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Sep 2014 Straight Key/Bug Sprint (#119)

Final Results

KF0U Comments - Lots of great soapbox comments and several first-timers this month. Exciting to see so many enjoying the Sprints. See you next time and 73!

K3WWP Comments - The period for appealing scores and SILVER LOG standings is over and as we always say, the results are now carved in stone with no opportunity for further change.

SWA Category - W1 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K1IEE    19   19  38   17  646  x2  1292  OCF Dpl @30'
KB1UOH   20   20  40   12  480  x2   960  Vertical
KQ1P      8    8  16    7  112  x2   224  80-40 trap dipole @30'
AB1VL    10   10  20    9  180       180  OCFD @30'
N1JI      6    6  12    5   60  x2   120  88' doublet @25'
W1ZU      4    4   8    4   32        32  10-20-40 end fed

SWA Category - W2 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K2YGM    43   43  86   27 2322  x2  4644  80- EFHW, 20/40- G5RV
W2SH     43   41  84   25 2100  x2  4200  270' dpl @45'
WB2LQF   20   20  40   16  640  x2  1280  44' attic doublet
KA2KGP   18   18  36   16  576  x2  1152  Dpl @25'
WA2JSG   17   17  34   14  476  x2   952  Vertical @10'
W2JEK    14   14  28    9  252  x2   504  20 gnd pl, 40/80 end fed both at 20ft
KD2MX    10   10  20    8  160  x2   320  600' loop @30'
WA1GWH    8    8  16    7  112  x2   224  40M quarter wave inv L w/grnd system
WA2FBN    9    9  18    5   90  x2   180  Multiband dipole up 30'
K2JT      6    6  12    6   72  x2   144  Dpl @25'
N2ESE     8    8  16    8  128       128  80M ocf @25'
WA2NYY    4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  80m OCF dpl @35'
AA2VG     6    5  11    5   55        55  Carolina Windom 10-80 meters @45'
K2GLS     3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  20M dpl @25'

SWA Category - W3 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K2DEP    45   42  87   22 1914  x2  3828  G5RV @30'
KB3AAG   40   39  79   21 1659      1659  Dpl @20'
K3WWP    20   18  38   12  456  x2   912  ~110' attic rnd wire
AB3RU    17   17  34   13  442  x2   884  18' wire vertical, G7FEK @33'
WB3T     11   11  22   11  242  x2   484  Hamstick dpl @23'
KQ3Z      7    7  14    7   98  x2   196  135' Doublet @30'
K3RLL    10   10  20    8  160       160  G5RVjr
N8XEE     6    6  12    5   60        60  G5RVJr @35'
AK3X      1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  40m inverted vee @25'

SWA Category - W4 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
KB4QQJ   47   46  93   22 2046  x2  4092  Endfed @33'
WH6LE    43   41  84   18 1512  x2  3024  215' horizontal loop @45'
KG4UPO   40   38  78   18 1404  x2  2808  Doublet @40'
WB4OMM   33   33  66   21 1386  x2  2772  268' wire loop @30'
K2UFT    32   31  63   21 1323  x2  2646  Doublet @40'
KR4OE    33   31  64   19 1216  x2  2432  40 mtr dipole @ 40 ft
N4FZ     31   30  61   16  976  x2  1952  Dpl @35'
WX4RM    22   22  44   18  792  x2  1584  4BTV gnd mtd vertical
WG8Y     22   22  44   18  792  x2  1584  Homebrew ZS6BKW @45'
W4DUK    22   22  44   17  748  x2  1496  End-fed Zepp @20'
WD4OHD   22   21  43   16  688  x2  1376  Vertical 20m, Dpl 40m
N4MJ     31   30  61   21 1281      1281  Extended Double Zepp
K4KRW    20   19  39   16  624  x2  1248  Dpl @25'
K4ZGB    23   23  46   12  552  x2  1104  Buddipole 40 mtr vertical @10'
NA4O     18   18  36   15  540  x2  1080  Dpl @45'
WB4UHC   19   19  38   13  494  x2   988  80M Inv vee @30'
WY3H     15   15  30   11  330  x2   660  Random wire, 120' long, 20' up
WM3X     14   14  28   12  336       336  20m dpl@25', 40m vert@10' w 2 rads
WD4E     13   13  26   11  286       286  Doublet @35'
W4TZM     7    7  14    5   70  x2   140  Doublet
W4HH      5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  OCF dipole @25'
WB4MNK    7    7  14    7   98        98  Gnd mtd vert
K4JPN     4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  Zepp @32'
KU4A      4    4   8    4   32        32  Slp dpl @40'
KK4BE     1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  Dpl 230'
@KI4MZC  15   15  30   12  360  x2   720  Multiband dpl @30'
$K4NVJ    5    5  10    4   40  x2    80  88' dipole @30'

