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Sep 21, 2006 80/40/20M Straight Key/Bug Sprint

Final Official Results
SWA Category
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final Awd 80-40-20 Antenna
*K3WWP  36   31   67   20 1340  x2  2680  1  attic rand wire/dipole
*K1EV   36   33   69   16 1104  x2  2208  #  gap titan vert-fan dpl@40'
*KD2MX  30   24   54   20 1080  x2  2160     ~300' ef rnd wire @ 30'
*W2LJ   31   26   57   16  912  x2  1824     G5RV @25'
*K3MSB  32   28   60   15  900  x2  1800     mb dipole @ 50'
*W2SH   30   25   55   16  880  x2  1760     80m Horiz Bisquare @75'
VA3NR   40   33   73   21 1533      1533     135'wre@30'-dpl@30'-vert
KB3LFC  26   22   48   14  672  x2  1344     random wire
*K4UK   29   24   53   12  636  x2  1272     ab trap dipole @ ??'
KA8MPT  21   18   39   16  624  x2  1248     G5RV @25'
KD1E    21   19   40   14  560  x2  1120     23' gnd mtd vert
W1PID   20   16   36   11  396  x2   792     ocf windom dipole @??'
AJ1M    26   23   49   16  784       784     Carolina windom @45'
K4JPN   16   13   29   12  348  x2   696     40m sloper @30'
*VA3RKM 17   15   32   10  320  x2   640     vert-dipoles@18'
WB7AVF  16   16   32   10  320  x2   640     dipole@??'-74' wire@??'
N4FI    16   16   32   10  320  x2   640     attic G5RV-rnd wire @ 20'
*K4NVJ  15   11   26   10  260  x2   520     88' dipole @35'
VE3XT   18   16   34   15  510       510     hb 26' 6b vert
K8KFJ   15   14   29    8  232  x2   464     40m vert-80m dipole @ 30'
W2JEK   13   10   23   10  230  x2   460     40dpl @25'-80efhertz @25'
WB8LZG  20   18   38   11  418       418     dipole @30'
*NU4I   13   10   23    9  207  x2   414     130'loop/40mdpl in attic	
N1LT    11   11   22    8  176  x2   352     ocf windom @35'
W1LIC   12   12   24    7  168  x2   336     G5RV Jr @20'-80m dpl @25'
*VE3HUR 14   13   27    8  216       216     80m 27m ef wire/40m dpl @9'
W1SRB    7    6   13    6   78  x2   156     mb dipole @45'
*W5ESE   8    7   15    5   75  x2   150     300' HOHPL @20'
VE3GNU   5    5   10    4   40  x2    80     G5RV @ 35'
KI4CKT   5    4    9    3   27  x2    54     mb trap dipole @25'
KC9GMN   4    2    6    2   12  x2    24     Homemade dipole @30'
KK5NA    2    2    4    2    8         8     88' dipole @ 50'
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco Bon Final Awd 80-40-20 Antenna
*K4BAI  50   41   91   23 2093  x2  4186  1  TH6DXX@50'-40Mdpl@40'-zepp@40'

# - Top score from a previous non-winner

* - Special Award (Most Canadian QSO's) entrants:
K3WWP-4, K4BAI-5, VA3RKM-4, K4UK-6, W2LJ-4, K1EV-4, K3MSB-4,
K4NVJ-4, KD2MX-2, W5ESE-3, NU4I-3, W2SH-3, VE3HUR-2

Special Award (Most Canadian QSO's) winner:
K3WWP - Wow! This may be our best sprint ever. 40 and 20 weren't all that great, but 80M was a real star. I worked several members who I don't think were ever in our sprints before. There was just a lot of activity. I made my best score ever and I'm sure others did also. I know Tom KB3LFC almost doubled his best score. Still even with my best score I'm sure I'll be down in the standings when all logs are received. The best I can hope for is to still keep my streak going of having never been beaten by anyone else using indoor antennas. ADDENDUM after all logs received: Ooops, I guess I was wrong about my results, although K4BAI would have beaten me if he were in the SWA category, as would VA3NR had he used a straight key. Anyway thanks to all who participated and sent in their logs. It wasn't a record number of logs, but I think participation overall was a record or at least in the top 3. The 33 logs submitted showed 69 different stations participating and 630 QSO's for me to cross-check. There were 2 DX stations in the logs. I worked WP4AOO in Puerto Rico, and W2SH worked a German station. Both DX stations were worked on 40M.

KC9GMN - This was my first NAQCC Sprint. I heard a lot of stations on 40M, and only a few calling "CQ NA". I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to next month. 73 Bob

VA3NR - Good activity and lots of mults. Tnx QSOs & 73, Chris.

