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Jul 2012 Straight Key/Bug Sprint (#93)

K3WWP Comments - Everything is final now. No more appeals of scores, GOLDEN LOGS, etc. We did have a couple of scoring and GOLDEN LOG changes during the appeal period, so it does pay to question the results during appeal week. Both were due to not-in-log situations where the QSO was unintentionally omitted from a log. OK, now I'm off to completely finalize all the stats, etc. and put the July 2012 NAQCC sprint in the history books for all time. A final wrap up report will appear in the August NAQCC newsletter.

Final Official Results

SWA Category - W1 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
KB1UOH  17   17   34   12  408  x2   816  Dpl @15'
K1IEE   13   13   26   10  260  x2   520  OCF wire @30'
W1SVU   10    9   19    9  171  x2   342  Multiband gnd mtd vert
N1IMW    9    9   18    7  126  x2   252  Dpl @20'
KQ1P     5    5   10    5   50  x2   100  80 loop @30'

SWA Category - W2 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
NW2K    50   48   98   22 2156  x2  4312  Parallel dpl @40'
N2ESE   22   21   43   15  645       645  80 OCF @25'
W2JEK   12   12   24    9  216  x2   432  80 end fed @20', 40 dpl, 20 vert
WA2JSG  11   11   22    9  198  x2   396  Vert mtd @12'
KA2KGP   9    9   18    8  144  x2   288  Dpl @25'
WA1GWH  12   12   24   12  288       288  40 inv L grnd radials
K2GLS    8    8   16    7  112  x2   224  40 dpl @30', 20 dpl @20'
KD2MX    5    5   10    4   40  x2    80  600' loop @30'
*AA2YK   8    8   16    7  112  x2   224  mobile whip on car   

SWA Category - W3 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K3WWP   24   24   48   11  528  x2  1056  ~110' attic random wire
KG3W    19   18   37   12  444 x1.5  666  Multiband dpl @24'
K3RLL    8    8   16    8  128       128  G5RV Jr
N3AEA    1    1    2    1    2  x2     4  Inv V, slanted, @20'

SWA Category - W4 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K4ORD   54   51  105   23 2415      2415  40 dpl @45', 160 dpl @35'
WX4RM   30   29   59   19 1121  x2  2242  4BTV gnd mtd vert
NY4G    38   35   73   15 1095  x2  2190  G5RV @50'
W4OH    42   40   82   19 1558      1558  Windom @25'
K2UFT   18   17   35   12  420  x2   840  80 doublet @40'
K4KRW   13   13   26    9  234  x2   468  Windom @25'
N4FI    11   10   21    8  168  x2   336  Attic G5RV Jr
W4DUK   11   10   21    8  168  x2   336  End fed Zepp @20'
W4RQ    10    8   18    8  144  x2   288  Dpl @30'
WA4ZOF  10    8   18    7  126  x2   252  80 ocf dpl, 40 loop 
W4JBB   10   10   20   10  200       200  Gnd mtd vert
W4HH     7    7   14    7   98  x2   196  OCF dpl @25'
K4NVJ    9    9   18    7  126 x1.5  189  88' non-res dpl @35'
WD4OHD  10   10   20    8  160       160  40 dpl @25'
KJ4LEN   6    6   12    6   72  x2   144  40 20 inv V @40', 80 inv L
AK4LF    5    5   10    5   50  x2   100  OCF dpl @30'
WT5L     7    7   14    6   84        84  Multiband gnd mtd vert
KU4A     6    6   12    5   60        60  Sloping dpl @40'
WG8Y     4    3    7    4   28  x2    56  84' EFD @25'
AK4LP    3    3    6    3   18  x2    36  Attic G5RV Jr. @30'
KQ4VY    2    1    3    2    6  x2    12  Inv L @50'
KB0ETU   1    1    2    1    2  x2     4  Dpl @35'
$N4JD    5    5   10    5   50  x2   100  80 loop @40'
$NZ1D    2    2    4    2    8 x1.5   12  G5RV Jr @20'

