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NAQCC Banner and Logo

Here are a banner and logo that you can use on your web site, email signature, QRZ listing, etc. To learn how to use them as a link to our NAQCC web site, click here.

The banner was designed by David K3PO and was selected as the winner in our banner contest. David did an excellent job of conveying the idea of the NAQCC in a very limited space.

pix_banner09 (13K)

234 W x 60 H (13K)

To those not familiar with downloading graphics, simply right click the banner above or logos below and choose 'Save Picture As...' from the context menu.

The logo was designed by NAQCC VP John K3WWP based on input from NAQCC President Tom WY3H. The various sized logos below are in .png (Portable Network Graphics) format and have a transparent background. The size in pixels is given below each logo along with the file size. If you need a different size, select the one closest to what you need and download it. Then it should resize nicely in any good graphics program that does resizing. Be sure to use the best quality resizing. This is usually called resampling and may have several different styles of resampling to choose from. Experiment and find the one that works best in your case.

logo01 (5K)

120 W x 123 H (5K)

logo02 (10K)

239 W x 245 H (10K)

logo03 (32K)

478 W x 491 H (32K)

If you need a custom size graphic and can't get one of these to resize to what you want, let me (K3WWP) know and I'll try to make one for you.