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Guestbook Entries Prior To March 2017

Opinions in the guestbook are those of the poster and may not necessarily be those of the NAQCC. End of disclaimer.

Older, left handed and very curious about code, qrp. Learning code presently. General license. - Herbert McGurn KC1ABU - Pittsfield, MA - Feb 26
SKCC has come a long way and has done a great job. I'm certainly glad to be a member, #1126 - Donn Hornberger, KA0SOH <> - St. Louis,, MO USA - Jan 7
Thank you very much I will be happy to see you and to air. 73 De SV1LKT bye bye - Thanos sv1lkt <> - ARTEMIDA, CREECE - Dec 22
Just joined recently. Finally getting around to the world of "CW".... - Larry Garvin, KB1QQM <> - Lisbon, CT 06351, USA - Dec 6
Happy to find your webpage. - Richard Headrick WA7QCC <> - Clackamas, Oregon - Oct 8
Hi OPs, i'm up and running with a Icom 78, 5 watt & homebuild paddle using my rig.hope to work you all,only 7Mhz and 15Mhz.builing antennas 73's Schalk - Schalk A22LL <> - Lobatse, Botswana - Aug 7
Enjoyed another NAQCC Sprint! - Steve, KI4EZL - Fayetteville, North Carolina - Jun 15
I would like to build a Pixie-2, does the club have any special place they get parts or kits? - James Cummings WB8VMW - Barberton, OH - Jun 4
I worked TA3D this evening on 40m, 5 watts. The whole time I was on, there was an "unidentified" station climbing all over us, sending "AF4HL QRP LIAR LIAR". Not only does QRP work, it apparently creates stress - Tom Morgan AF4HL #8041 <> - Murrells Inlet, SC - May 19
Hi, look on your page and its very good indeed, hope to work some of the qrp stations - Schalk A22LL & ZS1LL <> - Hermanus, South Africa - Mar 23
After a few years away from HF I am going to take the challenge of QRP. not sure what rig I will use, a Flex 1500 or a KX1 - Jim Nichols - VE6GL <> - st. Albert, AB - Mar 18
Truly enjoyed just listening to the March Sprint. My station is not complete now but will be for the April Sprint. I'm looking forward to participating and meeting some new QRP ops. - AC9BR - Edinburgh, IN - Mar 17
It was my great pleasure last night to introduce Shawn Patterson, KM4IHU, to the NAQCC. Shawn was taking the test to upgrade from Tech to General (I was one of the VEs) and he passed. Later in the club meeting it was brought out that Shawn was using his Tech privileges to operate CW. He was now quite excited to be authorized to use the additional frequencies. I slipped him a note with my name and call telling him that I'd be happy to give him some on the air experience. I also noted the NAQCC website. He looked the site up on his smart phone and was immediately hooked. He joined on the spot! Be sure to welcome Shawn. (He lives about two miles from me, in Calhoun, GA). In other matters I haven't been as active on HF as I would like to have been. For one thing, I am in constant A-Fib and the VA said there is nothing further they can do (I had an ablation and was electro cardioverted several times). So, I get quite tired often and therefore have had to cut back on my operating time. But that doesn't mean I have given up by any means. You'll still hear me on HF several times a week but only for short periods of operation. Best 73/72 to all. Tom, WY3H. - Tom Mitchell WY3H <> - Calhoun, GA - Jan 19
I have enjoyed playing QRP portable since 2005, but QRP has taken on more importance lately. My main station is in storage for a few years, renting in the city until wife and I are able to build our cabin on the hill. Recently picked up a Youkits HB1B MK2, end feeding a 40m halfwave attached to bedroom window with suction cup, easy teardown & setup for fun from this temporary QTH. 73'sss ... Joe - KA1HSP ~ Joe <> - Springfield, MA - Jan 9
Haven't been real active lately due to health issues but I intend to try to get at least 10 QRPp QSO's during September. I do have to go into the VA Hospital in Nashville on the 21st so I'm starting the challenge today, 9/9/ - Tom Mitchell WY3H <> - Calhoun, GA - Sep 9
