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Jul 2013 Straight Key/Bug Sprint (#105)

NOTE: Corey KF0U is responsible for the contents of this page - the results and soapbox. Any questions about that go to pix_email_kf0u (1K).
John K3WWP is still responsible for the contents of your logs and the eventual cross-checking, so if after submitting your log, you discover any mis-information in your log itself - missing entry, wrong call, etc. that doesn't affect anything on this page, send the info to pix_email_naqcc (1K).

Final Results

KF0U Comments - Didn't quite make it to 125 logs, but lots of positives to take from this months participation level and reported logs. Thanks to all who had fun with us this month. Highlight log is KB3SJQ (first Sprint and 17 years old - Soapbox). Great job Ben and enjoy the NAQCC! Lots of first-timers spotted throughout the Soapbox. Welcome to each of you.

K3WWP Comments - The results are now final and written in stone now that the period for appeal of scores is over. Thanks to the 123 of you who participated AND sent in your report. It means so much more to everyone when you take the time to report your results after the sprint is over. That just adds volumes to the fact that you use and enjoy CW on the ham bands.

SWA Category - W1 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
W1SFR    27   25  52   16  832  x2  1664  OCF Dpl @80'
K1YAN    21   20  41   13  533  x2  1066  G5RV Jr. @30'
N1IMW    20   18  38   10  380  x2   760  Dpl @20'
KM1N     16   16  32   10  320 x1.5  480  Horizontal Loop 180' @15'
W2SH     11   11  22    8  176  x2   352  135' dpl@50'
WU1V     10    9  19    7  133  x2   266  33' Dpl sloping 20-40'
N1DN      4    4   8    4   32        32  Multiband Dpl
K1IEE     2    2   4    2    8  x2    16  OCF long wire @30'
NF8M      1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  33' wire in tree

SWA Category - W2 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
NW2K     66   65 131   29 3799  x2  7598  Fan Dpl @40'
K2YGM    46   43  89   27 2403  x2  4806  G5RV Mini @40', 80M PAR ENDFEDZ
WK2T     40   37  77   23 1771  x2  3542  Cage Dipole on 40 OCF on 20 and 80
AA2VG    45   43  88   20 1760  x2  3520  80m Carolina Windom @45'
WA2NYY   38   36  74   22 1628  x2  3256  135' OCF @35'
W2JEK    37   35  72   17 1224  x2  2448  20m gnd pl, 40m dpl, both @20'
KA2KGP   16   16  32    9  288  x2   576  Dpl @25'
K2ARM    14   14  28   10  280  x2   560  40M Dpl @20'
WA1GWH   11   11  22    8  176  x2   352  40M 1/4 wave inv L with ground radials
KD2MX    10   10  20    8  160  x2   320  600' loop @30'
K2GLS     9    9  18    8  144  x2   288  40M dpl @30' 20M dpl @20'
N2ESE    10   10  20   10  200       200  80m OCF @25'
WA2KSM    9    8  17    8  136       136  G5RV @20'
WA2JSG    4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  Vert mounted @12'
K2RFP     1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  80m loop
@W2GN    14   14  28   10  280       280  Vert loop 40m:double Zepp 20m

SWA Category - W3 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K3WWP    32   32  64   21 1344  x2  2688  Attic dpl-20, attic ef random wire-40
K3RLL    49   49  98   26 2548      2548  G5RVjr
KE3HL    19   19  38   14  532  x2  1064  80/40 Dipole @25' or so
AB3RU    14   14  28   11  308  x2   616  G7FEK @30'
KB3SJQ   20   19  39   11  429       429  500' Loop @50'
N3GWZ    12   12  24    8  192  x2   384  G5RV @20'
N3COB     8    7  15    8  120  x2   240  80 Meter Carolina Windom @95'
KB3TEL    7    7  14    6   84  x2   168  20m Dpl @15', 40m Dpl @30'
AK3X      4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  Inv Vee @27'
K3EMS     3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  15' Mag Loop @6'

