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NAQCC 2016 Anniversary Sprint Prize Drawing

Our anniversary sprint prize drawing was held on Thursday, October 20th, at 9:00 PM EDT - 0100 10/21 UTC.

Drawing Details:

As we did last year, our twelfth anniversary sprint prize drawing will be held in two tiers. In the first tier we will give away our top three prizes, and in the second tier, prizes 4 through 10 will be awarded.

There is a throughout-the-year participation requirement for a member to be eligible for a first-tier prize. Here are the specific requirements:
1. Be a member of the NAQCC at the time of the October sprint.
2. Participate in the sprint by making at least one QSO and send in the log by the submission deadline.
3. Earn at least 9 participation points from January through September. Points are earned by participating in our regular monthly sprints and challenges and are recorded in the table seen here. (Up to two participation points can be made up by qualifying and applying for one or two of our regular awards. Click here to see the details about our awards program)

Here are the requirements to be eligible for one of the second-tier prizes:
1. Be a member of the NAQCC at the time of the October sprint.
2. Participate in the sprint by making at least one QSO and send in the log by the submission deadline.

A spreadsheet will be used to make a list of prize-eligible members. Random numbers, generated by a computer, will be used to select the winners. Once someone has been drawn for a prize they will no longer be eligible for any of the remaining prizes. Non-winners from the first-tier will be included in the second-tier drawing.

Prizes will be drawn in the following order:
3 - 2 - 1 . . . 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4

After each winner is drawn we will make an almost-realtime announcement by updating this web page with a picture of the prize and the callsign of the winner. You will probably need to refresh your browser periodically to follow the action. Email notifications will be sent to all of the winners within a day or two of the drawing and prizes will be mailed out using the addresses listed on unless we receive a request form the winner asking us to use a different address.

pix_raffledrum.jpg (16K) 124 NAQCC members have met the elligibility requirements given above and of these 38 have also met the year-long participation requirement and are eligible for the first-tier prize drawing.

Every eligible member has been put into a spreadsheet and assigned a number. A second computer will be used to generate random numbers and "draw" the winners. As winners are chosen they will be revealed below.


3rd Place Prize

Our 3rd place prize is an American Morse Porta Paddle. (Porta Paddle Webpage)

pix_prize2016_03.jpg (8K)

And the winner is: W4DUK

Here is a picture of Dave with his prize and a comment from him.

pix_w4duk_3rdplace.jpg (17K)

"I received the paddle kit in this morning's mail, and look forward to assembling and putting it on the air soon! Thanks again and 73."

2nd Place Prize

Our 2nd place prize is an MFJ-9340K 40-meter QRP Cub Transceiver kit. (MFJ-9340K Webpage)

pix_prize2016_02.jpg (96K)

And the winner is: N8BB

Here is a picture of Werner with his prize along with some comments from him:

pix_n8bb_2ndplaceplace.jpg (20K)

I finished the build in one evening and everything was fun to assemble even if my high tech solder station quit and I finished with an old solder iron and carefully completed the build with no problems. The alignment went pretty easy although I wish they included the tweakers for tuning the slugs but managed with other tools. My antenna seems to be off a bit for resonance so I am putting out about 700 milliwatts but have worked 7 contacts and received some decent reports with it.

Thanks to everyone that made this event what it is, fun and friendship.

1st Place Prize

Our 1st place prize is a gently used YouKits 3-Band HB1A QRP Transceiver.

pix_prize2016_01.jpg (20K)

And the winner is: K1IEE

Here is a picture of Dick with his prize along with some comments from him.

pix_k1iee_1stplace.jpg (17K)

"Great little rig and have worked several states on 40M and some DX on 20M. Really like it. A big upgrade from the HW-9. Keyer and automatic CQ as well as Voltage monitor and more, I love it. Will use it in the next sprint. Thanks to you and ALL the people that make the NAQCC. 73 Dick K1IEE #3966"

10th Place Prize

Our 10th place prize is the "N0UJR and Friends" ham radio cartoon book and an ARRL Christmas ornament.

pix_prize2016_10.jpg (33K)

And the winner is: KN1H

A picture and comments from John:

pix_kn1h_10thplace.jpg (30K)

"Thanks for sending the wonderful prize from the NAQCC Anniversary drawing! Attached is a photo of me reading the (very funny) book while the ornament is decorating the D-104 until Christmas. Thanks again, 73"

9th Place Prize

Our 9th place prize is the book (on CD) "Recollections of a Radio Receiver," by Jay Helms, W6HHT. This eBook is a complete compendium of information on all of the various HBR receivers designed by Ted Crosby W6TC (SK) and published in a series of QST articles in the late 1950's through the mid 1960's.

pix_prize2016_09.jpg (45K)

And the winner is: AA0FD

8th Place Prize

Our 8th place prize is the book "Telegraph Collectors Guide Book, by Tom Perera, W1TP".

pix_prize2016_08.jpg (28K)

And the winner is: W5WIL

7th Place Prize

Our 7th place prize is the book "The Giant Book of Electronic Projects".

pix_prize2016_07.jpg (27K)

And the winner is: KU4A

Here is a picture of Chris with his prize:

pix_ku4a_7thplace.jpg (25K)

6th Place Prize

Our 6th place prize is the Telegraph Collectors Reference CD, by Tom Perera, W1TP.

pix_prize2016_06.jpg (32K)

And the winner is: WA8SAN

Here is a comment from Mike: "Thanks guys for the Telegraph Collectors CD!! What a great club, free gifts just for doing what you like anyway CW!"

5th Place Prize

Our 5th place prize is an MFJ 107B digital 24-hour clock.

pix_prize2016_05.jpg (6K)

And the winner is: N1JI

Here is a picture and comments from Jock:

pix_n1ji_5thplace.jpg (20K)

The clock arrived a few days ago and, since I didn't already have one in my shack, it is a very welcome addition! Thank you to all the folks who contribute to the NAQCC through your time, donations and participation.

4th Place Prize

Our 4th place prize is a "Two Tinned Tunas EZ Build Transmitter" kit from QRPme. (QRPme TTT Webpage)

pix_prize2016_04.jpg (32K)

And the winner is: K0FNR

Here is a picture and comments from Jim:

pix_k0fnr_4thplace.jpg (20K)

My QRPme tuna-tin xmtr kit arrived in fine shape --- all neatly packed in a pull-top tin --- neat !!! I went all in and ordered the companion Sudden Storm receiver and Tuna Helper TR switch. When I get it all together I will send an update. Thanks !!!!!

Congratulations to all of the winners. We hope that you will enjoy your prizes and will continue to participate in our great NAQCC activities. 73