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Jun 20, 2006 40M Straight Key/Bug mW Sprint

Final Official Results:
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bonus  Final Awd Antenna
W2LJ    10    6   16   7   112    x2    224   1  G5RV @25'
KI4DEF   7    5   12   5    60    x2    120   2  88' dblt @53'
*WB8LZG  8    6   14   5    70           70      dipole @30'      
AB9CA    8    3   11   6    66           66      inv v @30'
K3WWP    4    4    8   4    32    x2     64      ~110' attic rndm wire
VA3RKM   3    2    5   3    15    x2     30      dipole @18'
KA2KGP   3    2    5   3    15    x2     30      40M dipole @30'
*W5TVW   3    0    3   3     9    x2     18      33' vert @??'
KL7V     3    2    5   3    15           15      40M dipole @50'
WA5HDL   3    1    4   3    12           12      ?? @ ??'
N0TK     2    0    2   2     4            4      40M attic dipole
K4KO     2    0    2   2     4            4      40M dipole @35'
KB3LFC   1    1    2   1     2    x2      4      ~110' rndm wire @20'
N9AKF    1    1    2   1     2    x2      4      120' random wire @20'
N4UN     1    0    1   1     1    x2      2      40M dipole @30'
KD2MX    1    0    1   1     1    x2      2      300' ef rndm wire @30'

* - Special Award (portable operation) entrants:

Special Awards (portable operation & SWL) winner:
K3WWP - It was a real STRUGGLE. I could only hear 4 stations and worked them all. I think the best I can hope for is to keep my streak alive of never having been beaten by someone else with an indoor antenna in one of our sprints. The QRP+ leaves a lot to be desired in controlling noise, to say the least. After a while I tried listening on the 570 and transmitting on the QRP+. That wasn't too much better as I had to use one of the 20,15, and 10M antennas for receiving with the constant switching involved. A better S/N ratio, but the signals were a lot weaker also. I wonder how many of you heard me? I certainly didn't hear anyone else besides the 4 I worked - KB3LFC, W1PID, K9IS, and KI4DEF. Kevin had the best signal of all. Now I think I see why after getting his log and seeing the antenna he used.

W5TVW - Conditions were quiet and skip seemed long. Even heard a French station, but was unable to raise him. All stations worked within the 7037-7043 segment of the band. Absolutely no NAQCC stations heard at all this time. Very meager log here! It was fun anyway.

N0TK - Great signals from K0EVZ copy at 579-599. Ran K2 at 900mw to Attic Dipole.

KI4DEF - Wow! That was great fun! Thanks to Larry, Tom and John for coming up with the idea and promoting it (tough not to type "Larry, Moe and Curly"--hi!--sorry, guys!). I heard *lots* of signals here; the band seemed to be in great shape. Not all of them were Sprinters, but that was okay because I got to have several good chats with old friends, plus one with someone new who was interested in NAQCC (he does QRP although he was QRO tonight). So even though I didn't have that many QSOs, I had lots of fun. And I did meet several members who were new to me--AI9J and AB8FJ--thanks, guys. Rig was Elecraft K1 turned down to 800mW. I hope to hear everyone during field day this weekend (are any of you operating QRP ARCI's mW FD?). Until next month... --72--

N4UN - REALLY TOUGH! Too much activity around 7.040 for milliwatts. Suggest 7.030 or 7.035. Also, all stations on at the same time UTC rather than local time. Local time keeps us from working many stations.

VA3RKM - A real limbo contest -- how low can we go? Heard more than I could work, but clear signals here from most stations. I have to get my dipole up higher this summer if I can. Or maybe try a wire 40m vertical.

W2LJ - To keep it truly a "Milliwatt Sprint", I turned the K2 down to 900 mW out. This hour long sprint was a lot of fun; and it was nice to hear a lot of strong signals who were hopefully at 1 Watt or less, also. We should do this again! Maybe twice a year - once in the summer and once in the winter? 72 de Larry

KA2KGP - Heavy QRN & atmospheric noise made QRPp hard copy this sprint. Thanks to KI4DEF & AA9NF for digging my signals out of the mud. Good thing this sprint was only 1 hr. long, the noise level was reaking havok on my hearing aid!

KD2MX - I had hoped to give out more points. Didn't get on until about 7:30. Had S9 noise level. Didn't hear anybody until I worked WB8LZG right at the end. I listened for awhile longer figuring I might catch some CDT participants but no other QRPp'ers were heard. Went out this morning and saw part of my longwire on the ground. It must've come lose in the high winds during yesterday's storms. That sure didn't help but the high QRN was a killer. I'm working on my KX1 so I hope to be ready for next time.

N9AKF - QSB was terrible at my QTH, except for W2LJ. I tuned around and heard other stations but was only able to copy their signals about 50% at best, and most were much less; then I'd tune across a solid signal and think "here's a good one", and it would turn out to be W2LJ each time. Just one of those weird propagation things I guess. Also didn't get the rig fired up until about 7:25 local, so made for a short search. I had fun anyway. 72, Bart

See General Sprint Rules for rules common to every NAQCC sprint.

For this special sprint, any rules below supercede comparable rules in the General Sprint Rules. For example, power level here is 1 watt or less vs. 5 watts or less in the GSR.

INTRO and PREMISE for this special sprint:

We all know "QRP Works," so the obvious question now is, "Why not QRPp?" On numerous occassions I worked ops using various milliwatt rigs with varying degrees of success. However, it wasn't until late in April, when I attended a SkyWarn class in Westmoreland County (Pa.) and met WC3O, Bob Bastone, that the idea of QRPp was really driven home.
As part of an introduction to amateur radio for the non-hams attending the class, Bob brought a Rockmite built into an Altiods box. (By the way, his rig showed superb workmanship). Bob has also made a number of QRPp rigs fitted into some unusual cases (see our QRP Works page).
Anyhow, after seeing Bob's Rockmite, I was inspired to hold a special, one-hour QRPp Sprint on 40 meters (7.040 + or - 3Khz). Larry, W2LJ, suggested the sprint have some tie in with the first day of summer, so we will hold the sprint from 7 to 8 p.m. local time, June 20. You may use any rig as long as you're using one watt or less, and any antenna. There will be the usual straight key bonus plus a special award for anyone operating portable. You may operate from your backyard or front porch, as long as you're using battery power and a temporary antenna if you want to qualify for the "portable" award.
So, if you have a Rockmite, Pixie, or whatever, or if your rig can be turned down to one-watt or less, please join us and help the NAQCC demonstrate that QRPp works as well.
Tom, KB3LFC, NAQCC President

RULES specific to this sprint:

Date and time:
Tuesday, Jun 20, 7:00 to 8:00 PM LOCAL TIME

Bands Used This Sprint:
40 meters only (7040 kHz +/- 3kHz)

Special Awards:
1. For the highest score from a portable.
2. For any SWL who sends in a log

Power level must be 1 watt or less to win an award, but anyone using more than 1 watt up to 5 watts may enter and help out.

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be postmarked or email dated before 2400Z on Jun 27, 2006.