Been building QRP gear for years but never really operated them. Entered the July Sprint and had a blast. Last night I worked Bulgaria on 40,Czech and 6Y5 on 30 with 3.5W from my down-powered FT-840 and a dipole. Think Im hooked ! - Rick KA2PBO #7673 <> - Stroudsburg, PA - Jul 19
Been playing with NAQCC Challenges lately. However, been doing it QRO 100w. Not looking for any awards at this time just keeping occupied while searching/waiting for SKCC contacts. - Jerry k6iii & kz5om <> - Grass Valley, ca - Jul 9
Off to Norfolk for a week on Saturday, taking my FT817 and helical ae's for 40 & 20. - G3SEN <> - Nottingham, England - Jun 3
I plan on using your site to develop my CW skills. Thank you. - Chester Armellino KF6WND <> - Tracy, California - May 5
Stephen Ferguson W4BQE - Gastonia, NC - Apr 19
Paul Rockwood VE3EEI <> - Toronto, Canada - Apr 15
Hi from ND6F, 73's - Kevin Reid - ND6F - Foresthill, California - Mar 30
Dave Hoad - w4isi - 1012 Hornsbyville Road, Yorktown,VA - Feb 28
Dear NAQCC friends, I could use a schedule with one of you from Nevada that uses LoTW to finish off my WAS award. - Dave WA8AXF <> - Kalamazoo, Michigan - Jan 8
I am enjoying CW QRP operations with my Ten-Tec 506. Every contact is a thrill and I seldom turn the "big rig" on anymore. - Terrance Leach, WA5ZKP <> - Albuquerque, NM - Nov 27
Roger Stephens - WU8G - Navarre, Ohio,U.S.A. - Nov 21
David N Nadel KD2OY <> - East Meadow, New York - Oct 18
I like to work CW QRP mostly. Rig is Icom 703. - KB4QNR Bobby Rolph <> - Lexington, Kentucky - Sep 7
Sure wish you would extend the contest time to cover 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm west coast time. Like most CA commuters I do not even get home from work until 7:30 pm or later. - AA6DQ - Yorba Linda, CA - Aug 12
Found this very interesting group of Hams and happy and proud to join. Hope to meet you on the air whil I'll be active for some top of mountain too (Mountain QRP Club member too) in QRPp. - Alex I5SKK ex I0SKK <> - Pontremoli, Italy - Aug 12
My Vanity Call was issued just in time for the August Sprint! WA8AXF was the novice call sign of my late Grandfather. Listen for my new call as NCS of the GLN too! - David Moss WA8AXF <> - Kalamazoo, MI - Aug 12
Bill Purcell KA7JAC - Arlington, Wa, Washington - Aug 9
Hello, nice website. I decided to try QPR CW again and I thought this club would be a big help and joining would get me inspired to trying cw again. - K3ENV <> - Colora, MD - Aug 9
Hello fellow members, We are now almost completely settled in Calhoun, GA. I know it can be confusing to hear a "3" call then copy "GA" and think it was "PA." Have a random wire. It will tune 15, 17, 20, 30 and 60. It will not tune 6, 10, 40 or 80. 12 tunes fair. Have some work cut out for me. - Tom Mitchell WY3H - Calhoun, GA - Aug 5
Well, everything went well with the sale of our property here in western PA. Now comes the BIG job of packing, holding a yard sale, loading the truck and heading South. Looks as if we'll buy a place in northwest GA. I'll be happy to work everyone from our new QTH with the KX3. Tom, WY3H. - Tom Mitchell WY3H <> - Kittanning, PA - Jun 18
Larry Miller KK6HXN <> - Santa Clarita, California - Jun 7
WOW, WOW, and double WOW! A simple "Thank You" is not enough to express my appreciation for the wonderful "retirement" gift, an Elecraft KX3. Thank you all again. And just FYI, I am retiring as president but will remain active in our NAQCC. Tom, WY3H, NAQCC 0001. - Tom Mitchell WY3H <> - Kittanning, PA - May 21
Getting closer to being back on the air QRP with an HW-8... powered up tonight and listened to W1AW code practice with a dipole at 0 feet... not a typo will have the antenna in the air soon to be transmitting again. Look forward to some QSOs with you all... - David KC8AAG <> - Kalamazoo, Michigan - May 16
Just found site and joined... in process of putting HW-8 back on air look forward to some QSOs. - Dave KC8AAG <> - Kalamazoo, MI - May 5
looking to get started in qrp. I also would like to improve my cw. - RICHARD AF6TP - Carmel, Ca - Mar 14