SWA Category - W5 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
N5GW     46   45  91   20 1820  x2  3640  CFZ @50'
W5TVW    35   34  69   18 1242  x2  2484  80 meter horizontal full wave loop @20'
W5RZ     17   17  34   13  442  x2   884  Dpl @40'
K5ZU     16   16  32   12  384  x2   768  40 Meter Double Bazooka Dipole @50'
WI5H     11   11  22    8  176  x2   352  Loop @20'
KA5TJS    9    9  18    8  144  x2   288  80 mtr dipole @30'
KE5YUM    5    5  10    5  100  x2   200  Inverted V @30'
KE9DR     3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  420' Loop @50'

SWA Category - W6 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
WK6L     15   15  30   12  360  x2   720  Windom(Inverted Vee), 35ft 40M/20M
WA6OEF    8    8  16    7  112  x2   224  53' Wire and a 9:1 UNUN to 25' of 8x coax
K6MGO    10   10  20    5  100  x2   200  Indoor 50' doublet/20m end-fed dipole 
KA6AIL    8    8  16    6   96  x2   192  Delta loop @25' & 80mt Long wire
K6CSL     7    6  13    5   65  x2   130  Vertical, Vert & Horiz Loops, Dipole
WB0USI    5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  Vert @25'
W6FPS     5    5  10    4   40  x2    80  TRAPPED VERTICAL
KG6UBG    5    5  10    5   50        50  Off-center dpl @30'
W6IRA     3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  Inverted vee; peak 6 ft above roof peak, sloping to gutter line

SWA Category - W7 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
AA7VW    44   44  88   23 2024  x2  4048  80M G5RV @70'
KI6FCT   39   37  76   20 1520  x2  3040  20/40 dipole crossed at top @30' 
KF7WNS   29   29  58   19 1102  x2  2204  Inv Vee @35'
K9JWV    25   24  49   17  833  x2  1666  Modified Windom @30'
AA7CU    13   13  26    9  234       234  Mobile 6' whip @12' using 8 radials
AE7CG     3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  Roof mtd vert
AL7JK     3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  longwire 95' long @20'
K7ZI      2    2   4    2    8         8  Multi-band Windom, lazy "L", apex @50'

SWA Category - W8 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
KD8RUQ   46   44  90   21 1890  x2  3780  InvV dpl @40'
K8AG     22   22  44   18  792  x2  1584  ZS6BKW in trees at about 35'
KB8FE    20   20  40   14  560  x2  1120  Dpl @18'
WA8AXF   17   17  34   14  476  x2   952  40M - 130' Doublet, 20M - GND PLN
W8DW     15   15  30   12  360  x2   720  OFF Dipole @30'
NT8P     12   12  24   10  240  x2   480  40M dpl @25'
KO8U     17   16  33   14  462       462  Inv V @30'
AC8LJ    10   10  20    9  180  x2   360  Fan dpl @30'
W8SH     14   14  28   11  308       308  Dpl @65'
NF8M     10   10  20    7  140  x2   280  80m OCF dpl @35'
KB3CXQ    7    7  14    7   98  x2   196  Car wdm @30' & gnd mtd vrt
N8XMS     6    6  12    5   60  x2   120  R7 Vertical
WA8SAN    8    8  16    7  112       112  End fed zepp @15' 
N8BB      5    5  10    4   40  x2    80  Dpl @40'
K8FAC     2    2   4    2    8 x1.5   12  Gnd mtd vert

