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May 2010 Straight Key/Bug Sprint (#67)

Final Official Results

SWA Category - Eastern Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
N8BB    64   61  125   25 3125  x2  6250  mystery ant@55'
K3WWP   48   46   94   22 2068  x2  4136  ~110' attic random wire
AA2YV   48   46   94   20 1880  x2  3760  40m sloper@35'
W9ILF   37   35   72   23 1656  x2  3312  gnd mtd vert
W2SH    41   40   81   15 1215  x2  2430  80 dpl@35'
WA1LWS  31   30   61   17 1037  x2  2074  ocf dpl@22'
K4ORD   49   45   94   22 2068      2068  40dp@40',160dp@35',610'lw@40'
N8QY    29   26   55   17  935  x2  1870  g5rv@25'
N4IY    31   30   61   14  854  x2  1708  400' ocf zepp@60'
WA1GPO  22   21   43   15  645  x2  1290  dpl@30'
W4KRN   24   23   47   14  658  x2  1316  inv v@55'
K9IRO   22   21   43   14  602  x2  1204  220' loop@25'
AA4W    19   17   36   15  540  x2  1080  80/40 vert
N1LU    21   20   41   13  533  x2  1066  cobra ultralite@40'
KB3AAG  34   32   66   16 1056      1056  80m loop@35'
KD2MX   18   17   35   14  490  x2   980  600' loop@20'
K3RLL   18   16   34   14  476  x2   952  indoor dpl
N4ESS   17   16   33   14  462  x2   924  160 dpl@50'  
VE3MO   29   25   54   16  864       864  windom@50'
KA2KGP  20   20   40    9  360  x2   720  gnd mtd vert, dpl@??'
N8XMS   15   15   30   12  360  x2   720  r7 vert
W9CC    15   15   30   12  360  x2   720  80m loop@15'
NF8M    16   16   32   10  320  x2   640  80 ocf dpl@35'
KB1PBA  14   14   28   11  308  x2   616  67' dpl@28'
KD2JC   15   15   30   10  300  x2   600  40 loop@30',g5rv@33'
WB8LZG  17   17   34   11  374 x1.5  561  dpl@30'
K2ZC    13   12   25   11  275  x2   550  dpl@30'
KC2JKU  15   12   27   10  270  x2   540  g5rv@??'
K1IEE   12   12   24   11  264  x2   528  g5rv@30'
N8IUP   14   12   26   10  260  x2   520  40 dlta loop@25'  
WA2OQJ  12   11   23    9  207  x2   414  80 dpl@25'
KQ1P    10   10   20    9  180  x2   360  80m ef@??'
WA8SAN  16   16   32   11  352       352  g5rv@25'
AC8AP   11   10   21    8  168  x2   336  40 invv@20'
N1IMW   10   10   20    8  160  x2   320  ocf dpl@23'
WM4X    10   10   20    7  140  x2   280  inv v@20'
W2JEK   10   10   20    7  140  x2   280  110' ef wire@??'
K2JT     8    8   16    8  128  x2   256  132' lw@??'
WA2JSG  10   10   20    6  120  x2   240  vert@12'
W8DW    12   11   23   10  230       230  wndm@??', vert
WY3H     8    8   16    7  112  x2   224  ocf dpl@25'
NG8S     8    8   16    7  112  x2   224  dblt@30'
WB8ENE   7    7   14    7   98  x2   196  135' dblt@15'  
K3ROI    7    7   14    7   98  x2   196  gnd mtd vert
N9KR    10   10   20    9  180       180  ef zepp@??'
W4HH     8    8   16    5   80  x2   160  ocf dpl@25'
VE3KI    9    9   18    8  144       144  gnd mtd vert
VE3FUJ   6    6   12    6   72  x2   144  g5rv@35'
K4JPN    7    7   14    5   70  x2   140  80 cf zepp@32'
N8IJG    5    5   10    5   50  x2   100  inv v@30'
VE3GNU   6    6   12    4   48  x2    96  mb dpl@35'
KU4A     6    6   12    6   72        72  sloping dpl@40'
AB2ZI    4    4    8    4   32  x2    64  135' inv v@35'
N4FI     3    3    6    3   18  x2    36  115' rnd wire@20'
K9MRA    4    4    8    4   32        32  inv v@25'
KB8FE    3    2    5    3   15  x2    30  66.5' dpl@45'
AG2M     3    3    6    3   18        18  dpl@30'
W1OH     3    3    6    3   18        18  40 dblt@35'
N2COD    3    3    6    1    6  x2    12  9' mobile whip
N1QLL    3    3    6    2   12        12  windom@35'
N4OLN    2    1    3    2    6  x2    12  dpl@25'
KC2MJT   2    2    4    2    8         8  g5rv@20'
KJ4MRB   1    1    2    1    2  x2     4  Par End-Fed QRP 10/20/40@??'
K1QED    1    1    2    1    2         2  vert
@WA3AAN  15   15  30    9  270  x2   540  dpl@30'
@K2GLS   9    9   18    7  126  x2   252  dpls@20-30'
#W0EJ    5    5   10    5   50        50  g5rv@45'

