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Mar 2011 Straight Key/Bug Sprint (#77)

We finished with 116 logs, breaking the 100 log mark for the 12th straight month now. Congratulations to all our winners and special thanks to those who took time to send in logs no matter how many or how few QSO's you made. Each and every one is special and very much appreciated. It was another great sprint and now we're looking forward to our next one in April. Maybe we'll approach or break our record of 135 logs next month. - K3WWP

Final Official Results
SWA Category - W1 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
WA1BXY  33   31   64   20 1280  x2  2560  160 wndm@50'
K1NAJ   19   19   38   11  418  x2   836  ocf dpl@35'
WV1N    17   17   34   12  408  x2   816  135' dblt@35'
K1IEE   15   15   30   12  360  x2   720  g5rv@30'
KQ1P    11   11   22    9  198  x2   396  invV@40'
N1DN     6    6   12    5   60        60  mb dpl@70'
K1DPE    5    5   10    5   50        50  dpl@30'
KB1CKT   5    5   10    4   40        40  g5rv@10'

SWA Category - W2 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
NW2K    37   36   73   18 1314  x2  2628  80 loop@30'
W2SH    21   21   42   15  630  x2  1260  180'dpl@??',invL@85+85'
KU2US   16   16   32   13  416  x2   832  g5rv@??',ef wire@??'
WA2JSG  13   13   26   11  286  x2   572  elev vert@12'
KA2KGP  12   12   24   10  240  x2   480  g5rv@25'
W2JEK   12   12   24    8  192  x2   384  40 dpl, 80 ef both@20'
K2GLS    8    8   16    7  112  x2   224  dpls@20-30'
K2VT     5    5   10    5   50  x2   100  dpl@32'
KD2MX    5    5   10    5   50  x2   100  600' loop@25'

SWA Category - W3 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K3WWP   35   34   69   20 1380  x2  2760  ~110' attic random wire
KC2EGL  21   19   40   17  680  x2  1360  fld dpl@25'
KB3AAG  33   33   66   21 1386      1386  80 loop@35'
AK3X    12   11   23    9  207  x2   414  67' wire@20'
AF3Z     7    7   14    6   84  x2   168  dpl@15'
AE3J     5    5   10    5   50        50  vert
AA3UJ    3    3    6    3   18  x2    36  dpl@30'
KD8HCT   1    1    2    1    2  x2     4  attic dpl

SWA Category - W4 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K8IJ    38   38   76   18 1368  x2  2736  vert
AA4GA   22   21   43   17  731  x2  1462  40 efhw@50'
K4ORD   30   30   60   18 1080      1080  160 dpl@35', 40 dpl@40'
WX4RM   19   19   38   14  532  x2  1064  vert
W4KRN   17   17   34   11  374  x2   748  gnd mtd vert
N4ESS   15   15   30   11  330  x2   660  dpl@50'
N1LU    14   13   27   10  270  x2   540  70' ef wire@25'
W4DUK   13   13   26   10  260  x2   520  efz@20'
WB4MNK  18   18   36   13  468       468  S9V@31'
W4JVY   12   12   24    9  216  x2   432  invV@40'
K4JPN   10   10   20    8  160  x2   320  sloper@30'
AF4LB    9    9   18    8  144  x2   288  dpl@55'
AE4RV   14   14   28   10  280       280  invL@25'
KB0ETU   9    9   18    7  126  x2   252  dpl@45'
KG4YLZ   9    9   18    9  162       162  ocf dpl@30'
K4NVJ    5    5   10    5   50  x2   100  88' dpl@35'
KD4UKW   5    5   10    5   50  x2   100  45' vert
AI4SV    5    5   10    5   50        50  40 vert
KU4A     5    4    9    4   36        36  slp dpl@40'
KA8VZB   3    3    6    3   18  x2    36  66' efw@20'
AA4W     2    2    4    2    8         8  20 dpl@??'
AD4PM    1    1    2    1    2         2  vert
@N4JD    3    3    6    3   18        18  80 invV