SWA Category - W9 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
WB9CIF   53   52 105   25 2625  x2  5250  Rotatable 40 Meter Dipole @56'
AB9YC    34   31  65   18 1170      1170  Dpl @20'
K9EYT    18   18  36   14  504  x2  1008  G5RV @ 25'
W9CC     18   18  36   14  504  x2  1008  6btv
KA9DVX   17   17  34   14  476  x2   952  G5RV jr @25'
N9SE     16   16  32   14  448  x2   896  30m invV @30'

SWA Category - W0 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
N0TA     56   55 111   22 2442  x2  4884  Doublet @30', 1/4 wave gnd mnt vertical
K0ALN    29   29  58   18 1044  x2  2088  Inv V @35' 
KI0I     17   17  34   14  476  x2   952  Hytower Vert 20m and 40m
N8LA     16   16  32   14  448  x2   896  Dpl @35'
KA8HDE   18   18  36    7  252  x2   504  G5RV jr @30'
WD0K     14   13  27   10  270 x1.5  405  Center fed zepp @30'
KD0V     13   12  25    8  200  x2   400  CF zepp @50'
WB0PYF   10   10  20    9  180  x2   360  Dpl @55'
W5GZT     9    9  18    8  144  x2   288  InvV @56'
WU7F     12   12  24    9  216       216  Dpl in parking lot 9' (sag to 3')
K2HT      8    8  16    6   96  x2   192  Loop @40'
AD0IV     7    7  14    6   84  x2   168  Loop @20'
KJ0P      2    2   4    2    8  x2    16  Inverted inverted dipole, 35' at ends

SWA Category - Canada Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
VE5BCS   15   14  29   12  348  x2   696  Wire loop about 30'
VE3FMW   12   12  24    9  216  x2   432  OCF wire @40'
VE3FUJ    8    8  16    7  112  x2   224  G5RV @50'
VE3DVC    9    9  18    6  108  x2   216  Inverted Vee @40'

SWA Category - DX Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
CO8CML   10   10  20    7  140  x2   280  Inverted "V" dipole @27'

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K4BAI    55   55 110   29 3190  x2  6380  TH6DXX @55'; 88' cf zepp @50'; 40M dip 
W5ASP    36   36  72   16 1152      1152  3el Yagi @20'
K5GQ     19   18  37   14  518 x1.5  777  2 ELE yagi @28'; 40m dipole @24'
NQ2W     30   30  60   18 1080      1080  Mini beam @25', inv V @40'

Not eligible for certificate or prize for the following reason(s):
@ Non-member
$ QRO power
! Late log
SWA Category
Key Categories
Top Straight Key Scorer (x2)K4BAI
Top Bug Scorer (x1.5)K5GQ
Top Keyer/Other Scorer (x1)KB3AAG
Other Categories
First time entrant high scorerN9SE
Paddle/bug handle - K1/K2 knob insert drawingWB0PYF

Logs submitted: 124
Total participants found in cross-checking spreadsheet: 176 
Total QSO's in master cross-checking spreadsheet: 2,143
States represented: 38 + ON QC SK + CM G KP4

SILVER LOGS - 102 of 124 (perfectly formatted):
If you're not listed as a SILVER LOG or your posted score is different from what you computed and wish to know why, we'll tell you if you ask before 2400Z the second Sunday after the sprint. Email pix_email_naqcc (1K) with the subject "NAQCC Sprint Question".

AC8LJ - Could only participate for about 30 minutes this evening, but glad I could join in....

N1JI - I only had 30 minutes to devote to the sprint but still had a nice time working six stations. Not the best conditions for me here in New Hampshire... It was difficult to copy a lot of the stations I heard. Many thanks to WB3T for working so hard to copy my RST report. 72 and see you all in October!