SWA Category - Central Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
W5YDM   38   33   71   17 1207  x2  2414  40 dpl@22'
K9OSC   29   29   58   16  928  x2  1856  cf zepp@30'
AA9L    21   21   42   13  546  x2  1092  trp dpl@50'
K5GQ    21   20   41   14  574 x1.5  861  ??@??'  
K0HJC   13   12   25   10  250  x2   500  cf zepp@35'
N5KIP   12   12   24    8  192  x2   384  hygain vert
W9NX    18   17   35   10  350       350  gnd mtd vert
K5JX     9    9   18    9  162 x1.5  243  gnd mtd vert
N5RDN   11   11   22    7  154 x1.5  231  80 dpl@??'
K2HT     8    8   16    6   96  x2   192  dpl@33'
NV9X     7    6   13    7   91  x2   182  v@30'
K4NVJ    7    7   14    6   84  x2   168  88' dpl@35'
KB5JO    7    7   14    4   56  x2   112  88' dblt@20'
K5JYD    6    5   11    5   55  x2   110  55' ef lw@??'
K9FO     8    7   15    7  105       105  40 dpl@50'
KB0ETU   5    5   10    5   50  x2   100  dpl@15'
KE9DR    6    6   12    3   36  x2    72  240' rnd dlta loop@45'
WB5NMZ   4    4    8    4   32  x2    64  40m vert
KK5NA    4    4    8    4   32  x2    64  EDZ@55'
KD5MMM   4    4    8    4   32  x2    64  inv v@40'
AI4VA    6    6   12    5   60        60  attic long wire
N0AZN    3    3    6    2   12  x2    24  gnd mtd vert
WA9NPS   3    2    5    2   10        10  350' horiz loop@15'
WA4AN    2    2    4    2    8         8  mobile ant
K5OAI    2    2    4    1    4         4  40 dpl@24'
@WB5UAA  9    9   18    5   90  x2   180  fld dpl@20'

SWA Category - Mountain Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
N0TA    17   17   34    9  306  x2   612  1/4w gnd mtd vert
W7GVE   13   11   24    9  216  x2   432  ocf inv v@35'
KE7YTE   9    9   18    7  126  x2   252  20' flag pole, 18' buddipole
NO2D     9    9   18    7  126       126  80 dblt@20'
AE7CG    3    3    6    3   18  x2    36  20 dpl@12'

SWA Category - Pacific Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
KA6AIL   2    2    4    2    8         8  ocf dpl@25', 125' lw@35'
K6CSL    1    1    2    1    2  x2     4  dltaloop@??', ind dpl, ind loop

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K7RE    27   25   52   16  832  x2  1664  20 3el@55', 40 dpl@45'
W0MSM   17   17   34    9  306  x2   612  40 invv@50', 20 hexbeam@30'
NI5L    12    9   21   11  231  x2   462  t6 lp@55'
NU7T     8    8   16    5   80 x1.5  120  ta33jr@30'
VE5BCS   3    3    6    2   12  x2    24  quad@??'