SWA Category - W5 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
WF5W    33   31   64   24 1536  x2  3072  rotary dpl@72'
W5IQS   27   26   53   16  848  x2  1696  fan dpl@30'
AE5KM   22   22   44   17  748  x2  1496  g5rv@25'
N5RKD   23   23   46   17  782 x1.5 1173  43' vert
W5TVW   15   15   30   13  390  x2   780  115' efw@15'
K5JX    14   14   28   12  336  x2   672  gnd mtd vert
NM5S    14   14   28    9  252  x2   504  nested marconi@40'
KE5YUM  10   10   20   10  200  x2   400  invV@30', dpl@30'
K5ACO   15   15   30   12  360       360  dpl@50', 37' vert
KE9DR    9    8   17    8  136  x2   272  420'loop@50'
WB5UAA   4    4    8    4   32  x2    64  305' dpl@30'
AE5KA    4    4    8    4   32        32  trap vert
N5RDN    2    2    4    2    8 x1.5   12  gp vert

SWA Category - W6 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
N6DIT   25   24   49   17  833  x2  1666  dpl@40'
WK6L     8    8   16    6   96  x2   192  windomV@32'
KA6AIL   9    9   18    8  144       144  20 dpl@??',40 loop@??'
K6ACJ    6    6   12    6   72        72  58' lw@25'

SWA Category - W7 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
NX1P    40   38   78   25 1950  x2  3900  dblt@50'
K9JWV   17   15   32   13  416  x2   832  invL@30'
KE7YTE   8    8   16    8  128  x2   256  vert dpl, ctr@18'
AA7CU   10   10   20    7  140       140  mobile whip@12'
AE7CG    4    4    8    4   32  x2    64  20 dpl@10'
AD7KS    1    1    2    1    2         2  dpl@30'

SWA Category - W8 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
AC8AP   17   17   34   14  476  x2   952  g5rv@50'
N8QY    16   15   31   11  341  x2   682  g5rv@25', vert
N8XMS   12   12   24    9  216  x2   432  r7 vert
WA8SAN  11   11   22   11  242       242  g5rv@25'
WB8ENE   7    7   14    7   98  x2   196  135'dblt@15', 4-BTV@25'
AA8SN    7    7   14    7   91        91  80 loop@25'
WB8LZG   3    3    6    3   18  x2    36  dpl@30'
N8BB     1    1    2    1    2  x2     4  collinear dpl@60'

SWA Category - W9 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
KB0KFX  27   27   54   18  972  x2  1944  80m loop@25'
W9HLY   24   24   48   14  672  x2  1344  40 sloper@??',80 dpl@??'
AA9L    25   25   50   13  650  x2  1300  trp dpl@50'
KA9FQG  20   20   40   13  520  x2  1040  g5rv@35'
K9IS    23   23   46   14  644       644  33' horiz loop@35'
NV9X    13   13   26    8  208  x2   416  dpl@30'
WA9VEE   9    9   18    8  144  x2   288  200' lw@35'
W9CC    10   10   20    7  140  x2   280  invV@35'   
K9KHJ    5    5   10    5   50  x2   100  ef 1/2 wv@??'
N9AWP    5    5   10    5   50  x2   100  dpl@30'
NN9S     1    1    2    1    2         2  ef dpl@20'

SWA Category - W0 Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
N0TA    50   50  100   27 2700  x2  5400  gnd mtd vert
K0HJC   18   18   36   12  432  x2   864  cf zepp@35'
K2HT    15   15   30   13  390  x2   780  ocf windom@38',80 dpl@33'
N0AZN   15   15   30   13  390  x2   780  80-10 dblt@25'
N8LA    16   16   32   12  384  x2   768  dpl@35'
NE0S    12   12   24    9  216  x2   432  40-80invV@55', 20 hlf sq@30'    
W0LGU    9    9   18    8  144  x2   288  80 dpl@25'
NO2D    11   11   22   10  220       220  80 dblt@25'
WD0K     4    4    8    3   24  x2    48  delta loop@36'
KC0PMH   1    1    2    1    2  x2     4  135' dblt@25'
$N3PDT   4    4    8    4   32  x2    64  gnd mtd vert,ocf dpl@25'

