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Apr 9, 2008 Straight Key/Bug Sprint (#42)

Final Official Results:
SWA Category
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
KG4W    37   33   70   18 1260  x2  2520  Carolina Windom @70'
AA4W    38   36   74   17 1258  x2  2516  40 meter dipole @45'
K3WWP   36   32   68   17 1156  x2  2312  ~110' attic rnd wire
KA8MPT  31   27   58   18 1044  x2  2088  g5rv @25'
W4ONC   29   29   58   17  986  x2  1972  4 - Leg Inverted V @55'
N4LK    34   30   64   15  960  x2  1920  125' EF Zepp @??'
W2SH    31   30   61   15  915  x2  1830  80m dipole @35'
W0JFR   23   22   45   15  675  x2  1350  1/4 wv vert
AF4LQ   24   24   48   14  672  x2  1344  40m EFHW @30'
KD2MX   18   18   36   14  504  x2  1008  600' loop @25'
N8XMS   21   19   40   12  480  x2   960  cushcraft R7 vert
N4PJ    27   24   51   18  918       918  Folded Dipole @50'
N4FI    19   19   38   12  456  x2   912  115' rnd wire, attic G5RV jr
WA1LWS  18   15   33   13  429  x2   858  4 band OCF dipole @22'
W9ILF   16   15   31   12  372  x2   744  gnd mtd vert, G5RV @20'
KB3AAG  25   23   48   15  720       720  80M loop @35'
AD5VC   16   16   32   11  352  x2   704  18' vert gnd mtd
WY3H    20   19   39    9  351  x2   702  sagging rnd wire @??'
WA1AR   20   18   38   12  456 x1.5  684  g5rv@50'
K9JWI   22   20   42   16  672       672  80m inv vee @35', HF9V vert
KC2EGL  15   14   29   11  319  x2   638  fld dpl @35'
KK5NA   12   12   24   11  264  x2   528  ext zepp @50'
W2JEK   13   13   26   10  260  x2   520  40Mdpl,80Mefhz@25',20Mgp@22'
N1LU    14   14   28    9  252  x2   504  Cobra Ultralite @40'
KA2KGP  14   14   28    9  252  x2   504  5b gnd mtd vert
K3HPS   14   13   27    9  243  x2   486  40/80 dipoles @45'
NF8M    14   12   26    8  208  x2   416  80m OCF dipole @35'
WB8LZG  12   11   23    9  207  x2   414  dipole @30'
NO2D    16   16   32   12  384       384  158' dpl @??'
K4PQC   12   12   24    7  168  x2   336  160 meter horiz loop @25'
AF2Z    13   13   26    6  156  x2   312  100' endfed wire @30'
KD8GZ   12   11   23    6  138  x2   276  folded dipole @20'
WD5INA  13   11   24   11  264       264  dpl @40'
KB3FJJ  15   13   28    8  224       224  inv vee @15'
WB8ENE   9    9   18    6  108  x2   216  135' doublet @15'
N1PQ    12   12   24    9  216       216  40M ef @30'
WA3ZBJ  10   10   20   10  200       200  Hustler 4-BTV gnd mtd vert
NV9X     8    8   16    6   96  x2   192  40M dpl @25'
VE3HUR   8    8   16    6   96  x2   192  40M dpl @??', 80M ef @??'
K8KFJ    8    8   16    6   96  x2   192  Multiband vert
N9KR    11   11   22    7  154       154  ef Zepp @25'
WK8S    11   10   21    7  147       147  80M loop @40'
@N9QU    6    6   12    6   72  x2   144  115' random wire @20'
N9AKF    5    5   10    4   40  x2    80  rnd wire @20'
K6BFA    5    5   10    4   40  x2    80  G5RV @50'
KC2MHU   5    5   10    4   40  x2    80  ef rnd wire @??'
WA8SAN   6    6   12    6   72        72  G5RV @25'
W1OH     6    6   12    4   48        48  attic 40M doublet
N1QLL    4    4    8    4   32        32  80M Carolina windom @??'
K4PBY    3    3    6    3   18        18  50' ef wire @??'
AA8XX    2    2    4    2    8  x2    16  80/40M loops @??'
K6CSL    2    1    3    2    6  x2    12  delta loop @14', indoor dpl
N2COD    3    3    6    1    6  x2    12  160m wire ant @??'
K4NVJ    1    1    2    1    2  x2     4  88' dpl @35'
N8ZYA    1    1    2    1    2         2  Isotron mounted indoors
K3OXG    0    0    0    0    0  x2     0  165' long wire @45'
KI6OFN   0    0    0    0    0         0  67' ef 1/2 wave @??'