SWA Category - W5 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
W5IQS   40   38   78   22 1716  x2  3432  40 20 fan dpl @25'
W5YDM   35   35   70   20 1400  x2  2800  80' inv L @30'
WD5EAE  24   22   46   15  690  x2  1380  OCF dpl @30'
W5BM    14   12   26   11  286  x2   572  G5RV @35'
W5WIL    8    7   15    7  105  x2   210  OCF dpl @25'
KE5YUM   4    4    8    4   32  x2    64  Inv V @30'
WB5FKC   4    3    7    4   28 x1.5   42  Butternut, gnd mtd
K5TRI    3    3    6    3   18  x2    36  OCF dpl @50'

SWA Category - W6 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
KR5RK   12   10   22   10  220  x2   440  Dpl @30'
AA7EE    9    8   17    8  136  x2   272  Inv V @47'
WK6L     9    5   14    6   84  x2   168  40 20 Windom V @35'
KA6AIL   7    5   12    4   48  x2    96  20 gnd mtd vert
K6MGO    6    5   11    2   22        22  Garage rafters, 64' doublet
*N6VOH   5    5   10    5   50        50  dpl@??'

SWA Category - W7 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
NU7T    10    8   18    7  126  x2   252  R6000
NN9S     8    7   15    6   90        90  Endfed dpl @20'
W7GAH    5    4    9    4   36  x2    72  Vert @8', inv V @50'
AA7CU    6    6   12    5   60        60  Mobile 6' whip @12'
NT7R     6    5   11    4   44        44  Little tarheel, truck mtd
K7ZI     3    2    5    3   15        15  Windom inv V @50'

SWA Category - W8 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
W3NP    30   29   59   18 1062  x2  2124  130' CFZ @45', 600 Ohm Open Wire
N8XMS   32   30   62   16  992  x2  1984  Trap vert
NI8N    19   18   37   14  518  x2  1036  Dpl
NF8M    18   15   33   12  396  x2   792  ocf dpl@35'
AB8FE   24   22   46   15  690       690  G5RV @60', dpl @70'
KB3CXQ  13   12   25    9  225  x2   450  Gnd mtd vert
WB8LZG  15   13   28    8  224  x2   448  Dpl @30'
NX8Y    16   11   27   13  351       351  160 OCFW @30', 40 Inv V @35'
N8ZYA    8    8   16    7  112  x2   224  Indoor Isotron
KB8FE    7    7   14    7   98  x2   196  Dpl @65'
WV8P     8    8   16    6   96  x2   192  80 Windom @45'
WA8SAN   8    6   14    4   56        56  End fed Zepp @15'
KU8T     4    4    8    3   24  x2    48  Inv L @30'
N8DWN    4    1    5    4   20 x1.5   30  Apartment dpl @24'
W8DW     2    2    4    2    8  x2    16  OCF dpl@??'
@W8KJ    3    3    6    3   18        18  40 dpl @30'

SWA Category - W9 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K9JWI   26   26   52   14  728  x2  1456  80 inv V @35'
N9RLO   12   12   24   10  240  x2   480  CF Zepp
W9CC    12   12   24    9  216  x2   432  80 loop @15'
N1RU     5    4    9    5   45  x2    90  40 attic full wave loop
N9NA     6    6   12    5   60        60  100' wire @20'
KB0KFX   2    2    4    2    8  x2    16  Butternut vert
W9UX     0    0    0    0    0  x2     0  Thunderstorms
*KC9MTP  3    3    6    2   12        12  dpl@33'

