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NAQCC Prize Drawing

We hope you enjoyed our almost live "web cast" on November 2, 2014 of the prize drawings that determined the winners of the ten prizes awarded in conjunction with our Tenth Anniversary Week sprint October 15, 2014 along with the Honor Nancy Month winner plus one final thing.

The Anniversary sprint drawings were in two stages this year. First we drew winners for the top three prizes (in reverse order) among those who completed the following requirements which we had been announcing since early in the year:
Participate in and send in a report for the following:
1. At least four regular sprints (no 160M, mW, or Nancy sprint) between February and September.
2. At least three challenges between March and September.
3. The October sprint.

These 13 members met those requirements (in no particular order): K3WWP N8XMS AB9YC K1IEE W2JEK W4DUK KD0V NQ2W WB0PYF K9JWV AK3X K0ALN N1JI

When those three drawings were completed, the three winners were removed from the full group of eligibles from the October sprint. Then drawings for the remaining seven prizes were done in reverse order from 10th through 4th prize.

As soon as a drawing was complete, the winner was announced along with the prize he/she won. A picture of each prize was posted along with a link to more info for the top three prizes.

To be eligible for any of the ten drawings, you had to also have been a NAQCC member at the time of the October sprint. You had to have made at least one QSO with another NAQCC member in the sprint. You had to submit your log and report before the deadline. You had to have been running QRP (5 watts or less) power in the sprint. Only one prize per member.

Mike and John

Each drawing was a computer drawing supervised by NAQCC Prize Manager (now retired) Mike KC2EGL and NAQCC Vice-President (now retired) John K3WWP [L-R in above picture]. It worked like this: All eligible members for the top three prizes were given a number from 1 through 13 in random order. Then a random number generator in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program was set up to generate a number from 1 to 13. The page with the generator was refreshed several times for each drawing to re-seed the random number generator to ensure complete randomness.

After the top three prize drawings, the list was adjusted as mentioned above and the Excel spreadsheet was modified to reflect the increased number and the process continued for prizes 10 through 4.

Here's a screen dump showing a portion of the Excel spreadsheet. Note the random formula in cell A1 which while taking the screen dump showed #12 in this example. The dump is from the 100th sprint drawing in February 2013 which is why 187 shows in the formula and not the number from this sprint.

pix_prizes_excel_screen (153K)

The member (less the top three prize winners) whose number from 1 to 117 was chosen was declared the winner of that particular prize and posted here on this page, and after the drawings were complete, notified by email. It was as simple as that.

NOTE: The page refreshed itself automatically every 2.5 minutes. If it didn't in your case, you had to manually refresh it to get the info on the latest drawing.

And now here's just how it went on the day of the drawing with pictures of the winner and their prize added later.

Now let's get to the first drawing after this bit of trivia.

DID YOU KNOW: In our 120 sprints through October 2014, there have been 132,986 QSOs that were submitted and thoroughly cross-checked. An average of 1,108 QSOs per sprint.

Third Place Drawing

Third place prize winner is: NQ2W

Our third place prize is:

pix_2014_3rd_prize (16K)
From NU7T, the Vibroplex Know Code straight key.

Here's Will with his prize and some comments:

3rd prize winner

"The key arrived today. What was considered a third prize is really a grand prize in my book. I have been looking for a straight key deal at hamfests, garage sales, and antique stores ever since I became an NAQCC member back in December 2010. I haven't had any luck so you can imagine my surprise when I saw the prize. Thank you to NU7T for his donation and thank you to the all the members of the NAQCC for making it a great club. It has been a while since I used a straight key so I better go practice to get ready for the next sprint."

A little more trivia, then on with the next drawings.

DID YOU KNOW: In our 120 sprints through October 2014, there have been 1,048 certificates awarded.

Second Place Drawing

Second place prize winner is: K1IEE

Our second place prize is:

pix_2014_2nd_prize (20K)
From Vibroplex with your monetary donations, the Vibroplex Standard Paddle with Jeweled Movement.

Here's Dick with his prize and some comments:

2nd prize winner

"Received the Vibroplex key on the 8th. It is really nice. Thanks to NAQCC I am the proud owner of a Vibroplex key. Thank you for what you do for NAQCC and all the others that continue to make NAQCC the best with QRP and CW. 73 K1IEE Dick NAQCC #3966"

A little more trivia, then on with the next drawings.

DID YOU KNOW: In our 10 years of operation, the NAQCC has awarded too many prizes to be listed here or even counted. See the Prizes page in the Home section of the web site to see all the prizes and their winners.

First Place Drawing

First place prize winner is: AB9YC

Our first place prize is:

pix_sprint_1st_prize (23K)
From TenTec with your monetary donations, an HB-1B MK2 four band QRP transceiver.