@ - non member, not eligible for prizes or certificates
# - check log, arrived past deadline

1st SWA Eastern: N8BB
1st SWA Central: W5YDM
1st SWA Mountain: N0TA
1st SWA Pacific: KA6AIL
1st Gain: K7RE
First time entrant high scorer: N4IY 
Knob/handle drawing: N2COD

The following appeared 5 or more times in submitted logs, but
did not submit a log themselves for whatever reason:
K1QO - 30
K2UFT - 19
W5IQS - 18
K7DD - 13
W1PID - 12
K8CV - 9
KO1U - 9
K4AVX - 8
WV1N - 8
AJ4SB - 7
KJ4FDV - 7
AE5KM - 6
K9VP - 6
N7YY - 5

We hope these folks will continue to participate AND
submit their logs in the future. Remember your listing in the
results shows the ham radio world you are a Morse Code supporter.

Logs submitted: 105 (record) 
Total participants found in cross-checking spreadsheet: 168 (record) 
Total QSO's in master cross-checking spreadsheet: 1433 (record)
States represented: 38 + France + NS, ON, SK, 

GOLDEN LOGS (perfectly formatted, all info accurate):
36 of 105 - AB2ZI, K0HJC, K1IEE, K2ZC, K4JPN, K9MRA, KA2KGP, KB1PBA,

If you're not listed as a GOLDEN LOG or your posted score is different
from what you computed and wish to know why, we'll tell you if you ask
before the end of the current month. There will no longer be any
automatic notification of score changes due to the greatly increased
participation in our sprints.
WY3H - Conditions were excellent and that's an understatement. I decided to run 800 mW and was on for only a half-hour but I'm pleased with the contacts I made in that time. Maybe next sprint I can stay the full two hours.

K3WWP - Sounded like we had even more activity this month than in our record-setting sprint last month. Visions of 60-70 QSO's danced in my head after getting 35 QSO's the first hour, but things slowed to 13 in the second hour as not many folks came to 80M and I couldn't find new stations on 40. So I came up with 5 less QSO's, but my local noise was higher this month than last. I'm just absolutely delighted the way our sprints are going. I hope we hit 100 logs again this month. That would really put us near or at the top as far as 2 hour sprints go. Maybe with all this activity, we'll have to start thinking of coming up with some kind of annual big weekend contest. Thanks to all who helped me get 4 dozen QSO's this month. Apologies to those who may have called me, but got lost in my QRN.

K2HT - Thunderstorms in Missouri forced me to QRT Sprint early.

WA9NPS - First Sprint in quite awhile. Rusty so was my paddle hi. 73's & 72's

KB0ETU - First time in Sprint and had fun. Hope all the numbers are entered correctly.

N1LU - Lots of noise but the signals were strong too. Thanks to those who pulled my half watt out of the mud. FT817 @ 500 mW to a Cobra Ultralite Dipole

NF8M - Strange condx tonite. Not so much noisy but hard to copy sigs. QSB es QRM.

K3RLL - Odd but interesting conditions this evening for Sprint: 20 was open late, but almost nothing heard on 40 except a couple very patient and skilled ops including K3WWP pulling me out of the noise. Having 20 meters open this evening was really pleasant. See you next month. 72/73 ... Don

KB5JO - Fun sprint, wish band conditions were better here and had more time.

VE3FUJ - As usual I had fun, I heard W9CC calling me but no stats, then he was gone, Sorry. Band got busy abt 0050 on and off. I called K3WWP many times, but no Cigars. (never heard you - K3WWP) Brion

NO2D - New, lower doublet not hearing or heard as well, but works fine to promote domestic tranquility. Also, walking dogs when 20 meters is hot not the brightest idea I've ever had! Otherwise, as always, lots of fun. Conditions good. Pete

NV9X - 40 was very crowded. That is a gud thing. Missed last 45 minutes or so.