SWA Category - W0 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K0KCY   31   30   61   19 1159  x2  2318  Dpl @40'
K9OSC   30   29   59   15  885  x2  1770  CF Zepp @30'
KD0V    16   15   31   13  403  x2   806  CFZ @50'
K0EUN   12   11   23    8  184  x2   368  40 loop @25'
N8LA    11   11   22    8  176  x2   352  Dpl @35'
KA8HDE  10    9   19    8  152  x2   304  G5RV Jr @35'
K2HT     9    9   18    6  108  x2   216  40 dpl @40'
NO2D    10    8   18    8  144       144  80 doublet @30'
WD0K     5    4    9    4   36  x2    72  CFZ @30'

SWA Category - Canada Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
VE2TH   26   23   49   17  833       833  20 Buddistick and inv VWW @32'
VE3FUJ  12   12   24   10  240  x2   480  G5RV @50'
VE7YU   20   16   36   13  468       468  80 vert loop @70'
VE5BCS   7    7   14    6   84  x2   168  Loop @25'
VE7KBN   2    2    4    1    4  x2     8  Multiband vert
VE2RH    2    2    4    2    8         8  Inv V @32'

SWA Category - DX Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
CO8CML   6    6   12    4   48  x2    96  Inv V dpl @27'

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K4BAI   47   43   90   27 2430  x2  4860  TH6DXX @55', dpl @40'
K4ZGB   28   27   55   18  990  x2  1980  20 5el Yagi @60', 40 2el Yagi @70'
NQ2W    26   23   49   16  784       784  Mini beam @25', inv V @40'
K5GQ    18   18   36   12  432 x1.5  648  2el Yagi @25'
W5QC    14   12   26    9  234       234  3el tribander @38'
@K2YGM  44   41   85   18 1530      1530  3el Yagi @40', 40 1/2 wave e fed wire
@W7WHY  12   12   24   11  264  x2   528  2el Yagi @30', delta loop @50', Checklog

@ Non-member not eligible for certificate or prize
$ QRO not eligible for certificates or prize
* Late log not eligible for certificates or prize

1st SWA W1: KB1UOH
1st SWA W2: NW2K
1st SWA W3: K3WWP
1st SWA W4: K4ORD
1st SWA W5: W5IQS
1st SWA W6: KR5RK
1st SWA W7: NU7T
1st SWA W8: W3NP
1st SWA W9: K9JWI
1st SWA W0: K0KCY
1st SWA Canada: VE2TH
1st Gain: K4BAI
First time entrant high scorer: VE2TH
Prize drawing winner: W3NP

The following appeared 5 or more times in submitted logs, but
did not submit a log themselves for whatever reason:
KB9ILT - 26
WA1LWS - 22
KB3AAG - 21
WB5BKL (nm) 19
W2LJ - 11
N5UE (nm) - 10
K0CW - 9
KI4FW - 7
N6GA - 7
VE3MO - 5
W4NJK - 5
WA4AN - 5
We hope these folks will continue to participate AND
submit their logs in the future. Remember your listing in the
results shows the ham radio world you are a Morse Code supporter.

Logs submitted: 109 (including 3 late logs that were not cross-checked)
Total participants found in cross-checking spreadsheet: 170 
Total QSO's in master cross-checking spreadsheet: 1456
States represented: 40 + BC ON QC SK + CM

GOLDEN LOGS - 55 of 109 (perfectly formatted, all info accurate, no not-in-log QSOs):
If you're not listed as a GOLDEN LOG or your posted score is different from what you computed and wish to know why, we'll tell you if you ask before 2400Z the second Sunday after the sprint. Email pix_email_naqcc (1K) with the subject "NAQCC Sprint Question".

K2HT - Thanks for the QRP QSOs. QRN very heavy. WX4RM and KE5YUM had strong QRP signals into Missouri. C U next sprint. 72 Dick K2HT

KA8HDE - Only got an hour in, and conditions were rough. Thanks to everyone that hung in there tonight. 72 de Chuck KA8HDE

KJ4LEN - Thought the bands were in really bad shape at the beginning but turned out to be a bad coax jumper. Made 3 on 20 and 3 on 40. Had to pull the plug early because of work tomorrow. Nice to be a part of this great club. Ray

K5TRI - Crappy conditions at my QTH. Too much noise and not much to hear. No takers when I called CQ and S&P didn't yield much either. Hopefully next time it will be better.

