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December 17, 2004 80M Straight Key Sprint

Final Official Results:
Call   QSOs Mbrs Pts  Mul  Sco  Bonus  Final Awd Antenna
AA4XX   42   31   73   21  1533   x2   3,066  1
K3WWP   34   26   60   17  1020   x2   2,040  2  ~110' attic rndm wire
K2EKM   23   19   42   14   588   x2   1,176  3
K4CHT   22   18   40   13   520   x2   1,040     dipole
WR2E    31   25   56   18  1008        1,008
K8NQQ   21   20   41   12   492   x2     984     inv vee
K8KFJ   21   15   36   13   468   x2     936
AE5X    27   22   49   13   637          637
W2LJ    18   13   31   10   310   x2     620
KG5U    20   14   34   18   612          612
KB3LFC  18   17   35    8   280   x2     560     ~225' rndm wire @ 16'
KG9HV   15   11   26   10   260   x2     520
KG4RPQ  11   11   22    7   154   x2     308
K9EW    10    8   18    8   144   x2     288     inv vee
N9JXY    9    9   18    7   126   x2     252     vertical
AF4LQ   14   13   27    9   243          243     130' inv L
N4FI     9    8   17    7   119   x2     238     rndm wire
W2AGN    7    5   12    5    60   x2     120
N4GSD    6    4   10    5    50   x2     100
KB9YSI   7    7   14    7    98           98
W3ZMN    7    5   12    4    48   x2      96
KG4GUQ   5    4    9    5    45   x2      90
AG4NY    5    5   10    4    40   x2      80
KI4DGH   4    4    8    4    32   x2      64
N0NBD    5    4    9    5    45           45     G5RV @ 50'
W1OH     3    3    6    3    18           18
NU7T     1    0    1    1     1   x2       2

K8NQQ - 5W to ant inv vee, straight key - J-38

N4FI - Hail Tom, I dabble in sprint type contests like fists, arci-qpr and now naqcc, but this is the first time I have sent in a log to anything. It is amazing to me that 160 and 80 meters seem to be dead most of the time until somebody has a contest. Then I hear tons of signals until the contest is over. I guess most CW operators are like me and don't even try to work these bands unless there is a contest on. I really had a great time on the sprint last week. I heard a lot more stations than I could work. I guess I did OK considering my poor random wire antenna and S9 noise level. CUL on the next sprint.

K4CHT - I enjoyed the contest working members and I hope members to be. It was a shame the hear the band getting quite after the sprint. I hope in the next sprint to stay around after the sprint for a rag chew. Though the sprint is past my bed time I was glad to hear all the activity. It made the time putting up the 80 meter dipole worth it. I am looking forward to the next one already! 73 and hope to see you an the bands!

K9EW - This was my first NAQCC Sprint, and only had 40 minutes, but enjoyed it and met some friends from other sprints. Nice to hear 80m alive with QRP signals. 72 es bcnu - ed, k9ew (Argonaut 509, 3w, inverted vee, and a paper clip key)

AG4NY - First sprint ever - had a blast! (well - maybe a lot of fun - hi)

KG4GUQ - Here's a very short log -- my first contest event ever (excluding ARRL SK night). Used 1 watt for the first 4 QSO's, then switched down to 100 mW and was able to work another station. My apologies to all the stations I worked, my code was pretty rusty on TX and RX! Had fun, though! Looking forward to next sprint!

KG5U - Fun little contest.

K2EKM - All contacts were made with a straight key -I certainly need to exercise that wrist. Boy, it got difficult sending 559 and my NAQCC number 50 :) Wrist got a little stiff, but it sure was fun! NAQCC is truly a unique and enjoyable club.

W2LJ - Tom-Two things: 1) I really sound bad with a straight key these days! 2) How come I didn't hear you? I worked John - I thought I would have heard you?

K8KFJ - Comments: What could be better than.... -- Being excited about being a member of this new club with a difference. -- Getting to use my favorite straight key (the Nye Viking) for the bonus -- Getting to make contacts on my favorite Winter QRP band (80m) Ole 80m was hotter than a firecracker with great QRP signals. I gave out many 599 reports. I even had TX stations answering my CQs. Was that fun or what? Many thanks to NAQCC for sponsoring this event and generating CW activity on this underused band.