Tired of SSB - Kenneth Burdick KB5T <> - Oklahoma City, OK - Mar 3
k0qd <> - Boulder, Colorado - Feb 17
Joseph P Green. WB0MMZ <> - Orlando, FL - Feb 9
Jim W0WWT - Funk, Nebraska - Feb 9
Happy to be a member! Very enthused! - Ed Gibbs KC4UFN <> - VA Beach, VA - Feb 9
Hi guys. Hope to be back up and running soon. I was in R.I. and we had a bad windstorm that tok my antenna down. Last week we got hit with some feed back from the electric co. and it took out mt computers and my radio. Fortunately I have a spare rig. So far 2014 hasn`t been a good year. Hope to catch at least some of you guys and gals on the air. 73,Roger WA1GCT - Roger WA1GCT - Telephone, Texas - Jan 20
Hi all! Just getting back into Ham after 20 years off - And I want to focus on cw and QRP! Great to be here and wish me luck! - Warren Allred/AB6YA <> - Alpine, CA - Jan 13
HI, Every year I enter the Sprint dates on my new calendar.The print list for 2014, eastern standard time does not match the correct day of the week! (You apparently were looking at the 2013 schedule. The 2014 schedule hadn't been posted by the date of this guestbook entry, but it should be there now - K3WWP) - Gary--N2ESE <> - Stanhope, NJ - Dec 28
Do some qrp in some of the big - Ted Davis W6BJH - Redding, CA - Dec 22
Good definitiions for QRP as ERP power / antennas as Simple and Gain. - KK4LPG <> - Memphis, TN - Dec 17
Hoping for the 1000 miles per watt award. - Oscar Crary K9WKW - Holmen, Wisconsin - Dec 13
I am amember of QRPARCI - WA3YGQ <> - Cranberry, PA - Dec 11
Just had my 87th B-day , cw qrp every bit as enjoyable as it was in 1946 when I was running 10w on10 mtrs.72 - Roy K8NQQ - Wilmington, NC - Dec 4
72 - Don Davison KB0CAQ - Maquoketa, IA - Nov 30
KK4NEF <> - Clearwater, FL - Nov 21
Held a great QSO with WY3H: Thomas J Mitchell 210 Garretts Run Road Kittanning, PA 16201 USA Enjoy the members and the CW QSO with all! 73 Bill - Bill Bequette KU3V - Fairfield, PA - Oct 29
NAQCC #5899. Earned a mixed-mode ARRL WAS Award. Working toward a CW endorsement. Only lack two states for CW: US Nebraska (NE) and South Dakota (SD). Would much appreciate CW SKEDs with these states. Your date/time/frequency. TU much es 72! Jim - Jim Stephens, NX8Z <> - Hurricane, WV - Oct 22
Thanks for keeping me in the CW loop. Always enjoy reading the emails and browsing your Home page. Keep up the good work and thanks for allowing me to be a member. 73, John - Gi4EBS - Limavady, Northern Ireland - Oct 17
NAQCC #5899. Seek CW Sked with US Utah, 7 area. Ur date/time/frequency. Tnx es 72! - Jim Stephens, NX8Z <> - Hurricane, WV - Oct 16
My friend Ray, K9EYT invited me to play in your recent event last week. What a blast! I love qrp st key. I used a leg key aka "leg iron" I picked up at the Peoria ham fest a few weeks back and chased Ray all over the HF bands...great fun, keep it up. - John, ka9nlx <> - Arlington Heights, IL - Oct 16
Good luck to all this evening. I'm going to try to listen in from work through GLsdr on my cell phone. Had to swing to night shift for a few weeks. 73, Gary KC9EE - KC9EE <> - Morton, IL - Oct 8
ja6rtj - Kirishima, Japan - Sep 4
Getting back into this super hobby after being off the air for a long time. Just finish putting together an Elecraft K1 and have had a few short contacts. I really enjoy QRP CW operation. - Erich Holzer, N7EH <> - Tucson, AZ - Aug 27
August Beza WA2HTF <> - Merrick, NY - Aug 18
I am in the process of getting relicensed. I held a Novice ticket back in 1970 and never really got a chance to use it. I will be taking the Technician and General Exam in the next few months. I have been re-learning CW - I still remember CQ!! So far doing well. I have an old j-38 straight key and look forward to some QSo's in the future. Thanks for all the information on this site 73 to all Roger - Roger Evans <> - El Dorado, CA - Jul 21
Rodney Ross <> - Shelby, AL - Jun 29
R.L."Pete" Stull WB7AMP - Odessa, TX - Jun 24