W4JBB - This was my first NAQCC Sprint (NW2K: Joel, thanks for entering the fray...and the QSO!). I didn't set out with any specific goal in mind, but I worked ten NAQCC member stations. I don't know if that's good or bad considering I have nothing to base it on personally. Regardless, it was fun. Glad to work Tom (K4ZGB) who is a local. 73 and 72, Joel - W4JBB

K9OSC - Another fun sprint! Lots of QRN here on 40 as storms waltzed through the area. Many thanks to everyone for the repeats through the QRN. 20 was good for a short period of time. Overall conditions yielded mostly short distances. Worked more 8's, 9's and 0's than ever before!

N4JD - Got in late, still a good time

KB3CXQ - This sprint was fun as always. It was a bit noisy because of the area thunderstorms, but my FT-950 was able to pull out signals from the noise. Glad to be a part of the sprint again.

W4HH - Band in good shape in eastern VA

KB0KFX - Glad I was able to get a couple in the last few minutes. I can tell it's been a number of months since I've been on because I started calling CQ at 0232 with a "time over" response from someone. Thanks for keeping me honest. I don't know what I'm doing. :)

KU8T - Got started late! Was Fun

K4KRW - Heard nothing on 20 at start. 40 band was horrible at start. But, it gradually improved. It was never great though. Still, had a great time. Thanks everyone.

NO2D - Thunderstorms in the area. Had to walk the dog in the rain. Grandkids called. They come first. Still managed 10 contacts. Very noisy band here in Colorado. Lots of weird noise - QRN, not QRM. But, as always, a challenge and lots of fun. Thanks to the group for making this possible. Pete, NO2D

KB0ETU - Only one contact - antenna fell down today and wasn't sure it was working after putting it back up. Bands were really noisey at this QTH. Heard a lot of stations, but didn't seem that I was getting out. Maybe more antenna work is due. Hopefully better luck next month. 72, Phil, KB0ETU

WA2JSG - My first time using GenLog during a sprint. Sure saves time from manually typing my log into the log submission page. I saved an ADIF file also, so now if I can import it into my WinLog32 logging program, I'll really be in business! Fun stuff, as always. Rig here IC-703, 5w to a vertical off a 12v battery. Bencher RJ-1 Straight Key.

K3RLL - FT-817 to G5RVjr. Got on very late but signals sounded good. 20 emptied out as I got there but 40 seemed pretty strong tonight with lots of new (to me) members. K4ORD had the best signal of the night here. This is fun whether with 5 contacts or a lot. 72/73 Don

KD0V - Conditions were not very good in southern Minnesota. Most all of the signal was fuzzy sounding on both 20 and 40. 20 did not come alive. 40 meters appeared to have died around 0200Z. Lots of QRN from early evening thunderstorms. Typical summer in the midwest. Sorry many stations I could not copy do to poor signal quality and QRN. 73, Merlin KD0V

WD0K - No barn burner till 9:20 (local time) and noticed my time stamp had not been turned on! Yee Gads Murphy again! Oh Well' Interesting? 72 All. Rich/WD0K

KB8FE - Greetings from northern Ohio. Rather weak signals on 40 overall and had some type of raspy noise come and go. Antenna was a very thin end-fed 132 foot wire with the center up about 65 feet and is new as of today! Hey, send some rain this way!

AA7EE - It was fascinating to hear so many weak signals at or just above the noise level. Some I was able to work and some not, but it was great to sit with my headphones on and pick them out. Tried really hard to work WD5EAE - he copied my callsign but we didn't complete the exchange. Sorry Stephen - perhaps next time! I've missed a few Sprints, so it was fun to do this one.