SWA Category - W4 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
WB4OMM   46   43  89   21 1869  x2  3738  280' wire loop antenna @35'
WX4RM    20   20  40   16  640  x2  1280  6BTV vert gnd mtd
W4KRN    21   21  42   15  630  x2  1260  OCF Inv V @55'
W4DUK    24   24  48   10  480  x2   960  EF Zepp @20'
WA2EDN   18   17  35   13  455  x2   910  Dpl @40'
WA4ZOF   15   14  29   11  319  x2   638  160m OCF Dpl. @40'
K4NVJ    16   16  32    8  256  x2   512  88' Dpl @30'
KU4A     15   15  30   11  330       330  Slp dpl @40'
WM4AA     9    9  18    9  162  x2   324  InvL @50' 
WG8Y     11   11  22    7  154  x2   308  20m hamstick mag mtd on car
K4ZGB     8    8  16    6   96  x2   192  4BTV vertical @10'
KK4BOB    9    9  18    5   90  x2   180  EF wire @40'
K9IA     12   12  24    7  168       168  Gnd Mtd Vert
KK4BE     7    7  14    5   70  x2   140  Dpl @30'
AK4LF     7    7  14    4   56  x2   112  OCF Dpl @20'
KB0ETU    5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  Dpl @35'
WA4RG     7    7  14    6   84        84  Windom @50'
ND9M      5    5  10    4   40  x2    80  20M Dpl @25'
K4KRW     4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  Endfed Dpl @30'
AI4SV     4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  Attic Dpl
K4JPN     4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  Zepp
NZ1D      5    5  10    3   30  x2    60  G5RVjr @20'
K6BFA     4    4   8    4   32 x1.5   48  G5RV @50'
W4RQ      4    4   8    3   24 x1.5   36  Folded Dpl @25'

SWA Category - W5 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
W5IQS    48   46  94   24 2256  x2  4512  Fan Dpl @30' 
N5NK     17   16  33   11  363  x2   726  20m sloping Dpl fed @35'
N5GW     24   24  48   14  672       672  CFZ @40'
W5WIL    10   10  20    9  180  x2   360  240' Doublet @35'
WA5J     10   10  20    8  160  x2   320  G5RV on roof
KA5TJS    7    7  14    6   84  x2   168  80m Dpl @30'
W4NBF     3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  Dpl @18' 
N5ATM     2    2   4    2    8  x2    16  OCF Dpl @50'
KE5YUM    1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  Inv V @30'

SWA Category - W6 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
WK6L      9    9  18    9  162  x2   324  Windom(Inverted Vee) @35', 40M/20M
NQ6E      6    6  12    6   72  x2   144  Dpl Inv V @33'
K6MGO     3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  End fed vertical dipole on patio

SWA Category - W7 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
KE7YTE   18   18  36   15  540  x2  1080  Buddipole Vertical Dipole @18'
KF7WNS   16   16  32   12  384  x2   768  Inv V @35'
W7GAH    10   10  20    9  180  x2   360  240' Rand Wire @60'
NU7T      6    6  12    5   60  x2   120  R6000
AA7CU     8    8  16    7  112       112  6' mobile whip with 8 radials @12'
W7YSB     6    6  12    4   48  x2    96  Fan Dpl @30'
KF7TDF    3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  Dpl @15'
K7EY      2    2   4    2    8         8  270' wire loop @30'
K7JFD     1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  Attic fan Dpl

SWA Category - W8 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
W3NP     34   32  66   19 1254  x2  2508  130' CF Zepp @45' - 600 Ohm Open Wire
AB8KT    46   41  87   20 1740      1740  Doublet @35'
WB8LZG   24   24  48   17  816  x2  1632  Dpl @35'
W8DW     19   19  38   12  456  x2   912  OCF Dpl @30'
NT8P     13   12  25    8  200  x2   400  40M Dpl
K8RJW     9    9  18    8  144  x2   288  6BTV Vertical @15'
KB8FE     8    8  16    6   96  x2   192  Dpl @30'
N8XMS     7    7  14    6   84  x2   168  Trap Vertical
WB8ENE    7    7  14    5   70  x2   140  102' doublet @15'
AB8OU     5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  20M sloping Dpl @40'
WA8SAN    6    6  12    5   60        60  End fed Zepp @15'
AB8SA     4    4   8    3   24  x2    48  Inv V @15'