Sure am glad to be on board. I look forward to participating in the sprints. 73s - Art Jackson - KA5DWI - North Richland Hills, TX - Jun 19
Just joined and looking forward to meeting up on the air. 73 everyone from Robin Hood country! - Ron G3SEN - Nottingham, England - Jun 8
keep up good work - aj4en/Bobby Gosnell <> - Clinton, SC - Jun 5
Just visiting this site. Going QRP and getting started with Icom IC-703 and whatever antenna I can dig up.Planning field day one op QRP in Utah west desert area.Tnx - Don W7JEX <> - American Fork, UT - Jun 3
I'm pleased to see that NAQCC and CW continues to grow. That is very encouraging for an "optional" mode for us here in the US. It is very important to keep this mode alive and available for future generations of hams to enjoy. With that goal in mind, you might want to check out, especially their CW Academy at: You could eventually become a nominee for CWOPS membership after showing the ability to effectively communicate for extended periods with international morse code at 25 wpm or higher. There is no cost or obligation to participate in CWops CW Academy Classes and membership is not required. Enrollment is open to anyone with the desire to learn or improve their proficiency in Morse Code. If that sounds like you, please check it out. Meanwhile, see you on the bands! Best regards, Gary, K7EK NAQCC #5685, CWOPS #997, FISTS #3951 (Note from K3WWP - CWops membership is NOT free like our NAQCC - they do charge dues to be a member although as Gary says, the Academy is free.) - Gary - K7EK - Spanaway, WA - May 27
Hello everyone, I found the article on a magazine, and I am excited to become a member of the CW club, I am not very fast at CW . But I hope there will be plenty of members to practice with. Best 73s de YS1CF - Cisco Call YS1CF <> - La Libertad, El Salvador - May 22
Sorry to report that long time member Jim WA2WUH #2136 recently became a Silent Key. He lived near me, but I never got to meet him. He will be missed. - Curt WA2JSG <> - Carneys Point, NJ - May 13
FB, indeed. - Scott / n7net - McKinney, TX - May 9
nice - Teppo Malmberg SA-0-ACM - Stockholm, Sweden - Apr 23
Stanley Hoffman K3FOB - York, PA - Apr 12
Hello people! XlurewXa - XlurewXa - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - Mar 27
Trying to get back on the sprints. Am going to be in Rhode Island for a few months this summer. (05/2013 to 09/2013) Hope to have a rig with me to use there, hopefully. 73, Roger NAQCC 0353 - Roger Perry WA1GCT <> - Telephone, TX - Mar 25
What about Alfred Vail he was the one who made the code, why was he get no recognition? Samuel Morse thought there should be a number for each word and you need a book of words to decode the message. see - Eric Richards ZL1ERI - Auckland, NZ - Mar 23
Really great website! - Mark Bradbury, KC9PMW - Greenwood, IN - Mar 8
Born and raised in Washington PA - Frank Seibel WA3EML <> - Yakima, WA - Mar 7
William Fullerton AF5HA - Iowa, LA - Jan 17
Nice to meet NAQCC have had a long period 3 years out of Radio, but back with increased love for CW QRP. Thank you all and hope i hear someone from NAQCC. Kind regards Dennis VK4JDJ Far North Queensland Australia. (And we hope to see VK4JDJ on our NAQCC membership list - please sign up - it's free - K3WWP) - Dennis Bauer VK4JDJ - Herberton, Australia - Jan 13
Joining as a new member. - Robert "Chris" Derr KA3EVT - Youngsville, PA - Jan 12
Looking forward to joining in the fun on the 3560 KHz nets soon. Building a Rockmite for 80 meters. Happy New Year from Buffalo NY! - John KB2HSH <> - Buffalo, NY - Jan 6
Back on the air ater 5 years, You can hear me operate the Local Club Station VE9CRM hpe cu soon gl qrping 73 - Marc Morel VE1MAM <> - Edmundston, NB - Dec 19
Just applied for membership. Did my first QRP operating yesterday (Dec. 16, 2012) and made 6 contacts with decent RST reports. My minimum power is 5 watts. My rig won't go below that level. Looking forward to more QRP operating. - Rick St. Clair WU1V - Cambridge, MA - Dec 17
