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Fields with ** require an entry. If they are blank, you will be instructed to return here and fill in the required info.

Consult the rules if you are uncertain about anything.

Use TAB or your mouse to move between fields. Do not use ENTER.

** Call - the call you used in the sprint

** Email Address (Please be sure to enter correctly. It wastes time to search for your address if we need to contact you about your log)

** Category (SWA or Gain) - simple wire antenna(s), or gain antenna(s).

** Call Area - The AREA you OPERATED from - W1, W2..., W0, Canada, DX

** Antenna(s) description & height - dpl@30', 3el yagi@60', gnd mtd vert, invV@50', etc. (40 characters max. - pse abbreviate)

** Power Output (watts)

** Total number of QSO's: (member QSO's + non-member QSO's)
** Number of member QSO's:
** Number of multipliers (SPC's): (States + Provinces + DX Countries)

** Key sub-category (Straight Key=2, Bug=1.5, Keyer/Keyboard=1):

Please read this info before entering your log:

The log should consist of one line per QSO with the following EIGHT items (no more, no less) in EACH line with at least one space between items and preferably all UPPER CASE letters. If you use GenLog and submit the CORRECT log file, it will have the correct format shown here:

1. Your Call

2. Band (80, 40, or 20 - DO NOT add an M, meters, etc, JUST the number)

3. Time (In UTC or Z - Should be in the range of 0030-0230 or 0130-0330 depending on time of year - DO NOT use colons AND DO NOT add a Z to the times - Just for example 0028, 0131, 0246, etc.)

4. Station Worked

5. SPC or Multiplier (his State, Province, or DX)

6. Number/Pwr (his NAQCC number or for a non-member, his power INCLUDING a capital W after the power)

7. New Multiplier (number each NEW State, Province, Country consecutively, put a - if it is NOT new)

8. Points (2 for a member, 1 for a non-member)

Here is an example showing a portion of a correctly formatted log from K3WWP:
K3WWP 40 0031 K4BAI GA 0644 1 2
K3WWP 40 0032 WY3H  PA 0001 2 2
K3WWP 40 0033 NV1B  ME 5W   3 1
K3WWP 80 0034 AD8J  PA 5W   - 1
Your log should have EIGHT items in EACH line - no more, no less. Please check and manually adjust it before submitting or we may require you to re-submit it in the correct format. It can be edited right in the box below after you enter or paste it in. Thanks.

** Now type in your log here or paste in the log output from GenLog.