@-QRO 60W

Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final  80-40-20 Antenna
K4BAI   41   40   81   17 1377  x2  2754  TH6DXX@55',40Mdpl@40',40M 88'
                                          zepp@40',80M inv vee@35'
W3TS    18   17   35   13  455  x2   910  80/40 fan inv v@60',2el20Myagi@50'
W9CC    15   14   29   12  348  x2   696  TA-36 @40'
KU4A     9    9   18    9  162       162  TA33JR@45',40m sloping dpl
NG7Z     5    5   10    4   40        40  7 el yagi @60'

* - Special Award (5+ QSO's each band) entrants:

1st SWA: KG4W
2nd SWA: n/a
1st Gain: K4BAI
Top score from a previous non-winner: W4ONC 
Special Award (5+ QSO's each band): none
CW Books on CD (donated by Chuck K7QO): KA8MPT

The following appeared 5 or more times in submitted logs, but
did not submit a log themselves for whatever reason:

We hope these folks will continue to participate AND
submit their logs in the future.

Logs submitted: 62 (new record)
Total participants found in cross-checking spreadsheet: 104 (new record)
Total QSO's in master cross-checking spreadsheet: 898 (new record)
States represented: 37 + ON

If anyone wishes a list of errors found in cross-checking their
log, email K3WWP. If any errors cause a scoring change, you
will be notified automatically.
K3WWP - One probably should not play basketball with the neighbor kids just before entering a NAQCC SK sprint, but then I don't know any better. I sure had fun playing basketball. I haven't shot a basketball in years till the neighbor put up a hoop tonight. But it kind of took the edge off the first part of the sprint. I guess I was still on a high from the basketball playing, but things definitely picked up at 0124 when I abandoned 40M for 80. It was just a stream of answers to my CQ's on 3559.3 until 0212. 25 QSO's in 48 minutes - a pretty good rate for one of our sprints. And most all signals were very strong. Also I was delighted at the number of folks (including 4 non-members I hope will join) I worked who I don't believe I've heard or worked before in one of our sprints, or only once or twice if I have worked them before. I expect to see some great scores for this one, and maybe some more record numbers breaking last month's records. Oh, where were all the members with T's in their calls? After the sprint I still need 3 T's to finish the April NAQCC challenge. At least W3TS gave me a couple.

WA3ZBJ - Really enjoy the NAQCC Sprints and happy for the contacts I make from down here in Florida. I must be closing in on the grand prize for the "shortest" submitted log, aren't I? <GRIN> Tonight was maiden voyage for AZscQRPion Bigfoot paddle finished just in time for the Sprint tonight. What a great paddle at a price - and you get to built it! ... Don WA3ZBJ/4

KD8GZ - Just my 2nd sprint...more contacts this time. This is fun! Hope I scored correctly. Met KD8CGH for lunch today. He may become a member! 72's, Tim

AF4LQ - Good conditions on 40m here in KY tonight. Had a fun hour working everyone, familiar and new calls, all great ops. Worked 40m only, running a K2 at 5w to an endfed halfwave, used a Speed-X straight key. Thanks to all for the contacts and fun and we hope to c'yall next month. Take care!

N4PJ - Never ceased to be amazed at how weak most of the signals seem to be - must spend too much time in QRO contests! I used to think the speeds I encountered were just sooooo slow. I've come to realize the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed than most contests. Starting to recognize some of the calls.

N8ZYA - Only able to operate about 30 minutes...

AA4W - I was amazed to work so many 3 digit member numbers!(14) I also worked WV twice, the first time I worked WV in a Sprint (K8KFJ & N8ZYA) N4FI and I finally made a QSO after we made several attempts during the Sprint. It seemed I worked most of the members in PA with the exception of K3WWP.

