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Mar 2010 Straight Key/Bug Sprint (#65)

Final Official Results
SWA Category - Eastern Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
N8BB    31   30   61   19 1159  x2  2318  mystery ant@50'!
K3WWP   32   31   63   17 1071  x2  2142  ~110 attic rnd wire
K4ORD   40   38   78   21 1638      1638  40dpl@40',160dpl@35',610'lw@40'
W2SH    25   25   50   16  800  x2  1600  inv L 85'+85'
KA2KGP  26   26   52   15  780  x2  1560  5b gnd mtd vert,dpl@??'
KC2EGL  20   19   39   14  546  x2  1092  fld dpl@25'
KD2JC   19   19   38   14  532  x2  1064  40m loop,g5rv@??'
NF8M    16   16   32   13  416  x2   832  80m ocf dpl@35'
N4FI    15   15   30   12  360  x2   720  115' rnd wire@20'
W9CC    14   14   28   10  280  x2   560  80m loop@15'
VE3MO   15   15   30   11  330 x1.5  495  ocf inv v@40'
VE3FUJ  14   13   27    9  243  x2   486  g5rv@42',33' vert@12'
W2JEK   15   15   30    8  240  x2   480  40 dpl@20',80 110'efw@20'
N8XMS    9    9   18    6  108  x2   216  r7 vert
K4JPN    6    6   12    6   72  x2   144  80 cf zepp@32'
WB8LZG   6    6   12    6   72  x2   144  lw@30', inv L@30'
KD2MX    6    6   12    5   60  x2   120  600' loop@25'
WB8ENE   6    6   12    5   60  x2   120  135' dblt@15'
N2COD    7    7   14    4   56  x2   112  9' mobile whip
KU4A     8    8   16    7  112       112  80sloper@40',40slp dpl@40'
K3RLL    8    7   15    7  105       105  ind 30' dpl
WY3H     4    4    8    4   32  x2    64  ocf dpl@25'
W1OH     6    6   12    4   48        48  40 dblt@35'
AA4W     2    2    4    2    8  x2    16  40m vee@??'
KQ1P     2    2    4    2    8  x2    16  inv vee@40'
AI3G     3    2    5    3   15        15  28' ind rnd wire
$AA2YV/9 7    7   14    6   84  x2   168  80 inv v zepp@50'

$-Check log, received past deadline, see soapbox

SWA Category - Central Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
W5YDM   30   28   58   20 1160  x2  2320  40m dpl@18'
AA9L    21   21   42   14  588  x2  1176  trp dpl@??'
K0HJC   19   19   38   14  532  x2  1064  cf zepp@35'
WD0K    21   19   40   15  600 x1.5  900  delta loop@36'
K0MDS   12   12   24   11  264  x2   528  windom@35'
K5GQ    15   13   28   11  308 x1.5  462  dpl@18'
NF9D    10   10   20    8  160  x2   320  80 loop@35'
WB5NMZ  15   14   29   10  290       290  40m vert,80m dpl@35'
WA9VEE   7    7   14    6   84  x2   168  200' lw@35'
N5RDN    6    6   12    5   60 x1.5   90  elev gnd pln, dpl
AA9WP    3    3    6    3   18  x2    36  80' dpl@15'
KD5MMM   3    3    6    2   12  x2    24  inv v@40'

SWA Category - Mountain Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

SWA Category - Pacific Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
NU7T     9    9   18    7  126  x2   252  90' inv@25'
KE7YTE   4    3    7    4   28  x2    56  20 vert dpl@18',flagpole@20'
K6CSL    3    3    6    3   18        18  dlta loop,ind dpl,ind hor loop
*KI6FEN  2    2    4    2    8  x2    16  g5rv@30'


Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna

1st SWA Eastern: N8BB
1st SWA Central: W5YDM
1st SWA Mountain: n/a
1st SWA Pacific: NU7T
1st Gain: n/a
First time entrant high scorer: No first time entrants
Knob/handle drawing: KD2MX

The following appeared 5 or more times in submitted logs, but
did not submit a log themselves for whatever reason:
W3IK - 15
N4SAM - 14
K2MO - 10
WA4AN - 9
W7IEX - 8
N9GGE - 7
VE5DC - 6
AA2YV - 6

We hope these folks will continue to participate AND
submit their logs in the future. Remember your listing in the
results shows the ham radio world you are a Morse Code supporter.