KK5NA - Only got a few but good fun! Rig = K3 @ 5W Ant = EDZ @ 55' Flameproof Straight Key

WA2JSG - Nice sprint, as always. Rig: IC703 turned down to 5 watts to a vertical. 12v battery. Bencher straight key.

KD5MMM - 20 was ok, 40 a bit noisy. Fun as always. 73 All

N5RDN - Got a late start but sure had fun. Tried for N8QY but could never get him, boy he was strong. Worked Ivin W9ILF, good to hear him again. Thanks to all that put up with me. 73 Rob

KC2JKU - I hope I did this right. This is my first time. A lot of fun. I may be off some on the time sorry. Not sure if I understand Mutiipliers

K9OSC - Another great sprint. Glad to see so many members on. Conditions were good which was a nice surprise.

KB0ETU - I think the last 45 minutes, the 20 meter band died, or at least at my QTH. Not many contacts, but it was fun.

WA2OQJ - Was loads of fun! Improved from my 1st sprint but not happy with my performance! (That's a sign of a good contester. We should never be completely happy and always strive to do better - K3WWP) shooting for 20 but was hoping to make at least 15 Q's....Wasted too much time looking for clear spots on 40, should have just stuck to S&P....made at least 1 QSO on each band this time...Glad to see more action this month on 80! Thanks to one and all, loads of fun and cant wait till next month!!! Thanks to all

W0MSM - my first sprint with NAQCC...had so much fun I wrked right thru a t-storm!!!!wrong I know..but...had a great line to AZ they were all strong here in MO...a good crowd on 40m when I moved down there,a lot of gud signals from all over...look forward to more contacts and more fun in the sprints as a new QRP fan!!!tnx all from Mark

K6CSL - Band conditions stinking. Lots of QRN from thunder storms in local Sierra Foothills. I spent the first hour on 20, with no luck. Finally worked these 2 on 40 the last 20 minutes of the event. Where did the sunspots go? Bert

KD2MX - This one didn't quite live up to last month's event but a good time was still had. 20M was a lot of fun...not so much 40M, and I worked some locals on 80.

KE9DR - Got a late start. 80 and 40 QRN very bad, we had some storms close by. Stayed with 20 all nite. Some very nice signals, VE5BCS was booming. Like always enjoyed it FB. Tnx es 73 Bert.

W4KRN - Good condx on 40m. Used my Begali Spark straight key. Thanks to all I made a contact with. Had a fun time.

N0AZN - Great fun even with S7+ noise level, thanks to all and I hope to work more Sprints.

K0HJC - Spent the whole sprint on 20. There was no QRN, some QSB. Good signals. Great fun!

KA6AIL - I did better than I did last month. Not by much.

AE7CG - On 20M, band conditions were poor. Most of the stations I heard were affected by QSB and QRN. The trick to making QSOs was to wait for the QSB "peaks," and for the QRN to recede. Having a 2-hour operating window for the sprint event was more than sufficient for these techniques to be used. Thanks to NAQCC for another fun event!

AA2YV - A very good night; stayed on 40 all the way; checked out 20 and 80, but they were dead here in western NY; used my HW-9 again; nothing heard from out west

N4IY - My first sprint. Static levels made copy difficult in the second hour and conditions were a little better than fair. I really enjoyed it. 73, Terry

KD2JC - Started off well for the first 45 minutes but slowed down after that. 40 meters became noisy here and 80 meters was unproductive for me. Rapped it up early. I still look forward to this lil Sprint every month. 73

W9ILF - Rig: Elecraft K2. A great sprint tonight. 20M was good at the beginning but as usual went away earlier than I hoped. 40M was the band for me. I tried a full 1/4 wave vertical instead of my usual 6 BTV antenna for 40M. Everything was stronger including noise so if anything I hope my signal out was better. I sure enjoyed working K7RE in SD. Just one station on 80M at the end (N8FM thanks for working though that band with me). I felt things went well for me and I had a good time. See you all next month.

