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Jun 2013 Straight Key/Bug mW Sprint

This page maintained by VA3PEN - pix_email_va3pen (1K).

Final Results

K3WWP Comments - The results are completely final now as we do not cross-check logs for our mW or 160M sprints. However if you note any transcription errors in scores below, notify Ki VA3PEN at the email address shown above. We came up with 74 logs which is tied for the third highest total for a mW sprint. Thanks and congratulations.

SWA Category - W1 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K1YAN    14   14  28   11  308  x2   616  G5RV Jr. @ 30'
K1QO     15   15  30   11  330       330  OCFdpl@30'
KM1N     16   16  32   10  320       320  Horiz Loop 180 ft long up 15 feet.
K1IEE     9    9  18    8  144  x2   288  OCF long wire@30'

SWA Category - W2 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K2YGM    39   38  77   23 1771      1771  G5RV Mini @40'
KD2MX    29   29  58   15  870  x2  1740  600' loop@30'
W2JEK    19   19  38   10  380  x2   760  20 gp, 40 dipole, 80ef - all @ 20 ft
AA2VG    13   13  26   11  286  x2   572  carolina windom @45'
KA2KGP   12   12  24   11  264  x2   528  dipole up 25 ft.
WA1GWH   11   11  22    9  198  x2   396  40M 1/4 wave inv L w/grnd system
WA2NYY    7    7  14    5   70  x2   140  80m OCF Dipole at 35'
K2RFP     5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  80m loop @ 22ft
N2ESE     8    8  16    5   80        80  80mtr.ocf-dipole@25ft
NW2K      1    1   2    1    2         2  Fan dpl @40'
$K2ARM   13   13  26   11  286  x2   572  40M DIPOLE @ 20 FT

SWA Category - W3 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K3WWP    33   32  65   18 1170  x2  2340  20 attic dpl, 40 attic rnd wire
KC2EGL   13   13  26    9  234  x2   468  G5RVjr @ 20'
K3RLL     8    8  16    8  128       128  G5RVjr
KE3HL     7    7  14    6   84        84  40M Dipole

SWA Category - W4 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K4ORD    48   47  95   25 2375      2375  160 dpl@35', 40 dpl@45', 80 dpl@35'
KB4QQJ   23   23  46   17  782  x2  1564  doublet at 33 feet
WG8Y     13   13  26    9  234  x2   468  grd mtd 20,40 1/4 wire verts. 
W4DUK    12   12  24    9  216  x2   432  EF Zepp @ 20'
W4TZM    11   11  22    8  176  x2   352  Doublet@60'
K4JPN     9    9  18    8  144  x2   288  Zepp
WF7T     10   10  20    7  140  x2   280  G5RV@40'
WD4OHD   10   10  20    7  140  x2   280  20m vertical & 40m dipole
NA4O      8    8  16    7  112  x2   224  vert 40m delta loop@50'
K4DXV     5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  Gap Titan DX Vertical
W1SGC     3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  dpl@30'
KK4DMT    3    3   6    3   18        18  ENDFED WIRE @ 30'
K9VON     2    2   4    2    8         8  dpl@25'
$WA4ZOF  13   13  26   12  312       312  160 mtr windom @ 50 - 40mtr loop @ 25

SWA Category - W5 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
W5IQS    32   31  63   20 1260  x2  2520  fan dpl @ 30'
N5GW     21   21  42   16  672       672  CFZ @40'
W5EST     8    8  16    8  128  x2   256  dpl@25'
AA5TB     6    6  12    6   72  x2   144  Inv-L, 20' x 44'
K4LJA     2    2   4    2    8         8  S9v 31-foot vertical @ ground mounted
K5BRY     1    1   2    1    2  x2     4  G5RV jr. at 22 feet imvv
$KE5YUM   5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  inverted v at 30'

SWA Category - W6 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
WK6L      9    8  17    8  136  x2   272  Windom(Inverted Vee),Up 35ft, 40M/20M
NQ6E      2    2   4    2    8  x2    16  dpl@33'