NU7T - I called for 30 minutes on 3.555 to 3.557, no response. For the next sprint, I will move my antenna from the basement to the backyard.

KI4DGH - I am a fairly new Ham. I have only been on the air for about 10 months, so I am not much of a contester. I am not sure if I have figured out this points thing correctly. My Station is a Ten Tec Argonaut V running 5 watts using a Vibroplex Straight key. I didn't make a bunch of QSO's but I had fun and appreciate your work amd effort with NAACC

KB9YSI - This was my first NAQCC event - great fun. It's nice to see lots of QRP activity on 80. Most of my contacts were new QRP states for me on 80.

WR2E - Thanks for the fun event. I was very happy to see some serious participation for this! LOTS of stations. I was only able to work the first and last half hours though... I didn't record individual times for each contact, they were coming too fast for me! You were my 3rd contact, thanks!... BIG thanks to Charles W2SH for the email "heads-up" about the Sprint! I would have missed it were it not for his note!

AF4LQ - Only got to work the last hour but sure enjoyed it. A fun, laid-back event and I'm looking forward the next one. Equipment was a K2 at 5W to a 130ft endfed wire configured as an inv-L (40' X 90').

AE5X - A great contest in every way! The band was in great condition, there was plenty of activity, 80m is a new QRP band for me and I operated the contest with my new AT Sprint running on AAA batteries for the duration of the contest. But alas, I don't own a straight key...Best DX was Alabama, best state-I-didn't-expect was getting RI at the end of the Sprint. The 599 reports I gave out were honest reports - who woulda thunk VA to NY on 80m with 3 watts could be so loud? Thanks for a great contest & 72 till next time! Merry Christmas to all.

KG4RPQ - Thanks for the fun time. I used a straight key for all contacts.

N0NBD - Hey the 80 meter test was fun. I am not much of a contester but enjoyed working these few guys. I will keep the eyes peeled for the nest NAQRP thing. Set up was a NW80 5 watts G5RV at 50 ft

N9JXY - I don't have an 80-meter antenna but have a place to mount a DK9SQ mast on my house with ladder line ran to it. When I got home from work (after dark, of course!), I stuck it up and ran a wire over to a property line post, which I know is over 1/2 wavelength away, mounting it on a 20' fishing pole. Surprisingly, my Rainbow Tuner tuned it right up. Rig was a battery-powered AT Sprint 2. Key was a Chinese K-4 key. I love using it, but my contacts would say I need more practice! I had a rough time hearing through the QRN so, fearing I wouldn't be able to copy half the people who answered me, I didn't call CQ at all.

AA4XX - 80M was noisy, but there were lots of stations participating in this event. I was surprised by the number of REALLY big signals. Thanks to everyone for the fun contest. Happy Holidays es 72, Paul AA4XX nr. Raleigh, NC

W2AGN - Just played around for 45 minutes. Not high score but I claim most unusual rig. Used LAVINA-M Russian QRP CW Rig. Rig covers 160 and 80 Meters. Mine was Serial #121, made in 1989. Rated at 75mw Output! Actually, mine puts out a booming 290mw. Designed to be used with an 8' whip, I made a tuning box with a series capacitor to match 50 ohms. Receiver is very sensitive, but quite broad. It was hard to S&P, as it was difficult assuring I was tuned properly to station. Still, did work almost everyone I called, and even got an answer to a "CQ NA." Of course, also used a Russian actually, Ukrainian) Straight Key.

K3WWP - I would say the NAQCC has arrived as a major player among the QRP clubs. The turnout for this sprint rivals those I've heard from other major QRP clubs on 80M. Thanks to all of you for making this such a great event. Please send in your scores and push me down the list. HI. I know with the very strong signals from several of you that you beat me badly. Using the old J-38 really made this an interesting event for me. Quite different from contesting with the computer CT contest program which I did last weekend in the ARRL 10M Contest and will do this weekend in the RAC Winter contest.