AI4VA - FT 817 running 5 watts to an Attic Long Wire. 40 Meters was a little rough this time. Great Sprint, thanks to all!

KQ1P - Good conditions last night, nice to have 20M open again. Amusing details found in my log- comparing the April and May sprints I worked W2SH both times as QSO number 9 and I worked AA2YV at the exact same times. Until next time, 73. John

WB8ENE - Kind of noisy here this time, but the signals were mostly S8. I had 7 contacts with hams from 7 different states, and 2 of them were female! Unusual. See you in the next sprint, when I hope to have my new K3 that I ordered at the Dayton Hamvention. 73, Art

KB3AAG - 15 minutes before the start time I worked Florida on twenty and received a 589. I figured I was running too much power so I turned down to 4/10 of a watt. Start time I called cq for 15 minutes on 20 and never heard a peep? Went to 40 noisey but the best band, shooda stayed there. 80 not very productive but I did get John there! To the 8 station, much sorry just could not dig out your call! Another good sprint,Thanks to all. Frank 73

K1IEE - Spent some time between 20 and 40. Enjoyed reaching out of the North East on 20 but 40 seemed to be the place to be. Rig was Heathkit HW-9 at 4 watts. Thanks to all for the contacts. Had a great time. 73 Dick

VE3GNU - Band conditions in this 'part of the woods' i.e. eastern Ontario, can be difficult at the 'best of times'---but conditions on 40 were just wonderful for a change! Thanks to all!

WB8LZG - Great sprint condx tonight. 20 was open nicly es stayed open past 9pm local here. 40 was "standing room only". lots of different activity on 40 but lots of QRP sigs too. never did get to 80. I usually use a straight key fer these sprints but tonight i had to try out my new key. I made a deal wid Scott Robbins of Vibroplex on a barter for some of my wood finger pieces. I'm now the proud owner of a Vibroplex double key deluxe with the 1st Tennessee plate on one. Kinda neat to have a little piece of amateur radio history. It was a little different feel, but my fist is a tad "bug" rusty for sure. Tns to all who put up wid my keyng errors. I can tell wid a little practice this one is a winner.Sure felt gud to use a bug agn. Hope to see u all next sprint. 73 Gregg

N2COD - Wow,... 40 m. sounded like Field Day with so many QSO's! 40 was busy, too bad I had to cut it short & QRT early on a prior commitment. 73

KA2KGP - 40m. was great with most QSO's there, had a few on 20m. & 80m. too. Lots of activity here in WNY with decent conditions on 40.

N1IMW - Delighted to join my fellow naqcc'ers during this fun May sprint. After a few attempts I've finally made a sprint, and logged a fair number (not just 1 or 2)and logged it!. I still need to get a wire up for 80 (on the road a lot during he week). Many thanks to all the stations that worked me and hung in through the occasional noise and signal weak points. Hope to work you next month !

W5YDM - K1/5w/40m dipole at 22ft. 20m was quiet and had good signals. 40m was noisy with lightning crashes but had wall-to-wall signals. I had to pass up a lot of contacts because several stations called me at once. In the last minute of the sprint, I was getting one call right after another, but ran out of time..where were all of you earlier? John, K3WWP, you were about as inaudible as you could possibly be.. so weak I hope that was really you. (Yup, that was me - tnx for the QSO and the TX mult. They helped a lot - K3WWP) I guess it was because as soon as we cleared, I heard a pile-up trying to get you.

NG8S - Great fun and better condx this time. Finally remembered it was Wed. night not Thurs.