SWA Category - Canada Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
VE3RCN  26   26   52   19  988  x2  1976  gnd mtd vert
VE5BCS  19   18   37   15  555  x2  1110  lw@25'
VE3GNU   8    8   16    7  112  x2   224  mb dpl@35'
VA2NB    7    7   14    6   84  x2   168  204' dblt@50'
VE3FUJ   5    4    9    4   36  x2    72  dpl@22'
VE2KOT   2    2    4    2    8         8  66' invV@27'

SWA Category - DX Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K4BAI   49   48   97   26 2522  x2  5044  several@50-55'
K0KCY   26   26   52   14  728       728  dpl@40', 3el yagi@50'
K5GQ    15   15   30   12  360 x1.5  540  2el yagi@30', dpl@28'
KL8DX   14    9   23   12  276  x2   552  TA-34-XL@43'
KI0J    19   19   38   15  570       570  3el yagi@40'
WB5NMZ  14   12   26   12  312       312  TS-53M@40'
NQ2W     9    9   18    9  162       162  mini beam@25', invV@40'
N1QLL    3    2    5    3   15        15  2el quad@36'
W7GAH    1    1    2    1    2         2  2el yagi@50'

@- QRO, not eligible for certificate/prize
$- non-member, not eligible for certificate/prize

1st SWA W1: WA1BXY
1st SWA W2: NW2K
1st SWA W3: K3WWP
1st SWA W4: K8IJ
1st SWA W5: WF5W
1st SWA W6: N6DIT
1st SWA W7: NX1P
1st SWA W8: AC8AP
1st SWA W9: KB0KFX
1st SWA W0: N0TA
1st SWA Canada: VE3RCN
1st SWA DX: n/a
1st Gain: K4BAI
First time entrant high scorer: NW2K
Bug/paddle handle - K1/K2 knob insert drawing winner: VE5BCS

The following appeared 5 or more times in submitted logs, but
did not submit a log themselves for whatever reason:
W7IEX - 23
WA1LWS - 19
K9FO - 14
W7OM - 11
AA3TG - 9
WD4MSM - 8
K1CM - 6
W6ZKH - 6
K7ZI - 5
W9NX - 5

We hope these folks will continue to participate AND
submit their logs in the future. Remember your listing in the
results shows the ham radio world you are a Morse Code supporter.

Logs submitted: 116 
Total participants found in cross-checking spreadsheet: 168 
Total QSO's in master cross-checking spreadsheet: 1587
States represented: 38 + VE2 VE3 VE5 VE7 LZ UR

GOLDEN LOGS - 45 of 116 (perfectly formatted, all info accurate):
If you're not listed as a GOLDEN LOG or your posted score is different from what you computed and wish to know why, we'll tell you if you ask before 2400Z the second Sunday after the sprint. There will no longer be any automatic notification of score changes or "not in log" QSO's due to the greatly increased participation in our sprints. Email pix_email_naqcc (1K) with the subject "NAQCC Sprint Question".

NN9S - New ham here, just learning CW for the first time. Can do about 10wpm. This was also my first time attempting *any* contest or sprint. I was bit overwhelmed to say the least! Only 15khz of bandwidth was available on 40m, and the overlapping conversations were just crazy. I could barely isolate a conversation. Even if I narrowed my filter to do so, right in the middle of the QSO somebody loud would start calling CQ on top of us and blast my ears off. I lost at least 3 in-process QSOs this way. I lost a couple more due to mid-conversation QSB (which I guess is just normal for QRP operation). A few more QSOs never completed because a number of people simply didn't slow down for me, even when I signaled 'pls qrs'. (That distresses me. If you're one of those who didn't slow down for Ben, I'd like to see you print out his comments and post them near your rig for future sprints. Remember our sprints are designed to help newcomers to contesting, not to turn them away from contesting. You were there at one time yourself. You weren't born with the ability to contest at high speeds. You started just as Ben did. End of sermon. I hope it takes. - K3WWP)