K3RLL - K3 to G5RVjr @35' Just played on 20m tonight. Many strong signals and mostly all new ones to me. Something odd: whatever frequency I was calling on tonight soon came to be in great demand. That's a first for me in a NAQCC event. Must be funny band condx. Thanks for the contacts. 72 de K3RLL

KB3CXQ - Lots of noise on 80. 40 wasn't too bad but sigs were down. 20 wasn't too hot.

AB9YC - Good night, conditions wise. Some observations.... several stations were not well zero beat on me. I use a 300hz filter, so if you are not ? 150, I don't hear you well, especially if you are in the noise. I had a few people tuning up right on top of me while calling CQ. A quick tune up is fine, but a few took what seemed an eternity to get tuned up, one even caused a QSO to take almost 2 minutes. The oddest thing was when a PSK31 signal showed up. I was on 7035.5 for the entire time, so I was out of the normal DIGITAL band, but that was bad.

WB4MNK - Had a little fun tonight. Thanks to all. 72, Art WB4MNK

KA8HDE - Only a 45 min run on 20M - seemed to have a direct connection to NC - had fun.72 de chuck ka8hde

K3WWP - I did my routine of late again tonight. Get to 20 QSOs, then QRT and rest my ears from the pounding they took from QRN. Of the three sprints I did so, this is the fastest I made it to 20 QSOs - 65 minutes. I almost thought I would go on since conditions were pretty good, but I didn't. Maybe next month if conditions are better I'll go the full 2 hours - maybe. Thanks to the 18 members and 2 non-members who got me to 20 this evening. It wasn't easy copying some of you, but I found by receiving on one of my other antennas, notably the 10 meters dipole, the S/N ratio improved and I was able to copy pretty good on 40 meters. But my left hand got a bit tired from all the antenna switching. HI CU all next month for our big 10th anniversary sprint. I might possibly have to use N3A as no one from W3 has volunteered for that duty yet. If so, then I will go the full 2 hours for sure.

K2UFT - 20m not so good, 40 m lots of great signals. Speedex straight key rebuilt from the parts bin!


AB1VL - Good condx coast to coast except nothing heard on 80M and just a few weak stations on 20M. Time for better antennas. Thanks to all ops that worked me and as always, to the sprint organizers. 72, Chuck

WH6LE - Seemed a good sized crowd tonight! Fun stuff this. PETE WH6LE

N0TA - 20m was fantastic! 40m was noisy and slow. Thanks for the Q's! K3 @5w, doublet & vertical, Camelback, GenLog.

AD0IV - My first NAQCC Sprint! Only got on for the second hour, but loads of fun! Thanks for the QSOs.

NF8M - Got home late from assisting at a Cub Scout recruiting meeting so only had a half hour or so, but made good use of the time. 40 was nice and spread out, and worked everyone I heard with ease. Good to work some lesser-heard calls along with the regular gang. TNX all es 72 till next month.

AB3RU - Had fun tonight. First sprint with new radio, and could hear stations a lot better than I have in a long time. 20m was quiet and lots of qsb. 40m was very busy. Great time as always.

N9SE - Really enjoyed it. Seemed like a lot of activity.

WA2JSG - Nice sprint, good band conditions, both on 20m & 40m. Thanks to all for the QSOs. Rig here IC-703, 5 watts to an all-band vertical (elevated) using a 12v battery. BIG ole Kent Straight Key (bigger than the radio hi hi). See y'all next month.

KB4QQJ - Well the bands were alive tonight!! Several new members and all the regulars. I missed John tonight but had the pleasure of working NR 1 Tom!! That was a treat. All bands seemed in good shape. I started on 20 moved to 40 and had plenty to do there. I went to 80 with two minutes to spare and made two contacts there..what a hoot. Most surprising contact was catching Werner N8BB on a straight key!! ha didn't recognize him..... well done Werner, glad you are staying in practice.... heh heh 73 for now es BCN ya'll, Randy_KB4QQJ, Rig was a the K2 at 5w, Ant was LnR Quad at 33 feet, Key was the 2014 SKCC Club Key

K2DEP - Great fun again. KX3 (Where is my PX3????), G5RV antenna @ 30ft and Schurr Mahogany Hand Key. Condx not too bad with some QRN. Thanks to all who answered my calls. See you next time. 73

K4KRW - Lots of great signals on 40m tonight. I got a couple on 20m. I tried 80 but no joy. Great fun as always. A local friend (W3CL-non member) called me at the beginning of the sprint. He is getting back into CW after not using it for many years. He is doing quite well. I hope I can talk him into joining us. He and I worked CW together at our local club Field Day this year. We had a great time. Thanks again everyone.