SWA Category - W9 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
KB9ILT   46   44  90   19 1710      1710  Delta Loop 
K9EYT    18   17  35   12  420  x2   840  Dpl @25'
W9CC     16   16  32   12  384  x2   768  80M Loop @15'
K9ANF     9    9  18    7  126  x2   252  Inverted Vee @35'
AB9YC    12   12  24   10  240       240  Fan Dpl @25'
KA9FQG    8    8  16    5   80  x2   160  G5RV @35'
N9RLO     5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  135' NVIS Dpl @6'
NG9I      5    5  10    5   50        50  Endfed random wire, 41' long
WA9NPS    4    4   8    4   32        32  Dpl @35'
NN9S      4    4   8    4   32        32  Horizontal Delta Loop @25'
AI9IN     3    3   6    2   12  x2    24  Attic Dpl @30'

SWA Category - W0 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
N0TA     35   35  70   22 1540  x2  3080  Doublet @30' & gnd mnt vertical
NW0M     27   26  53   17  901  x2  1802  80M OCF Dpl @45'
W0EJ     24   24  48   15  720  x2  1440  OCF Dpl @35'
NK8O     17   17  34   15  510  x2  1020  Random wire on 20m inv V @30' on 40m
KA8HDE   16   16  32   10  320  x2   640  G5RV jr @30'
N8LA     14   14  28   10  280  x2   560  Dpl @35'
WD0K     10   10  20   10  200 x1.5  300  Center fed zepp @35'
KA4GAV   12   12  24    8  192       192  80/40 trapped dipole @20'
W0CH     14   14  28    6  168       168  Inv L @45'

SWA Category - Canada Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
VE3RCN   31   30  61   18 1098  x2  2196  Ground mounted vertical, 80m dipole
VE5BCS   11   10  21   11  231  x2   462  Loop ant @25'
VE7KBN    6    6  12    5   60  x2   120  3 band vert 8' off ground 
VA3RJ     4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  40m hamstick on 4th fl apartment balcony
VE3FUJ    4    4   8    4   32  x2    64  G5RV @50'
VY2/W1OH  6    5  11    5   55        55  40m doublet @30'
VA7TZ     5    5  10    5   50        50  Gnd mtd vert

SWA Category - DX Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K4BAI    61   61 122   27 3294  x2  6588  TH6DXX at 55'; Dpl @40' 
KC5NXA   53   51 104   25 2600      2600  3 element Yagi @45'
NQ2W     32   30  62   20 1240      1240  Mini beam @25', inv vee @40'
N4MJ     27   26  53   15  795       795  3 ele yagi @60'

Not eligible for certificate or prize for the following reason(s):
@ Non-member
$ QRO power
! Late log
SWA Category
Key Categories
Top Straight Key Scorer (x2)NW2K
Top Bug Scorer (x1.5)KM1N
Top Keyer/Other Scorer (x1)KC5NXA
Other Categories
First time entrant high scorerKC5NXA
Paddle/bug handle - K1/K2 knob insert drawingN5ATM

Logs submitted: 123 
Total participants found in cross-checking spreadsheet: 193 
Total QSO's in master cross-checking spreadsheet: 1,881
States represented: 42 + BC NS ON PE SK + SM

SILVER LOGS - 100 of 123 (perfectly formatted):
If you're not listed as a SILVER LOG or your posted score is different from what you computed and wish to know why, we'll tell you if you ask before 2400Z the second Sunday after the sprint. Email pix_email_naqcc (1K) with the subject "NAQCC Sprint Question".


N3GWZ - This was my first NAQCC Sprint. I only participated for a little while but was happy to join in with my Kenwood TS2000 set to 5w.

N8XMS - I got home very late and was also very tired so I only operated for about 20 minutes. I had some good contacts on 20-meters but the noise on 40 was S9. Hopefully I will have more time and energy next month!

N0TA - Spent 1.5 hrs on 20m. Band seemed to cooperate to most areas of the country. Thanks for the Q's. K3 @ 5w, doublet @ 30' & gnd mnt vertical, Begali Camelback, and Gen Log.

K1IEE - Was happy to get these 2 contacts . Severe thunderstorms all around and had to get off the air. 20M sounded good and 40M was not so good here. Thanks to all 73 Dick

WA4ZOF - Great Sprint TOM WA4ZOF

KB8FE - Good weather here in northern Ohio. Heard a lot of stations tonight. Late start and limited time but always like to hear all of the sprint activity.

WA2EDN - 20 meteres worked for me tonite. I had to quit at 10 due to a CW net I work daily. This is my best effort yet! Not bad for 90mins.

NN9S - Only did the 2nd hour, but managed to get four QSOs in!