KB3AAG - I had a fine time tonight. Nothing on twenty but I should have known that as I tried to work a contact all afternoon with no luck! Sorry to the fellows I couldnt dig out....just too much qrn here. I went nuts last month and bought me a bug! I always wanted to try one....I have practiced (off the air !!!) just enough to mess up my fist with the paddles....I hope by next month to get to where I might try it on the air. So if you hear real bad, choppy code you will know who it is and I promise to not get angry if I get some QLF replies. They say "Theres no fool like an old fool !" Frank 73

K4BAI - Only got 4 QSOs on 20M, so missed the special award for this month. Bands were pretty good, everything considered. Strong signals, especially on 40. Lot of QRN on 80. FT1000MP, 5W output, TH6DXX, zepp, dipole, inverted vee. Lots of fun. Hope to work you all next month. This weekend, April 12 and 13, please look for the Georgia QSO Party. All info at Certificates and plaques for QRP entrants. KU8E and I will be mobile as W4AN/M (the South East Contest Club club call) in many GA counties. We hope to have all 159 counties active this year for the first time ever. Last year, K5YAA worked 146. This year we hope someone will get them all in one contest. 73/72, John

N9QU - Better conditions and more signals than laast month. As usual, Lots of Fun!

K4PQC - Rig: K2 at 5 watts. Antenna: 160 Meter horizontal loop at 25' fed with 15' 450 Ohm open wire with a 4:1 balun and 60' RG-58 coax to station. No tuner.

NG7Z - Only had a few minutes before a meeting. Next time I'll use a straight key and get in more time. fun event. 73 Paul

NO2D - Main rig down for repair so used old Ten-Tec Delta 580 with broken AGC. Decided against using a straight key, but sent slow enough so I should have used one to get the extra points. Always fun! 72's, Pete


W1OH - Conditions seemed pretty good tonight here on Cape Cod. Finished some chores and turned on my K2 to check 20M about 0100z, but didn't hear anything (except some PSK at 070 - so band was somewhat open). Switched to 40M and found KA8MPT right away. Then off to make a pot of tea. Back at 0125z to find a "run" of two PA stations, including K3WWP on 80M. Then over to 40M for another PA station (!) plus MI. Back on 80M again, heard WY3H weakly but no luck, then found KD2MX at 0154z and shutdown to finish up the evening chores! Hectic but fun! And want to help make sure NAQCC sprint has a (hopefully) record month! CW is! Thanks NAQCC!

WB8ENE - I got 5 on 40 and I would have gotten 5 on 80 if KA8MPT would have taken one more at 0230Z (I believe that would have counted). Powerful S9+ signal here but apparently wasn't hearing me very well. Oh well. As far as 20 goes, forget about it.

N2COD - 20 m. was dead here in WNY. Gonna try to be mobile for the next sprint. 73 to all.

W4ONC - Another great time. For me the 40 and 80 Meter Bands were full of NAQCC Members. I called John - K3WWP but we both went off into oblivion and could not finish the contact. I was very happy to get Colorado as a multiplier from NO2D. Can't wait until next month for the next Sprint.

K3OXG - I only worked the contest during the first 30 minutes. I called cq for a while and tuned around the bands but heard no contesters. I did not go back after sunset and things may have changed for the better. I am anxious to hear how the other ops did. Godspeed. lou

KI6OFN - Condx were kind of rough, the noise floor was rising. I decided to sit on one frequency and call CQ NA for a half hour then S&P for a half hour. No one answered my call and I only heard one, possibly, two other CQ NA callers; both were too weak to read successfully. The Sprint's time period for the west coast isn't very good, since it doesn't get dark (farther calls can be heard) until the end of the Sprint, and it occurs at the same time most people out here are eating their suppers. Looking forward to 'tests with more activity. Cheers & 72/3

WK8S - It was fun but unfortunately I get up at 4:30AM so I had to quit early. This was my first NAQCC contest and it was nice to see folks were not going too fast. NO FAIR that 20 Meters was closed so I couldn't qualify for the special award! :( Maybe next time. Pete WK8S Rig:Juma TRX2A


KG4W - Fun as always. Nice to work W1PID with his new 1/2 watt rig.

