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CW Increasing Speed

Information on this page is provided by Brion VE3FUJ. Contact Brion at pix_email_ve3fuj (1K) with any questions or comments.

Receiving and Sending speed increases. Let me start by saying " there's no shortcut to faster reading " only perseverance and practice will get you there. In other words, "pushing yourself". I put Receiving speed first as it is the more important of the two, is a most difficult thing if one goes about it haphazardly. One must approach it with a regimented schedule, say 20 mins a day, or every other day, or even twice a day if one has the time. Even a longer period than 20 min may be desirable. There should not be too long a period between practice session, and it should be adhered to as best one can. It is alright to be able to send faster than one can receive,(however it should never ever be practiced ). It is like Music lessons, the more often you practice, and the better regimented you are about it, the better. It might also be beneficial to practice " head reading " right off. By that is meant decipher in your head as you do speech. Further more, it is difficult for most people to write much faster than perhaps 25 wpm so why clutter up your head with having to also practice speed writing. But if you chose to keep writing things down, try and let the code characters get a little ahead of you, thereby more or less hear the word before writing it down. You may now throw up your hands and say " I can't do that ". So start of slow by lacking behind one character, then two, then three and so forth. That would also help increase your " head reading " ability and speed.

So in conclusion a regular, regimented approach is probably the most beneficial. That would also apply to sending.

The afore mentioned would apply to any starting speed 2wpm and up.

This link is an Aid to increase your speed ----

I don't think I can add any more at the present.