K3WWP - My lowest score (1,056) since the November 2010 sprint. My fewest multipliers (11) since January 2010. I think those two statements tell you what kind of conditions I had here tonight. I didn't mind the storm static. That's to be expected here in summer. I didn't mind the poor propagation conditions. That happens the days following a massive CME striking the Earth. I didn't mind the normal everyday QSB and QRM. But why the heck did I have to have some bad local man-made QRN on top of all that? I thought maybe the denoisers in my K2 DSP filters got turned off somehow, and then I couldn't remember how to check that and couldn't find the manual till around 0200Z. Turns out they were turned on anyway. All in all, I'm proud of what I did against all that adversity. They say adversity builds character. I must be quite a character now after those two hours. HI HI. Oh and perhaps this says something about propagation. It seemed to be localized to certain areas for me. Nearly half my 24 QSOs came from VA (6) and IN (5). Near the end NY and NJ provided 5 straight QSOs. Very strange. And in states adjacent to those 4, I only had 1 QSO each from KY, NC, and MD. Anyone explain that kind of quirky propagation.

N8ZYA - A real hoot this evening; all on 40 again (as usual). Really slow in the beginning but picked up at the last with several new stations. The last two being in Georgia. I though I had missed John K4BAI but he sneaked in just under the wire. Hihi It was nice to work VE3FUJ in Ontario again....great signal!

K2UFT - Late start, no one heard on 20, toughest copy was WT5L from FL - fun as usual.

AA7CU - Worked sprint from Arizona.

K4ORD - Started on 20 and made 7 QSOs then on to 40 where I did some S&P then had a great run until near the end and I went looking for K4BAI and K3WWP and found them for my last 2 QSOs. The turn out was great signals were up and down on 40 and lots of QRN. Went back to 20 in the last few minutes and heard N6VOH but got beat out by 2 other stations. Lots of fun thanks to all, 73/72 Riley

W5QC - Paddles still sticking thought I had fixed but not quite, a little better then last month but still need more practice. Did get some stations out west this time. Thanks to all 72 and 73.

W9UX - Local heavy thunderstorm activity kept me from joining in tonight. Hope to join in next month. 72, Terry W9UX

K5GQ - Lots of static and fadding here in Houston, TX

K1IEE - Stayed on 40 again this month. Had lots of QRN all night. Thanks to all 73 Dick

KA6AIL - No signal on 80 and just above my noise level here on 40. CU next month, 73 from 6 land.

KR5RK - Tough band conditions in 6 land, almost no strong stations heard or worked.

N8DWN - First time ever QRP was both tough and fun! (NW2K: Welcome! And sorry for flubbing our QSO. The QRN was heavy and I just could not make out your call besides the 8DW. Next time and thanks!)

N8LA - Last night I had a dream that I was seeking absolution from "Father John" for having missed so many consecutive months of NAQCC sprints. He told me that my working him in tonight's sprint would be the sign that I had received absolution from him. What a relief it was for me to hear his signal and work him as my first contact tonight. (It's only a conditional absolution though. To make it permanent you must enter and submit a log in all future sprints - [Father] John, K3WWP)

WD4OHD - Got a late start this evening but enjoyed making a few QSOs anyway. Pretty good conditions on 40 this evening.

NY4G - Rig was a K2 and the Key is an Old Navy Flameproof Straight Key. It was a good night. 20 had a few but with 20 fading I went 40 and sat there the rest of the sprint. Good to hear everybody in the bands - so till next time.....Ariel NY4G

W7GAH - Brutal. Heavy QSB for all of sprint, extreme QSB in first 40 minutes. Sorry VE1RSM/VY1, K9JWI and W5IQS. Thanks to W5YDM and NN9S/7 for the hard work to complete the contact. Until next time ... 73

WA4ZOF - Lots of QRN, lots of fun with new KD1JV TRIBANDER see ya'all next month.