The thought occurred to me... SILENT PERIODS TO MONITOR DISTRESS CALLS ON MARINE RADIO FREQUENCIES! The thought occurred to me, why not apply the above system to QRP frequency monitoring. At the appointed time, if we are on the air and not in QSO, and not on the QRP frequencies, take a couple of minutes to QSY to the traditional QRP calling frequencies and give a listen. If a station is calling CQ QRP, come back with a signal report and QTH, name, and a 72. Not being familiar with digital modes, this may be more practical on the CW/SSB QRP frequencies. Something to kick around in any case. Maybe the usual QRP organizations might want to take the subject up. 72 Dick - F8WBD/N2UGB - Benodet, France - Dec 9
Update Spotters sked --December. Also, looking for slow speed, 5wpm, sked on 40/20. Tnx Tom - Tom Jenkins K2YEO - Binghamton, NY - Dec 2
William Carver KD8PGA <> - St. Clair, MI - Nov 27
Getting started. Old fella, with a new hobby. - KK4CNF <> - Gloucester Point, VA - Nov 25
Frank Jennings KG6LMR - Berkeley, CA - Nov 5
I am starting into CW. It is harder to find slow speed contacts than I thought. I have put Ten Tec 4 band QRP go pack on my Xmas list. I look forward to working lots of CW. - Gary KG4SFB - Hendersonville, TN - Oct 21
JIM N8NXU - Monticello, WI - Oct 14
Would like to learn more about QRP also trying to improve myCode work. I think QRP will be a lot of fun and a big chalenge for me. - Jim N7QMW <> - Osakis, MN - Oct 10
Just had a QSO with one of your members N1A/QRP. Tony was at the key (W1SUV). Thank you for the QSO Tony, it was my pleasure meeting you. - AK5X <> - Dallas, TX - Oct 9
john m0hem - john m0hem <> - Essex, England - Oct 5
Tried my hand at a sprint last night, grand total of 3. :) Signed up to be a member, and looking forward to the next sprint! - Adam KK4GSQ - Louisville, KY - Sep 20
i am going to turn down the icom to 5 watts and try a sprint my cw is slow - dave gulick AB0LJ - Shelbina, MO - Sep 19
just getting up to speed with CW - Ralph VE7DQS - Burnaby, BC - Sep 2
Nice site - John Kochanski KB9SXH <> - Milwaukee, WI - Aug 27
New to qrp with new YAESU FT 817. - N9BGX - Angola, IN - Aug 25
hve n fb time with cw/QRP stuff ... Hi Hi - N0KCP <> - Kansas City, KS - Aug 25
I need an Elmer on the contest log and the sprints you run I worked 9 last night (You should find all you need to know by thoroughly examining the Contests/Sprints section of the NAQCC web site - K3WWP) - Arthur ns7e <> - New Prague, MN - Aug 16
I am NAQCC NR 3269 and im still on CW since 1985. Im 77 and wife and I live in our RV on the navy submerine base on Kings Bay GA. Im now using A yaesu ft 950 5 watts into A G5RV up 55 ft in 3 pine trees. Im on CW every day were can I find more CW members to ragchew with on QRP? (Just tune around the bands. Our members are active everywhere. We don't have specific frequencies because having club members congregate on just one frequency doesn't really help to promote activity on the bands in general - just on that frequency. - K3WWP) IM A old USN deck hand 25 years TU 73s Chief Wolfe WF1S QRP - Jack Wolfe - Jacksonville, FL - Aug 15
First time at site - Dave Borkowski - K8bor - Grayling, MI - Aug 1
QRP Hams are few and far between out here in the CoRn FieLds of North Central Illinois. I have never met any locally in 35 years and 3 locations. I operate a Ten Tec Century 21, Ramsey Twins, HB TX, and some vintage tube receivers. Wires and Slinky's do the work, but I am looking in to a Moxon. 73 de kc9ih / wd9gka (We have 160 members in IL from 116 different towns/cities - K3WWP) - Keith - KC9IH <> - La Salle, IL - Jul 24
Dan KB1WZY - Jamaica Plain, MA - Jul 23
Norm vk5gi <> - Willunga, Australia - Jul 15
Awaiting my first QRP CW kit in the mail, glad to have found a group of like minded people... - Neil KK4FKS - Virginia Beach, VA - Jun 11
Have been on the air since 1961. Built my first QRP rig in 1962 with a tube. Started building simple transistor QRP rigs in 1963 at age 15. First solid state QSO was in 1963 on 40 meter cw running 60 mW input power. Distance was from CT to VA. I was impressed! - Dave K1THP - Farmington, CT - Jun 11
