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August 9, 2005 80M/40M Straight Key/Bug Sprint

Final Official Results:
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bonus  Final Awd Antenna(s)
K4BAI   27   21   48   15   720   x2   1,440  1  zepp/dpl inv vee @40'
K4UK    24   19   43   14   602   x2   1,204  2  160m inv vee @ ?'
K3WWP   17   14   31   11   341   x2     682     110' attic random wire
KB3HBD  17   14   31   11   341   x2     682  #  G5RV @ ?'
*K4NVJ  12   12   24   10   240   x2     480     88' dipole @ 35'
*K2EKM  13   13   26    9   234   x2     468     88' dblt @ 20'
AF4LQ   10   10   20   10   200   x2     400     40m ef zepp @ ?'
*AB4PP   9    4   13    8   104   x2     208     carolina wndm beam @ 25'
W2LJ     9    9   18    5    90           90     g5rv @ 30'
*W9CC    4    4    8    4    32   x2      64     40m inv vee @ ?'
*KB3LFC  4    3    7    4    28   x2      56     
KI4GUP   5    5   10    5    50           50     130' dblt @ 30'
W5ESE    4    4    8    3    24   x2      48     300' horiz loop @ ?'
*KA2KGP  3    3    6    3    18   x2      36     dipole @ ?'
VA3RKM   3    3    6    3    18   x2      36     dipole @ ?'
WB1HGA   3    3    6    3    18           18     windom @ ?'
*NU7T    3    0    3    2     6   x2      12     150' cf inv L @ ?'
K4CHT    1    1    2    1     2   x2       4     dipole @ 30'

# - Top score from a previous non-winner

* - Special Award ("Off" hand keying) entrants:

Special Award ("Off" hand keying) winner - K4NVJ

(We've been getting comments that the sprints are not publicized enough. Every sprint is announced in advance on the web site and in the NAQCC Newsletter. Also Larry, W2LJ posts the info on the following email reflectors: QRP-L, FISTS, Brasspounders, CW, Elecraft, Flying Pigs, QRPp-I, Rockmite, Buddipole, Pacific Antenna, CQ-Contest, Contest, 3830 Contest, HFPack CW. The info, thanks to Larry, is also on the QRP ARCI web site, N2CQ Contest Calendar, ARRL Rate Sheet, a few EU Contest Calendars, and the web site. Also we have a REGULAR MONTHLY SCHEDULE now - The second Tuesday evening in even numbered months and the third Wednesday evening in odd numbered months. Not publicized enough??????? - K3WWP)

K3WWP - The absolute worst conditions since the March sprint. My noise level was at 10 over S9 for the first 1 hour and 55 minutes of the contest. Then at 0225Z someone in the neighborhood turned something off and it dropped to the usual S7 or S8, but by then it was too late to help. I apologize to AA1XV and any other stations that I couldn't copy well enough to complete the QSO or that I didn't hear calling at all. Oh well, at least I don't have as many QSO's to transfer from my shack computer to my main computer where I keep my overall station log.

W2LJ - I was taking a Basic Life Support class for CERT purposes down at the local Office of Emergency Management and got home real late! I only was able to get in 25 minutes of operating time and was in such a hurry that I didn't even get switched over to my straight key! But the silver lining to this cloud is that I was able to use the NAQCC Sprint to get my "QSO a Day" in the log. Thanks to all who worked me!

KA2KGP - Wow! Between the static crash QRN, the QRM from W1AW & FISTS, RTTY & other non-NAQCC ops, it was a miserable night. Thanks to the three members who dug out my weak signal. "QLF" (key with ur Left Foot) was different, I usually key with my right hand. The band sounded like a troop of lids operating their first field day! Most club member keying I heard was noticably "challanged". The number of participating stations seemed less than usual from this QTH. No activity heard on 80m., the QRN there was unbearable. See ya'll next sprint.

AB4PP - I got in there and had a good time for an hour. I had to go out with the xyl and missed the last hour. I had a lot of fun and met some new friends. I tried to make an additional 4 Q's but heard such things as "Cant cpy bt Big Station QRM QRN bt and then did not hear him again. I slowed down to about 10 to 15 wpm and I admit my code was not the best but with my wrong hand it was magnificent. Have not done that since the early 60's when I hurt my right arm. Made me remember how lucky I am to have the use of my normal arm. This is my first Sprint and will definitely make the next one and spend the whole two hours on there. I think for the next contest if the unusual event is like this one, I am going to have a couple of cold 807's sitting nearby so I can stay in the mood. hi hi.........

