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June 14, 2005 80M/40M Straight Key/Bug Sprint

Final Official Results:
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bonus  Final Awd Antenna
N9NE    39   26   65   21  1365   x2   2,730  1  C-4SXL -176' dblt @65' 
K4BAI   32   23   55   18   990   x2   1,980  2  88' cf zepp/dple/inv v
K3WWP   29   25   54   13   702   x2   1,404     110' attic random wire
W8TM    37   30   67   20  1340        1,340  #  40M inv vee
AG4ZZ   26   21   47   13   611   x2   1,222     140' doublet
KJ4QF   30   24   54   17   918          918     126' dblt @ 5?'
K4CNW   18   15   33   11   363   x2     726     Inv vee
K4UK    27   22   49   14   686          686     160M dipole
VA3NR   25   20   45   13   585          585     HF6 vert/Inv vee
K3NGN   15   11   26    9   234   x2     468     G5RV @ 30'
W5TVW   14    8   22   12   264   x1.5   396     135' Zepp @ 50'
K2EKM   12   10   22    9   198   x2     396     88' dblt @ ~20'
N2WN    12   10   22    9   198   x2     396     1/4 wave vert
W2AGN   10    9   19   10   190   x2     380     300' horiz loop @ 50'
N2AUR   13    9   22    8   176   x2     352     40M dipole
W9CC    12   10   22    8   176   x2     352     40M inv vee @ 35'
NT4XT   13   12   25    7   175   x2     350     102' dblt @ 40'
K4NVJ   12    9   21    8   168   x2     336     88' dipole @ 35'
AJ1M    14    9   23   10   230          230     Carolina windom @ 40'
W2LJ    10    8   18    6   108   x2     216     G5RV @ 30'
K4JPN   13   11   24    9   216          216     ???
KG4LDY   7    6   13    7    91   x2     182     horiz loop
W1PID    6    5   11    6    66   x2     132     Windom OCF dipole
W1TF     6    5   11    5    55           55     25' wire on wndw frame
NU7T     4    2    6    4    24   x2      48     40M vert loop
K4CHT    3    3    6    3    18   x2      36     80-40 dipole @ 15'
W5ESE    3    3    6    2    12   x2      24     300' HOHPL
KI4KKW   2    1    3    1     3   x2       6     Inv vee @ 20'
W1OH     2    2    4    1     4            4     40M attic dipole
W7SW     1    1    2    1     2            2     dipole @ 50'

# - Top score from a previous non-winner

Birthday/Age for this month's Special Award:
Call   Birthday  Age  Award
W5TVW   2/13/37 - 68  Oldest participant
K4BAI           - 63
N9NE    4/24/43 - 62
W2AGN   4/4/44  - 61
K4NVJ  11/22/44 - 60
K3WWP   5/24/45 - 60
N2AUR           - 59
NU7T    1/2/48  - 57
W1OH            - 54
N2WN            - 48
W5ESE   5/24/61 - 44
AJ1M    1/5/69  - 36
KI4KKW  8/23/89 - 15  Youngest participant

K3WWP - I bet I finish out of the top 5 for the first time in one of these sprints. I heard a lot of the fellows with the good antennas and locations in this one. Maybe this should have been the month with the indoor antenna category. HI HI. Actually I was surprised I got 29 QSO's. Despite a good first half hour with 12 QSO's, it was a struggle the last 90 minutes. I'm pleased that such a high percentage of my QSO's were with members. It's great so many are joining the club. Also several of the members I worked this month were members I can't recall working in previous sprints, so hopefully more and more members are joining in on the fun of these sprints.

VA3NR - Tough local conditions for receiving. I had to pull the plug a couple times when thunderstorms got too close. Wire antennas in the trees didn't like the rain either and showed it with SWR changes and degraded performance. Still lots of fun trying to pull out some QSOs. Tnx all, and apologies to any I couldn't hear. 73, Chris.

NT4XT - Late start due to late work. Had fun once I got to the rig, Pegasus 5W 102' doublet about 15-18' above my roof (40' AGL), 300ohm windowline straight to MFJ993 tuner. Speed X key.

W1OH - Unfortunately had a very high noise level tonight on 40M, where most of the action seemed to be. Also only had about 45 minutes; spent the middle of the time on 80M, and could hear Todd, N9NE, but he wasn't able to hear me, I guess. Fun as always! Hope I see you next month - after mid-July, will be portable VY2 for 3 weeks! If the July event is after the 17th of July, maybe I'll have a quiet, portable location for a change!!!