I have made many contacts using my "Rockmite" on 40 meters I have 12 Countries confirmed - Skip Kauffman K3CC <> - Coudersport, PA - Jun 10
Like this QRP wire antenna stuff .. - Tom Beard WA4ZOF <> - Auburn, AL - Jun 5
I'm looking forward to the purchasing of a QRP station. - Harold Clifford K1FFD <> - Ocala, FL - May 15
Looking for to QRP work with NAQCC sprints - Gene, W5DOR <> - Magnolia, TX - May 15
Great Site Keep up the good work! - Scott Graham - n0nuf - Linneus, MO - May 14
gave a try see how i do. 73 steve k8fzy. - steve k8fzy - Dennison, OH - May 14
Hi from 3011. I have been a member and participant for some time now. I thoroughly enjoy the sprint and monthly challenges and the great people you meet. My only wish is --- I should have joined sooner. Which wouldn't have been possible as I didn't get Computerized till about a month before. I find myself looking forward with great enthusiasm to the next sprint and monthly challenge. Its a great experience. Brion - BRION 3011 (alias VE3FUJ) - Harriston, ON - May 2
I've been inactive for 15 years and have just gotten back into the swing of things with a new QRP rig and a PAR End Fedz 10/20/40 antenna and about to have some fun! - Martin Lingle N0ML - Cape Girardeau, MO - Apr 22
I added the NAQCC URL on my page, there's no harm in doing a little advertising! - Gust ON6KE <> - Mechelen, Belgium - Apr 19
I was introduced to NAQCC by Scotty, KG3W. Greetings to all. This is a great club! - Emilio AG4T - Miami, FL - Apr 17
Listen for me on 20 m CH frq. I travel from Chicago west via ND, SD, WY, MT, ID, OR to Seattle. Trying to be active every night. Just CW on K2/10. Period: 18 april - 2 may - Allan, OZ8A - Fejoe, Denmark - Apr 8
just read issue #164 of the newsletter. Good article by John, K3WWP, about importance of zerobeating. I wonder how many times my CQs were answered by ops who were calling me outside my narrow filter's bandpass ? On a busy or noisy band I usually have it set to narrow! I know that many times I tuned to find a signal that was just a thumping sound way off my Transmit freq !. I WISH THIS prods some ops to read the manual and be sure you are calling stations ZERO BEAT ! - John, K8JD <> - Commerce, MI - Apr 7
Hello from an old member (501) returning to do some QRP Sprints again. I got into the 160M and a couple of regular sprints in 2011 and 12. I built a couple of MFJ cubs for 80 and 40M and have my old MFJ 9030 for non Sprint QRP work. I like the 2 pt bonus when I use my J-38 key. See U all on the air. I do QRP on 160-30M bands. - John K8JD <> - Commerce, MI - Mar 23
Your Club with the limited antennas and such as a philosophy is my favorite, I am using end fed wires and have had QRP success with them. Thanks and CUL Cheers - Dale KK9D (#5580)- Wisconsin Rapids, WI - Mar 19
Just sent my application as F8WBD new French call sign. Operate QRP CW on 20 meters with FT-857/SW20/OHR100A and a PAR antenna. BCNU on 14.060 +/- - Rich F8WBD - Benodet, France - Dec 14
saw the announcement on the elecraft email reflector and stopped by to check it out. - Jim AC0E <> - Garden City, KS - Oct 10
Metin SALTIK TB2MNL - Sakarya/Serdivan, Turkey - Sep 30
Hi to all of you, Saw an article about NAQCC in TCA "The Canadian Amateur" May / June 2011 Have logged on to this site a few times & reading a bit more each day. I have a TenTec Century 21 model 570 in my shack & a Wilderness Radio "NorCal 40A" built from kit for going places. If only there were more hours in a day... - Glenn "VE2GUQ" - Granby, QC - Sep 9
Gentlemen, I need help. I would like to cut a wire antenna for 30 meters which is resident so I don't have to use a tuner. I have tried several combinations without success: a wire j-pole, a folded dipole and a couple of different lengths of Zepp's. I want to use the antenna for QRP backpacking. What works for you? N0LQY - Jack Beckett N0LQY - Abilene, TX - Aug 17
