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Jan 2009 Straight Key/Bug Sprint (#51)

Final Official Results
SWA Category - Eastern Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K2UFT   40   37   77   20 1540  x2  3080  80m Doublet@40'
*W2SH   42   40   82   17 1394  x2  2788  80m dpl@65-5'
*K8BTD  30   25   55   19 1045  x2  2090  160m windom@50',80m wire vert
W9ILF   26   23   49   18  882  x2  1764  gnd mtd vert
K3WWP   26   22   48   15  720  x2  1440  ~110' attic random wire
N1LU    26   25   51   13  663  x2  1326  Cobra Ultralite@40'
*K4MF   22   21   43   14  602  x2  1204  80m vert,40m dpl@35'
N2ATB   26   24   50   11  550  x2  1100  g5rv@35'
K1NNJ   24   22   46   11  506  x2  1012  cobra ultralite@60'
KA2KGP  21   21   42   11  462  x2   924  5b gnd mtd vert
W2JEK   15   15   30   10  300  x2   600  110' wire@20'
KB3AAG  17   16   33   13  429       429  80m loop@35'
K9JWI   17   17   34   11  374       374  80m inv v@35'
*AC6NN  11   11   22    7  154  x2   308  80m loop@20'
K2ZC    11   11   22    7  154  x2   308  g5rv@30'
KD2MX   11   11   22    7  154  x2   308  600' loop@20'
KJ4IC    9    8   17    8  136  x2   272  4-band vert, 100' rnd wire@20'
N4FI     9    9   18    7  126  x2   252  115' rnd wire@20'
K4BAI    8    7   15    8  120  x2   240  80m inv v@35', 88' cf zepp@45'
AA4W     8    6   14    8  112  x2   224  dipole@45'   
N2COD    9    9   18    6  108  x2   216  g5rv@20'
KA8MPT   8    6   14    7   98  x2   196  hf6v vert
WB8LZG   7    6   13    6   78  x2   156  350' lw@30'
W0EJ    11   11   22    7  154       154  40/80 dpl@??'
W9CC     6    5   11    6   66  x2   132  80m loop@15'
*W3IK    9    8   17    7  119       119  135' rnd wire@10-40'
KB8TT    7    7   14    5   70 x1.5  105  80m zigzag drooping dblt@28'
WA8SAN   7    7   14    6   84        84  g5rv@25'
K2MEN    7    7   14    6   84        84  80m windom@40'
N8XMS    5    5   10    4   40  x2    80  R7 vert
*K4DXV   5    2    7    5   35  x2    70  Gap Titan, inv vee
KC2EGL   4    4    8    4   32  x2    64  fld dpl@35'
W1SRB    4    4    8    4   32  x2    64  100' dpl@40'
WY3H     4    4    8    3   24  x2    48  windom
CG3HUR   3    3    6    2   12  x2    24  ef dpl@3'above snow (op-VE3HUR)
KU4A     4    2    6    4   24        24  80m 1/4w sloper,40m sloping dpl
W1OH     3    3    6    3   18        18  40m dblt@30'
N3COR    3    3    6    3   18        18  inv v@14'
NF8M     2    2    4    2    8  x2    16  80m OCF dipole@35'
W3EQ     2    2    4    2    8         8  80m dipole@60'
#K4JPN   9    9   18    8  144  x2   288  80m cf zepp@32'   
@K4QO    7    7   14    7   98        98  ??

