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Jan 2014 Straight Key/Bug 160M Sprint

Final Results

K3WWP Comments - I don't think any of sprints has ever shown how important a big high antenna is for making a good score when conditions are not the greatest. Just scroll down and look at the antenna of everyone who made 10 QSOs or more and compare them to the rest of us who made fewer than 10. I count 48 logs which is the third most we've had for any of our eight 160M sprints behind 54 in 2011 and 49 in 2012. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Also keep in mind that was done without our usual sprint promo blitz on the Internet because Dave VA3RJ had a computer crash and was unable to make his usual publicity posts. Thanks to Ki VA3PEN for a great job on keeping the page updated.
SWA Category - W1 Division
Call    QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul  Sco  Bon Final 160 Antenna
WV1N      25   24  49  14  686   x2  1372 doublet@50'
KN1H      21   21  42  15  630   x2  1260 380' end fed wire @ 50'
K1PDY      3    3   6   3   18   x2    36 Long wire or 40M inverted vee
!N1DN      5    5  10   5   50  x1.5   75 dipole@??'

SWA Category - W2 Division
Call    QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul  Sco  Bon Final 160 Antenna
W2SH      24   23  47  13  611   x2  1222 Inverted L@ 76'V & 90'H; 270' dipole
KA2KGP    12   12  24  11  264   x2   528 160m. coiled wier ant. up 25 ft.
WA1GWH    12   12  24  11  264   x2   528 65 ft inv V end fed w/grnded load coil
WB9G      10   10  20   9  180   x2   360 invL@40'
KD2MX     11   11  22   8  176   x2   352 600' loop@30'
W2JEK      6    6  12   5   60   x2   120 110 ft end fed wire at 15 ft
N2ESE      8    8  16   7  112        112 120ft.endfed@35ft.
WA2FBN     2    2   4   2    8   x2    16 dipole@30ft

SWA Category - W3 Division
Call    QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul  Sco  Bon Final 160 Antenna
N3QE      12   12  24  11  264   x2   528 130 foot doublet up 80 feet
WA3FIR     3    3   6   3   18   x2    36 Inverted L 25'
K3WWP      2    2   4   2    8   x2    16 ~110' attic ef rnd wire
KG3W       1    1   2   1    2 x1.5     3 random wire

SWA Category - W4 Division
Call    QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul  Sco  Bon Final 160 Antenna
WG8Y      16   16  32  13  416   x2   832 homebrew coil loaded 51ft grd mntd vert
K4ORD     25   25  50  15  750        750 160 dpl@35'
WA2EDN    10   10  20   9  180   x2   360 triband dipoke up 40 ft
W4DUK     10   10  20   9  180   x2   360 End-fed Zepp @ 20'
K4BAI      9    9  18   9  162   x2   324 tee vertical
NA4O       5    5  10   5   50   x2   100 140'dipole@40'
K4JPN      4    4   8   4   32   x2    64 Tee at 32 feet
KB0ETU     4    4   8   4   32   x2    64 dpl@35'
K4AHO      3    3   6   3   18   x2    36 Inverted Vee at 40 ft feed as vertical
AI4UN      1    1   2   1    2   x2     4 122' random wire at 50 ' with 9:1 UNUN
N4VBV      0    0   0   0    0   x2     0 80-6m windom @30'

SWA Category - W5 Division
Call    QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul  Sco  Bon Final 160 Antenna
N5GW      21   21  42  16  672   x2  1344 80' linear loaded vert., metal roof gnd
KE9DR      8    8  16   8  128   x2   256 420' Random Loop @ 50'
KE5YUM     2    2   4   2    8   x2    16 80 meter dipole at 30'
WB5UAA     2    2   4   2    8   x2    16 300ft dpl@30'
W5IQS      1    1   2   1    2   x2     4 fan dipole@30'

SWA Category - W6 Division
Call    QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul  Sco  Bon Final 160 Antenna

SWA Category - W7 Division
Call    QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul  Sco  Bon Final 160 Antenna