K3WWP - Well, I had the same high noise level I had last month so first of all my apologies to those who may have called and didn't burst through my noise level. However this month was a little different than last since I had 40 meters for longer where the noise is a little less. Then later on 80, sigs were really good and on the whole I could pull them through the noise. It was actually fun again for the last 50 minutes or so on 80 meters. Still I wish I lived in a quieter location. That won't happen, so I guess I'll just have to live with what I have. Still it helps to complain now and then. HI. Off to process logs now for a while after I check on the NCAA BB Tournament.

AA4W - 20 meters sounded fine. Lots of signals! I got started and then got caslled away. Only 2 contacts this month. I lost the first contact due to QRM. Sorry W0L??

KC0PMH - I was in and out of the shack so I only got to make 1 QSO buy.... better 1 than none at all. God Bless all de Wayne

N4JD - First sprint had a blast realy noisy but still fun

KI0J - nice to see 20 meters open tonight

AE3J - FT-817 with a Butternut HF2V vertical on my camper in the back yard.

N5RKD - First time out in the Sprints. So, a bit of a learning experience, especially getting familiar with the controls and options in GenLog. Thanks to all who managed to wrestle meaning from my bug code --- that\'s another work in progress! I did resort to the straight key a couple of times when I lost my rhythm. Bill

N5RDN - I worked 2! Thanks to both stns. 73,Rob//N5RDN 3835

K2HT - Built a 40-10 OCF Windom antenna, very pleased with results. Nice to be at home QTH for sprint instead of trying to operate from hotel rooms with indoor antenna

KA6AIL - It has taken one year but I got 10!!!!!!!! Q's tonight.

KC2EGL - WOW!!! 40 meters was awesome tonight. I spent most of the night on 40. Met some new NAQCC friends and met 2 non members as well. I can take these conditions all the time. Thanks to all who worked me. CU next time on the radio. 73 Mike. (rig K-2, Key US Navy Flameproof)

NX1P - Wow! great conditions on 20. Thanks guys, for all the reports from the east coast!

W9HLY - but terribly noisy on 80 - my best band

N3PDT - My very first NAQCC sprint. Logged a whopping 4 contacts, but I had a lot of fun. Applied for membership earlier today. Plan to do many more. Great event. Thank you!

NM5S - It was sweet to have some daylight to take advantage of 20m. Woohoo!

AF3Z - I made it home for the last 30 minutes only. Some strong signals here on 80, but strong QRN too! Tnx es 73, Jim

NE0S - Bands seemed a little soft here..and a lot of qrn to deal with.. a lot of fun tho working the stations I cud copy thru the noise..73 all cul Mark

KB3AAG - Down from last month but just as much fun! I hope I didnt make a big mistake, one guy gave me a call that came back in the Phillipenes (I doubt if that is how it is spelled!) I asked for a repeat four times but got the same thing each time. As I have never worked a DX station from here I dumped him! From the hollar any station west of the Mississippi is considered DX! I had Johns noise tonite! Frank

K9KHJ - Only caught 20 minutes but had fun anyway. See you next month, boys. (Don't forget our girls too - at least 2 I can think of were in the sprint this month - K3WWP)

WA2JSG - Another fun sprint, esp after adding a cw filter to radio..hi hi. Icom IC-703 5w off 12v battery to a vertical. English Kent straight key.