#-Check log - arrived past deadline
@-Check log at request of K4QO

SWA Category - Central Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
*W5AG   12   11   23   10  230  x2   460  80m sloper dpl@40'-10'
W5RCP    7    7   14    6   84  x2   168  ocf dpl@45'
KD5KJ    7    7   14    6   84  x2   168  G5RV@35'
K4NVJ    6    6   12    6   72  x2   144  dpl@35'
KS4L    10   10   20    7  140       140  Inverted vee@45'
N5MCI    4    4    8    4   32  x2    64  inv v@39'
WD0K     4    4    8    3   24  x2    48  delta loop@36'
AA9L     3    3    6    3   18  x2    36  trap dipole@50'
KJ4FDV   2    2    4    2    8  x2    16  130' inv v@20'
KD5MMM   2    2    4    2    8  x2    16  inv v@40'
KC9BSP   2    1    3    2    6  x2    12  dipole@25'

SWA Category - Mountain Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
W0JFR    8    7   15    6   90  x2   180  1/4 vertical, gnd mnt

SWA Category - Pacific Division
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K6CSL    1    0    1    1    1  x2     2  40mdelloop,45'inddpl,10'indloop

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
*KB2OC   2    1    3    2    6  x2    12  vert dpl GAP Eagle DX VI@11'

* - Special Award contender
Drawing entrants: W2SH, W5AG, KB2OC
Drawing winner: W2SH

1st SWA Eastern: K2UFT
1st SWA Central: W5AG
1st SWA Mountain: W0JFR
1st SWA Pacific: K6CSL
1st Gain: KB2OC

The following appeared 5 or more times in submitted logs, but
did not submit a log themselves for whatever reason:
K2JT - 15
N5GW - 10
K4JPN - 9
KA3WMJ - 6
N1VWD - 6
W0RSP - 5

We hope these folks will continue to participate AND
submit their logs in the future. Remember your listing in the
results shows the ham radio world you are a Morse Code supporter.

Logs submitted: 56 
Total participants found in cross-checking spreadsheet: 86 
Total QSO's in master cross-checking spreadsheet: 596
States represented: 31 + ON

If anyone wishes a list of errors found in cross-checking their
log, email K3WWP. If any errors cause a scoring change, you
will be notified automatically.
K3WWP - Something woke up the bands this evening, at least 80M was in very good shape. Just fooling around sending left handed for about 95 percent of the sprint, I racked up 26 QSO's in 15 mults, short and long skip. All 26 came in answer to my CQ's on 3560.6-.7. Probably could have done even better right handed and mixing in some S&P along the way. Still the better condx and sending left-handed made it a fun 2 hours for me. Odd that 3 of my first 5 QSO's were non-members. Looking now for even better things in February. As of right now, 35 minutes after the sprint, I've got a ton of logs to process and along with that, a lot of scores to post, so I may not get yours posted till sometime tomorrow as I'm tired after a long, fun day with Mike KC2EGL working on the NAQCC KX-1 Kit building project and a few chores besides to make a full day. Oh, sorry to the N???? stn who called around 0327Z - you were too weak to copy anything but your N.

AA4W - I only had an hour that I could get on tonight. The band was fairly quiet but signals weren't very strong. There was one station that called me and all I could do was tell there was someone in there. Thanks for the try and maybe we'll work next Sprint.

KS4L - Just put in an hour, but enjoyed it! 73, Randy

AC6NN - Great fun!

AA9L - 40 meters was lousy, QSB, but at least I was able to make a few QSO's on 80 meters to save the day. I want to know John's secret??? (if you're referring to me - K3WWP - it's experience, persistence, patience, and so on - anyone can do it after 850 or so contests)

N1LU - I got to spend the entire 2 hours for a change. Conditions seemed pretty good and was fun as usual. I was going to do it at 0.5 Watt for the January Challenge, but forgot. Tough to get old..

K6CSL - VE7YU answered my CQ at abt 03:20 and then disaappeared into the noise. He was barely perceptable when he called. Very few other stations heard here in CM97

K4DXV - My first strictly QRP contest. Interesting. A whole different set of skills needed from a regular contest. I'll be back.