SWA Category - W8 Division
Call    QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul  Sco  Bon Final 160 Antenna
W3NP      37   36  73  18 1314   x2  2628 160m dipole @ 45'
NX8Y      30   29  59  19 1121   x2  2242 Inv L 1/4 Wave
NF8M       7    7  14   7   98   x2   196 tx:inv-L; rx:loop
WB8ENE     4    4   8   4   32   x2    64 102' doublet @ 15'
AB8SA      2    2   4   2    8   x2    16 invV@25ft
$WV8P      3    3   6   3   18   x2    36 80mtr dipole@ 45'

SWA Category - W9 Division
Call    QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul  Sco  Bon Final 160 Antenna
N9NE      33   31  64  22 1408   x2  2816 176' doublet @67' and 52' vertical 't'
W9CC      20   20  40  13  520   x2  1040 invV@30'
KB9ILT     6    6  12   6   72         72 Delta Loop
AA9L       1    1   2   1    2 x1.5     3 trap dipole @ 50'
WA9NPS     1    1   2   1    2          2 dpl@35'

SWA Category - W0 Division
Call    QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul  Sco  Bon Final 160 Antenna
KI0I      29   26  55  22 1210   x2  2420 INV VEE @ 55ft or 53ft Vertical
N8LA       6    6  12   6   72   x2   144 dipole @35'
AA0W       5    5  10   5   50         50 Dipole@30 feet
KD0V       2    2   4   2    8   x2    16 C.F. ZEPP @50 FT

SWA Category - Canada Division
Call    QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul  Sco  Bon Final 160 Antenna
VE3FUJ     7    7  14   7   98   x2   196 long wire @ 12 - 35'

SWA Category - DX Division
Call    QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul  Sco  Bon Final 160 Antenna

GAIN Antenna Category
Call    QSOs Mbrs Pts Mul  Sco  Bon Final 160 Antenna

@ Non-member not eligible for certificate
$ QRO More than 5 watts - not eligible for certificate
! Late log not eligible for certificate

1st SWA W1: WV1N
1st SWA W2: W2SH
1st SWA W3: N3QE
1st SWA W4: WG8Y
1st SWA W5: N5GW
1st SWA W6: n/a
1st SWA W7: n/a
1st SWA W8: W3NP
1st SWA W9: N9NE
1st SWA W0: KI0I
1st SWA Canada: VE3FUJ
1st SWA DX: n/a
1st Gain: n/a
K3WWP - Not in a contesting mood + too much local man-made QRN + a couple other projects going here = just a token appearance for 10 minutes or so in our 160M sprint. Probably would have been deaf or nuts after two hours of my noise so it's a good thing I only did the brief stint.

AI4UN - This is my first NA sprint and my first 160 meter CW QSO ever! I did not have much time tonight, but I'll be back.

W5IQS - I used my fan dipole but the internal tuner didn't like it on 160. Only one station worked but heard quite a few. KI0I was very strong but I could not get him to hear me. Oh well at least I got one good QSO and will submit a log for the count. 72 and see you next month on the regular Sprint.


KG3W - S9 plus qrn here in Grove city, Pa. Gave up after 1 hour. Have not been in the last couple of contests so at least wanted to try. My main antenna feedline gave up the the ghost, after almost 3 years of use. Tried to fix it in zero wx. Yeah... I know; I'm a whimp but I cut my finger trying to splice it and it was so cold I did not feel it. Started bleeding like crazy later. HI. Heard W2SH and KB9ILT, but they couldn't hear me. Only had 1 contact with N1LN. "72" de Scotty KG3W

WA2EDN - WOW.. never new 160 could be that much fun. Signals were low but not too bad QRM either. A GREAT TIME.

NA4O - I just wonder if having a real 160M antenna would have helped out... but glad I did not let that hold me back. Challenging and fun.

WB9G - Great conditions tonight. Furthest contact was N5GW in MS. Glad I found W9CC again after the NCCC Sprint broke up our first QSO. Thanks for the QSOs. 72 de Chris WB9G

KE9DR - KE9DR - Lots of noise on 160 but lots of fun. KI0I was booming all night. There were several high speed and QRO stations along with a digital. I tried calling CQ with only one contact so went back to S&P. Thanks to all. 73 - Bert

KB0ETU - WOW! First time I've worked 160 meters. I was down in the mud, so many thanks to you four for pulling me out. This was a lot better than watching television. Hopefully next month's sprint will be even better. Equip: Icom-7600 turned down to 5 watts with a G5RV up 35 feet. 72, Phil