SWA Category - W7 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K9JWV    19   19  38   14  532  x2  1064  43' vertical & 70 elevated radials
NU7T      5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  R6000
W7GAH     3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  240' Rand Wire @ 60'
WB7EUX    2    2   4    2    8  x2    16  Windom @ 30ft

SWA Category - W8 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
W3NP     43   43  86   18 1548  x2  3096  130' CF Zepp @ 45' - 600 ohm open wire
AC8LJ    27   27  54   18  972  x2  1944  delta loop & dpls all @ abt 40ft
WB8LZG   10   10  20    8  160  x2   320  dpl@35'
KB3CXQ    3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  car wdm 80, gnd mtd vrt
KW8U      4    4   8    3   24        24  Half wave 40 meter vertical
$N8XMS    4    4   8    3   24        24  Wire in tree / counterpoise on ground 

SWA Category - W9 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
KB9ILT   35   35  70   17 1190      1190  Delta Loop
W9ILF    14   13  27   11  297  x2   594  Gnd Mtd Vert
W9CC     14   14  28   10  280  x2   560  80Loop15'
N9RLO     7    7  14    4   56  x2   112  cf zepp@45'
K9EYT     2    2   4    2    8  x2    16  40M inverted V 20ft
$AB9YC    8    8  16    7  112       112  dipole@20'

SWA Category - W0 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
N0TA     33   33  66   21 1386  x2  2772  Doublet at 30'
NK8O     24   24  48   20  960  x2  1920  inverted V,random wire
KD0V     20   20  40   12  480  x2   960  cf Zepp @ 50 feet
NU0S     13   13  26   11  286  x2   572  Hustler BTV4 gnd mtd vert
K0FTC    10   10  20    8  160  x2   320  Longwire@30'
K0EUN    10    8  18    8  144  x2   288  40 loop@20'
NU0T      5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  Delta Loop @ 28'
NO2D      4    4   8    3   24        24  80 Meter Doublet @ 30 feet

SWA Category - Canada Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
VE3KI    37   37  74   17 1258      1258  G5RV@35'
VA3RKM   12   12  24   10  240  x2   480  Verticals
VE5BCS    9    9  18    9  162  x2   324  loopant@25'
VE3FUJ    3    3   6    3   18  x2    36  G5RV @ 50'
$VE7KBN   5    5  10    5   50  x2   100  3 BAND VERT. 8 FT OFF GROUND 

SWA Category - DX Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K4BAI    37   35  72   21 1512  x2  3024  TH6DXX at 55'; dipole at 40.
N1IX     23   23  46   14  644       644  3el Yagi@70'
NQ2W     16   16  32   13  416       416  Mini beam @25', inv vee @40'

@ Non-member not eligible for certificate
$ QRO More than one watt - not eligible for certificate

1st SWA W1: K1YAN
1st SWA W2: K2YGM
1st SWA W3: K3WWP
1st SWA W4: K4ORD
1st SWA W5: W5IQS
1st SWA W6: WK6L
1st SWA W7: K9JWV
1st SWA W8: W3NP
1st SWA W9: KB9ILT
1st SWA W0: N0TA
1st SWA Canada: VE3KI
1st SWA DX: n/a
1st Gain: K4BAI
WB7EUX - Only had 15 minutes for this sprint. Great fun!

K2RFP - My first sprint with the new NAQCC logging program I wrote. It went well. Available as freeware from the freeware link on my homepage at 72, Dick.

KK4DMT - This is my first try at this. Have to go to work very early am, so quit after an hour. lots of fun.

K3RLL - FT-817 to G5RVjr - Nice to be back in PA with an outside antenna. Wasted most of my time on 20 meters where sigs were weak. Finally gave up and went to 40 and was amazed how strong the mW signals were. NW2K couldn't copy me on 20 but was very strong on 40. Interesting! Big signal was W3NP tonight. 72 de Don K3RLL

N0TA - Good propagation on 20m. Thanks for the Q's. K3 @ 0.9w, doublet, Junker straight key, GenLog.

KC2EGL - If it were not for the reminder that I received today via email I would have forgotten about tonight's mW sprint. Had a blast as usual. Thanks to all who worked me. Hope to CU on Field Day. I will be operating with John K3WWP. 73 Mike Rig- KX3, Key- US Navy Flameproof.