KB3AAG - Rather a poor showing tonite. Poor on 40 and perhaps I am wrong on my antenna being an 80 meter loop! still a lot of fun! Boy is the stove eating pellets tonite 70 in the cabin but is down to 10 outside and only 1045! Sorry to the VE station but someone was thumping on top of you and I just could not make you out. Well there is always next month....seems a long way off tho. Frank

W3IK - Fun Sprint...was amazed though to hear both KB3AAG and K2UFT pounding in consistently at 20db over 9. Even with the preamp off and the attenuator on, they were still 599! Operated using battery power for this Sprint. Heard only one forty meter station, K1NNJ, called him, but he did not hear me. I checked the other bands too, but this ended up being an 80m Sprint for me. See you guys in the next one. 73 John W3IK #150

K4BAI - FT100MP, 5W, WM-2 wattmeter, inverted vee and zepp. Took wife to theatre to see traveling show of "Ain't Misbehavin'" and returned for last 18 minutes. Glad K2UFT, Dick, was on giving out GA mults. Hope to be more active next month. 73/72, John, K4BAI, NAQCC #644.

W5RCP - K2 from Putnam, Texas. Not my best, but much better than last month. 40M fell out after about 45 minutes and 80M was pretty noisy. Although I couldn't work them, I heard stations as far north as VT and NH on 80M. Aren't we supposed to be about halfway to the top of the solar cycle??

KC2EGL - WOW what great conditions tonight. NOT!!!! Mr Sun better wake up soon. We can use the solar help during our sprints. Only 4 QSO's this month. I hope tomorrows 160M sprint has better conditions. I think we need all the help we can get. Hi-Hi

KJ4FDV - This is my first NAQCC Sprint. As a begginer, I really enjoyed it, a short contest that you need minimal equipment and experience for. Only caught the tail end after church this evening, but had a great time nonetheless. Tnx for putting it on guys. As for QRP, I'm suprised how well it works. Definitely will be on at next month's sprint.

W2JEK - got on late. heard nothing on 40. 80m seemed rather noisy so ran my yeasu ft-840 at 5 w instead of my oak hills ohr-500 at 1 w. the ft-840 has a better rcvr for these conditions. tried qso with ka8mpt buy lost him in qrn and qrm- sorry. 72 and 73 don younger w2jek # 1135

K8BTD - Started on 80M and didn't leave. K4BAI and I connected in the last minute to finish up a fun evening. Lots of activity this evening. My best one yet. Farthest West was KF7JL in Montana. East was N1VWD in Vermont. South was K4MF. Mini Contest - QRP, Straight Key or Bug, Wire Ant., 2 Hours. It's just about right! K2, Kent key. Best wishes to all. See you next month. K8BTD, Gil

W5AG - Thanks to those who made sure I could copy their exchange. All contacts were made on the 80 meter band. 73.. Arch

WD0K - No propagation till 0130Z, never improved much over this. All in all I did work the 2nd in command. That was exciting for me; calling me by my name was icing on the cake. (thanks, but I'm not anybody special, and I always believe in being friendly in slow paced, non-frantic contests like our sprints - K3WWP) All in All this was fun! Wait till next month.72 de Richard

CG3HUR - Used the call CG3HUR in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy. 72, Don VE3HUR

KA2KGP - Band conditions for this sprint were a bit better than the last several. 40 went long early, but 80 produced good results. See you all next sprint! 73

KJ4IC - Alot more fun than last month. 80m was good here in NC and the noise level was way down. CU next month - 73, Bob KJ4IC

W0JFR - Tough night, again! 80m was the only game in town. Interesting when the "LQP" contest joined us.

N2COD - 80 M. was in decent shape here in WNY. 40 was quiet & 20 was nil. Heard wide spectrum jamming tones near 7040 all nite long. 80 M. was the best band this sprint. 73 to all.

KD5MMM - conditions were a bit tough, I did manage to make my 1st qso w/ new K1. Will try 160 tonight. 73

K9JWI - 40 meters sure has been poor in recent months. Just one QSO there, rest on 80 (which has been exceptional). Hope to try 160 tonight.

K4MF - Could only operate first hour. Testing new 80m vertical- seemed to work well or was it just good conditions?

K1NNJ - My first QRP endeavor. Nothing on 20 but 40 and 80 were good. Great fun, thanks, Tom.