K6CSL - 20 sounded like it was about to die. 40 was very noisy here. 73's to all Bert, K6CSL #2096

W2JEK - was only on for the last hour. tried 20m but no answer to my cq's. band conditions on 40 and 80 seemed worse than usual with a lot of noise. had a good time just the same. 72 and 73 don younger w2jek #1135

KD2MX - This sprint happened to come out on my birthday so I had two wishes: good conditions and two uninterrupted hours to enjoy the sprint. Well, I got one of my wishes. Conditions were pretty good but I was only able to log less than an hour of operating time. Got pretty excited right off, hearing WB7AVF and K7ZYV on 20M. WB7AVF was pretty weak and he didn't hear me calling. Later I remembered he's a local, in NYC. K7ZYV had a big signal from MS but he didn't hear me either so I quickly went to 40M. I later met up with K7ZYV there but he had trouble copying me so I think he might be one where I'm NIL. Had a couple of decent runs on both 40M and 80M amidst interruptions. Sounded like another very successful sprint. I think our sprint has become the premier QRP event. (emphasis added by K3WWP)

WB8LZG - Nice test tonight. I only got to play for the 1st hour but had a fatastic time. 20m sounded gud at the start of the test, then died quickly in abt 15 mins. I only worked 3 stns on 20m. Went to 40m es lots of noise but lots of activity also. I have to say SRI to one of u out there who i "Didnt Work" cuz i doubled with u while i was working AA4W. SRI OM, i know im in ur log, but don't hv u in mine. Hopped over to 80m fer a bit a was plesantly suprized to work WY3H #1, es K3WWP #2 , back to back. Hey where was #3 ? Hi Had to pull the plug early after just an hour, but had a wonderful time. 73,Gregg

K4PBY - I operated this sprint portable from a camp site at Lake Kissimmee State Park, Florida. I got back to camp later than expected after kayaking and fishing most of the day so we got a late start for the the sprint. I used a homebrew 80/40 meter xcvr running 500 mw off of lantern batteries to a 50 ft. end fed wire thru a homebrew tuner. I only made 3 contacts but it was a nice evening to be operating outdoors listening to morse code with the evening calls of the wipperwills in the background. 73 from "The Sunshine State"--Chuck

N1QLL - Worked only 3 members on my first try - this is harder than it looks!

K9JWI - Good activity on 40m. I called CQ at length on 20m and 80m but managed only one 80m QSO and two 20m QSO's. Eighty was noisy with spring thunderstorms. First Sprint entry for me without the call K3WWP. Last month was better here. Wait till next month. TU all. Clyde

KA2KGP - Another nice sprint. I wish 20 was open longer for more QSO's, but it shut down fast. 40 was in good shape.

W9ILF - It was a great time as usual. Very nice to work member 1 and 2! I tried 20M early trying to get into the special award catagory but 20 just wasn't open quite long enough. Still FANTASTIC to get WA and OR from IN on 20. Storms were moving in so the later it got the stronger the QRN was and by the end I was pretty much shut out. I'll see everyone next month. Ivin #1400

N8XMS - I spent a few minutes on 20 with no luck at all and since I don't have an 80-meter antenna the special award was not an option anyway. Conditions on 40 were pretty good and I had a lot of fun. Thanks to both the organizers and all of the participants!

W2SH - Snagged one 20m QSO at the start as the band was folding. Thought I could catch a lot of close-in stations on 80m before the skip lengthened, but the band was in poor shape and it took me a half hour to log two QSOs! 40m was much more satisfying. Spent the final half hour back on 80m where conditions were mediocre.

N9AKF - I checked out 20m and heard nothing. I called CQ for about 15 minutes and got no response, so I went to 40m. I heard no CQ NAs on 40m, but had a nice 1/2 hour chat with a Long Island operator. Forty started jumping here just before 0100z. The east coast was booming in, and signals from all other areas were pretty weak. I ended up in another qso from 0131 until 0153 and didn't try to make any more sprint contacts at that point, though I still heard plenty of stations. All in all, It was a great evening in and around the sprint. Oh, I also picked up more letters for the April challenge ... fun fun fun. Bart

W3TS - I had a little time to get into the sprint and try for the award. I'm a little rusty with the J38 that I was given by My Scout Master when he found out I was interested in amater radio at age 13(44 years ago). I need to screw it to the desk for the next sprint, holding it down with my left hand and using it is much more tiring than it used to be! I only operated the first hour. (I get up at 5AM so I'm off to bed about 9:30PM plus the J38 made me tried.)