Sorry to say I missed the August sprint earlier this week. Just too many things going on here. I'll be here next month. - Curt WA2JSG <> - Carneys Point, NJ - Aug 12
Just took a look at the guestbook. I just got back into the sprints this month and hope to do more of the monthly activity ! The last club event I did was the last 160M one . I have one gain antenna (3 el Yagi on 10M) and the rest are wire dipoles and loops. I am very involved in the SKCC and neglected my other clubs ! 73...JD - K8JD <> - Commerce, MI - Aug 14
I just joined NAQCC. Unless I am missing something, I am not seeing any roups in the Fort Worth/ Dallas area? If there aren't any, can I start a group? Thank you. Dave Walters WD6AJW (See the Texas chapter link on the main page of the web site and/or the chapter news section of recent newsletters) - WD6AJW - Burleson, TX - Jul 14
Being at sea and away from my rig isn't my idea of fun, but I enjoy the club newsletters. They help me keep my interest in the hobby peaked until I return. I look forward to hearing some of you on the air when I get back on my Kenwood-TS430S or Ten-Tec R40/20 from some location in the field. I would also like to welcome Gene KK4BKA to the club. 73, Jon - Jon K4KLB - USS ENTERPRISE CVN-65, VA - Apr 11
Just stopped in for a look - Bradley Hokanson NH2CY <> - Santa Rita, Guam - Apr 11
Seems each time I visit this website, it's bigger and better. Great website; great club. I am honored to be a member. Curt #3457 - Curt WA2JSG <> - Carneys Point, NJ - Mar 20
I downsized from using an expensive transceiver and 1KW amplifier. Wanting to 'get back to basics' I ended up with a Ten-Tec R4020 transceiver and use simple wire antennas. The setup proved itself during a domestic contest and DX contest over the past few months. It's nice to be able to pack my station into a small DVD player case and go anywhere I desire with it. - Korey W3TUA - Fort Drum, NY - Feb 23
New years resolution this year was to get on the monthly NAQCC sprints. So far so good and it's really honing my CW, both copying and sending. Everyone at NAQCC take a bow, you're really making a differance and you're helping keep CW alive. 72 es God Bless to you all de Wayne - KC0PMH - Wayne Dillon - KC0PMH <> - Columbus, KS - Feb 10
You guys do a great job and deserve a round of applause. Not only do you keep QRP alive but CW too! CW is a great mode for weak signal work and so glad to see so many guys still use and enjoy it. It's a tradition we must pass on. Thanks for all your efforts...My hats off to the NAQCC group and what you have done.. - Bobby N3LL - Englewood, FL - Feb 9
I will make an effort to come up to one of the breakfast 73 Steve (Referring to the MN Chapter, I guess - K3WWP) - Steve Howard AB0XE <> - So. St. Paul, MN - Jan 16
Have been QRP op for many years, CW only. Member GQRP Club, 4855. Member of FISTS, 483. First on air at ZB2A, 1953. 73 to all. Tony Tuite, GW0NSR - Tony Tuite, GW0NSR <> - Nr Abergele, Wales - Dec 1
Looking forward to doing QRP once i get better get code back on air soon! nice site Thuo! see ya on air soon! 73 Jackie N4MJG - Jackie N4MJG - Tullahoma, TN - Nov 27
Thank you very much for the excellent services and information, as well as the outstanding membership benefits. Also, Free eQSL Membership at: and specify N3DG in Line 1 as referror on the application. 73, Dennis John Gazak N3DG eQSL Board Member - Dennis Gazak N3DG - Huntingdon Valley, PA - Nov 25
great work you chaps are doing keep it up.. de 73 john gi0kuh - GI0KUH - Portadown Craigavon, Northern Ireland - Nov 22
I'm putting together my very first QRP rig from scratch (I mean nothing) and could use some expert advice. These are my current planned purchases: How does it look? Thanks, Jim Type Set-up: 80M QRP XCVR w/12 V Bty Pwr 132' Dipole 1:1 BALUN Ant, RG-58 Lead,with Leg Straight Key
Emtech Antenna Tuner Mod ZM-2
J-37 JFC Morse Code Leg Keyer
Battery, Tysonic 12V 3.4 Ah
Battery Charger, Schumacher, 6 AMP
Coleman 10" Tent Stakes 6 EH
Coleman Utility Cord, Braided
