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Jan 25, 2007 160M Straight Key/Bug Sprint

Final Official Results:
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final Awd 160 Antenna
@N8VW   23   17   41   15  615  x2  1230  1  90' vertical
VE3KZ   25   16   41   13  533  x2  1066  2  1/2 wave inv v @60'
K4ADI   18   14   32   12  384  x2   768     inverted L @60'- 80'over
W9CC    15   12   27   11  297  x2   594     Fan Inv v @35'
KE3V    16   14   30    8  240  x2   480     90' Inv L @35'
W5TVW   14   10   24   10  240  x2   480     135'dpl@50'+feeder as Marconi
K3WWP   14   10   24    8  192  x2   384     ~110' attic random wire
W2SH    13   10   23    8  184  x2   368     80m horiz bisquare @ 75'
KA8MPT  12    9   21    8  168  x2   336     Hf6 vert
K6XT    10    9   19   10  190       190     70' 80/160 vert
W4DIM   13   11   21    8  168       168     Inv L @ 50'
AA3EE    8    8   16    5   80  x2   160     300' Loop @ 35'
KD2MX   10    6   16    5   80  x2   160     ~600ft. random loop @30'
W2JEK    7    6   13    6   78  x2   156     135' marconi 'U' @30'
VA3RKM   8    5   13    5   65  x2   130     1/4 wave wire @ 12'
K4BAI    5    4    9    5   45  x2    90     88' cf zepp @40'
AA5CH    6    5   11    5   55  x1.5  83     dipole @35'
W5ESE    4    4    8    4   32  x2    64     300' horiz. loop@??'
*W3BBO   5    5   10    4   40        40     ??@??'
WA5HDL   3    2    5    3   15        15     40M DEZ @45'
K3MZ     3    2    5    2   10        10     lw @35'
*KN0N    1    0    1    1    1  x2     2     dipole @??'

NOTE: Since this is a special sprint not in our regular sprint series,
there will be no cross-checking of logs nor any Top Non-Winner nor
Special Award. Just a certificate to the first and second place finishers.

@ - at the station of K8MK

* - These folks submitted only as a check log, but I figured their
score and listed them anyway.
K3WWP - I am very pleasantly surprised at the amount of activity in this sprint. I told Tom before the sprint I figured someone with 7 or 8 QSO's would be the winner. However I made 14 myself with my very minimal antenna in the attic. I'm sure someone with a big outdoor 160M antenna will come through with 25 or more QSO's to be our winner. I'm pleased with my results, and I bet I have the best score with an indoor antenna, at least. HI. Oh, and I bet my QSO with a 450 watt station is the QSO where the other station was running the most power. HI. Howard W2ODC answered my CQ NA with his 450 watts to a 750' antenna and he was only about 57/89. When he started to send his power, I automatically logged 40 watts, then was surprised when the 50 followed the 4. Thanks to everyone for a great sprint. We'll have to do 160 again some time.

VA3RKM - Tried the FT817 for a while and it was OK, but the K2 was much quieter on receive. A good test before the big event on the weekend. N8VW had a big signal all night (and probably a big score). Heard but did not work W8YMO. Heard others working K3WWP, K4BAI, K6XX but did not hear them at all. John would have liked my first contact, non-member VE3SO, signing off "CW forever"! I worked my first VHF contest last weekend and CW played a big part. Several ops were saying that they had to brush up on CW for next time to make those QSOs points that could only be had with Morse.

AA3EE - I just finished my Elecraft K2 over the weekend, and when I saw the post about the Sprint I put the 160M module in when I got home from work. I made my first 160M and first K2 qso just before dinner to make sure the rig worked. I'm hoping to finish my WAS (halfway there) with the K2 and my J-37 straight key. I'm not sure how far I'll get running 5W... I think it was a good baptism by fire for the new rig. 73, Dave

W2SH - Conditions were good and I heard lots of stations, but only a few of those heard me. This was no surprise because any serious transmitting on top band requires a vertical antenna. That will be my next antenna project later this year.