Logs submitted: 43 
Total participants found in cross-checking spreadsheet: 72 
Total QSO's in master cross-checking spreadsheet: 544
States represented: 31 + ON, SK

If anyone wishes a list of errors found in cross-checking their
log, email K3WWP. If any errors cause a scoring change, you
will be notified automatically.

GOLDEN LOGS: This is a new feature and I think there will be a prize
associated with it in the coming months. These folks submitted what I
consider a perfect or 'golden' log. That is a log that was formatted
exactly as required in the rules and contained no errors of any

K3WWP - OK now did a lot of you forget to turn off your KW amps when you went to 80M? HI. I don't think I've ever heard virtually everyone on 80M so strong in one of our sprints. Because of computer logging, I usually give everyone a 569 in our sprints, but tonight I just had to give out some 599's, and should have given 599's to about 20 or so of the 25 I worked on 80M. In a switcheroo, my ears were assaulted not by QRN but by signals this evening. HI. Anyway great to work all of you. Looks like another great sprint for the NAQCC.

AA4W - I heard a few stations on 40 meters but the digital stations were wide tonight for some reason and the QRM from them will give one a headache. They would never hear us because they operate with their volume turned off. Just sending in a check log.

KC2EGL - Things started off slowly here in Brookville Pa. Things picked up for a nice period of time then slowed down again only to pick up once again. Thanks to all who worked me through the noise here in WPA. I apologize for not being able to dig out the signals down in the mud. Once again I bagged the NAQCC V.P. John K3WWP. See you on the radio next month. 73 Mike

AA9L - Nice conditions on 40 and not bad on 80. That last QSO started b4 the bell but lasted beyond.

NF8M - Gud to hear lots of sigs es lower noise. No trouble tonite.

KD2MX - Wow! Ten minutes of great sprint fun. I walked in the house at 0215, turned on the radio, plugged in the key and heard some sprinters. Signals were all true 599s tonight so it sounds like I missed a good one. Well not quite. My score in ten minutes tonight beats a few of my most dismal black hole outings. I didn't even have time to start up GENLOG so I used the old-fashioned pencil and paper method of logging (which is actually kind of fun).

K6CSL - That was fun. Just wish I could have worked a few more. Bert

NU7T - I had 10 over noise on 80 and S-5 to S-9 on 40m. 20m was open to NY and NJ, thank you. A Bencher RJ-2 without a knob; just a skirt.

VE3FUJ - Jolly good going Chaps. I think there were 1 - 2 I didn't make out Sorry, thank to all that I made contact with, nice to hear you on John. See you all next Month. Brion

KI6FEN - Did all of about 5 minutes of operating tonight, but qrp is always fun. I managed to work my first "1" area station on qrp just after the contest was over (thanks kb1cl). Nice to work the straight key - I've been trying to use the bug to get my receive speed up.

W5YDM - I lost the first 38 minutes because I forgot it was sprint night. Also the K1 had the 30m/17m board in it and I didn't have time to change it back to the 40m/20m so I had to use my boat anchor (FT-101ZD)instead.

K3RLL - Working with antenna restricted imposed indoor antenna is challenging enough, but how do you keep the telephone from ringing during our Sprints? HI 40 meters sounded pretty good tonight - not so much digital QRM tonight. Thanks for all those patient ops who pulled my signal out of the noise. ... 73 - Don

WD0K - Greetings All! Wonderful codx here in Lil Canada. Enjoyed all the gud ops. Finally had to revert to the ole bug so my ctks cud copy my rpt. Gads my fist is going from worse to impossible! Worked some new members of the qrp world. Wecome to them. Thanks to all that worked my station. 72's Rich

K5GQ - Hear 3 stations on 20M; no one answered when I called. (K3MO can you hear me?) Called CQ and quit after working one station. 40M was Ok for about 40 minutes then the noise came. Just could not pull out the stations. Do not have an effective 80 M antenna.