W4TZM - First mW sprint and first sprint with a straight key. Some really good little signals out there tonight and fun as always. For the next sprint I promise to use my right foot just to mix things up.

KB3CXQ - Lots of noise, but bands were good otherwise.

NA4O - Amazing what a half-watt and a wire antenna can do...

WA2NYY - This was a fun sprint tonight. Wish I could have been on longer, but I was only able to get on at 10:05 pm, and still worked 7 members on 40m. Heard some real loud signals too. K2YGM sounded very strong tonight. Mark

NW2K - Checklog. A great opportunity to test new RX antennas. Thank you very much for the QSOs.

NO2D - Could not believe the number of stations running < 1 watt on 20 meters. Long phone call to fishing buddy in MT. interrupted the sprint. Running a K3 here at 1/2 watt. Could not believe that NY could hear me. Wish I had more time to run the sprint. Pete, NO2D.

KB4QQJ - That was fun! First mW sprint I've made in a while. Bands were pretty good here in NC., Plenty of activity on 20 and 40. Never made it to 80. Using a new logger this time. K2RFP's NAQCClogger. Great logging for NAQCC sprints with member lookup,scoring and clipboard copy for the autologger and soapbox at NAQCC. Plus formatted for the auto logger. Have a look and give it a test drive from Dicks Freeware page; Rig was ATS3-b at 500mW into a 5 band doublet at 33 feet. Key was my favorite Marconi AS300a circa 1920's. 72 for now and BCNU, Randy_KB4QQJ

WA4ZOF - Stayed on 20 most of the sprint, low noise tonight very strong sigs good night for a mw. sprint. TOM WA4ZOF see u all nxt mo.

K4DXV - Didn't get on the air until after 0100. All work on 40. Came straight in from mowing the yard and sat down at the rig. Not much luck early but managed to snag N1IX. Quit about 0130 to take a shower and let the darkness improve 40. Got back on and had fairly good success after 0200. Well, I suppose it's fairly good. This is my first ever mW sprint and I have no clue what realistic expectations should be. I ended up with 5 QSO's and, frankly, I'm amazed! At least I have a baseline to work from now and can try to improve. I'll have to say that I think this mW business is probably something that has to grow on you, HI HI. Compared to this, 5 watts seems like high power! Thanks to all who worked me. If anyone is working Field Day, I will be the 80-meter CW captain for the Smoky Mountain Amateur Radio Club, W4OLB. Hope to see everyone back next month for the regular sprint.

K3WWP - Hey, that was fun. I wasn't really going to put in a big effort, but the QSOs just kept coming so I hung around to the end. I'm pleased with my 33 QSOs and 18 mults which combined gave me my best mW sprint ever by 23 points over the Dec 2011 one. Of course it's far from the scores of those with better antennas and locations, but I don't compete with them anyway, just with myself, so as I said, I'm happy with the way things went tonight. Also I hope it proves to anyone who may doubt that QRP works that they are wrong. If I can make 33 QSOs in two hours with 0.9 watts and simple antennas in my attic, I think that says QRP DOES WORK - period.

WD4OHD - Excessive noise on 80m, QRM on 40m, best signals on 20m tonight.

VE3FUJ - Thanks to the ones I contacted. The Static was terrible here never heard it so bad. Had all my filters at the narrowest, still the noise was bad, and masked a lot of stations. So 1/2 hr was all I could manage. I very like missed hearing some stations, sorry about that. Brion 3011

K4ORD - That was a nice warm up for Field Day, 20M was in good shape worked from New England to WA. 40M was good with some real S9 signals but very heavy QRN, even 20M was a bit noisy.38 40M QSO'S, 10 20M QSO'S. Hope everyone can make it out to FD this year even if you have to operate from the home QTH. I will be with our club operating as W4FCR mainly on 40M ( CW of course ). Thanks for all the QSO'S 73/72 Riley K4ORD

WG8Y - Hi all, Had a good time. I think I say this every time but sure is neat what you can work with 1/2 watt. Boy ,40 was loaded with signals.Tough sorting them out at times. Gonna have to turn my vert. wires.They only seem to put a sig into the N.E.from here. HI Hi. Missed my buddy Ron Ohio .Oh well,I'll get him on FD. 72 all From N.C. Mark WG8Y

N9RLO - Thanks to all, I had a fun time. 40 meters was in pre tty good shape. 73, John N9RLO

KA2KGP - A nice MW sprint. 20m. was in good shape & lot-o-QRM on 40m. Rig: Ten Tec Argosy II at 1 w. into dipole up 25 ft., straight key.