N9RLO - That was fun. I had some senior moments but didn't do too bad. I worked twelve stations,I've done better, but I just took it slow tonight. The noise was terrible on 40 but it was better than 20. Had alot of QRM on 40 for some reason. N8ZYA had a great signal here in north central Indiana, a good 599. Hope everyone had a good time. I'll cuagn next month. 73 All, John N9RLO

K7ZI - Used the Norcal 40 kit tonight with 2 watts out. Lots of stations calling--all on top of each other! We need to spread out more, 7.040 plus or minus 10 khz... and LISTEN!!! Got to change the tuning pot to a 10-turn vernier type, will help separate stations a bit more. Lots of fun but few copyable stations.

NT7R - First NAQCC Sprint (NW2K: Welcome aboard!), really enjoyed what little time I had to participate. Working QRP from a mobile is very challenging.

NN9S/7 - Was visiting Portland OR (from Chicago) on a business trip. Scaled a small mountain (Mt. Tabor), threw an end-fed dipole over a 20' branch, and managed to make more contacts than I even have before! Was using a tiny Tentec R4020 attached to a A123 battery. Huge fun!

WX4RM - Lots of noise on the bands, made wearing headphones a necessary torture to be able to hear most of the transmissions. This was first time not able to hear any West Coast stations. Cuba, Canada, the Midwest and the East Coast had good signals, and good ears to hear me! I am hooked on these monthly sprints!

WV8P - First time for NAQCC Sprint, enjoyed it (NW2K: We're glad that you joined in the fun!). See you all next month.

W8KJ - First timer, was fun, thanks. (NW2K: Thank you and welcome! As mentioned above, these sprints can be addicting so be careful!)

WB8LZG - Hello fellow sprinters, Good sprint tonight. only had an hour to play, but 20 and 40 were in good shape here in Mich. I had the usual "BEELINE" into Texas, with several in the log, followed closly by MN. 20 was a bit different, I usually work many west coasters when the contest starts, but only heard 1 station from CA and he couldn't hear me. Short skip was good to TX, MN, and New England states though. Went to 40 at 0115 and it was packed with QRPers! Tryed 2 CQs on 80 but no takers. Pulled plug after 59 mins. Nice to work 3 new members, with number's in the 6000's. NT7R 6153, W4JBB 6128, and W4OH 6092. Welcome to you new sprinters, hope you had fun. 73 Gregg

W3NP - With widespread thunderstorms all over the radar map at 7 pm edst, I wasn't sure if I would even be able to connect my antenna, but they sort of dissipated just before the sprint. QRN was heavy on 40 but not so bad on 20, but signals were down on 20, so after 5 QSOs there I moved to 40. More repeats than usual were given and asked for but it didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would. Rig: Ten Tec Eagle @ 5 watts and my key was the German Junker. 73 from the Mountain State.

KE5YUM - Less than ideal band conditons on 40 only netted four contacts, but I am thankful for those. Thanks to all who worked me. All the best, Terry

KA2KGP - Terrible static and QRN here in WNY from the summer atmosphere limited the number of QSOs at my station. Let's hope the sunspots and QRN diminish for the next sprint. 73 all

KQ1P - Operated on 20 with deep QSB. Most of the time the band seemed dead, but I waited for signal strength to rise then jumped to complete a contact. 73, John

K2YGM - First NAQCC sprint event (NW2K: Welcome, Bob!). Just got a new KX3 and enjoyed the contest very much. Started on 20 and called CQ alot. Good responses for the first hour then it slowed down. Switched to 40 and picked up a few more there. I need a better antenna on 40 and will work on it this summer. Thanks to all who answered my CQ NA and I hope to see you again in future sprints. 72 Bob K2YGM

W4DUK - QRN quite strong here in west-central Virginia tonight. Started on 20 and made one contact, then moved to 40 for the rest. Near the end tried 80 and heard K3WWP calling CQ, but was unsuccessful in contacting him. Ears pretty tired when things wrapped up, but a fun time nonetheless. 73, Dave