AB3RU - Lots of fun tonight and many stations on the air. 20m the first hour, then moved to 40m. Static and noise on 40 but I made most of my contacts there. See you all next month!

N5ATM - Had to work so only had about 30 mins to work the contest. Had to install GenLog and had some problems there but did hear quite a few stations. Been a long time since I joined in on this sprrint but hopefully I will be back.

AI9IN - Got in late. Had pipeline to TX from IN on 20 mtrs. MFJ 9020, 5 watts, straight key (eBay, Chinese Army special).

WA2JSG - Managed to make 4 contacts in this sprint; my heart was just not in it this evening (must be the hot days). Good to hear Karen W4KRN (VA) again in this event. IC-703 5w from a 12v battery to an all-band vertical (elevated). Kent Straight Key.

W0EJ - Missed too many of these, had a great time tonight thanks to you all. 20 was working well but got pushed about so left for 40 which was a bit lonely. Thanks WA1GWH for hanging in there, QRM was a bit tough at times. 72 Bill

K4KRW - Operated from Sunset Beach, NC this time. Had a great time as always. Conditions where kind of rough tonight. I didn't hear a lot of signals. Thanks to AB8KT for pulling me out of the noise.

NG9I - First month of CW, first CW contest. Lots of fun, and I hope to participate more in the future. My home station needs some work, mostly a better antenna setup. Thanks all!

VA3RJ - Good conditions on 40m .. lots of stations heard, but few worked :o(

W4RQ - Always a pleasure! Thanks for the good times!

NW0M - This was my first NAQCC Sprint and really my first QRP operating in a contest/sprint. I had a lot of noise on 40 and 80 so stayed on 20 most of the time. It was nice to work Dean, NW2K, who suggested NAQCC to me this week. Also nice to work #2, K3WWP. Thanks for the fun and I look forward to next month. 72, Mitch NW0M (formerly WD0ECO) K3 5 watts, OCF dipole, Begali Spark, K2RFP NAQCC Logger

WB4OMM - Wow! Grand conditions here in East Central Florida....just about everyone was 599, and very little noise on the good, I camped out on 14.062 and didn't move to 40 or 80! Made plenty of QSOs and got some good distance too...still amazes me how much 5W of power can go!!! I had a blast!! Hope to work the next one! 72 to all!! Steve WB4OMM

AB8KT - Decent conditions. Ran KX3, 5 watts, 80m dipole fed with ladder line @35'. Don't make all of these but I have a lot of fun when I do. Thanks for all the Qs.

K6BFA - It is still a lot of fun!

N5NK - where were the guys out west? And I ordinarily have a pipeline to MI and OH...not tonight! Our good news: It's been raining here! The not-so-good news: Some of the rain was brought by thunderstorms. Thanks to all who dug my puny signal out of their QRN and QSB. Already looking forward to next month.

KB0ETU - Will the bands ever get better? In the mean time, it just adds more of a challenge. Bands were pretty bad tonight - 20 meters was the best(?), and 40 had too much QRN probably because of storms in the area, and 80 was noisy and didn't hear any stations there. Thanks to all that participated even though I didn't make many contacts. Until next month, 72 Phil

AA2VG - Another fun qrp Sprint. Started on 20 meters then moved to 40 meter which was filled with qrn. The first hour I was working the KX3 from a 12 volt battery then needed to switch to the power supply as the battery voltage started to drop. Hope to see everyone next month if not sooner. 73 Peter AA2VG

KA9FQG - Only operated for about the last half hour of the sprint. 40m had lots of activity tonight. After last month's sprint I forgot to send in my log (arrgh!) ..... so this month I am getting in on the first wave of log submissions. 73, Mark

AB8OU - It helps if the red TX light comes on.

W7GAH - Storm before sprint, lucky it cleared in time. Some QRN and QSB at times but heard a lot of activity. I lost WK6L last remarks but got a R on my exchange. NW0M worked hard on my contact and took several tries to get the exchange QSB on my end assume same on his. Enjoyed the sprint as always. 73/72

KM1N - Moderate QRN even on the low loop. First couple QSO's were rough with the vibroplex J36 then some improvement. Great fun, thanks all!

K7EY - First Sprint; first CW contest w/o computer help; first contacts w/PFR-3; paddle kept getting stuck & other problems, but had a great time. Thanks!

WK2T - Yet another great night. 40 was kind of noisey here. 20 was the place to be. Thanks for all the QSO's CU.