NU0T - Lots of fun with one watt!

VE3KI - Missed the first 25 minutes - too bad, 20 was open.

W9ILF - RIG: MFJ 9040 - What an interesting night. I thought it would be fun to work mw with my single band radio and sat outside. It was the right radio because 40 was pretty hot for mw work. I was surprised how well that simple set up worked. I am thinking 5 watts is like QRO after tonight. I got half way through and I found the neighbors sheep got out so I spent the second half of the sprint as a shepherd.


K2YGM - Condx were fair tonite with both 20/40 providing contacts here.. 20 went out in one hour and the rest of the sprint was on 40 with one QSO on 80 mtrs. Many strong stations copied for MW power. Had to use filters on KX3 for 40 due to crowded freq's Have a great summer 72 K2YGM

W7GAH - Lightning kept me off the air for about 1/2 the sprint. However, the noise was not that bad when I could get on. Just enough noise to make copy hard. Only 3 contacts, but given conditions what the hey! 73/72

K9EYT - My first MW sprint had to use my old backup rig a SWAN 100MX to get under one watt, ant 40 meter inverted V up only 20ft on the side of the house. Was abt to give up and then worked NW2K and VE3kI tnx guys. Should have a better setup for the next MW sprint 72 Ray

NQ2W - Ten-Tec Jupiter @ 5W to a mini beam at 25' for 20 and an inv V at 40' for 40. Not a lot of time...getting ready for FD...had the K1 packed so operated "QRO" to give out some contacts. Signals were pretty strong. Thanks for the Q's and thanks to NAQCC. GL wid FD. Be safe. See you down the log. 72, Will, NQ2W

WB8LZG - Great condx for a milliwatt sprint tonight! Cranked the K2 down to 900mw. Most of the previos mw sprints i've had a vy hard time wid noise es sigs down in the MUD. But there were several stns i gave honest 599 rpts to. Always fascinating to see what 900mw will do. Worked from one coast to the other. I only had 45 mins to play but still managed a respectable 10 QSOs. my rate was abt like a regular 5w sprint. I spent the whole time on 20m. it was really hoppin wid signals. sri to a few who answered my calls es i couldnt quite pull u out, but i did work 2 newer members, K2YGM,BoB 6159, es KF7WNS,Gary 6631, welcome to the NAQCC guys ! 20 was working so gud i didnt even check 40. Had to do several chores before bedtime so reluctantly pulled the plug early. Hope to hear u all on at Field Day. I'll be playing FD wid 4 es 5 element "Bruce" arrays agn. I cant say enough GUD things abt these skyhooks. THEY WORK ! Best wire antenna i have tryed in 40+ years of Field Days. I'll be enjoying burnt hot dogs n swattin skeeters. Hope u all have fun too ! 73 Gregg

KE5YUM - I enjoyed the sprint a lot. Signals were good on 20 in my part of the world, and I heard more signals than I was able to work. All the best, Terry

KD0V - Band Conditions were quite good. Really surprised how strong the signals were on 40M. 72, Merlin - KD0V

K9JWV - Well, fun event (always enjoy dusting off the hand key) BUT, as usual, during the summer months, us "left side of the country" ops get constrained in terms of making many Qs on 40 and 80 due to propagation constraints (thanks to a "favorable time period for the right side of the country). So, our "score" suffers, in comparison to those "right side of the country ops." That's OK - we get to "play mo betta" during the winter months. Great to hear and work friends like K4BAI!