WA2NYY - Due to other activities was only able to get on for the last 15 minutes of the sprint. Had to scramble to get Genlog up and then my wire to my Speed-X post broke, fixed that and managed to haul in 4 contacts on 40m. It was good to get on even for 15 minutes. 72 de Mark

AL7JK - Lotsa fun ! Excellent propagation tonite into Alaska. Heard stations on the east coast. Used a HW-9 set at 2 watts output & Kent straight key, 95ft longwire @ 20 ft. Good DX to all ... Cheers !

KE9DR - Got in late. 20 was slow, 40 was busy with some QRN, 80 was noisy. Thanks to all. 73 Bert

NT8P - I could have done a lot better if MURPHY would have stayed away. If it could go wrong it did. But I was still very pleased to get 13 member qso's. WG8Y I heard you making contact but had no way to get u tonight. Thanks for the qso's and cu next month I hope. Ron

WG8Y - Hi all, Didn't get started till app. 20 min into the sprint.Little tired so just did S&P tonite.20M seemed good at start but didn't last.Guess I need to start on time for a longer band opening. Hi Hi That's ok,40M was loaded! Never heard my Ohio QRP buddy Ron,NT8P.Next time Ron. Always fun hearing & working everyone. Oh yeah,W5ASP was giving a 5W report when his no. is 7430.Asked about his no.and he said 5w again so that's what I logged. ?? 72 from N.C. Mark WG8Y

KB8FE - Great band conditions tonight in northern Ohio. I could hear stations three deep almost the entire sprint. It was a real pleasure to work the stations tonight. I thought my low mounted dipole might be a problem but that was not the case tonight.

K1IEE - Started on 20M, the band got real quiet the last half hour. However just before that I heard a wavering signal and it was Rick KL7CW in AK I called him and he returned my call. This was a treat for me as on two separate occasions I was in AK and worked the sprint. This time I worked AK that was exciting. Went to 40M and 80M. Great time. Thanks to all 73 Dick

WB9CIF - Started 15 minutes late and still improved my score from last month.

KF7WNS - Bands were in great shape and lots of activity, makes for lots of fun. Went to 40M for last half hour, but it was too crowded. See you next month.

KA6AIL - Nice to be back after a missing at least 3 months. But I still need some ant work. 73's/72's until next month.

WD4OHD - Best signals on 40m. Didn't hear much on 80m or 20m. My best QSO count so far on a Sprint.

K8AG - It has been too long since I did this. These are the best contests. 72 JP, K8AG

K5GQ - 20 M was great. There was not need for sending any item twice except for QRM. There were a couple of 33n handed out. And there was a station calling me that I could hear the signal echo. NO COPY. it was just too weak. 40M was very noisy. I can only imagine what TEXAS QSO party will be like. Just wish I had someone to either ride and operate with or drive for me.. (I do not have a contest type mobile station, just a FT-900)

K6CSL - WOW! I believe this may be a station record in an NAQCC Sprint. 20m was in good shape, with lots of good strong QRP signals. 40m was quite noisy from lightning storms in Southeastern AZ and Southwestern NM this evening. I was 30 minutes late for the sprint. I was still on the road, returning from business in Modesto and got back at 17:45 local and had not pre-set up my rig. 73's and a good night to all from the Northern San Joaquin Valley, Bert, K6CSL

WB4OMM - The XYL was out-of-town, so I was prepped and ready to go early, started on time, and was able to work the entire two hours uninterrupted! WOW! I had a blast! (as usual!!) Both 20m and 40m were a bit noisy, and had some QRM on my end, but I made lotsa Qs and good mults....ironically, all members! Never went to 80m as 20/40 were good. Look for all of you on the bands....72/73! Steve WB4OMM