K4BAI - QRN was bad. Activity seemed down. Was unable to raise N5EBD on 40 M and also KA8MPT who was very strong and had many callers that he didn't hear. Guess their QRN was worse than mine. Thanks for the QSOs and see you all next month. Sorry to have missed last month. I couldn't find my #1 handkey and the substitute would only key one of the two rigs for some reason. Then we had a local thunderstorm just as the contest started, so I disconnected the rigs and antennas and missed the whole contest.

NU7T - Off-hand was a challenge. With only 3 QSOs,I had plenty of time to write with my off-hand as well as send using my Altronic single lever used as a cootie key, with the off-hand. The sending wasn't too sloppy, but my log and notes are aweful. GL

AF4LQ - As usual I was able to work only the last hour of the Sprint but it's always a fun hour. My main goal was to get the two missing letters I needed for a second August Challenge attempt and I got that accomplished. Conditions seemed noisy here with WX crashes and mixed QRM, and some stations who are usually loud here were down some but that makes it interesting too. Rig was a K2 at 5W to an endfed 40mtr endfed Zepp. Thanks to all for the contacts and fun and I hope to c'yall again next month. 73 es GB.

K4CHT - Of all times to have rig problems. My relay started sticking and my dits were about 10 second dahs. So I just gave up and next time I will have a spare rig with me at my dads.

K4UK - Conditions pretty poor down here in Virginia. I did remember to drag out the old McElroy "Tear Drop" straight key - so I could get the x2 power multiplier. Figured I'd better run it right handed as it had been quite a while since I used it and I didn't think I could even send my call correctly left handed - Hi ! But I'll try to do it if you have that special category again. Enjoy these mid-week Sprints - keep them up. Need a bit more publicity because Riley, K4ORD didn't know this one was on and he had made other plans. Was confused by the number which VA3NR gave this time # 903. In the July 20 sprint he gave me # 927 I worked him twice in both Sprints. Don't think I could have copied it wrong twice - Hi! (Every other log submitted in July has him listed as 903 which is his correct number - K3WWP)

K4NVJ - This was fun! Thanks to you who went to the trouble of copying my opposite hand sending. No practice, just did it therefore not real good. But I was more comfortable with it after the first 4-5.

W5ESE - I had another commitment from 7-8, so missed the middle half of the event. Also had a problem with VFO drift in my 40m rig. I boiled the VFO toroid this evening to see if that helps. Rigs used were a Small Wonder Labs SW+ on 40m (2W) and a Ten-Tec TKIT 1380 on 80m (5W). Used the old Radio Shack Japanese ball bearing straight key from my Novice days. Thanks for sponsoring the Sprint!

K2EKM - Used my straight key "off handed" for this sprint, which was righty, as I am a lefty. Condx were pretty terrible here. Called CQ a number of times on both 40 and 80 with no responses, so all qsos were s&p. Guess a lot of people were on vacation this time. cu next month!

KB3HBD - This was my first NAQCC sprint but I will certainly be back for more. Conditions weren't very good but I had a lot of fun. My rig was an MFJ 9040 and antenna was a G5RV. I am also pretty new to qrp.

W9CC - For once I was in no danger of any left-handed compliments!

VA3RKM - My first sprint. Thanks to those participating.

KI4GUP - This was my second NAQCC sprint. I participated last month but did not have a NAQCC number so did not submit a score. Worked very little QRP until these sprints. Have been very surprised what 5 watts will do and have really enjoyed the new experience. Just upgraded to General in December 2004 and had been using a straight key. Switched to a Bencher paddle at the beginning of August so still trying to figure out the "on" hand; didn't want to subject any ops to my "off" hand!

KB3LFC - Ruff conditions made for a challenging contest and left-hand keying with my old Russian straight key made the challenge more exciting. Got an hour-long phone call about 20 minutes of so into the contest. Next time I'm turning off the ringer. It was great to see several logs from first-timers. Keep coming back.

Date and time:
UTC (Z): Wednesday, Aug 10, 0030Z to 0230Z
Eastern Daylight Time: Tuesday, Aug 9, 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Special Category:
Kind of a strange one this month, but then one of our mottoes is "The Club With A Difference." We'll give a certificate to the top score from someone who does all their keying, whether from a straight key, bug, keyer, keyboard, computer or something else with their "off" hand. That is if you normally operate with your right hand, then to enter in this category you must operate with your left hand. If you're normally left-handed, then operate with your right hand. In the case of a keyboard or computer that means ALL the keys involved must be pressed with the fingers and thumb of the "off" hand.

After we dreamed up this category a member (K0EVZ) joined who lost the use of his right arm and had to learn to send with his left hand. So perhaps this category is not as silly as it seems at first glance. You never know when you might be in a similar situation.

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be postmarked or email dated before 2400Z on Aug 16, 2005.

Other Rules:
For rules that are common to all of our sprints, check General Sprint Rules