W2JEK - got on late. seemed like 40 was in very good shape. 80 was also good. stations heard on 20 were weak by the time i got on so no qso's there. was pleased to work k3wwp and two of our new members with 5000+ numbers as well as all others. rig yaesu ft-840 at 5w to wire antennas. 72 and 73 don younger #1135

K4ORD - Had a bad head cold and really didn't feel like getting on, but glad I did.Nice to hear 20M open so good for most of the sprint.80 had loud qrn of S9 and better, but 40 was rather quiet,except for the digital stuff. Hope to see everybody next month. 73/72 Riley

NO2D - 20 meters was "hot" at the beginning here in Colorado. I could hear it while I was eating dinner (but not on the air). By the time I got started 20 had died, and 40 meters was the band of choice, at least for me. At about 0200 I got into a QSO with KA4DQJ in Tennessee. He was running an old Heathkit CW Xmitter. While he was not in the sprint, we had a great QSO. I got into one more QSO with W4VPI in VA., who also was not in the sprint. Also a fun QSO. I guess that is what it is all about, in the sprint, or not. As always, I enjoyed the opportunity to participate. Pete

AE4RV - Lots of fun! Antennas are back up and glad to participate. I even held a frequency a couple of times for the first time in a sprint. Noise and propagation both seemed OK. Left the shack and set up in the kitchen this time with an IC-703 on battery power, logging with a netbook. Picture of my set up is here:

AE5KM - Conditions were pretty good, the most contacts I've made in a sprint, I think. Did about the same number of contacts on 20m and 40m, but where was everyone on 80m? And maybe we should add 15m? It was getting awfully crowded, which I suppose is a good thing :). Sorry, to n1qll, your ears are better than mine, I couldn't quite hear you well enough to copy. And I would have loved to add Maine as a state. I did have someone work me that wasn't in the sprint, and I wasn't quite sure what to do. Do I get their power and count them? (Absolutely - K3WWP)

VE3RCN - Lots of FUN! Nice to see SK and QC out of Canada. Still have to work a station in my own area!

N0TA - Fantastic night - probably the most Q's I've ever made in this sprint. Started on 20m - band was quiet and signals strong; however, it died down after about 20 minutes. Spent rest of time on 40m, but did check out 80m at 02z. K3@5w, 1/4 vertical, Gen Log.

N8LA - Weather here beautiful today even though I felt "under it." Took four and a half hour nap this afternoon to rest up for the sprint. Got up, ate a chicken breast and ice cream bar to give me energy for the sprint. It worked! Made sixteen contacts ( eight on 40 and eight on 80): one more contact than my previous high! (Called CQ on 20 for a while and worked Z1LCH, but didn't get QTH, number or power, HI!) Spring is coming and in spring an OM's thoughts stay turned to thoughts NAQCC sprints!

K0HJC - Good to have 20 meters back! Fun night!

KE9DR - 20 was fair the first hour then I went to 40. Had some QSB on 40 and lots of RTTY QRM. Had a large range from CA to RI to ON. Again lots of fun. 73 Bert

NV9X - Had Fun. Have not done this one in a while. (Hope to see you regularly from now on - K3WWP)

WX4RM - Was glad to see 20M open, the time change helped. West Coast coming in good and loud, with QSB, glad they heard me. 40M good as usual to the North, glad to hear Canada again. I will have to put up a low dipole for 80M for next sprint for a short hop into New England, the vertical angle of radiation was just too low for the short distance QSO's. Love these sprints, a learning experience for me!!!

KU2US - 20 Meters was better for long stuff, 80 meters had static, 40 meters was the band of choice for me! Bagged Oregon! Again, the fun was unreal, some pile-ups, and prop was pretty good. Heard some new calls this time around and tried to work the "new ones". Maybe (Hint) the sprint could be a half hour longer?? I was just getting warmed up! Either way, it was another fun night, cant wait for April.

AE7CG - I made all of my contacts during the first hour of the sprint. Thereafter 20M band conditions changed, and moderate QRN conditions prevailed, leaving only the U.S. QRO DXers operating on the lower 25 MHz band edge segment. I really enjoy the NAQCC sprints, because all of the hams listen for QRP CW signals!