K5ZU - Really enjoyed this month's sprint. I was using my Emtech NW40 and my ears were wishing the thing had AGC! Nice to work WA4FAT again and also my friend Dennis - W5RZ who lives down the street from me. Lord willin' we'll catch ya again next month. 72 John

WB3T - Well I got real lucky tonight. Only 11 contacts, but they were all members, all different SPC's, and I got the straight key bonus so my point total will be respectable. I guess propagation must have been good because they were coming in from all over on 40. Thanks everyone!

K0ALN - Good band conditions on 20 and picked up a few on 40 as well. Hope it will keep up on into the winter season. See everybody next month!

K2YGM - 20 was active for the first hour or so and it was nice hearing the west coast with decent signals.. when that faded. 40 provided a good run of QSO's but was crowded.. only one 80 mtr qso, even though I checked a few times there.. Plenty of old timers around as well as new members.. looking forward to next month already. 72 Bob

WX4RM - Had a good time as always. Did notice New England just was not there tonite. They always come through like the BBC here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but not tonite. Hope it had nothing to do with the Scottish vote (hihi).

N8XEE - Only had a short time to operate, but had a blast!

NQ2W - Ten-Tec Jupiter @ 5 W to a mini beam at 25' for 20 and an inv V at 40' for 40. Pretty good conditions. Thanks for the contacts. Hope to hear you all next month! 72, Will, NQ2W

KQ3Z - Only worked the last 30 minutes but had a lot of fun. Lots of station heard here in Pittsburgh. Love those Sprints

KE5YUM -I enjoyed the sprint as always with the FT-817. 20 meters was hot in my area with no shortage of contacts. Looking forward to next month. All the best, Terry

KA2KGP - Another nice sprint! Bands were in good shape here in WNY. Lots of nice signals. 73

CO8CML - Again a nice sprint, using FT-80C running 5W to inverted "V" dipole and operating my old straight key.See all next month!!!

N8XMS - I was able to slip away from a family activity a couple of times to make two quick contacts and I later finished up the last 20 minutes of the sprint. Participation and conditions seemed good and I wish I could have had more time to operate.

KQ1P - Another great sprint, I was sorely tempted to chase TY1AA on 20 M (599 when we started). Worked AB1VL, only two towns away from my QTH for just my second Maine contact in all of the NAQCC sprints! Plenty of new numbers, it is great to see the interest in QRP CW.

N4MJ - Fair evening. Increased number of states worked. 20m was almost a wash.

N5GW - J38 to K1 to HB tuner and CFZ. 20 was in good shape, and 40 was fair. Lots of participation, which increases the fun. CU all next month.

K4BAI - FT1000MP, 5W, WM2 QRP Watt Meter. 31 QSOs on 20. 25 QSOs on 40. Didn't try 80. Band conditions were generally pretty good. 20M was short at the beginning, but went longer at 0041Z in middle of my QSO with K8CV in MI. Could hear KB9ILT and KB4QQJ on 20M backscatter, but they didn't hear me calling them. Lot of west coast activity this time and I worked AA7VW in OR on both 20 and 40. Nice to QSO G3RSP (2W) and CO8CML on 20M. Activity dropped on 20M after about an hour. 40M sounded really good, but I had a hard time finding a CQ frequency. The zepp outperformed the dipole on 40 except to the west where the dipole was better. Hope to work you all next month when I will carry the flag as N4A. 73/72, John, K4BAI.

VE5BCS - I'm sure that was one of my better sprints. 20 died after first hour and half and I even made a 40m contact just one. It's suprising how the band lights up at the crack of 0030z. cu in oct

W5TVW - Conditions seemed good this sprint. I was using a new antenna just erected last weekend. An 80 meter full wave loop at 20 feet, pentagon shaped. Seems to work very well on 75 meters but have not fully tested it on 80CW yet. Hope to be able to participate more as I get things done around the house. The little Yaesu FT-817ND doing a pretty good job. 72's to all.