K4BAI - FT1000MP, WM2 QRP Watt Meter, 990 mW, TH6DXX, dipole. Am sure this must have been my best milliwatt sprint, primarily because 20M was good and stayed in for a long time. There was no QRN and signals were quite good from all over. Missed at least MI and BC, which didn't hear me calling. Missed local GA station KK4BNC who was QRV, but I never heard him. Heard KB4QQJ in NC very weak and didn't call Randy. Thought I'd get him on 40 later, but didn't. On 20M: 27 QSOs in 16 mults. About 0150Z, I changed to 40M to try to work closer in mults, but the QRN was terrible and all signals except W5IQS and N5GW were weak. 10 QSOs and 5 more mults on 40. Best DX: NY, ON, MN, and TX. Thanks for all QSOs. 73/72, John, K4BAI.

AA2VG - Wow I thought working with 5 watts was fun. So I hear John N0TA. As I start reaching for my key I can feel my heart rate increase since I am thinking "there is no way he is going to hear my ONE watt". John comes back from CO with my call and my first contact!!! tnx John. So mw qrp is a great way to keep my vintage computer in working order (that's the computer I received in 1950 still situated between my ears!! Fun Peter AA2VG

K1IEE - Started on 40M and conditions seemed very good. The little HW-8 had a hard time with several very strong signal,s overriding the weak sprint stations. W4ZSX tried hard but I never heard his return. NW2K and VE3KI very strong . QSO of the night was with AA5TB several tries and he got my info. QRP OP's are the best for sure. Thanks to all 73 Dick

W4DUK - Ten-Tec Corsair II at 900mW to End Fed Zepp at 20 feet, Speed-X straight key. Worked a few on 20m, then moved to 40m for the rest. Another good time! 73/72, Dave

KB9ILT - Good conditions here in Illinois. It sounded like a regular 5 watt sprint with many very strong signals. NW2K sounded like he was running a kilowatt into a beam pointed right at me. Was glad to work W7OM in Washington State (1733 miles) with my 900 mw signal. Fun as always. See you in July.

AB9YC - I don't have milliwatt capability, so I joined in to pass out some contacts in the time I had. Many of those I heard were faint, but mostly readable; others were pretty solid. I had to work at some of them, as with such low power the slightest static and the signal was washed out. Perhaps I should get an attenuator so my score will actually count! Good work to all who made contacts.

KD2MX - Tonight's sprint proves you don't need no stinkin' five watts. Of course, good band conditions sure helps the milliwatter. It was hard to believe this was the milliwatt sprint. I even double checked my output a couple of times. Most signals here were quite strong, I didn't have to do much digging. Lots of activity too, at least on 40M. 80M was a very lonely place. I gave it a shot a couple of times but only found one other intrepid NAQCCer. I was not surprised, 40M was the happening place. It was a fun night with a QSO total that I'd be satisfied with in any sprint. I'm sure I could have squeezed out a bunch more QSOs had I worked at it but there was so much activity that it was tough to find a clear spot. I think a great time was had by all.

W3NP - Stayed on 40 for the entire sprint (missed the first 20 minutes) where there was a good amount of activity. It seemed that most of the activity was in the upper part of the suggested operating freqs. Condx were very good with some nice strong mw signals. I think Randy KB4QQJ was the loudest here in my part of WV. Rig was my Ten Tec Eagle running at 750 mw output to my CF Zepp and my straight key was the Junker.

K1YAN - Good conditions on both 20 and 40, but better on 40. Ran 550 mW with the FT-950 and attenuator.

VE5BCS - I'm sorry for those that called and I missed. I just missed part of call or number. Tnx to the ones I heard. Very enjoyable.Harold

K4JPN - I want to thank all who struggled to work me, I was running 100 mW, rather then the QRO of 999mW. I was amazed at how you guys pulled me out. 20M was good last night, QRN locally was rough on 80M and 40M. 72, Steve K4JPN

VE7KBN - Enjoyed the sprint. Used HB1B. Only listened on 20 and got most of those I heard! Thanks.