WG8Y - Hi all. Got back home to daughters at 10PM. Wasn't going to play. Said, why not? Had to set-up as I'm only doing portable till our house is done. Started set-up at 10:10 PM. Logged 4 Qs and had everything back in the backpack 5 minutes after the sprint. My 84ft end fed does get to stay in the Elm behind the house luckily. 72 for now, Mark WG8Y

N8XMS - I started 20 minutes late and conditions were not very good but this was still one of my best sprint scores ever. I think it's my largest number of QSOs but it falls short on the multipliers. It was a lot of fun. 73, Paul - N8XMS

KD2MX - Didn't have much time last night but it is always fun to participate if only for a few Qs.

W4OH - This was my second NAQCC Sprint and I had a blast! I only have capability on 20 and 40 CW using my Ten Tec R4020 QRP Rig at 5w. I found no one on 20 and tried fruitlessly to call CQ NA for about 5 minutes. 40 was open but the band had alot of QRN and QSB. Appreciate all the guys hanging in there that I had to try a few times to get our exchanges through. 72! Daryl W4OH PS. See you guys in AUG 2012.

N2ESE - Lots of static but good conditions. Glad to get a few QSOS on 80 after 0200 and pick up the locals. Thanks to all, 73 Gary

KB1UOH - It was a good night for me. I enjoyed it and am really getting into it. Thanks to all. Charlie

N3AEA - Lots of QSB but fun.


NX8Y - I'm a new member as are 2 of my sons (6134 and 6140) (NW2K: FB! and Welcome!). We all participated for the first time and had a blast. It's not easy with 5W and wire antennas. Felt like I was calling CQ in a cave at times. Looking forward to the next one. 73, Ron NX8Y

K9JWI - QRN worse than usual for me (very little rain from it all, of course). One QSO on 80. 20 not as good as last month.

K4NVJ - I worked John! Good, since I had not worked him since last November.

VE7KBN - Tough going at my QTH. Heard some activity on 20 early but band went quiet and I hung up the phones. Thanks for the Sprint.

W5IQS - Great Sprint. 20 was good here in Texas until last 20 minutes or so. Good to work KE5YUM - Great signal into Texas. I switched back and forth between 20 and 40 a couple of times and didn't even listen on 80. The K2 did what the K2 is famous for..great receiver. Thanks to all of you who copied my hand key. At 79 years old the hand is not as steady as it once was. 72 and see you again next month.. Evan, W5IQS

CO8CML - QRN on 40, nothing heard on 20, but another nice sprint. Nice to meet all the friends again. Thanks to all who made possible my few QSOs. Hope to see all next month!!

KU4A - Storms moved out just in the nick of time. Conditions otherwise seemed poor but I see a lot of folks already with a lot of QSOs.

W2JEK - Was glad to be on. Had thunderstorms earlier. Not much activity on 80. Good to find 20 open. Rig Yaesu FT-840 at 5w to wire antennas. Used Signal Electric straight key. Had fun. 72 and 73, Don Younger W2JEK #1135

W9CC - A bit of QRN but otherwise not too bad. 73!

W4RQ - Another really good monthly Sprint, thanks to all.

VE2RH - Hello. It is my first sprint (NW2K: We're quite pleased that you joined us Georgette). I wil try again and I hope it will be best record but it's not my aim. I love QRP and CW. Best regards, Georgette, VE2RH

VE2TH - Hi! Another real fun sprint test. The new KX3 with is filtering and sentivity help a lot to dig the weak ones. See you next time and have fun, 72 Michel VE2TH

VE5BCS - The band was not good here. Heavy QSB 559 to 0. I was lucky to work 7. 40 was nothing there. But enjoyable.

N1IMW - Fun night as always gang. . .too bad the aurora wasn't around like saturday, we could have racked up the au contacts!

AK4LP - Lots of QRN but still had fun trying!