N4FZ - Operated 40m only. I used a new to me J12 Army key, and I like the "feel" of it. Strung up the 40m dp just before the Sprint. I heard many loud stations,W2OR,N0TA,but neither heard me, maybe next time. Enjoyed every QSO. 73 to ALL.

WA6OEF - Operating portable in the Sierra Mtn's

WB2LQF - Used my new W1SFR TBKII sideswiper tonight. After two hours my wrist felt as fresh as ever and no one complained about my fist My KX3 and attic doublet continue to produce great results. I should do these Sprints more often; I had FUN!


WA2FBN - As always a fun sprint 73 Ken

KI6FCT - Fun Sprint. My goal was to beat 9, my last effort in July, but the calls just kept coming. Thanks everyone for putting up with my terrible fist. I've been doing a lot of SOTA with an internal keyer, so it has been a while since I've used a straight key. QRP CW - Real radio. K37LOY from ID gave me a fists number, so I spent 20 minutes going through the membership list trying to figure out how I butchered his call and number haha. Nice trick. Alan

AA7VW - 20m was great up to about 0200Z then went to 40m. First time I've heard signals on 40m and there were many.I got to run the entire 2 hours this time. At the end I was tired but it was again it was fun. Thanks to those who remembered my name. I'll do better next time.

K6MGO - Condx were better than they had been in a long time, 20m was kind of short, but open, and 40m was long. Nice to see more Sixerland ops participating lately. Thanks to all who contacted me and who made the sprint so much fun, once again. 72 de Bill, k6mgo

AE7CG - There was moderate QRN at my QTH at the beginning of the sprint. Conditions got better later, and I was able to make a few QSOs. Thanks to KF7WNS, KB4QQJ, K4BAI, and KI0I for this month's QSOs. 72 from Arizona, Loren, AE7CG.

WA1GWH - Lots of operators and quite a few strong sigs. Sorry I was not able to get into more than the last half hour. Thanks for the contacts!

W2JEK - got on late. Only one local qso on 20. 40 was busy but not as good as it might have been. Had five qso on 80 in the last ten minutes. It was fun none the less. Rig FT-840, wire antennas and Signal Electric key. 72 and 73 Don Younger W2JEK # 1135

W8DW - Got a late start bet still had a good time. My second contact was N5GW , sent report but had no reply, probably band conditions, sorry i had to remove from my log. Band are coming back some. hope every one has a nice month and see you next sprint. 72 Dave

N2ESE - Well lets see how the Silver Logs GO ? "W5ASP" was sending "5W" and not his member number-7430,, So had to log him in as non member 5W ?? 73 Gary # 5555

VE3FUJ - Good sprint enjoyed it. Stns calling CQ-NA were sparse in the beginning, that improved later on. Tnx all. Brion 3011

W5RZ - First sprint! It was fun, but 20 meters had bad line noise, and 40 meters had a very high static level. Conditions were so bad I may have messed up a call or number or two. It was my first time using a straight key in awhile, so I need to practice!

KA5TJS - Had a great time. Did not get to stick around and see how 40 was. I just got to play on 20 meters. Used the 7410 at 5 watts and the 80 meter dipole. The band was in good shape and a lot of great signals. CU next month: Allen

AK3X - Conflicting interests kept me away from the Sprint until the last minutes. Got home at 0225, ran to shack and worked K2DEP, also in MD, and then turned the rig off to do my other evening duties. Good thing I used a straight key to double my score HI. 72 til next month.. Peter AK3X

KI0I - Looked up and the sprint was getting away. Worked the last hour and bands seemed pretty decent. 40m had more activity that I could hear than on 20m. Missed hearing some regulars on the bands.K3WWP? Not heard John! Thanks all for a little fun in the middle of the week. 73/72 Mark ki0i

W6IRA - Came to the party late, after stumbling on the activity around 14060.