KB1PBA - My first Sprint/contest event. Had a great time and need more practice wid straight key!! I think my PFR-3A did a super job. Many tnx to organizers and participants. Looking forward to joining the continuing activities. 73, Peter

K9IRO - The 40 M band had good propagation in the Midwest but with plenty of atmospheric noise. 569 and 579 reports were plentiful and restored my belief in QRP operation. 80 M was way too noisy at my QTH to be useable; summer conditions have arrived.

WA1LWS - Conditions were good in Maryland. 20 was open until 10pm local. Worked our newest member Mark, W0MSM. Welcome aboard.

K4JPN - Got a late start and very heavy QRN here in GA. 72, Steve

AG2M - QRN here 80 & 40M

W8DW - Conditions were tuff in this part of the woods but still had fun.

KU4A - Wow, 40m was jam-packed. QSOs on top of QSOs. Almost sounded like a QRO contest :-).

K7RE - At the beginning of the Sprint, 20M was in very good shape. When it died out, I switched to 40M, but the thunderstorm QRN was pretty bad. I made just a few QSO's, with great difficulty, and then decided to call it quits at 0213. I didn't even try 80M with all the static crashes bad enough on 40M. My apologies to those who called me on 40M, it was very tough for me to copy even the stronger QRP signals. I used my ATS III B and simple hand key made from a large paper clip. I really thought that I may have lost my straight key skills, but it all came back, and even with the simple key, my wrist never really get too tired. My power supply was 8 AA Nimh cells, some of which are over 8 years old! It was all way too much fun!

N8XMS - This was the first sprint workout for my recently completed Elecraft K2 and I am very impressed with the radio. In keeping with the challenge for this month I decided to run QRPp with 900 mW. I am sure that I would have easily gone over 20 QSOs but a phone call from my daughter cost me almost all of the last half-hour of the sprint - ARGH! I had a great time and especially enjoyed working one of our newest members - KB1PBA, #4576. Welcome to the NAQCC Peter.

AA4W - About an hour into the Sprint the power went out! But I was glad to hear the great turnout. 20 meters was good but 40 was crowded, as usual. I never made it to 80.

KE7YTE - Thanks for a good evening folks.

KJ4MRB - My first sprint/contest. Learned a lot, and thanks to those that put up with my rookie fist. 73

N8BB - I decided to park my fanny on one spot and hold on for dear life. Got through some nasty digital (oh how I am getting to hate digital)qrm, then some obvious intentional qrm but I still hung on for that one spot.It actually worked out great for the best score ever for me, although most signals were not as good as last month. Had to really press the headphones on hard to dig a few out, oh yeah Tom, that was a toughie but now I know why it was a strain with 800mw,hi. Thanks to John and Tom, always nice to work 1 and 2 on the same night. 58 Q's on 40 and a mad rush to get over 60 Q's with 6 on 80 meters at the close. My mystery ant is a shorty and falls in the SWA class, believe me my fellow hammies, I am not running a yagi at 500 feet, just pushing my limits and the K3 is also a good reason for the good ears. So many great ears out there doing a great job to not give my a appreciation to. Thanks again. Werner

K4NVJ - Short time.

WM4X - Lots of activity on 20m (big signal from K7RE) and 40m but nothing on 80m here in Stafford, VA. Used the NYE Master Key and the ICOM 703+. Looking forward to next month!

AA9L - Stayed on 40 meters. Very busy band and good cndx.

KC2MJT - 40 was squirrely. worked John K3WWP 33N with heavy QRN and then heard him 5 minutes later 599+ sounded like he was in the next room. (That often happens with my indoor antenna. It can produce strong sigs, but is susceptible to QSB much more than the big high outdoor antennas which produce consistently solid strong sigs for every minute of the full two hours. - K3WWP)

W2JEK - used my oak hills ohr-500 at 1 watt on 40 and 80m. made 8 qso on 40 and 2 on 80. 40m seemed to be the better band. very little activity on 80m. got 10 more points for the may challenge. 72 and 73 don younger w2jek #1135

N9KR - Great conditions on 40 in southern Indiana. Lots of NAs heard. We could bust 100 logs again.