W4NBF - I had a great time. My first Sprint and I'll be back for more. A gathering of great ops.

K9EYT - Worked the first hour and a half on 20 meters then moved to 40. This was a good workout for a new KX3 that was fun. Always a good time and a good test for your gear. 72/73 Ray

KB3SJQ - Hi, my name is Ben and I am 17 years old. This was the first NAQCC sprint that I have participated in. I made it home just in time from work, and got right on the radio. Using a brand new Ten-Tec Argonaut 6, I was able to make 20 contacts, 18 of which were on 20 meters and 2 on 40 meters. I was a blast! I can't wait to do it again. Hope everyone had a good time! Best of 73 de KB3SJQ-Ben

AI4SV - Participated in the final half hour, mainly on 40m. Heard quite a few stations calling, so concentrated on S&P. Best DX was OH, best un-DX was Pete K6BFA one town away in VA.

K3WWP - The worst local QRN I've had in ages. Actually I started on 20M and was thinking I might just try a 20M only effort for a change, but at 0130 I thought I'd split it in half and do 40M the second hour. That quickly changed however as the QRN, even with the great receiver in the KX3 was pretty unbearable. After 5 QSOs in 15 minutes on 40, it was back to 20 again, but it kind of died at 0200, so I went to 40 again and finished out with a little CQing and mostly S&P. I was afraid I was missing answers to my CQs, and just called the stations that were strong enough to rise over my QRNN (man-made QRN). Still I stuck it out for the full 2 hours and did enjoy the battle, which it was. Sorry to anyone who called that I didn't hear, and thanks to those I did manage to work. I had a pretty good mult count with 21, but not enough QSOs to back it up with. Maybe next month.

WA2NYY - Conditions were a bit better last month, but the last 30 minutes on 40 things picked up. Pulled quite a few mults starting on 20 and went to 40 after about 45 minutes. Once again had lots of fun with the pileups after calling CQ. Sorry for the few stations I couldnt pull out, maybe next month. 72- Mark

NF8M - Staying at a friend's cottage on Cape Cod so brought the KX1 and a hunk of wire. Murphy struck, of course - the external battery wasn't working so I ran on the internal AA batteries which limits power to 1W (into a 5:1 VSWR).. The key connection was funky and kept shorting out. Got in after dark and putting up the wire I got a wrench (weight) stuck in a tree, which I'll have to try to retrieve in daylight. Heard a bunch of guys including VE3RCN, K3RLL, KB1UOH, KD2AEF, K2YGM, W2SH and KB3AAG, but kudos to NW2K for digging me out! We're planning to be on the road for next month's sprint too, so I'll try to be better prepared if I do a portable entry. 72 to all!

KF7WNS - Thanks to all who returned my CQ. I know I missed a bunch of you, but I'm getting better at this. Not bad for only one hour. Enjoyed the sprint very much. Good band condx today. 72 and see you next time. Gary/KF7WNS

KE7YTE - 20 meters was fun tonight

K9ANF - I checked 80m at the halfway point, and couldn't hear a soul. Ended up doing the whole thing on 40m. Signals were not too bad there. 73, Randall K9ANF

W3NP - Got a late start this time. Cndx seemed to be pretty good on both 20 and 40. I stayed on 20 until about 45 minutes before the end. Rig; Ten Tec Eagle @ 5 watts and straight key was my Junker. I used the K2RFP logging program for the first time and I really liked it since I am used to the SKCC version. I should have spent more time with it before the sprint though as I was still tweaking it during the event. 72 de W3NP

KE3HL - Spent almost an hour on 20M for five QSOs, then went to 40 for fourteen more. Managed to get VE3RCN (again - also worked him on 40. I worked KB9ILT on two bands as well)at the end for one last and only contact on 80 which was pretty dead and noisy for me. Enjoyed working W5BM mobile in OK - then inadvertently started calling CQ on his frequency a few minutes later! Sorry about that!