K1DPE - Lots of static. Not many people heard me, but I heard them.

WK6L - This is my first Sprint contect . Thank You for reviewing my Log. Sorry if I do not have the NewMult Column . I just not sure my understanding of it is correct.

KL8DX - Arrived home in time to work a bit of the contest now that we sprung forward and hour. 20 meters was great and I was shocked at what I was able to work with my 5 watts! Icom 703Plus @ 5 watts and my Navy Flameproof key made the QSO's. Thanks for the contacts and I'm looking forward to catching more of these Sprint's with any luck. 73 - Phil

AI4SV - At the beginning, I tried 20m, hoping for some westward contacts where the sun still shined. I could hear them, but not work them. 40m was my best band, although I know qsb was pretty bad as I would completely lose stations at times, or after calling for a while on a seemingly dead frequency, another station calling on the same frequency would fade in and then out again. I heard a good number of Canadian stations calling and responding, but didn't manage to work any of them. Still, had a lot of fun. I've ordered a straight key. Next month, no more one point per contact :-)

AA7CU - Worked the sprint from Arizona

W7GAH - New HAM, very new in QRP and CW. My token log is to let you know that there is interest in the sprint, but I have a bit of work to do to get up to speed.


W2SH - 20m was open, aided by the change to daylight saving time, but conditions were unstable. Loud stations often could not be worked. Extra multipliers were earned, but it turned out that few QSOs on the two lower bands were realized, so the multipliers had less effect. 40m had a longish skip but lots of QRM, while 80m had very high QRN.

WF5W - my little new tentec r4030 roared.. it was fun sprint but the rttyers were not happy...

KE5YUM - I enjoyed the sprint at always. Started on 20 and ended on 40 and worked for about an hour. Thanks to all who worked me.

K5GQ - Signals were up and down; and ask for repeats. Overall signals were up, just were very few most of the time. There were some stations that I could not copy but tell they were there.

WB8ENE - It started off kind of slow. I couldn't find any members calling CQ on 20, so I moved to 40. Finally made my first contact with AA9L at 0051Z. Finished the first hour of the sprint on 80. Rig is K3 @ 5W. 73, and see you in the next sprint.

K4BAI - FT1000MP, 5W output, WM-2 QRP wattmeter, Vibroplex Deluxe key on chrome base. Thanks for all QSOs. All three bands seemed to be in good condition. 20M: Good signals from New England, MN, TX, CO, states west, plus VE5BCS and KL8DX. Unable to work W5IQS who had a vry good run going. Loudest signal was KI0J in CO. 24 QSOs in 60 minutes. 40M: Good signals from NJ, MD, IN, MO and stations west and north of that line. Best DX was W7OM in WA. 23 QSOs in 45 mins. Rate was still good on 40 when went to 80 hoping for some fourth district mults. Rate not good on 80. QRN must have been high elsewhere. Did get VA and KY mults plus another QSO with K0KCY in MN who had been my first QSO on 20M. Congrats to N0TA for a FB score. Hope to work you all in the 50th Anniversary GA QSO Party April 9 and 10. Special awards for those who can spell out G-E-O-R-G-I-A by the suffixes of the one-by-one special event call signs that will be QRV in GA. KU8E and I should be QRV in many GA counties as W4R/M. See 73/72, John, K4BAI.

K9JWV - The usual crummy condx here in s/w Utah! 20 meters was "fun" for about 30 minutes and then it folded. Heard a few midwest stations on 40 but the QRM levels around 040 to 045 drowned them out - ended up working "locals," e.g., NM, AZ, OR, CA, WA.

WB4MNK - Fun sprint and did a little better. QRM was some times very ruff. I was amazed at how well the little KX1 performed.

KQ1P - Home late from a long work day and wasn't sure if I could make the sprint. But I did! I found 40M to be lively for the evening. Great to hear a few new calls and new numbers. Even at 1 watt, it was pretty much if I could hear 'em I could work 'em. Thanks everyone.