W2JEK - Was lot of fun. Had less QRN than I expected. Had my audio filter set to a narrow bandwidth which was a good help. 72 and 73 Don Younger W2JEK #1135

K4ORD - Well I gave it my best mostly ran with a little S&P. The band seemed weak to me some stations the K3 just couldn't pull out had a VE3J?? I never could get and k3?wp probably John k3wwp but not for sure, sorry to all I could not copy. The band was very quiet with a noise level of around S5 to S6 with the preamp on the K3 turned on, about as quiet as it gets on 160M at night here. Thanks for all the QSO's and HNY to all 73/72 Riley K4ORD

W4DUK - Had S6 QRN at my QTH, but was manageable. Made about half of my contacts via search and pounce, and the other half by calling CQ. 72, Dave

WG8Y - Hi all, Well,had fun trying.I didn't have an antena for 160m up so today I put together a 51 ft vert.wire with a base coil wound on a plastic jar.Threw the vert. section over a tree that had 28 25ft radials already under it. The wire is 51 foot because I had to add wire to the vert. section as the coil was to short. It was cold and I was running out of time to wind a larger coil. Real scientific Hi Hi. Got me on the air.Thanks guys for hearing me and sorry if I missed you . 72 from NC Mark WG8Y

KI0I - Q.S.B. was torture tonite. Sigs up and down but fair propagation east.Nothing west of MO except VA6SP in AB. I had a good time and hope u all did too. Thanks for all the Calls and qso`s.Could not tell whether the Vert or Inv Vee was better, but both made contacts. 73/72 Mark KI0I IC 746 @ 5w Navy Flamepruf GenLog

N8LA - Yaesu FT-817ND; 200' dipole up 35' around roof parapet of condo complex in city of St. Louis fed -- the antenna, not the city -- with 450 ohm window line through MFJ-901B tuner and MFJ-9211 4:1 balanced line QRPocket current balun; hamfest special nameless hand key ("real" J-38 type.) Forgot about sprint until about 0210z, then got on and worked twice as many (6) as last year (3): 6 QSOs, 6 Members, 6 SPCs. 666, OH NOOOOOO!!!!!

KE5YUM - My first 160 meter sprint with my new FT-817ND. With the band conditions and my limited antenna, I was fearful of no contacts. I was however able to grab two fairly close to me. All the best, Terry

K4BAI - FT1000MP, 5W, tee vertical. Was only able to operate the first half hour and the last half hour this year. Activity seemed to be very good from the eastern and central area of the country, but not much from the southeast. As usual, I heard and called many stations repeatedly, many very strong, that could not hear me at all. Strongest station here was N3QE in MD, followed by W2SH in NJ. Best ears: N9NE. Thanks for the QSOs. Hope to work you all in CQ 160 CW this weekend. 73/72, John, K4BAI.

K4AHO - No one was more surprised than I that I was able to make contacts with this lashup. Took me about 15 minutes to move the antenna feed line around. The vertical (inverted vee at 40') ground was the tower ground. Could be the vertical was acting as a feed system for the tower which is a 50 foot aluminum tower with a VHF/UHF array on top. At any rate this has convinced me to make this a switchable situation so I can do it again... 73 Jim K4AHO

WB5UAA - It's great to be back on the air! First time on the air in several months. (New puppy chewed through all my feedlines and finally got one of them fixed.)

WB8ENE - Apparently I heard more than others heard me, but managed to make a few contacts in the hour I spent in the sprint. Rig is K3, and key is Begali Blade. 73, Art

VE3FUJ - Nice Sprint, started out very nicely even though condx here were not the greatest, and then the band seemed to shut down about 45 mins into the contest. With no further stations heard and static increasing to a high level. Tnx for the contacts I did make, 7 in all. Brion 3011

KA2KGP - The Top Band was weak with QRN here in WNY. Rig: IC-7000 at 5w. into homebrew coiled wire up 25 ft. My homebrewed antenna worked well after putting it up in near zero temperature.

W3NP - Conditions were fairly quiet here in WV but there was a good bit of qsb. Prop stretched out towards the end with some stns that were rough copy earlier becoming gud copy - N8LA in MO for example. Temp was just at 5 degrees and windy when the power went out while working AI4UN - fortunately it came back right away and I didn't lose my log!! I have been meaning to put that small unused UPS on my station PC - must do that soon, like today!! Rig was the Ten Tec Eagle and my key was the WW2 German Baumuster straight key. Had fun!!....72 de Icy West Virginia.

