligation. Thanks everyone for the qso's. 73 es 72, Dave k2zc

K4NVJ - Poor condx!

KU4A - Signals seemed weaker than normal to me, but still plenty of people to work. Thanks for all the QSOs.

W2JAZ - Fun contest as always and with the added challenge of finding bandwidth in between what seemed like 2 other events where a lot more power was being used. Fun never the less and can't get enough of this KX3 in action! Amazing little radio. - Rick W2JAZ

VE3FUJ - Enjoyable sprint, however I only had about 40 mins available so my time was short. Lots of stations for a change nice to hear. Brion 3011

W4ONC - It has been a while since participating in this Sprint. I am very happy to be back. I purchased a new rig for general QRP contacts and so far it has worked very well. It is the MFJ-9200 with all of the frequency boards. It worked very well in the NAQCC Sprint last night. Thanks to everyone that I made contact with last night, I had a ton of fun.

K1IX - 40m very noisy, 20m quiet but not much activity but good DX !

K6MGO - I think this is one of my best sprints, so far, both 20 and 40 yielded good QSO's spread out nice and evenly. Thanks to all who answered my calls and CQ's. CU next month, 72, Bill, k6mgo #259

AA7VW - Again, fun for another 2 hours. Even with the huge trees that signals must get by, many were very strong on 20 meters. Something new for me. I noticed that when a contact mentioned my name I was pleased. So I'm going to try to include a previous contact's name when I can from now on. It costs me a only few seconds of time and is a bit awkward finding the name in time but I'll try. This event continues as a most pleasing cw activity for me. Thanks to all of you.

K2YGM - Operating portable from the lower latitudes provided me with a totally different perspective. I heard states that I usually don't hear in the sprints. I'm not sure if Florida is well represented in these sprints, but from the pile ups I encountered,I felt as if I was rare DX.. The KX3 with internal tuner proved to work quite well with the vertical which was only 12 ft off the ground. It's great having a high water table here in Fl. It is indeed an enjoyable time working these sprints. Every operator was CW proficient and got the info across efficiently. Congratulations to all.. See you next month from home QTH in NY. 72 Bob K2YGM

WD7Y - Thanks again for a great two hour sprint, I had a lot of fun. Ed/WD7Y

W2JEK - Got on late. Conditions seemed pretty good. Had 2 qso on 20 and 9 on 40. Was fun. 72 and 73 Don Younger W2JEK #1135

N4MJ - Got late start. 20 was not helpful, only two Qs. Conflict with high speed contesters didn't help either.

NS3C - Thanks, 72

WA2FBN - Not much time to operate sprint. Twenty meters was the only band I had any luck with. Forty was very busy and lots of QRN on 80m. Always fun to work the sprint though. 73 Ken

K9EYT - With the QRM on 40 and 20 kind of weak, not much luck here in the Tampa Bay area. KX3 on battery pwr wire tossed up a tree. 72 cu next time Ray K9EYT/4

W2SH - A start on 20m revealed quite loud signals from as far away as the Pacific coast, but my repeated calls were not answered. Dealing with participants in other contests on 40m was best handled by operating near whichever of 7.030 or 7.040 mHz had the least QRM, and a goodly number of NAQCCers did likewise. At the halfway mark a cold front arrived and with snow falling in the upper atmosphere QRN greatly intensified, especially on 80m, where I might have earned a multiplier from my home state (NJ).