W4DUK - At my QTH in southwest-central Virginia, 40m was the overall better band for this Sprint. Made one solid contact on 80m early-on, but the heavy QRN chased me back to 40. Tried 80 again later and things were better. As usual, had a great time! 73 de Dave

K8IJ - Great fun! 40 was awesome for me, 80 had some noise. Worked into MN and NJ a lot. Many thanks to all. Vy 73, Chas

VE3GNU - Glad to be back after a 2-month absence (terrible conditions heard!)---needed to use all available audio and DSP filters to 'get around'---Did anyone else hear the teletype carrier on 7.041 'getting in the way of things'? My apologies to KB3AAG for not being able to complete the contact.

KD2MX - I was looking forward to working the whole sprint this time out but a full bore attack on me by some wily germs had me in bed for much of the past few days. I did manage to sit at the rig and eke out a few contacts though. Conditions seemed kind of lousy. Lots of QRN here, seemed to be a weird pulse to it too, especially on 20m. Might have been a couple stations there but could not copy through the noise. Thirty minutes was all I could take, CW and QRN was a bit much for my feverish brain.

N8QY - Lots of qrn at my qth on all the bands. 40m had a lot of qrm from PSK 31 . Had to work to get 18 qso. Sorry to all that I could not pull out of the qrn. Yes John I worked LZ2UA on 40m .I hope others got him to so we can have a conf contact.

VE5BCS - I hope I did everything right the test was fun and band was good for first hour and 15 min. then went by by. I enjoyed

VA2NB - Lots of fun. I hope that I didn't confuse anyone by using my VA2 Call (my home call is VE3WMB) as we were at our cottage in QC for the March Break week. This was a very casual effort for me and an opportunity to get used to my new Czech RM-31 straight key. I found that both 40m and 80m were somewhat noisy and I was very surprise to work CO at 10:00 pm local time on 20m. Station 204ft doublet at 50 feet, Ten Tec Argonaut V @ 5w. Michael VE3WMB / VA2NB

W5IQS - For me this was the best sprint yet. 20 and 40 meters were very good. 80 meters was noisy here in Texas. I was shocked at the LZ2VV Contact at 0229Z. 40 was going very long. He gave me a 439. I'll take that for 5 watts Texas to Bulgaria....Great Sprint Evan

WV1N - 40m was the hot spot here. 80m had qrn and 20m never showed up at the table. I wonder if the west coast uses 20m more then the east coast. This was my first time using genlog. I always wondered why the other guys knew my name. Now I know. I think it makes the contest more friendly.

W4KRN - Signals on 40m were 559 or better. Almost didn't seem like it was a QRP sprint! Shame, shame...I worked K9KHJ, guess I'm one of the boys! hi hi Thanks to all I worked for the contacts. Used a Swedish Elektrisk Pump key.

KG4YLZ - Hope the log is OK. Had a problem with the log accepting the data Had to insert the data after the spring ended.

K4JPN - Some QRN on 40, tried 80M but QRN to heavy so stayed on 40M. 72, Steve

K2GLS - Finally some sun spots and 20 meter activity. Band was just about closed so only worked western states. First cw 5 watt contacts with NV and NE. Hopefully 20 will be better next month.

KA2KGP - A nice sprint, 40 was very good, 80 not too bad with hi-noise, but 20 was nil here in WNY. A good turnout for this sprint. 73 to all.

N8XMS- I was able to enjoy about 45 minutes of the sprint. Conditions seemed to be pretty good. I made a couple of contacts on 20 and then moved to 40 for the rest of my time. As always, it was a lot of fun. 73, Paul

KU4A - Dead tired, so couldn't stick around long. 40m seemed to be in good shape though.

AA8SN - This was my first sprint with this group. I forgot I was even a member until I looked it up recently, and then an e-mail alerted me last night that the sprint was already started. Sorry I didn't have time to even get a proper logging program going. Heard some familiar calls from some other cw sprints.