WB8LZG - Very busy condx fer this one. Started out on 20 just as it was fading away. 40 was a mass hysteria of cw, rtty, psk31, es a few others i didnt have time to decode. Lots of QRM. 80 was the best fer QSOs but was vy busy also wid regular Qs. Could barely find any spot to squeeze in. Guess thats a good sign, but didnt get many in the log.only got to play radio fer an hour so somewhat dissapointing score. Hope to see u all next sprint. 73 Gregg

WB8ENE - 40 meters was noisy here but I did manage to bag a couple. Looks like 80 was the place to be. Nice to work you again Werner.

N2COD - Good band conditions here in WNY. Only had time for the first hour from my mobile (parked in my driveway). Nice Sprint & a good turnout!

N5RDN - TKS had fun. 73 Rob

KD2JC - Long time since I've worked this Sprint. Met some old friends and made a few new ones. 40 was long for a time. 80 was good despite QRN. Last half-hour kinda died out. Thanks to all that worked me. 72.

KQ1P - This sprint was a case of hearing many but working few. I expected better yield for the generally improving HF conditions, but deep QSB on 40M was a problem for me last night. On 80M QRN was a steady S7, so I had no success there at all. I ran 3 watts and next month I plan to use 1 or 2 watts (if I can't make many contacts at 3 watts, might as well make it harder?). 73.

KA2KGP - Another nice sprint. Very good turnout & good bands = lots-o-fun ! Rig: IC-7000 at 5w. into AT-7000 tuner with either a ground mounted 5 band vertical or 5 band dipole.

WA9VEE - Condx creeping up better. Missed 2 at noise level but others were in the clear. Things got quiet after 1st hour so I bailed. Maybe my imagination but participation seemed light.

K4JPN - Conditions poor here in Georgia, called and listened on 40M and 160M (??- our sprints only use 80-40-20 - K3WWP) and nothing heard or worked. Even 80M was rough copy for most stations. 72, Steve

AI3G - Elecraft KX-1 at 3 watts, 28' random wire antenna in garage. 20 meters seemed dead from the start. 40 meters was open until 0200 then died. Still had fun working a few stations. 73 Doug

N8XMS - I was so tired after work that it was tough to even start the sprint. I ended up operating for about an hour. Conditions seemed to be OK but for some reason I didn't hear very many participants. I only had 7 QSOs on 40 meters and another 2 on 80. (A real 80 meter antenna would help!) I was hoping to meet a bunch of the new members who have recently joined the club but everyone that I worked was someone that I have met before, and my highest membership number was only 2534. Hopefully some of those 4K membership numbers will start to show up in my log soon. Oh well, it's always a lot of fun no matter what the results! CUL and 73, Paul.

W2SH - It wouldn't have been a proper Saint Patrick's day without Murphy! Here he visited twice. My principal antenna, an 80m CF sloping dipole, that always performs magnificently, received signals but refused to load on any band. (A day later this turned out to be "cockpit error". Prior to several days' absence, I'd disconnected and grounded this antenna, or so I thought. A day after the sprint I discovered that what I had really disconnected and grounded inside the shack were four feet of twin-lead unconnected after passing through the basement wall to the outside. Four feet of twin lead received signals nicely, but wouldn't load the transmitter on any HF band). Alas, Murphy struck again with an intestinal bug that required unexpected and frequent changes of this op's QTH to be made rapidly from the shack to the throne room. 20m was open at the start but after just one 7-land QSO, 5s, 6s and other 7s couldn't hear me. 40m was unstable and there were some busted QSOs where my "sri" probably went unheard. 80m proved reliable, but my inverted L performed poorly for short and medium distances. An unexpected event was working two Nevada stations, one on 20, the other on 40. Prior to this sprint, I had never had a Nevada QSO in ham radio. (WOW, that's neat Chas - congrats - K3WWP)

AA9WP - After working the Wisconsin QSO party on Sunday I was expecting better results. Started 30 minutes late but 40 meters was quiet around here. Heard W5YDM but he could not here me until I worked him near the end of the contest. Tried running on 80 and had two qso's (thank you). Interesting how the soapbox comments vary on the conditons and what could be heard. Will give it try again next month. Elecraft K1, 5 watts, straight key and 80 foot dipole.