WA1GPO - My first sprint! It was fun but I need to keep working on my CW !!

W1OH - Wow, spent about 7 minutes on the air before getting pulled away. Missed the last couple of sprints, so had to get on to show that I'm still alive!! But sounded like there was plenty of activity on 40M (all in about 3 khz - love my K2 selectivity)! Worked K3WWP for my second contact - thanks, John. (You're certainly welcome Geoff - K3WWP)


K4ORD - Started on 20M made 15qso's in 50min then to 40M which was loaded with naqcc stations made 36 more contacts ran out of time before stations to work. John your e-mail notices before the sprint is really working. (Looks that way. When conditions improve, maybe we'll hit the 150+ logs area - K3WWP) Thanks & 73/72 to all, Riley

W2SH At the start 20m was totally silent, so I cursed the lousy conditions and quickly reached for the band switch. A couple of hours later I discovered that the coax leading to my inverted L antenna which I use on 20m had remained disconnected after my return from FDIM and Dayton. Oh dear, another one of those darned senior moments that cost me those far-away multipliers. Using the 80m dipole I found 40m was nicely busy, but it pooped out for the final half hour. Periodically I checked 80m and it was always in wretched condition. I could barely copy K3WWP; his 80m signal has never been worse. It was the same with the two NJ stations I managed to contact. It was a treat to work K4AVX after our eyeball QSO in Dayton five days earlier.

K9FO - Only had less than an hour. 40 was very good. had a guest in the shack, W9YNI, who enjoyed my making a few contacts with my new paddle. Hope to get in a full effort next time. 72/73 Will

K1QED - This was my slow start, but I need to improve my radio's selectivity. I heard a lot of "CQ NA" out there, so for me it's the beginning... Thanks Bob

VE5BCS - The first 97 minites i couldn't raise a soul so had to run up the power to 5watts then got 559 from ni5l and 599 from ke9dr 559 from k7dd go figure. I enjoyed last 23 minites tnx to my 3 contacts. Rig ft7

NI5L - QRN was bad here and I got a late start. Had fun anyway. 73 de NI5L

N4ESS - 20 was packed as well as 40 here in WCF but 80 had to much static to be used. FT-817 through a tuner to a 160m dipole @ 50 using a Speed-X straight key. Rich

K5JX - Signals on 20 were sounding good. I got to operate for only about 30 minutes but had a lot of fun, nevertheless. I'm looking forward to the next one. 73. Rene

N4OLN - Trying to get use to the exchange but I will keep trying.

VE3MO - Here's my log, possibly a little late BUT I was away on my fishing week and just got home last night to submit it. Use it as a check log if necessary. Anyway, my best DX was Andy in France (F3NB) who called me - always a blast to have DX answer your "CQ".

W0EJ - I was only able to be on for a few minutes but still had a good time. See you all next month. 72 Bill 2271

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

RULES specific to this month's sprint:

Date and time:
Thursday, May 20, 0030-0230Z

The winner, to be decided by drawing among all who submit a valid log, gets a choice of paddle handles, straight key knobs, and/or K2 knob inserts donated by Gregg WB8LZG. See the Prizes page in the Main section of the web site for details and pictures.

Here's how the drawing is made. In all sprints for our records we number the participants consecutively from highest to lowest score. We'll then use the random number generator feature of Excel to pick a number from those numbers.

That way, the winner could be the one with the highest score, the lowest score, or anything in between. So be sure to submit a log no matter your score if you are interested in winning these beautiful hand-crafted items. We've given Gregg's masterpieces away before and every winner has commented on their beauty and usefulness.

A member can only win once, then becomes ineligible after that.

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be RECEIVED before 2400Z on the Sunday following the sprint. So submit as soon as possible, especially regular mail entries.

Preferred method of submitting your log and report is our on-line autologger.