W9ILF - Rig: Icom 703 Things went pretty well for this sprint. You never know with the severe conditions these days what you will get, so it was nice to have fun and good QSO's. 40 was good the first half and then 80 went well for awhile. About the last half hour I just couldn't seem to get any more from either hunting or calling. I had a couple that were so close but I just didn't get the call right. I always wonder what feature of my rig I could use to bring out the signal enough to make it happen. I can't wait to see what next month brings.

KD2MX - What a difference a month makes! Despite not getting started until 0302, I easily beat my score from last month (which had taken me 90 minutes to achieve). Nearly every signal here last night was a true 599 and what a pleasure that was. I hope 40M was equally pleasant for everybody but I never even had a chance to check it out. I had hoped to have my new KX1 ready for the sprint but my trip to the Presidential Inaugural prevented me from putting the finishing touches on the unit. It should be ready to go next time. Now I hope that my intermittent S9+20 QRN on 160M stays away until Monday. Hope to see many of you on top band.

N8XMS - I was going to try and work this sprint at QRPp but when I saw the conditions on 40-meters I cranked it all the way up to 5 watts. I didn't hear very much activity and only made 5 contacts over the course of an hour.

W1OH - Signals on 40M were weak, and a RTTY station just above 7040 too. Went down to 80M and conditions there seemed very good! Virtually no QRN and plenty of signals. Poked around a bit and worked 3 stations including K3WWP. I was only on for about 20 minutes but had fun as usual! One of these days maybe I can manage the full 2 hours uninterrupted - hah! Thanks, NAQCC!

W0EJ - No luck on 20 or 40 again but 80 was cooperating. I had a good time once again and was glad to work all that I did. Great bunch of Ops here and I'm glad to be able to participate. tnx es 73 de Bill

K4NVJ - Good fun! Thanks!

KB2OC - Hi, This is my first sprint entry with NAQCC. Seemed like 40M was open for me since my antenna can only work down to this band. I will try to get something going for 80M. Great fun and good practice for me on CW. Thanks for all your efforts and a great web site John. Pete

W2SH - With the ionosphere in such a condition currently that there is little night-time reflection of signals much above 5 mHz, it's no wonder that these sprints seem like the Club's earlier monoband affairs. There was plenty of activity on 80m, but in NJ signals from beyond about 400 miles were very weak. I visited 40m just twice and very briefly. No answers to my CQs. On each occasion I could only hear one CQ caller, and my two replies were successful. So two 40m QSOs with absolutely no QRM, no QRN and very good received and sent signal strengths. But where was everybody? (not everyone shared the great condx you had there - K3WWP)

WB8LZG - Hard going on 40 tonight. SRI to the W5 who we just couldn't make it. i called mni stns who could not hear me, still had a great time. I see we're getting up there in the #'s. nice to see all the participation. ssee u next month. 73 Gregg

KA8MPT - Not much at my qth this night.80 had some signals around 0300 but to late for me to do any good.

K2UFT - Second try, 1st log submission - hope OK - need musch more practive with the logging program. Suggest that the RST required in the exchange is relatively meaningless, why don't you switch it to operators name? (the NAQCC sprints exist as a training ground for contesting and currently the majority of contests still include the outdated RST so we feel we should train folks to copy and send an RST report - K3WWP) 73 Dick

K4JPN - Tried 40M, but QRN was rough and no sigs heard amd no responses to CQNA.
Hopefully next month the sun will open up 40M. 73, Steve

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

RULES specific to this month's sprint:

Date and time:
Thursday, January 22 0130-0330 UTC
(Remember that's Wednesday evening here in the USA)

Special Award:
To the winner of a drawing among the following: The one making their all time best score and having the highest score in each division.

Autologger SA info:
Eligible for the Special Award.......' box - Select Yes if you are competing for the award
Special Award info.......' box - Nothing need be put here. I have all your all-time scores here.

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be RECEIVED before 2400Z on the Sunday following the sprint. So submit as soon as possible, especially regular mail entries.

Preferred method of submitting your log and report is our on-line autologger.