Here's Anthony with his prize:

pix_anniv_prize_2014_1st (41K)

A little more trivia, then on with the next drawings.

DID YOU KNOW: Between April 2010 and October 2014, there have been between 132 and 269 participants in each sprint.

Tenth Place Drawing

Tenth place prize winner is: N2ESE

Our tenth place prize is:

pix_2014_10th_prize (12K)
From NU7T, 2004 Pacificon QRP Compendium CD.

A little more trivia, then on with the next drawings.

DID YOU KNOW: In our 120 sprints through October 2014, there have been 9,135 logs submitted for an average of 14.5 QSOs per log.

Ninth Place Drawing

Ninth place prize winner is: KI0J

Our ninth place prize is:

pix_2014_9th_prize (16K)
From NU7T, World of Keys CD.

A little more trivia, then on with the next drawings.

DID YOU KNOW: In our 119 sprints through September 2014, there have been 3,357 DIFFERENT hams participate.

Eighth Place Drawing

Eighth place prize winner is: W4DUK

Our eighth place prize is:

pix_2014_8th_prize (14K)
From NU7T, Vail Correspondent, A Key Collectors Journal 24 issues CD.

And here's Dave along with his prize and some comments:

8th prize winner

"Thanks to both you [K3WWP] and Mike KC2EGL for handling the prize drawing and mailing, and thanks also to Steve NU7T for his prize donation. I look forward to perusing the CD in the coming weeks, and learning new things about all kinds of keys."

A little more trivia, then on with the next drawings.

DID YOU KNOW: In our 119 sprints through September 2014, there have been 1,308 DIFFERENT hams report their results of the 3,357 who participated.

Seventh Place Drawing

Seventh place prize winner is: WD0K

Our seventh place prize is:

pix_2014_7th_prize (17K)
From NU7T, Antenna Compendium Vol V book and diskette.

A little more trivia, then on with the next drawings.

DID YOU KNOW: 28 members have participated and reported their results in at least 50 of our 120 sprints

Sixth Place Drawing

Sixth place prize winner is: WB8ENE

Our sixth place prize is:

pix_2014_6th_prize (14K)
From NU7T, Backyard Antennas book.

A little more trivia, then on with the next drawings.

DID YOU KNOW: Of the 4,410 logs submitted since March 2010 (when we started keeping track), 3,662 have been GOLDEN (through April 2013) or SILVER (from May 2013-August 2014) - 83%.

Fifth Place Drawing

Fifth place prize winner is: WG8Y

Our fifth place prize is:

pix_2014_5th_prize (15K)
From NU7T, Keys, Keys, Keys book.

A little more trivia, then on with the last drawing.

DID YOU KNOW: Between April 2010 and October 2014, there have been over 100 logs submitted in all but 4 sprints.

Fourth Place Drawing

Fourth place prize winner is: WA8SAN

Our fourth place prize is:

pix_2014_4th_prize (17K)
From NU7T, Wire Antenna Classics book.

That concludes our drawings for our Tenth Anniversary prizes - BUT there's more after we say this: We hope our ten winners will enjoy and make good use of their prizes. Congratulations to all of you, and better luck next time to our non-winners.

Honor Nancy Month Drawing

Now we have two more matters to take care of. First a random drawing among all those who participated in and sent in a report for the 'Honor Nancy Month' sprint and challenge. Those who took part in both will get two entries in the drawing. All others will get one entry. That makes for a total of 53 (sprint) + 14 (challenge) = 67 entries in the drawing pool. The drawing will be done in the same way as for the ten prizes above. The prize as announced on the Nancy page is a YouKits HB-1B 4 Band QRP Transceiver shown here. Click the picture to go to the YouKits web site. The rig was donated by YouKits. We thank them very much for this wonderful gesture.


The winner of the drawing is: N9SE

Now one final task for today.
As you know my partner here, Mike KC2EGL is retiring as Prize Manager, and we thought it would be nice to present him with a little gift. As Mike now reads this for the first time, I'm sure he wondered why I made sure he brought his KX3 with him. It wasn't for the 'excuse' reason I used, but so he could mount his retirement gift as soon as possible. Now here it is, Mike:

From Mike, "WOW!! Thank you very much! I do feel it is undeserved due to work intefering with prize managing the past couple years, but thank you nonetheless."

Mike did mount the bezel right away, and here is how it looked:


That concludes our prize drawing web cast. We hope to get the prizes in the mail tomorrow November 3 via Priority Mail so you should all receive them by the end of the week at latest. The second place price will be mailed directly from Vibroplex so we can't be sure about the arrival time for that one.