K2YGM - Greetings to all. Started on 40 but couldn't tolerate the QRN. Moved over to 20 and was surprised that the band was open and active. Most of the week it was dead at night. The usual south propagation at first and then some midwest and a few weak west coast was heard and worked..Called CQ a few times on 80 but heard nothing there... Sure could have used the Mult from MA, RI, ME, and DE... But Nothing heard..Looking forward to next month and want to extend my thanks to all that called and gave me a point or two. 72 Bob K2YGM

KK4BE - Missed second half due to thunderstorms. But it was fun while it lasted. KK4BE

NW2K - Nice conditions and great fun (20-19 QSOs,40-47 QSOs). The CW Open contest is on August 31 and has a QRP category. There is the additional opportunity for teams of QRP operators. If you're interested in the CW Open and/or being on a QRP team, please email me at NW2K at It's a fun annual event and gives us another chance to promote QRP CW. Thanks for the QSOs!

WB8LZG - Hello agn fellow sprinters! Gud condx hr in Mich. tonight. I was agn using the ol' trusty Argo 509 at 5w. Started out on 20m es worked 10 stns in 40 min. From Maine to Cal. es all in between. went to 40 fer a for a while but perty tough gg wid the old Argo reciever wid no filters. back to 20 fer a couple more QSOs then 20 dropped out a bit , so back to 40 fer a few more. SRI to a couple of u guys who were trying es we didnt quite get it. ALSO a big welcome to 2 QSOs i worked wid #NR over 6000. Welcome Ben,KB3SJQ #6801,hope to see u as a regular. es #6808 a new club stn. This is the 1st time in a while i got to work nearly the entire sprint es as always i had a super time! Gud to wrk some of u guys i havent heard in a while too. (N8LA hi Louis) es i bagged both John's too (K3WWP,es K4BAI) fer icing on the cake ! Seemed i had unusual "short skip" into PA area on 20m,as i wrked OH es PA on 20m from Mich. Also had a "BEELINE" into TX agn tonight wid several Lone Starmen in the log. See u all next month. 73 Gregg

WU1V - Only could spend a half hour this sprint but enjoyed it just the same. 20M was very active when I was operating so I stayed on that band. Very hot weather here in the Northeast, glad I had air conditioning! Thanks to all, 72, Rick

K4BAI - FT1000MP, 5W, WM-2 QRP Watt Meter, TH6DXX, dipole. 20M was very good to VA, IL, MS, and further US/VE stations. At 0145Z, after 44 QSOs and 21 mults, I left for 40 meters hoping to pick up the other W4 mults I was missing. 5 more mults and 17 QSOs on 40 in the last 45 minutes. 40M was very noisy due to electrical storms in the area. Fortunately, the last one that was close enough to cause radio shutdown came through here about 2310Z. I listen to 80M at 0220Z, but hear no signals and very strong QRN. Thanks for all QSOs. Hope to work many of you in the QRP Fox Hunt on 20M Thursday night when I'll be a fox along with KT5E, Jay, in CO. 73/72, John, K4BAI.

W4DUK - Some static crashing going on, but not too bad for a mid-summer night in the South. A good time all around!

AB9YC - I got tied up and could only get on for the last 40 minutes. From my location, the bands were pretty clear. The signals I could hear were all strong. Being so late, 20M was pretty sparse, so I moved to 40M and got the bulk of my contacts. I had to wait my turn in the pileups , and it made me wish I could have worked the whole 2 hours. I look forward to next time.

K2GLS - A visit from my granddaughter limited me to about 1 hour. Not as many stations and multipliers on 20M and 40m was noisy with QRN, but fun digging out the signals. 72 & 73 to all.

KA2KGP - 40M. was the best band here in WNY this sprint. 80 had QRN from lightning & 20 was open early in the sprint. Nice NA turnout. 73

KE5YUM - Band conditions on 40 were really bad in Oklahoma with all the rain that we have had in the past few days. I appreciate KU4A for digging me out of the noise for my only contact. All the best, Terry

KB9ILT - Signals were stronger during last month's mW Sprint. Forty meters had a lot of QSB and QRN, so 20 meters was the better band for this Sprint. Florida and Alabama were booming in, but most everything west of me (IL) was weak.

K1YAN - 20 meters in great shape for the first 45 mini pileup on me that was fun. 40 meters was ok with about s7 QRN.

VE3FUJ - Condx conspiring to make the evening miserable. No AC in the shack 32C paper sticking to your arms, getting soggy and hard to write on, if at all. Due to 5 - 6 day period of no rain, static crashes galore, wiping out #rs Qth's etc, multi rept? on every contact. Not my favorite operating condx, so after 1/2 hr I called it quits.