W9CC - Got home from radio club early where they said I was wasting my time on CW, and doubly wasting my time on QRP. When I said the contest was on Top Band they said I was a waste also. They were grinning but I took extra pleasure from this Sprint anyway! It is kind of personal, but I think having these Sprints available and being able to work them should not be taken for granted.

W5TVW - Liked the contest even though stations heard were a bit thin. Hope we do this again when the "top band" season is on. Some of the "old regulars" around. Conditions seemed good for 160 meters with not too much of the long slow fade here.

KD2MX - I got on for about the last 40 minutes of the sprint. First had to spend 5 minutes changing cables so I could try out my new NAQCC key plaque that came today in recognition of my attaining 1000 points for the 2x qrp award. A wonderful honor and something I'll always treasure (and use). Thanks again to Tom and John for their efforts.
The band was a little noisy tonight but activity seemed pretty good for a first time out. Seems we attracted some attention from the 160m regulars. I worked one big gun running 700W (darn, you beat me working the highest power station, mine was only 450W - K3WWP) but I only gave him a 569! He probably really was a 599. It was nice to have their participation. I didn't get a good feel for conditions. I heard a few midwest stations right at the end but there wasn't enough time to work them.
I really enjoy working 160m. Tonight was a nice warmup for this weekend's CQ 160M contest, in which I had a great time working qrp last year. Hopefully there was enough participation in our 160m sprint to at least make it an annual event. (there sure was and we will - K3WWP).

KE3V - I noticed very much contrast in the strength of signals tonight. This is a great way to spend a cold snowy evening.

KA8MPT - Ant Hf6v vertical with a 160 meter coil 160 meters was hot all night.I could not pull some station out of the noise sorry. Hope the powers to be will do this again . Better than 80 meters !. John

K6XT - Heard someone working K3WWP. Sorry did not hear K3WWP. Stations heard who could not hear me: W9CC WA5HCW Member signing AZ 856 Heard W5ESE working someone else but he never called me. Great fun and thanks for having a 160 sprint. I worked stations coast to coast and border to border, just a great time QRP on 160. Thanks to W0RT for calling me in the last 10 minutes for a ragchew, my only non-member QSO. 73 Art

N8VW - CW and 160 rule. QRN above average and lots of QSB to make it fun. Heard several calling that were beyond my ability to hear do to the qrn and lack of rx antennas. Nice signals from a lot of people. Thanks to K8MK for use of the shack.

K3MZ - Got into the contest with only 15 minutes to go. Was surprised I could hear some people and they could here me at 5W. First contacts on 160m at 5W. Rig is K2 #3135 dialed down to 5W. This was fun and gives me some hope for the CQ 160m contest coming up this weekend. 73, Paul

W5ESE - Had alot of fun in the 160m sprint. I hope it will be offered again sometime. It was great to hear some new as well as familiar calls. 73 Scott, Dripping Springs, TX

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

For this special sprint, any rules below supercede comparable rules in the General Sprint Rules.

INTRO and PREMISE for this special sprint:

We are offering this special 160M sprint in response to a few of our members who suggested we add 160M to our sprints. We don't feel it is right to change the rules for our regular sprints constantly now that we have settled on a successful format and are having our sprints publicized widely by various organizations. That would only hurt our credibility. Also many hams, especially QRPers do not operate 160M regularly and that would give an unfair advantage to some in our regular sprints.

However we believe a separate 160M sprint would be an ideal way to honor our members' requests for some 160M action. Hence....

RULES specific to this sprint:

Date and time:
Thursday, January 25, 2007 from 0130-0330Z which is Wednesday evening here in the USA

Bands Used This Sprint:
160 meters only (1810 kHz +/- 3kHz)

Special Awards:

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be postmarked or email dated before 2400Z on Jan 31, 2007.