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Jun 18, 2009 Straight Key/Bug Sprint (mW Special)

Final Official Results:
SWA Category
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K9JWV    8    8   16    7  112  x2  224   40m dpl@25'
WY3H     4    4    8    4   32  x2   64   ocf dipole@30'
KJ4IC    4    4    8    4   32  x2   64   102' dblt@30'
KA2KGP   5    5   10    3   30  x2   60   gnd mtd vert
NV4B     4    4    8    3   24  x2   48   g5rv@30'
KB3AAG   6    6   12    4   48       48   80m loop@35'
K3WWP    3    3    6    3   18  x2   36   attic ~110' random wire
KC2EGL   3    3    6    1    6  x2   12   fld dpl@25'
WD0K     2    1    3    2    6 x1.5   9   dlta loop@36'
W5YDM    2    2    4    1    4        4   g5rv jr.@30'
N9QU     1    1    2    1    2  x2    4   115' rnd wire@20'
KQ1P     1    0    1    1    1  x2    2   inv V@30'
KD0V     0    0    0    0    0  x2    0   g5rv@45'
@VA2SG   3    3    6    3   18       18   hf9v vert

@-"QRO" 5 watts ineligible for any award or certificate

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K4BAI    7    7   14    5   70  x2  140   th6dxx@55' 88'cf zepp@50'

1st SWA: K9JWV
2nd SWA (if no Gain entries): 
1st Gain: K4BAI
WY3H - Bad thunderstorms almost dashed hopes of getting on the air, but ended a few minutes into the sprint. However, QRM and QRN were pretty fierce. Managed to work 1 20M and 3 40M QSO's. After numerous attempts I finally got through to K9JWV. Also I'm glad I finally beat John K3WWP in something.

K3WWP - I guess you could call my effort in this sprint about eighth-hearted. It was nowhere near even half-hearted. As you'll read in other soapbox entries from this area, we had severe thunderstorms and even a tornado watch during the sprint. That plus my attic antenna plus I can't run QRPp on 20M kind of destroyed my enthusiasm for the sprint. So I just got on long enough to keep from being shut out and to help out a couple members with a QSO, then called it quits. I really can't even say it was fun. It was an effort to just make those QSO's. I only called CQ a few times to attract Tom WY3H who was S&P. I couldn't have heard any replies otherwise, and I hope no one did answer any of my few CQ's that I didn't hear. If you did, I apologize.

KJ4IC - I pulled out the HW-9 and had a great time. It's amazing what 1 watt will do. 5 watts almost seems like cheating! 20m was nice and quiet in NC, but 40m and 80m were full of storm QRN. CU next month - 73, Bob

KQ1P - This QRPp contest was fun and I started off with a great QSO. Plenty of QRN and deep QSB here. After one other successful contacts, and I only copied 4 different calls. Just that one contact made scoring easy! Next time perhaps will be better. 73 John

W5YDM - Good thing KB3AAG showed up. He's the entrant I heard the whole hour.

KC2EGL - The conditions here were terrible. Thunderstorms rolling through the area made for a very poor night for operating. I wish one of our members would listen as he/she is calling CQ NA. This one operator (who will remain nameless) could have been perched on top of the reactor's at Three Mile Island and would have never known if the place had erupted. 1/10 of a second between CQ's is not sufficient time to listen for a answer to your CQ. Please remember that listening is just as important as calling CQ. Don, it was nice hearing you back in PA. Don't forget the upcoming club meeting and field day. You are more than welcome to sit behind the key and pound away. Operated my K-2 using a US Navy Flameproof key. Thanks for the fun. I have missed participating in the NAQCC sprints. 73 Mike

KD0V - Noise level was S5 on 20M. I heard a few station in the noise, but could not copy. At 0015 K0HJC who lives about 4 mile northwest of me spotted a wall cloud and the sprint was over. We were under a tornado watch from 2345Z 6/17/09. Several wall clouds were in the area, but no extreme weather in the county. By the time the storm cells were out of the county the sprint was over. Skywarn spotting is another phase of ameteur radio.

K4BAI - Missed the first 33 minutes of the milliwatt sprint due to a dinner out with family. Sorry to miss more than half of it, but it was fun for the last 27 minutes. 20M was good, but not much activity. 40M had very high QRN levels. Nice to work Jim, K9JWV, portable in MI away from his home in UT. 73

KB3AAG - I suspect I spent too much time hunting a quiet band(without success)! The noise was loud, but at times the thunder in the holler was louder and the lite show was bright. still fun..I operated at 200 mills.. still worked all I could hear. Its more fun in the winter. Frank

VA2SG - On 20, copied NV4B at beginning but couldnt make contact with him. Switched to 40 but no sigs at all! Back on 20, I worked K4OSO and K4BAI with nice sigs. Back on 40 with 15 minutes to go but no call. I almost ran the entire hour, running 5 watts. Made a video here:

KA2KGP - QRPp is a tough road to be traveled by those with better hearing than me! Bands were rough here in WNY with hi QRN from approaching t-storms. Signals were low with QSB, generally tough copy all around. Still a fun mW Sprint.

K9JWV - On travel to Dearborn, MI so brought the ATS-3B and a portable dipole along. Went to a park near the hotel, found a nice high tree, tossed a water bottle full of water and string tied to the antenna over a tall branch and operated. Looked like rain but never materialized. When in a 1 watt and less event I wish people would send their call at least twice; missed at least two QSOs because I just didn't hear their call enuff times to pull all the letters or numbers out. Oh well, had fun, and LOVE my ATS-3B.

N9QU - Lots of QSB and static crashes. Heard several stations that I couldn't work. Used my K2 at 800 mw. Much fun. 73 es tnx to all. Leo

In honor of World QRP Day (June 17), we are again holding a mW sprint. We hope all who participate will publicize their efforts however they see fit to show how the NAQCC contributed to this day honoring QRP operation.

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

RULES specific to this special mW sprint:

Date and time:
Thursday Jun 18, 0000-0100 UTC
(Remember that's Wednesday evening here in the USA)

You must use 1 watt or less output power. Stations you work may use any power.

Special Award:

For 1st place SWA and Gain categories or 1st and 2nd SWA if no Gain entries.


Entry Deadline:
All entries must be RECEIVED before 2400Z on the Sunday following the sprint. So submit as soon as possible, especially regular mail entries.

Preferred method of submitting your log and report is now our new on-line autologger. For other methods see the General Sprint Rules.