VE3RCN - Lots of signals. I pulled the strongest out of the pileups. Nice to work W8DYF at 5 watts...hope you become a member. Another welcome to the highest member number that I worked, NG9I (6774) is you new folks that we have to recognize and retain. I hope to be available for the next sprint again. Kevin VE3RCN (Royal Canadian Navy) PS - using a straight key off a Destroyer.

K3RLL - K3RLL with Brandy-new KX3 and, wonder of wonders, an outside antenna here in PA for the summer. You know, believe it or not, outside antennas actually work better than my attic dipole, etc. in FL. This had to be my all-time best effort. Thank you so much to the very patient ops who so kindly queued up to call me. That was a new and great experience. Thank you to all. I can now find a new hobby since I've FINALLY had some success tonight on ham radio. (SMILE) Big signals here tonight were NW2K and K2GLS. 72 de Don

KD2MX - Just had some time beginning and end of the sprint. Jumped between 20 & 40 for the usual good time.

W1SFR - First sprint for me. Lots of fun even though it was hotter than hades and the noise level was S5+ through the whole thing. 72!

VE5BCS - That was ok 40 was noisy so I stayed on 20 c u next one harold

KU4A - Lots of stations to work, but signals were generally hard to copy (maybe the problem was storm noise local to me). Sorry for asking for repeats but thanks for all the QSOs.

WX4RM - The 20 meter band was very good tonite. 40 meters was rather noisy, but I was able to make a few qso's on it. I kept looking for N8LA Lou in MO., but I just could not find you. I still owe you a qso, mabe next sprint. 73 and had a good time as usual.

K4JPN - I was not on for 10 minutes when a massive thunder storm moved in suddenly, needless to say I shut down and disconnected the antennas. The storm did not end until way after the sprint was over. 72, Steve K4JPN

WB8ENE - It was almost 9:00 before I realized that the sprint was going on. Wanted to hook up the K1 this time, but since I got a late start, I decided to just use the main rig (K3) with the Begali Blade straight key. Several 599 signals in there this time. Thanks for the contacts, and see you in the next sprint. 73, Art

NT8P - My XYL wants to know how I heard 13 people in all that static qsb and who knows what else, and don't seem to hear her? All mine were on 40. If you were there you know it was no picnic. Thanks for every contact. Ron E cu next time.

W4KRN - Stayed on 40m. Some QSB, but for the most part very good signals. Used my Czech Army straight key. Hope to work the next sprint.

W7YSB - 20m only tonight. Checked 40m a few times, but no activity heard, probably due to high QRN. 72 Eldon

NQ6E - Another good sprint workout. 20m had the signals along with plenty of QRM. That filter between the ears got some good practice tonight. Whew! Thanks to all that participated. Frank

K7JFD - This was my first sprint and only worked the last 15 mins, but it was fun. Looking forward to next month! 73 de Jim K7JFD

VA7TZ - My first sprint. High point was working K4BAI. I used to work him in the original QRP Club sprints back in the 1960's and still have his QSL card from that era. Thanks for the fun and memories, 72, Jeff

KC5NXA - WOW.. What a really great bunch of guys ! I'll be back -- Jay ---(WB5UDA)control op at KC5NXA

N1IMW - Big night for the New Yorkers. . .usually only have 2 or 3 but had 8 in the log tonight. . .40 mtrs was the workhorse again but I do like switching to 20 and catching a few Texas operators. . .a great night for NAQCC as always!

W2JEK - Had a good time. Started on 20 for 2 qso and then to 40 for the rest of the time. Was running most of the time on 40 but near the end did search and pounce. Rig Yaesu FT-840 at 5 watts to wire antennas and Signal Electric key. Lots of activity. 72 and 73 Don Younger W2JEK #1135

K6MGO - 40 meters was dead so stayed on 20 for an hour and a half then 20m seemed to die so gave up and shut down.

W0CH - Started late, and stayed on 20 meters for the entire sprint as 20 was very active.

K4NVJ - 16 Q's; 7 NY; 2 NJ; 2 PA; 2 MD; 1 TN; 1 ON; 1 NC. John where were you?

KF7TDF - Always great fun, thunderstorms had me shut down for most of this sprint but condx on 20m were good when lightning finally laid down, 40 was pretty noisy. Looking forward to next month hoping for less trouble from mother nature. Thanks for the QSOs and the sprint.

WA1GWH - Lots of QRN made contacts a bit difficult. I was surprised at how few repeats I needed to give despite being at 900 mW. Some good ears out there!

