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Jan 23, 2009 160M Straight Key/Bug Sprint

Final Official Results:
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final Awd 160 Antenna
KD2MX   11   11   22    6  132  x2   264     600' loop@20'
W2SH    11    9   20    6  120  x2   240     inv L 85' + 85'
W0EJ    12   11   23    7  161       161     205' g5rv@40'
KA8MPT   8    8   16    4   64  x2   128     g5rv@25'
N3AQC    7    7   14    4   56  x2   112     ~110' attic rnd wire
N4SAM    5    5   10    3   30  x2    60     inv L 60 rads @55'
W2JEK    5    5   10    3   30  x2    60     110' wire@20'
KC2EGL   6    6   12    2   24  x2    48     fld dpl@35'
W3EQ     3    3    6    3   18        18     80m dipole@60'
K3WWP    3    3    6    1    6  x2    12     ~110' attic rnd wire
WY3H     2    2    4    1    4  x2     8     windom

1st place winner: KD2MX
2nd place winner: W2SH

NOTE: Since this is a special sprint not in our regular series,
there was no cross-checking of logs nor any Top Non-Winner nor
Special Award nor time zone divisions. Just a certificate to the
first and second place finishers overall.
KC2EGL - I heard plenty of signals but very few of them were NAQCC. I was able to bag N3AQC which was operated by our Vice President John K3WWP, long time no talk to (what was it 3 hours?). (for those who don't know, Mike and I were together earlier today working on the NAQCC KX-1 Kit project - see the NAQCC newsletters for details - K3WWP) I was only able to work 3 stations in Pa and NJ. Conditions were not all that great. I wish someone would wake up 'Ole Big Red' so we can play more on the air.

N3AQC/K3WWP - I just got on for a few minutes to give out some QSO's with our club call which hasn't had much use lately, then added a couple more QSO's using my own call to help out a couple friends with an extra QSO. It's a shame the band was ruined by a lot of other activity by a special event call and some kind of (pre CQWW 160M?) other contest style activity, all with very strong signals obliterating our club members' QRP signals. We'll have to study the situation a little more carefully and maybe adjust the date for our 160M sprint in 2010.

W2JEK - lot of qrm from the pile-up just above us. hope the cq contest will have good conditions.. 72 and 73 don younger w2jek #1135

W0EJ - Thanks for the 160 sprint. The big guns were out at times but this was a hoot and they didn't beat me up too badly. I appreciate all the stations that worked me. Who'd a thunk 160? hi Can't wait to work you all again in Feb. tnx agn es 73 de W0EJ

KD2MX - Things were kind of slow so I didn't work the entire two hours. Conditions were excellent to EU. SM4CAN was just above 1810 and was so loud that I could almost imagine working him QRP. He was calling for W6/7 only so I didn't get a chance to try.

KA8MPT - I got qrm from one end of the band to the other.Some kind of special Event station. I did work john n3aqc/k3wwp for the first time, thank you john. Kd2mx had his FB signal and fists as always so did W2sh. 73 John

W2SH - Right out of the starting gate I had a snappy QSO with N4SAM. When he sent "AL", I was wowed. Alas, my enthusiasm after this initial 800-mile contact soon wilted. Apart from two QSOs with QRO stations in MI, my best QRP "DX" (from NJ) was 440 miles. After 45 minutes, I just listened to the same few stations, already worked, calling CQ. Perhaps the low level of activity was partly due to this 160m sprint occurring only 24 hours after the regular NAQCC sprint. (could be, but I think the interference from the special event station and whatever that other activity was right in the middle of our suggested frequency range was the main culprit - K3WWP)

N4SAM - Apologies; I think I gave out my (another club) # instead of my NAQCC # to some. I thought I would have heard more stations but it was fun anyway.

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

For this special sprint, any rules below supercede comparable rules in the General Sprint Rules.

INTRO and PREMISE for this special sprint:

We are offering a third edition of our special 160M sprint which is an annual event a day or two before the January CQWW 160M Contest similar to what the QRP ARCI does with the ARRL 160M Contest in December. We have been pleased with the popularity of previous 160M sprints and feel it is something our members really like. It is also an opportunity to do some final 160M testing before the CQ Contest. Some members don't believe QRP and simple wire antennas work well on 160M. This provides a chance for them to prove themselves wrong. QRP does work well on 160M just as on any other band, even with simple small wire antennas.

RULES specific to this sprint:

Date and time:
Friday, January 23, 2009 from 0130-0330Z which is Thursday evening here in the USA

Bands Used This Sprint:
160 meters only (1810 kHz +/- 3kHz)

Special Awards:

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be postmarked or email dated before 2400Z on Jan 29, 2009.