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March 16, 2006 80M Straight Key/Bug Sprint

Final Official Results:
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bonus  Final Awd Antenna
*W2SH   35   30   65   20  1300   x2    2600  1  80m horiz bisqr @ 75'
*WA8REI 32   27   59   20  1180   x2    2360  2  80m slp dpl @ 22-35'
*K3WWP  34   28   62   19  1178   x2    2356     ~110' attic random wire
*K4BAI  30   28   58   18  1044   x2    2088     inv v @45' cf zepp@40'
*K4UK   29   25   54   18   972   x2    1944     160m inv vee @ ?'
*W2LJ   25   23   48   15   720   x2    1440     G5RV @ 25'
*N2WN   22   18   40   17   680   x2    1360     80m 1/4 wave vertical
*KD2MX  23   21   44   15   660   x2    1320  #  ~300' random wire @ 30'
*KI4DEF 22   22   44   14   616   x2    1232     88' dblt @ 53'
N4FI    21   21   42   14   588   x2    1176     110' Random Wire @ 20'
K4NVJ   15   13   28   12   336   x2     672     88' dipole @ 35'
K4JPN   16   15   31   10   310   x2     620     80m cf zepp @ 28'
*K4KO   21   20   41   15   615          615     80m dipole @ 60'
*KA2KGP 14   14   28   10   280   x2     560     80 M. dipole @ 30'
VA3RKM  15   14   29    9   261   x2     522     80m dipole @ 18'
*W2JEK  13   13   26    9   234   x2     468     ef hertz @ ?'
*KB3LFC 13   11   24    9   216   x2     432     ~250' random wire @ 20'
K3MSB   11   11   22    8   176   x2     352     40/80 dpl @ 50'
*N4BP   16   15   31   10   310          310     Trap dipole @ 62'
*KU4TN  12   12   24    6   144   x2     288     120' random wire @50'
K9JWI   16   16   32    9   288          288     110' inv v @ 35'
K8KFJ   14   14   28   10   280          280     dipole @ ?'
*K9EW    8    8   16    7   112   x2     224     dipole @ ?'
WA1GCT   8    8   16    6    96   x2     192     Ground mounted vertical
K2EKM    9    9   18    5    90   x2     180     88ft doublet @ 20'
W5RCP    7    7   14    6    84   x2     168     inv vee @ 30'
KI4CKT   4    4    8    4    32   x2      64     mb dipole @ 25'
*KB3MQT  5    4    9    3    27   x2      54     ~250' random wire @ 20'
W6JDG    3    2    5    3    15   x2      30     GAP titan @ 18'

# - Top score from a previous non-winner

* - Special Award (sum of member numbers worked) entrants:
W2SH   - 17,928
K4BAI  - 17,365
WA8REI - 16,111
K3WWP  - 15,883
K4UK   - 15,403
W2LJ   - 13,340
KI4DEF - 12,420
KD2MX  - 10,804
K4KO   - 10,781
N2WN   - 10,203
N4BP   -  7,601
W2JEK  -  6,688
KU4TN  -  6,490
KA2KGP -  6,485
KB3LFC -  4,227
K9EW   -  2,961
KB3MQT -  1,857

Special Award (sum of member numbers worked) winner:
K3WWP - Well, that was fun. Good conditions again. Perhaps not quite as good as in February, but very close. I almost matched my February score exactly, but came up one QSO and one multiplier short. It was nice to work several stations I don't remember working in one of our sprints before. Hopefully our base of entrants is expanding and will continue to do so. I had my usual high noise level here (S9), and I missed one '8' station who called me. My apologies to you, whoever you were. Maybe we did work later in the contest.

WA1GCT - Great time in the sprint. Band seemed to be a bit better here in the North East then last month. Now, if I could only get rid of the noise (S6). (Wish my noise were only S6 - K3WWP)

N4BP - Received new membership number in time for sprint. But summertime static has arrived here in SFL making 80M near unuseable! Worked all the stations I could copy in about a half hour.

KD2MX - The evening got off to a busy start and conditions seemed pretty good. Thankfully the horrendous QRN from last week didn't reappear. But activity or the band dried up after the first hour with a couple of unworked multipliers just disappearing. I didn't hear many stations during much of the second hour. The sprint did finish up here with a flurry of contacts in the last 10 minutes. Perhaps the band shifted slightly, it is all quite mysterious. I did however wind up with a few more QSOs than last month. I ran into a couple of newer members tonight but most contacts were of the two-or-three-digit member number variety. Where was the class of 1200? This was the first sprint to which I was able to dedicate the entire two hours. It is a very enjoyable and friendly event. I love being able to use a straight key and not feel like I'm holding things up. 73/72 to all until next month.

KA2KGP - Good conditions agn this month made for a fun sprint. Nice turnout of NAQCC members, but I seemed to hook up with all the lower numbers, like 0001 & 0002, hi hi ! See you all next sprint.

KI4CKT - Enjoyed the friendly crowd. Hope to work Apr. Herd lots of ops but got a late start.