WB8LZG - 40 metres was in nice shape fer this months sprint. Worked lots of Q's, had a hard time finding those elusive Canucks. Only worked 1 Canadian station. Nice to hear so much activity in the sprint. Had so much fun that I forgot to use my straight key. So no mult fer me this month. Maybe I'll break out the bug next time. 73's Gregg

VA3RKM - Good signals on 20m but not many ops were there. Always glad to work our American cousins!

KK5NA - Ran across the NAQCC Sprint while I was hunting 'WAS' Bear.... Never found the bear and only made a couple of contacts...but great idea for a contest. Pretty noisy bands here last night. Thanks for all the fun things you guys come up with. Joe

K8KFJ - Didn't find as much activity as I had hoped but I always enjoy this operating event. It was nice working both NAQCC #1 and #2. W1CFI had a nice 1w signal here on 80m from MA but we need him to join NAQCC. HI Many thanks for the continued sponsorship of this event.

W2LJ - It's nice to see 80 Meters coming back for the season! 80 turned out to be my workhorse band for this month's sprint. I think we had a good turnout; at least it sounded like we did. My highlight was getting a "clean sweep" by working Charles W2SH on 20, 40 and 80 Meters. Thanks to all who participated. See you next month. 73 de Larry

K1EV - My first NAQCC sprint was a lot of fun. It was great to hear so much activity and to run across familiar calls. "Started on 20, but that died quickly; switched to 40 and eventually to 80. Conditions were pretty good here in NE." "Great idea to encourage straight key use, but I sure was out of practise. Rig was K2 @ 5W" "Hope to hear everyone again in the Bear Hunt and next month's sprint. 73, Bill

KI4CKT - Enjoyed the contest. 20 meters band was pretty much closed for me. I herd one call on 20 meters. A lot of activity on 40 meters and I think some on 80 but didn't try to work that band this time. I enjoyed using my TKIT 1340. I am just starting to appreciate how to operate it in a contest, many tks to the ones that hung-in-there for the QSO. 73

K3MSB - Enjoyable contest; bands not too noisy. Running my IC-746PRO and a J-38 straight key.

K4NVJ - Good condx on 40. Did not hear much on 20 and 80 was noisy. tnx es 73

KD2MX - This was the best sprint in months. It started off on a good note as I finally made a couple of 20 meter sprint contacts. The band was open but there were only a couple of signals. I wonder if it was a lack of activity or just selective propagation. 40M was in pretty good shape and 80M had lots of action. It was a pleasure working many new calls tonight. There just wasn't time to work everybody that I heard which is a good sign that we had many participants. It was also nice not having to dig deep for every contact. And I was able to beat my previous high score. Not much happening north of the border though. Worked only VA3NR. I did hear Bob, VA3RKM, but he was busy and I couldn't find him again later in the evening.

W5ESE - My first time to participate in a while. Good to see that this event is holding it's own. Thanks to everyone for the contacts. My key is an old Radio Shack straight key from my Novice days. Rigs used were a Ten-Tec TKIT 1320 on 20m, a Small Wonder Labs SW+ on 40m, and a Ten-Tec TKIT 1380 on 80m. 73 Scott

KA8MPT - Started out on 20 heard nothing went to 80 conditions not much better so off to 40 and had a pile-up. Finished up on 80.

NU4I - My first attempt at this Sprint but not my last. 40m was not spread out enough, and 80m just didn't have many stations calling. It was too bad that on 40m, 7040 was covered up by a very strong signal involved in a normal QSO. It was like old times hearing all the real "fists" for a change!

W2SH - Made only 2 QSOs on 20 meters during the first 25 minutes vs. 13 QSOs on 80 meters during the last 25 minutes. The 70 minutes in between was spent on 40 meters where my 80-meter cloud-warmer antenna gives mediocre performance over short and medium distances. However, on 40 meters it resembles a small misshapen rhombic and works like a champ for Europe. DJ2ML called me. Thanks, Fred, for the DX multiplier.

KD1E - I FINALLY got to operate the whole contest. Rig K2 5 watts, Junker straight key. Conditions seemed pretty good with lots of signals especially during the first hour. During the 2nd hour, I slowed my CQ calling to 10 wpm or so and picked up a few more stations.

KB3LFC - This was without a doubt one of the best sprints ever in terms of participation, scores and band conditions. I made my best score ever, but then so did just about everyone else. Good going to all. Tom

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

RULES specific to this month's sprint:

Date and time:
Thursday, Sep 21, 0030-0230 UTC
(Remember that's Wednesday evening here in the USA)

Bands Used This Month:
80 meters, 40 meters, and 20 meters

Special Award:
For the most QSO's with Canadian stations.

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be RECEIVED before 2400Z on Sep 27, 2006. So submit as soon as possible, especially regular mail entries.