K4CNW - My shack is located in the room over the garage, which is cooled/heated with a window unit. The air went on the fritz last week and the temperature was 105 in the shack during the Sprint. Hard to copy CW with my ears full of sweat! Had fun anyway. I need more practice with the straight key.

W1TF - Enjoyed the slow speed, it took the preasure off. Rig K1

AG4ZZ - Good contest, Autek audio filter helped with QRN. Rig was ICOM 703 at 5W.

K4UK - I almost forgot about the Sprint as I was busy on the computer doing FISTS QSL Bureau work. So only operated a little over an hour. Hi! Again I ran my K2 at 5 Watts into a 160 Meter dipole which, due to high wind a month ago is now in an Inverted Vee configuration. The "key" was a Bencher Paddle. I forgot about the Straight Key bonus. One of these times I will use the Navy "flameproof" key. Once again 15 of my valid 27 contacts were with FISTS members. So QRP is enjoyed by many of our FISTS members. Look forward to the next event.

W5TVW - Activity was in spurts. Enough QRN to ruin weak signal contacts. No activity heard at all on 80 meters even though QRN levels lower there. Hope to do better next time.

W2AGN - A chance to break out another rig. Used my old Norcal 40A on 40M and a TAC-1 on 80M. Very rough on 80M. Lots of activity on 40M but had a hard time being heard.

KG4LDY - Band conditions pretty rough here. First time, except Straight Key Nights, using straight key since 1956. Still not a great operator.

N2AUR - I was using a new Icom 718, and while it was much better than the old HW-8, it definitely needs a narrow cw filter. That would have helped tremendously. Still, a great contest!

NU7T - My score improved over previous months !! The sun sets on my shack at 11:30 pm Eastern Time. There was no excuse for a low score. I could see what I was doing.

W7SW - Tnx gang for the fun!

N9NE - This is one of the few events in which I am "forced" to use my J-47 straight key ... apologies to all! The QRN from nearby T-storms made copy difficult, and I thank those whose patience and persistence made it possible to complete our exchanges.

KJ4QF - My first sprint. Had a blast! I need to get my contesting software figured out, would have been a lot easier.

K4JPN - Had a lot of fun, this time I was trying out a new keyer, so did not get the bonus multiplier.

AJ1M - This was my first one of these contests. I enjoyed the short time I was on. It was nice to be able to go slow and not have people get irritated at you for taking a little time copying them. I am slow at copying and thought this would help me improve. (That's one of the primary objectives of these sprints - K3WWP) In the big contest I use writelog and cheat with it because nobody wants to wait for you to copy them. Thanks for a nice contest.

W2LJ - I got home really late from a community event; so I was only able to participate for the last 40 minutes. It was still great to hear a few new calls among all the familiar ones. QRN was really bad on 80 Meters - I guess 80 is pretty much kaput for the summer months. The rig was my K2 and the key was a Nye Viking Speed-X on the rectangular base - my favorite straight key!

K4CHT - Band conditions were poor to say the least. I did not think I was going to make any contacts. I have got to get that antenna up in the air.

K4NVJ - Welcome new members

KI4KKW - Rig Emtech 40 meter homebrew at five watts. Had hard time making qsos in novice portion of fourty meters.

W5ESE - I could only participate for part of the event owing to other commitments. Rig used was my AT Sprint 3 at about 2 watts, and an old Radio Shack Straight Key. 73

K2EKM - Was only able to operate on-and-off during the first half of the sprint. Visited 80 meters 3 times, but only heard one station during that time. It was worth it, though, as this was the first contest he had participated in - hope it is the start of many.. Glad it could be the NAQCC sprint! See you in July.

N2WN - Time cut short by a lovely display of Mother Nature's electrical power. Worked until the lightning was right on top of me... Maybe next month? 80M was quiet, was anyone on?

W9CC - Lots of fun. I'd like to work more of these. Straight keys are the way to go.

Date and time:
UTC (Z): Wednesday, Jun 15, 0030Z to 0230Z
Eastern Daylight Time: Tuesday, Jun 14, 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Special Category:
This month a certificate will be awarded to the oldest and youngest participant simply for taking part, so submit your birthday and/or age if you wish to be eligible.

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be postmarked or email dated before 2400Z on Jun 21, 2005.

Other Rules:
For rules that are common to all of our sprints, check General Sprint Rules