W5IQS - Another FUN Sprint. Stayed on 20 the whole 2 hours. The band here in Texas was reasonably quiet. Lots of stations and sometimes had 2 or 3 calling. Sorry guys I know that I missed several of you. Let's do it again next month. Evan, W5IQS

NQ2W - Ten-Tec Jupiter @ 5W to a mini beam at 25' for 20 and an inv V at 40' for 40. Ended up with 22 QSOs on 20m and 10 QSOs on 40m. 20 shifted slowly from the southeast to the southwest and northwest keeping new QSOs and multipliers a possibility. 40m was predominantly short with some really loud signals. Thanks to everyone that made this another enjoyable sprint! Hope to see you all next month. 72, Will, NQ2W

KA5TJS - My best sprint yet. Thanks to Kevin for the VE3 and all the rest. 20 meters was hot and gud signals from most. I hope to do better next month. 73's Allen KA5TJS

AK4LF - Was in and out but had not done one of these in awhile. Good to be back.

AK3X - Just time for a few contacts on 40 meters (DSW-40). The usual evening feline follies keep me off the air most of the time..(so many cats, so little time). Had fun as usual. 72 Peter

N5GW - First QRP sprint with a new KX3. Pricey, but what a fine xcvr! I ran it at 3W with internal NiMH batteries into a hb tuner hooked up to a cfz at 40'. All but one Q was on 20, as 40 was very QRN here with only a few weak sigs heard. The internal memory keyer was used instead of my J-38 in order to spare the other ops!

N8LA - Mother-in-law was visiting. Managed to talk my way out of attending live outdoor Tuesday evening presentation of "Les Miserables" with her and XYL. (Convinced them we all would be "less miserable" if I stayed home and participated in the sprint!) 20 was really alive with sprint participants! Even worked my former MI homey Gregg, WB8LZG, on 20. 40 was noisy, but managed 5 contacts, including final sprint contact with K9ANF in Danville, IL where mother-in-law lives!

ND9M - Only had 15 minutes to play, but at least I got in there!

VY2/W1OH - In Canada, on Point Prim in Prince Edward Island, for the Sprint this summer. Used the KX3 and a 40M doublet up about 30 feet in a cottage by the shore on the south side of Point Prim. Some unknown noise level (possibly from the power line and transformer not far from the cottage) at about S3 or S4 made things a bit tough, but the NR and NB features of the KX3 did a pretty good job of minimizing the interference. Only made a few contacts in the first hour (it's an hour later local time here), but always fun to get on for a Sprint, especially while on vacation! Good to run into K3WWP during the Sprint as well! Thanks, NAQCC!

WA2KSM - Had a great sprint for the first time. Thanks

KA4GAV - It was my first contest and a lot of fun. Lots more fun than using GenLog.

N9RLO - Thanks to all, I had a good time. 73, John N9RLO

N4MJ - Not much activity west of the Mississippi river. 80 & 40 were just too noisy. Waiting for cooler wx to go to low bands.

N3COB - Hope I entered my log correct. Thanks Glenn/N3COB

WA5J - This was a fun time to get back into the NAQCC contest.

WG8Y - Hi all, I was at my inlaws in Jackson,TN during the sprint. It was way too hot to put up a wire and set-up on their back deck. At the last minute I put a 20M hamstix mag mt on my car. Put the 817 on the dash and the key on the console. Boy,some of the signals were great. I sent TN 3 times in each exchange and signed /P after each QSO since I was out of my regular QTH. Hope everyone had a great Sprint. Called it quits when it started geting dark. Made the trip to the in-laws a bit more fun. Hi Hi Thanks all for hearing me. 72 Mark WG8Y

NK8O - A little tougher than last month, despite higher power output.

WA4RG - Tons of QRN but fun nontheless.

W2SH - Almost every summer I am QRV from a cabin on an island in NH's Squam Lake. This is a marvelously quiet location in every respect and I looked forward to this NAQCC sprint. Alas, the heat wave prevailing in the eastern US could be punctuated by violent evening thunderstorms. QRN on 20m was high as the storm approached. 40 minutes into the sprint I hurriedly disconnected and grounded everything, and then moved 20 feet away from the operating position. The lightning was as severe as I had ever witnessed. In the closing minutes I took a chance, hooked the station back up and made one final QSO. A scary night!

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