KB9ILT - Made six QSOs in under an hour on a band my antenna has no business being on. Would have been happy with one.

WA2FBN - Didn't have much time to work sprint. Did find a couple of good signals on band.

N5GW - I had the KX3 and J38 hooked up to my ladder line linear loaded vertical, which is a 1/4 wave vertical folded back on itself. It is a bit too long, but allows tuning out the inductive Z with a 600 pf series cap for a 50 ohm match. A 27' X 47' metal roof is the counterpoise gnd. The band was quiet here with little line noise, so I could rx on the vertical instead of using the shielded loop. QSB was the main problem, but I have no complaints if QRN is absent. Heard W2SH a few times, but he couldn't pull me out. Most sigs weak but a few strong ones. CU all next time.

K4JPN - Poor antenna plus QRN made it rough, thanks for all who pulled me out of the mud and those who tried but could not copy my call. 72, Steve K4JPN

N4VBV - Heard 4-5 stations but none heard me enough to reply w/my call. Tried about 25 min, heard more stns as time went on. No QSOs, but tried and had fun. Used surplus Soviet miniature leg key. Like playing on 160m and had fun trying even if no QSOs. Did get a "?" from a couple of stations when calling them, so thanks to those that tried a few times when partially hearing me. Overall - FUN!

WV1N - Great contest. I just got on 160m and was delighted with what 5 watts could do. Now I just need a beam at 260'.

W9CC - A good turn out. The NCCC tried to screw us up but failed!

W2SH - Signal strengths varied tremendously. A station could be 599, yet barely readable a few minutes later. Able to switch quickly between my two antennas, I soon discovered that for more distant stations the inverted L didn't offer its customary advantage. With frozen ground all around and well below my earth radials, plus the insulation afforded by several inches of dry snow, return currents flowing back to the base feedpoint were very diminished. Therefore, most QSOs used the dipole. 24 total contacts exactly equaled my results for the three preceding years, in this my eighth topband sprint. I took leave after the first 90 minutes to grab a pair of vulpine pelts in the 80m Fox Hunt, but worked nothing more back here in the final quarter hour.

N3QE - Ten-Tec Eagle at 5W, "Chinese Army Key".

NF8M - The 160 sprint is a great warmup and equipment test for the CQ contest (did 200+ this year). Found my preamp had a crispy resistor so it got fixed during the sprint - boy that really helped pull our tiny signals out of the noise. Tnx to all I worked and wish I could have worked the others I heard. 72 till next time.

WA1GWH - Atmospheric noise level seemed quite high here near Syracuse, NY. Many sigs in and out of the noise. Thanks for all the repeats! 72, Garry

NX8Y - Another fun time with the 160 Sprint. I mostly called CQ but had to move a few times because of QRM. A special thanks to AA9L that hung in there with me while I got his call & info correct. I'm not sure the band was great but I was pleased with the number of multipliers that showed up. Thanks to all who gave me a call and I apologize to the few that I just couldn't pull out of the QRN. 72, NX8Y Ron

Ki VA3PEN is responsible for the contents of this page - the results and soapbox. Any questions about that go to pix_email_va3pen (1K).

John K3WWP is still responsible for the contents of your logs and the eventual cross-checking, so if after submitting your log, you discover any mis-information in your log itself - missing entry, wrong call, etc. that doesn't affect anything on this page, send the info to pix_email_naqcc (1K).

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

RULES specific to this month's sprint:

Date and time:
Friday, January 24, 2014 0130-0330Z

Band: 160 meters ONLY - 1805-1815 kHz.

Note: Although we do require logs to be submitted, we do not thoroughly cross-check them for our special 160 meters sprints. We do look them over to try to catch any possible errors if we have a close finish for first place in any division. Otherwise what you submit stands as your final score, so please check yourself for accuracy before submitting. We will have the same categories and divisions for this sprint as we have for our regular sprints except for the first-time entrant highest score.

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be RECEIVED before 2400Z on the Sunday following the sprint. So submit as soon as possible, especially regular mail entries.

Preferred method of submitting your log and report is our on-line autologger.