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About NAQCC Sprint Logger.numbers for Mac Computers

For Mac computer users the OS X version of the NAQCC SprintLogger by AC2C, is the recommended logger. This older alternative (with fewer features) will only be suppoerted with membership data file updates through October 2018. This spreadsheet should work on any Mac computer that has Numbers installed on it.

NAQCC Sprint Logger.numbers allows you to easily log your sprint QSOs in realtime. It automatically logs required membership data, calculates your sprint score, creates a log report for submission on our autologger page, and also creates an adif file of your QSOs for importing into a master log that you keep with other logging software. A simple download of membership data keeps everything up to date for our sprints each month.

Installing NAQCC Sprint Logger.numbers

NAQCC Sprint Logger.numbers should be stored on your computer as a Numbers template. Instructions for doing this can be found in the "readme" file that will be downloaded along with the spreadsheet.

Download the zip file containing NAQCC Sprint Logger.numbers here. (Latest version: 2.0417, updated 04/10/2017)

Go to your "Downloads" folder and double click on the file. This will create a folder with two files in it - NAQCC Sprint Logger.numbers and logger_readme.txt. Follow the instuctions contained in the text file to install the spreadsheet template. You can also find an instructinal video below that will help you with the installation.

Monthly Membership Data Update

The membership data used by the NAQCC Sprint Logger.numbers is contained in a file named mac_naqcc_mems.csv and needs to be updated each month prior to operating in the sprint. The updated file is normally available by the morning of the sprint date and an email is sent out to the membership to remind you to download it.

Download the zip file containing the latest membership data here.

Go to your "Downloads" folder and double click on the file. This will create a folder with two files in it - mac_naqcc_mems.csv and mac_readme.txt. Follow the instuctions contained in the text file to install the membership data. You can also find an instructinal video below that will help you with the installation.

Some Instructional Videos

We have a series of 5 short instructional videos on our club YouTube channel on how to install and use the Mac NAQCC Sprint Logger. Click here to go to the channel.


As time goes by we will try to respond to frequently asked questions about the spreadsheet here. Please feel free to add to the list as issues come up.

1. How do I deal with a lost cell formula?

- Most of the cells in the various tables in the spreadsheet contain complicated formulas that are used by the spreadsheet to fill in QSO data automatically. You should avoid entering any values directly from the keyboard into either the Autologger Report table or the ADIF File table - let the formulas do the work.

But the QSO Entry table is another matter. In this table entering data directly from the keyboard, or clicking into a cell and deleting it's value, will destroy the cell's underlying formula. The only way to delete a cell value without destroying the formula is to delete the callsign of the station worked. This will automatically clear out the other cells in that row without destroying any cell formulas. (Except for the "RST r" cell, which has no formula and can be directly deleted.) Of course when logging a non-member QSO it is absolutely necessary to enter the QSO information directly from the keyboard and yes, this will destroy the cell formula. But that's not a problem - you need that entered information there. Similarly, if the database lookup says that a member is in PA but they gave MI in their exchange you want to overwrite that lookup formula with the MI value.

Ok, but what if you goofed up and accidentally destroyed a cell formula? Well, simply click on the cell directly below the damaged one. Move the mouse to the top line of the cell and you should see a little yellow dot appear. Left-click and hold on that dot and drag it up onto the damaged cell. The cell formula will now be restored.

2. How do I know that I have the latest membership data for my sprint?

- The mac_naqcc_mems.csv data file is updated each month for the sprint and should normally be available for download by midday on the day of the sprint. The readme file that is zipped with it will show the date. If it still indicates last month then I'm a little bit tardy with my update so wait a little bit and redownload it later.

3. How do I get rid of last month's sprint contacts to be ready for this month's sprint?

- You don't. Start each sprint with a fresh spreadsheet. (You did save the spreadsheet as a template when you first installed it didn't you?)

4. Is the score reported by the spreadsheet correct?

-Yes, assuming that you entered the correct key-category in the Setup Table and you don't have any adjustments when the logs are cross-checked.

5. Hey, I have an idea, can you get the spreadsheet to do ____?

- Well, it can probably be done. But I'm already near the limit of my technical ability and I am way over the limit of my available time. So let your creativity flow and go for it! Please remember to share your improvements.

6. Some users have reported problems with pasting the membership data into the spreadsheet.

- If the method given in the instructions (step 6 of "Before the start of the sprint...") doesn't work try this. Select the exact number of both rows and columns in the Membership Data Table that match the data in the .csv file and then do the paste. This should fill in the data correctly.

Some Final Notes

This spreadsheet was developed by Paul Huff, N8XMS, as a service for any NAQCC members who use Apple OS X computer systems. The spreadsheet works very well on my iMac computer but I am not able to guarantee that it will work for you or meet your needs. ("You get what you pay for.") I would be happy to help you with this spreadsheet and answer your questions but there is a limit to the support that I can provide. Good luck and have fun in the NAQCC sprints!

Email: pix_newemail_n8xms (1K)