KB3AAG - KB3AAG Single band again, thankfully 40 loaded! Still making headway on the new ham shack, the John is in and working! (Now just electric and heat to go!) Lots of fun tonight and the first time I ever worked DX in a sprint and in the last seconds too! Hope to see you next month. Frank

AA2VG - Couldn't stay long but glad I jumped in. Tried something new. I decided to see if I could have Genlog log and send cw to my KX3. I built the interface needed with a resistor, transistor, diode and capacitor all on a RadioShack 2 inch square project board. I purchased the USB to R232 convertor and set the CW in GenLog to send the call I entered, my rst, state and NAQCC nr. I plugged the jack into the key port on the KX3 and I was all set. I was able to hand send with the KX3 paddle when needed. The neat thing is that this set up works on my old KNWD TS 850 and will work with any rig. Chute me an email if interested in doing the same. As usual had fun and learned to do something new!.. 72 Peter AA2VG (

W1ZU/P - Worked portable from ME for this sprint.


W2SH - Worked John, K4BAI, on 20m for my opening QSO, and then again on 40m for my final QSO. Having G3RSP, a NAQCC member running 2W, answer my first 20m CQ with a sig reaching 579 was a pleasant surprise. Quite deep QSB made 20m fairly difficult. 40m was active. 80m was unfairly neglected and only yielded two QSOs.

VE3FMW - Another fine evening pounding the old speed-x ... thanks all for taking part and thanks to the leadership for their efforts to preserve W/T .... bcnu .. 73 Ron

N8LA - FT-817, 5W, 200' dipole up 35' around roof parapet of condo complex fed with 450 ohm window line through MFJ-901B tuner and MFJ-9211 QRPocket 4:1 current balun, American Morse Equipment KK1 hand key. QRN/M conditions on 20 about medium. QRN/M conditions on 40 nasty, but made more contacts on 40. My apologies to WB4NMK for losing him due to fading, etc. I hope we can work next time. I will listen for you. Worked WB0PYF across town on 20 for SKCC contact just before sprint and again on 20 for my second sprint contact. Many thanks to all you wonderful QRPeople for the Qs! 72, Lou N8LA/QRP

WD0K - Nice time! Real nice conditions for a change. The Ole Electric Company has done a real nice job of cleaning up their problems here in Lil Canada. Tnx fer the q's. 72 Rich/wd0k

WM3X - First sprint. Great fun, and looking forward to the next one.

K2GLS - Got a late start this month and then got interrupted and could not get back to the Sprint. So only three contacts but hope the log gets you to the 125 log goal this month. A fun time and good propagation on 20 while it lasted. 72, 73 to all.

KB1UOH - There were a lot of very strong QRP signals tonight. It was fun and I look forward to the next one.

K4VNJ - Signals were extremely weak!

N8BB - Not bad for the few minutes I had. Randy, KB4QQJ, with so few contacts I need the straight key for the 2 multiplier,hihi. Thanks for the contacts. KX3 5w dipole J-38

W8SH - Hello fellow sprinters , great condx agn fer this sprint. 20m was up n down but gud qsos there. 40 was packed ! I heard many stns that didnt hear me. probly cuz of the chaos of stns. still had a great time operating W8SH from MSU club stn. CUL Gregg WB8LZG#1444

K9EYT - Rig KX3 G5RV 25 ft 40 was very busy 20 not so good here near Chicago. 73 Ray

WU7F - Very fun - was in rental car in parking lot with dipole in nearby tree. Heard more signals there than what I usually hear at home QTH in UT!

KG4UPO - Great sprint. Thanks to all who heard my call, could read my code, and strained their ears in the 40 meter noise and congestion. My highest QSO count. K2, "Ham Key HK4", home brew doublet.

WY3H - I believe I worked about 17 stations but somehow the papers on which I had kept track of my contacts got thrown in the trash inadvertently!!! Oh well, things happen. I'm not going to worry. I accept my submitted score. Best 73/72 to all. WY#H

WB4UHC - 40 Mtrs was really good, 11 of 16 QSOs there were 599. However lots of QRN. Tnx to K5ZN for Arkansas, N4FZ for KY, & WD4OHD for Tenn. I missed first 40 minutes so it was a good sprint for the time I had. 73 John WB4UHC

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