VE3FUJ - This time I was not able to devote the entire 2 hrs to the sprint. hr it sounded as if the band was in excellent shape. An LZ appeared on the scene S 20+ and in the clear, but before I realized what I had, OHHH the pile up. Most signals were good. I only had just an hr to operate, enjoyment could only have been superseded by a 2 hr operating time. Brion

KD8HCT - That was fun. Plenty of activity on 40M. Working that 6:00 to 2:00 shift makes it hard for me to stay up late or I would\'ve made more than one QSO. No records set here but it\'s still fun to get one. Thanks for all the encouragement, great club and website. -Joe

AA4GA - My first NAQCC Sprint - I didn't have access to a straight key, so I used the dah paddle of my Bencher for a hand key - not the most fun. Other than that, it *was* a lot of fun, although I feel I should have worked more stations than I did (doesn't everyone?..I sure do - K3WWP)...we'll see what happens next time!

NQ2W - Got a late start...great to make some Q\'s on 20. Moved to 40 and made a few more - the QRN was pretty loud but manageable because the signals were strong. Looking forward to next month...thanks to all who put me in their log, all the participants, and especially, the organizers. This QRP CW stuff rocks. :) 72/73 Will

W5TVW - My first sprint in quite a while now! Got in a little late and left a little early due to XYL having problems. Propagation seemed fairly good but some knucklehead on RTTY on 40 ran me off from my "place" early! This was my first sprint with a new Russian straight key I got some months ago. Hope to be able to participate more in future. Plain on revising my end fed antenna in the near future to get it higher and more of it outside my master bedroom! Using the K1 and an external homebrewed "L" section tuner. "Ground" counterpoise is the house wiring "ground buss"! Plan an external counterpoise at bottom of siding on top of slab runn ing around each adjacent corner of the slab. (Welcome back. Hope the XYL's problems will soon be a thing of the past - K3WWP)

AK3X - Had fun with good condx on 40. 3 watts to 67'wire up abt 20'. I added a 33 foot counterpoise wire (in addition to a cold water pipe ground connection) running over my roof at right angles to the 67' wire that may or may not have improved my station performance. All I do know is that I have no more RF in the shack when operating 20 meters, and I just worked a VK station LP with 3 watts! (OK, he had a 5 el yagi). This is fun. See you all next sprint. 72, Peter

AA9L - I knew it was going to be a good sprint when the first station I worked was K3WWP. Things were going well until Genlog decided to give me problems. 40 was great but 80, well there he was again, the only station I worked on 80, K3WWP. Genlog would not convert to an ASCII file so I had to type everything in by hand. Hope I didn't screw that up. GREAT FUN!

KD4UKW - I was reluctant to transmit on 40m because of the emergency situation in Japan. Still, I had a great time on 20 and 80 even though I made only a few QSO's.

NW2K - Noisy, but fun! Lots of strong signals here.

K1IEE - Had a very high noise level on 80 so I started the sprint on 40. Then went to 20 and found it to be QRN free with conditions working well for me. Stayed there until the band got quiet then went back to 40 and spent the last half hour on 80. The HW-9 @4W work well thanks to a great bunch of QRP CW operators. Had a fun time. Thank you all. 73 Dick

N8BB - Not much time but I wanted to send in something. Signals weren't very good here at all so the attempt was less than stellar, better to spend time with the wife for a change. Thanks to Riley K4ORD for being the 1 Q I did get.

WA9VEE - Could hear well but no one heard me after 1/2 hour so quit early. Same propagation next night. Must be gray line fun and games. Will try with better fortitude in future.

K6ACJ - Elecraft KX-1 2-3 watts on 40 meters

K9IS - Very good band condx on 40 meters

WD0K - Greetings All! Short nite after long day. Went qrt early. Every time I work K4BAI and he sends his 644 number it throws me for a loop...hi! Good signals; we deserve this. 72; Rich

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

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Date and time:
Thursday, March 17, 0030-0230Z

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