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CW Practice Methods

Information on this page is provided by Brion VE3FUJ. Contact Brion at pix_email_ve3fuj (1K) with any questions or comments.

Do an Internet search for "CW Practice " and you will find a hugantic number of CW practice entries. I have not investigated them all. I will list a few which I've looked into. First ---- Mp3 practice files - Learn CW Online ----CW Practice # 1 & 2 9W2ZAK 11 wpm U-Tube. ---- Code Practice QST Source, ARRL Code Practice schedule @ There you'll find information on times and speed etc by following the links. --- Then K7QO Code cource Vol. 3 at a nominal cost. ---- Ham Morse iPhone APP at Apple stores at again a nominal cost.

We also have G4FON Code Practice program, a downloadable free Program, instructions for down load at site. LCWO Learn CW Online. the Program requires Registration and Password. Both of these Programs are very versatile and can be configured to almost anything that one would wish.

Just search for " G4FON " or " LCWO " and follow the links to an enjoyable session in CW Practice.

There's also a more local way to go about CW practice, that's to tape things of the Air like ARRL or actual QSO's, and then try and decode it after. Just one draw back, there's no verification on what was actually sent. But its never the less a viable method. It also allows you to keep tab on your own sending, by taping the " side tone " while working into a dummy load or an actual QSO, not to mention using a code Practice Oscillator.

There is so much listed on the internet, in way of practice Material that is impossible to mention but a small portion. The above should be more than ample to satisfy anyone's desire to learn and/or improve their code skills.