W2JEK - bands seemed noisy here. at 0200z the 80m band became quieter. i think some electrical device was causing qrn and was shut off. our area had many trees and wires down due to the storm. i lost power saturday evening and got it back late tuesday afternoon. 72 and 73 don younger w2jek #1135

NF9D - Started on 20 - could barely hear stations in the noise and then K5GO came booming in 59 +. The PSK stations on 40 were spread right thru the middle of the freq. range, so 40 was pretty much a waste. But 80 was very quiet here, with most stations coming in at 599

N8BB - I had fun once again.40 meters was pretty rough so I only had 1 Q, K0EX. 80 meters was the best band for me with 30 Q's but they came in a big bunch then the last half hour was truly a struggle. Thanks to Art WB8ENE for the 4th Q in two days, John K3WWP had a very nice signal and AA2YV/9 was a pleasant surprise. I wish everyone has as much fun as I do when I work qrp, best bunch of hams there are. Looking forward to the next sprint and maybe I can get some 20 meter contacts in. 72es all Werner

KD5MMM - Just made a few, again. Worked K3WWP, tnx John. 73 all .. (my pleasure - K3WWP)

K4ORD - Started on 20m,band seemed open, tried for about 10 minutes but no luck calling cq so went down to 40m and had a good run. Later at 0112Z went back to 20m and got K6CSL in CA. 80M-18qso's, 40M-22qso's, 20M-1qso. Lots of fun, 73

KU4A - GREAT condx for the first time in a long time. All stations worked were loud. As often happens, my last QSO was with K3WWP before I shutdown and headed to bed. It was the perfect ending to a perfect evening.

K0HJC - Good conditions! Heard a few signals on 20, no NA answers. 40 was good until 0145, then strange. Sorry, KA2KGP, I just could not get through the QRM at that time. Went to 80 to finish up. Bear with me, guys, the fist will improve! Thanks!

W1OH - Great to get on for a short time after missing the last couple of sprints! Conditions on 80M seemed pretty good here on Cape Cod. Thanks, NAQCC!

AA2YV - Well, this upload is going in late. Couldn't get back from Indy to my computer in NY to file in time. Anyhoo, the story is interesting: I operated from the penthouse patio of the famous "Turnverein" (German athletic association, built 1879)on Meridian Av. in Indy. Looking south to the new Library and the WWI Memorial at city center. The inverted V came down into thorny rose bushes. One dipole leg got caught on a medieval-looking gargoyle, and I retrieved my antenna only the next morning (police stn dwn the st, HI HI.) Was close to big flood lights; my noise floor was S-8 or something. Lotsa work to set up, but it was loads of fun. Wouldn't'a missed it. Bill (We appreciate your dedication to our sprints and the club. Although you couldn't be eligible for any awards, I am counting your log in our stats. Thanks! - K3WWP)

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

RULES specific to this month's sprint:

Date and time:
Thursday, March 18, 0030-0230Z

The winner, to be decided by drawing among all who submit a valid log, gets a choice of paddle handles, straight key knobs, and/or K2 knob inserts donated by Gregg WB8LZG. See the Prizes page in the Main section of the web site for details and pictures.

Here's how the drawing is made. In all sprints for our records we number the participants consecutively from highest to lowest score. We'll then use the random number generator feature of Excel to pick a number from those numbers.

That way, the winner could be the one with the highest score, the lowest score, or anything in between. So be sure to submit a log no matter your score if you are interested in winning these beautiful hand-crafted items. We've given Gregg's masterpieces away before and every winner has commented on their beauty and usefulness.

A member can only win once, then becomes ineligible after that.

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be RECEIVED before 2400Z on the Sunday following the sprint. So submit as soon as possible, especially regular mail entries.

Preferred method of submitting your log and report is our on-line autologger.