W5YDM - Lots of good signals here in North Texas as usual, especially on 20, where I stayed all night. In order to run a little equipment test, I decided to leave the FT-950 and fan dipole behind and brave the heat and mosquitos to work the sprint outdoors in the bed of my pickup using my K1 and 80 ft end-fed inverted L with tailpipe ground. That meant paper logging, and it went well up until 01:50 UTC when it got too dark to see the log and I had to go to a small penlight. I shut down at 02:10 UTC due to a strong saw-tooth signal that jumped all over the frequencies and made communication impossible. The K1 actually receives a cw signal better than the FT-950, but has a poor bandwidth filter that couldn't handle the interference. Had I been on the 950, it would have been a different story.

K2GLS - Had a power outage from severe thunderstorms so got a late start. 20 was good but QSB was frustrating when a good signal faded, never to return. Plenty of activity on 40 but QRN from the storms. Thanks to all who pulled my signal out of the QRM, QRN, etc. 72/73 K2GLS

VE3FUJ - Tnx for the contacts. Condx not very good here, lots of static crashes, which led to asking for some repeats, and I only had 45 to spend on the sprint. See you all next months. Brion 3011

K4BAI - FT1000MP. 5W, TH6DXX, dipole. Won't get a Golden Log award for this one. Band conditions and activity on 20 and 40 were very good. But, my logging computer crashed at the end of the Sprint and I was able to recover only the first 45 minutes of the log (NW2K: Log recovery continues and the score will be posted soon. Thank you.). 73/72, John, K4BAI

K6MGO - First 23 minutes, all I heard was noise, then finally started hearing some signals. Noise was very high, S7-8 entire Sprint. Only heard one signal on 20 but didn't get all info. Nothing on 80. Does anyone in CA operate on 80m?

NQ2W - Ten-Tec Jupiter @ 5W to a mini beam at 25' for 20 and inv V at 40' for 40. Started out on 20 for 11 Q's...went to 80 and heard nothing...then to 40 and made 15 Q's for a total of 16 multis. Never went back to 80. Condx weren't the best but they were better than during the weekend. The ever changing band condx are the spices of these sprints. They keep it interesting...and challenging. Great to work some familiar calls and some that are new to my log. Thanks to all. I've uploaded my log to LoTW and eQSL...hope you'll consider doing the same. Hope to work some of you during the Bumblebee Sprint. 72/73 Will NQ2W

NI8N - I'm looking forward to quieter Sprints in the fall.

WA1GWH - Seemed a tumult at the start plus lots of QRN and QSB, but evened out nicely about half way through.

AK4LF - Only was able to work the last hour and mainly hunted and pounced on 40. Used a You Kits HB-1B and J-43 Key. Maybe we'll do better next month 72

VE7YU - Conditions were good here on 20 during the day but went downhill just before the contest started! Next time...

N1RU - I hooked up the straight key for the first time in 30 years--apologies to all who copied my awful fist. I'll need to practice more before the next sprint or just revert back to paddles. Conditions in NE Indiana weren't good and I was only available for parts of the two hours, but I still enjoyed being in the sprint as always. 72, James

NF8M - Too much going on this week! Plus nice weather finally allowed some outside work so only got an hour or so in.

AA2YK - Knowing I wouldn't get out of work until 2030 local (Eastern) time and not wanting to make two trips into town to pick up my son from a church function later that evening, I tried something different for this Sprint. Before work I packed my 40m hamstick and Ten Tec R4020 into the car. After work I found a wide spot on the side of a road and tuned 40m. I had a blast! Worked eight stations in the Sprint before I had to shuffle off again. The 4w from the QRP rig to the hamstick seemed to work well enough, and 40m for the most part was manageable, though the QRN from a thunderstorm was a factor. Thanks for a great Sprint! Ernie


See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

RULES specific to this month's sprint:

Date and time:
Thursday, July 19, 2012 0030-0230Z

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be RECEIVED before 2400Z on the Sunday following the sprint. So submit as soon as possible, especially regular mail entries.

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