K9EW - QTH 35 miles west of Chicago. Only had half an hour tonight, but it was still fun. The band was pretty decent here for a change. Running 5w from an Argosy 525 to a Cloud Burner dipole. I like the special twists in each of these sprints; they make it more fun. Thanks to K3WWP for a big 2 NAQCC points. (You're welcome - HI - K3WWP) 72/73, ed

K3MSB - B&W 5100B / SX-101A / J-38 key / 5W

VA3RKM - A pleasant way to pass a weeknight. Thanks for the Qs!

K8KFJ - Unfortunately, I missed the first 40 minutes of the Sprint but sure had fun in the remainder as there was lots of activity and 80m sounded in good shape here although rather short skip. It was nice to work #1 and #2. HI

K9JWI - Quiet band, good signals and activity.

K2EKM - Only made a brief appearance in this sprint (5 min at the start, and the final 15 min). Conditions seemed good down here, as there were still a lot of stations that I heard during the final 15. See you next month. 72, Bill K2EKM

W6JDG - Thank you for the later time period here on the left coast, it sure helped me get into the game. My noise level was at S9 which is not unusual for 80 meters here. This is the first sprint that I have been able to make contacts, possibly due to better timing.

W2LJ - It was nice to be able to devote the full 2 hours to the sprint this time. 80 Meters was nice, although you can tell the seasons are changing because there was more atmospheric QRN than past months. I had a great time; but I have to admit I was disappointed in a couple of instances where guys would start calling "CQ NA" on a frequency without even so much as a "QRL?" ahead of time! Not cool. The highlight of the evening was getting into a QSO with AC4YN and explaining the Sprint to him; and having him lower his power to complete the exchange at 5 Watts! That was nice! 73 til next month de Larry

KI4DEF - Thanks to everyone who operated this Sprint. Rig AT Sprint 2 at 4W and straight key. I had to replace my collinear array from last month after it was torn apart in a storm. New doublet seems to be working FB. Got a late start tonight due to net activities. Band seemed to be in pretty good condx throughout (QRN not bad here, altho' Stan K4UK had me QSY due to QRN at his end). Some very strong signals (especially K3ESE--good job LL!). I hope everyone is enjoying the St. Patrick's day challenge--these QSOs have taken me over the top (finally, some R's! hi!). Hope to hear everyone again next month--and for a rag chew between March 20 1826Z and June 21 1226Z. Let's fill the bands with CW this spring! (see new Spring Rag Chew Award) --72--

K4UK - Conditions were pretty good here in Virginia. Missed the first 24 minutes due to a phone call. 73, Stan

KB3LFC - After having missed the Feb. Sprint, which I heard offered some fine conditions on 80-meters, I really looked forward to this sprint and I wasn't disappointed when it finally started. Despite a badly drooping random wire I managed to garner 13 QSOs, 11 of them were member stations. During the sprint I spent some time operating our club station, KB3MQT, so as to give some of you (who heard me) a chance to add 1,100 points to your club member numbers total. Conditions were pretty good for 80 and overall, I think we had some great participation. A few people have asked when we will add 40-meters to the sprints. The answer is: beginning with the April sprint and running through and including October. Anyhow, it was a great sprint and personally, I'm looking forward to the April event. Thanks to all who participated.

K4NVJ - Another good time. Thanks John, Tom, and the NAQCC.

N2WN - Only had an hour to play this time around. Only 10,203 total for the special award. Had fun and worked a few non-members, interest is spreading I think. Thanks to all! 73, Julius

W2SH - "Beware the ides of March." Well, 80-Meter conditions were pretty darn nice! Here in New Jersey the noise level was low and there was very little QSB. Propagation was pretty classic, with the strongest signals from 100-300 miles away, next from those closer in, and beyond 300 miles, signal strength slowly dropped off as the distance increased. Florida (N4BP, of course) was as far as I worked, and I didn't hear a single station from any farther away.

KU4TN - Thanks for the contacts. Hope to hear everyone next month.

W2JEK - Rig was my Yaesu FT-840 running 5 watts to my end fed hertz. Key is a Signal Electric.

Date and time:
Thursday, March 16, 0130-0330 UTC -OR- 0430-0630 UTC
(Newcomers - remember that's Wednesday evening here in the USA)

The added time frame is mainly for our West Coast members. However anyone can operate either or both time periods. If you operate both time periods, only one of the two will count for your score. The other time period will be only for your benefit in helping you toward our Worked Members Award, etc. DO NOT submit a log or score for the extra time period if you work both.

Bands Used This Month:
80 meters only

Special Award:
With apologies to FISTS for plagiarism, this month's Special Award goes to the person who has the highest total of NAQCC member numbers in his log for the sprint. For a simple example, if you work KB3LFC (#0001), K3WWP (#0002), and our club call KB3MQT or vanity call (#1100), you have a total for the Special Award of 1103 points.

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be postmarked or email dated before 2400Z on March 22, 2006.

Other Rules:
For rules that are common to all of our sprints, check General Sprint Rules