K8KFJ - I thought participation was down until I saw the results. It seems I may have some antenna work to do. Perhaps a wire antenna to go with the vertical could bring in some additional contacts. Rig was an Icom706MKII2G throttled down to 5w. //Gary -K8KFJ- WV NAQCC #265

WA1AR - Used my OHR 100A at full tilt 5 Watts and a vintage bug plus a home brew audio filter. Picked a freq to call CQ and did not move. First hour was busy but then it slowed down, as I probibly worked everyone that could hear me. Conditions were good to hear some 599 signals and get some back with just 5 Watts. Almost like a full power rig, ....maybe! Alan

KB3FJJ - Different month / Rig / Antenna / Location ... thing went nice this time around! Ran FT-817 @ 5W to a Par EFHWA at about 15' inverted vee. Sprint started out like field day ... couldn't write my log fast enough .... FUN!!

WD5INA - My first Sprint was Feb08, 1 contact from my hotel room in NM on a Outbacker Stealth but loved the event just the same. This was my second Sprint and I was home on dipole and had a ball. What a great group of folks here and with no QRO there is a lot less pressure and more enjoyment. Unfortunately this was my first Sprint log I have submitted and did not log time and band by contact, generalized instead. Sorry, hopefully you can use as a check log. FT-817, dipole up 40' and ZN-9A........ Thanks to all of you, The Newbie....

KA8MPT - Had a great time, 40 and 80 meters hot all night.the best sprint yet. 73

KC2EGL - I had plenty of fun with this months sprint. Trying to catch as many as I could on 3 bands was very enjoyable. I would have had a chance(not saying I would have won) at the prize this month if I had a little better luck with 20M. Both my 20M QSO's were out west. One in CO and the other in NM. As usual 80M was THE band here in Brookville Pa. I did experience my first unpleasant moment in a NAQCC sprint. I will not mention a name or a call here. I was calling CQ on the same frequency for about 15 minutes. I had a few answers to my CQ. One who answered decided that I was not going to answer anymore on that frequency. As I finished my QSO with this particular station another station put out their call. Just as I was about to put my call out the station I had just worked decided they were going to work that frequency. Yes I know that no individual owns any particular frequency. Having said that I do know that once a station is operating on a frequency he or she should be given the courtesy of continuing their operations while on that frequency. Sort of a first come first served. Other than that I have had nothing but pure enjoyment operating in the sprints of NAQCC. Starting with our next sprint I will be operating my brand new K2 QRP CW only rig. John K3WWP gets to play with the K2 this coming Monday. 73 Mike

N9KR - Great conditions on 40. Using a homebrew transmitter @ 5 Watts & Homebrew Rcvr.

KU4A - Being still not in the mood for YAAC (yet another alphabet challenge) I was left with this contest to keep up my string of participation points. Nine QSOs was three times my production of February. Really a nice contest. The ops run at a good pace (not too fast, not too slow) and good sending. See you all again soon.

K4NVJ - 20 was in and out - mostly out

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

RULES specific to this month's sprint:

Date and time:
Wednesday Apr 9, 0030-0230 UTC
(Remember that's Tuesday evening here in the USA)

Special Award:
For the highest score from those making 5+ QSO's on each band (80,40,20).

Autologger SA info:
Eligible for the Special Award.......' box - Select Yes if you are competing for the award
Special Award info.......' box - List how many QSO's each band similar to 80-5, 40-20, 20-10.

A classic book in Morse on CD donated by Chuck Adams K7QO. The high scorer overall in the sprint gets to choose one CD from those currently listed on Chuck's web site at

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be RECEIVED before 2400Z on Apr 15, 2008. So submit as soon as possible, especially regular mail entries.

Preferred method of submitting your log and report is now our new on-line autologger. For other methods see the General Sprint Rules.