NU0S - Great fun again I was cut short the family wanted to go eat; I don't know where their priorities are at... Hi Hi... I ran the Elecraft K1 at 500mW into the Hustler BTV4 ground mounted vert antenna and the American Morse kit built straight key. Getting ready for ARRL Field Day so was good practice. It was great to work everyone again thank you and have a great and safe Field Day... 73 Scotty/Nebraska

K1QO - Very exciting to run 900 mW!! This to me, is as exciting as radio gets!!! A little wire in the sky and under one!!!! Great participation!! Very cool contest!!! I didn't expect to hear so many stations...conditions seemed really good..lots of very strong signals. One thing I need to learn is how to zero beat stations better...I think I would have had as many as another 10 in my log...that is my fault and I will do better next time. Thanks to all!!!!! 72/88 de Ann

NK8O - Surprising what I was able to work with 900 mW. I hope I did the log correctly. I wish there were a Mac alternative for logging.

NQ6E - Used a stock FT-817 @ 500mW. 20m had the signals but most were in the noise. N0TA was coming in way above, and W5IQS right at my noise level. Tnx to both for mW qso. Frank

N8XMS - Baby-sitting duty for our granddaughter came up so I didn't think that I would be able to participate in the sprint. But I did have my "Shack-in-a-box" portable gear in the car. So once she was tucked into bed I went out on my son's front porch, tossed a wire up into a tree, and laid out my counterpoise. I then realized that there is no convenient way to turn down the power on my Elecraft KX1. I spent about a half hour giving out points to a few members, but I was QRO at 3-watts so there's no score for me. It was fun anyway!

K0EUN - First-ever mW contest. I enjoyed every attempt and was happily surprised each time I was able to complete a contact.

N5GW - I fired up the old HW-9 for a workout at 900mW into a WM-2 wattmeter hooked up to a HB tuner and CFZ hanging between two big oak trees. My keyer was K12 memory keyer built into an AC receptacle box, as I am not coordinated enough for my old J-38. HI! The bands sounded pretty good considering local storms. Most Q's were on 20 early on; then a few on 40 later. I heard one good signal on 80 (think it was NW2K) but he couldn't hear me. CU all next month.

WA1GWH - Nice to see so many folks in the mW Sprint. Thanks for the contacts!

N1IX - This was my first MW sprint. I was amazed at the signals!!

W2JEK - used my OHR-500 at 900 mw with Signal Electric straight key. Was slow going at first until the NE QRP SCAF audio filter was connected, It made a big difference pulling out weak signals. Made 1 qso on 20, then to 40 the "workhorse" band, then 2 qso on 80. Was lots of fun. 72 and 73 Don Younger W2JEK #1135

KW8U - Been licensed since 1969 and this was my first contest; Had a ball!!! Next time I'll plan for more time to do the whole contest.

AA5TB - Used my 20 year old and trusty MFJ-9020 and had fun.

W5IQS - Fun Sprint. I am always surprised what 1/2 watt and a simple antenna system can do. I lost a couple of Q's because I didn't copy the exchange properly..Sorry. Was happy to work K3WWP at 0033 - good copy on you John. Worked K4BAI, NW2K and KD0V on both 20 and 40 meters, Thanks Guys. Evan, W5IQS

AC8LJ - Great time as per usual. Thanks to everyone!

KE3HL - My most profuse apologies to all those that I worked ... I operated from our local club's special event station (K3J) - I am not very good with paddles to start with and I operated an unfamiliar radio, with an apparently Mode B keyer built in - and I am far more used to Mode A, with unfamiliar (but well built ...)paddles --- sooo, my call and info was butchered on several occasions. Power out was about 1W.

VA3RKM - Had not been in a sprint for a long time. This mW one was fun.

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

RULES specific to this month's sprint:

Date and time:
Thursday, June 20, 2013 0030-0230Z

Power: 999 mW or less to be eligible for any awards or prizes. Others welcome to participate and submit check logs.

Note: We do not cross-check logs for our special milliwatt sprints. What you submit stands as your final score, so please check yourself for accuracy before submitting.

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be RECEIVED before 2400Z on the Sunday following the sprint. So submit as soon as possible, especially regular mail entries.

Preferred method of submitting your log and report is our on-line autologger.