AA9WP - Hi,its been awhile and started out with K3WWP,so I thought: "a good start." But those were some bad bad conditions. Noise level was bad. Then the locust swarm showed up. Hopefully better time next time. Don AA9WP

KA5TJS - Thanks to all who pulled me out. Used the Yeasu FT 817 at 5 watts and the 80 meter dipole at 30 feet. I got 2 on 20 meters and went down to 40 to make a schedule with KE5YUM and we hooked up with great signals both ways. I did one more on 40 and then the other contest wiped that band out so went back to 20 and got 2 more. I will see you guys next month. Allen KA5TJS

NQ2W - Ten-Tec Jupiter @ 5 W to a mini-beam at 25' for 20, an inv V at 40' for 40 and a near bottom-loaded, ground mounted vertical for 80...and my Vibroplex Know Code straight key. I'm happy that 20 stayed open for as long as it did because when I switched to 40 I got quite a surprise - wall to wall stations...unfortunately few NAQCCers. At 0230 things quieted down and 40 produced 21 QSOs. Near the end I switched to 80 and CQ'd but received no replies. My fist is still getting tired near the end. Thanks for the QSOS and thanks to the organizers...oh yeah, I think this is my 50th sprint. 72, Will, NQ2W

N8XEE - Great sprint!! Was even able to run a few station for a while.

K3YP - Arm twisted AGAIN by WG8Y ...

N8XMS - I started on 20-meters and made a few contacts. Then I moved to 40 but at 0200 UTC the band was overwhelmed with something called the Locust QSO Party. I then moved to 80 (without having an 80-meter antenna) and made a couple more contacts. A 3-AM wakeup call forced me to shut down early. As always it was a lot of fun.

K4VIG - My first Sprint. My attempt at using Gen Log and I problem with the time stamp. So I had estimate exact times. The total time is correct. I know this probably disqualifies, but I had a great time. Will be more ready the next time. 73, Gary K4VIG

WI1B - Band was tough here,still lots of fun Tnx all.

WB3T - Mourning the loss of my sister Janet this week, not much in the mood to play but wanted to support the NAQCC and CW operations by getting in there for a bit. It's great to see large log submissions, tells me my favorite hobby is still thriving. Rig was HW-9 at 4 Watts with Digital Dial, my favorite rig of all time, and Gap Eagle vertical on the ground. Thanks to the four who worked me, keep on hitting that brass and see you next time. 73 to all, God Bless and take good care of yourself.

K1SX - My 2 cents on the change- A QRP SDR and wire antennas are all I have right now. So for me the fun of the sprint is about minimal power and antennas, not necessarily minimal equipment. I ended up about 50-50 between software generated and bug. I thought automated CW might also encourage more CQ'ing, which should increase everyone's totals and might even draw in new participants. The expected higher score didn't happen for me tho!

AK4NY - First time to try NA sprint, I was amazed at how many folks were on the air. I was also a little startled by the pileups I caused by calling CQ NA. Fun filled sprint.

KF7ATL - I've never done a QRP sprint before. Lots of fun!

NG2D - My first time in this contest. I had to run 10W, my rig would not go any lower. Once I got the hang of it, things went pretty well. Unless someone complains, I'll be doing it again. - Bill NG2D

K9FO - Now have the right .log from GenLog! My first spring in quite a while. Still lots of fun. My 40 dipole is down and the long wire does not load very well on that band. I hope to be on more often. 73/72 Will, K9FO

WB4UHC - A lot of strong signals but nothing on 20M. The other contest wiped out a lot of our stations for a while. I apologize for not being able to pick a station when several of you were calling, too much QRM! 73 until next month, John WB4UHC S.E. VA.

Corey KF0U is responsible for the contents of this page - the results and soapbox. Any questions about that go to pix_newemail_kf0u (1K).

John K3WWP is still responsible for cross-checking of logs, so if after submitting your log, you discover any discrepancies that don't affect anything on this page, send the info to pix_newemail_naqcc (1K).

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

RULES specific to this month's sprint:

Date and time:
Thursday, January 22, 2015 0130-0330Z

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be RECEIVED before 2400Z on the Sunday following the sprint. So submit as soon as possible, especially regular mail entries.

Preferred method of submitting your log and report is our on-line autologger.

KF0U Comments - A very good Sprint from my view (123 entries). Glad to see so many newcomers (KE4D, AE6SF, K4VIG, AK4NY, KF7ATL and NG2D). Welcome to the fun. Look forward to scoring March's Sprint.