Grip 37128 28-p Charging Clip Set
Balun Designs QRP 1110cb 1:1 Iso/choke 1-54 Mhz Balun (I really like this Balun)
MFJ Enterprises 6 pk Insulators, Ceramic MFJ-16C06(shipping is killing me)
Coax Cable, 3' BNC M-M RG-58
Coax Cable, 25' BNC M-M RG-58
Coax Cable, 50' BNC M-M RG-58
BNC Male 50 Ohm Dummy Load, 5W
BNC Female Panel Mount, Insulated
(to modify TEN TEC 1380)
BNC F-F Adapter
The Wireman Antenna Wire,Flex, 14/168 #542,132'
Tayloe Battery Status Indicator Kit
Tayloe SWR Indicator/Bridge Kit
Total $497.35
- Jim Kendrick WE8C <> - Clarksville, TN - Nov 18
Never again will I try to compete in this contest that is supposed to be to help develop contesting skills of those whose CW speed is slow. 25 wpm+ is no contest for a beginner. I am very disappointed! I guess that the hype doesn't live up to the reality! (What a shame that this member got the wrong impression of our sprints because of some person not honoring our intention of keeping our sprints low-speed, slow paced events. I hope all members will check themselves and see if they have been guilty of doing so themselves. It's easy to get caught up in the action, especially now that our sprints are so popular with so much activity, and unconsciously start sending faster and faster. - K3WWP) - KF7IOT - Pinedale, WY - Nov 18
Very happy to find a website that gives very useful and very interresting news for wireless operators. Get my QRO [big] 73 With best regards from Morocco. - Zidane Nabil - CN8CE - Casablanca, Morocco - Nov 4
Enjoyed the article in the recent newsletter about the K3RLL antenna project. It's now on MY drawing board for next Spring! - Curt WA2JSG <> - Carneys Point, NJ - Oct 29
Wonderful just wonderful, Having been a member of a number of CW clubs i must say how great it is to belong to such a commited and deadicated CW/ QRP, Club with such terrific values and desire to forefil the needs of fellow CW operators for which i would like to thank the chairman and his staff members for thier hard work and commitment to satify the needs of the members, thank you all, 73 Ray G0EML NAQRP 4609 - Ray Bullock - Shrewsbury, England - Sep 29
JOE KC2QLA <> - Manchester, NJ - Sep 17
Very nice web page. I enjoy reading about the QRP activity. I have operated a lot of QRP with a HW-7 and HW-8. Had a lot of fun. Hope to become active again soon. 73 and Gud DX my friends....Bill - Bill Carter WD4BRP <> - Mount Airy, NC - Aug 10
Hello all, just checking in. Should be back on-the-air soon. I use to be KN2GSJ but am now K2GHM, living in OK. Hope to CU some of you soon. 73 George - George H. Morton <> - Midwest City, OK - Jul 4
I really do like you site very much and plan on being a member. I like to operate QRP. Fred - Fred Jones WA4SWF <> - Louisa, KY - Jun 4
I am sorry to report that WA9TPZ/Lou/NAQCC #78 is SK as of 5.14.2010 He was my ELMER and BEST friend for 35 years. He will be missed by many. He loved CW, and was a great op. I'll never be the op he was. Lou may your "bug" always be polished, and your "swing" be merry my friend 73 All the Best Gary(BJ)W9FNB - Gary(BJ) W9FNB NAQCC #77 <> - Carthage, IN - May 17
Good site. I am new to CW and to QRP. I am amazed at the effectiveness of QRP signals. 73 - John KC8ZTJ - Portage, MI - Mar 28
made a contact in the last two sprints which was exciting. Finally got my end wire to work around 3550 so I am ready to make a real effort in the April sprint with a straight key. Looking forward to it. have to learn how to send in a log. k5jyd - larry k5jyd <> - Mesquite, TX - Mar 26
Sri I missed last few sprints. I hope to be back on the next sprint. Maybe see some members in Dayton 2010. - Curt WA2JSG <> - Carneys Point, NJ - Mar 23
Just getting back into amateur radio after having been out for 30 yrs. Interested in qrp cw. Found you on youtube. Just took exam on Saturday and have a General CSCE but waiting for call sign. Any suggestions for rig and antenna? - Phil Meadows - Pinedale, WY - Mar 15
I have been reducing my station gear to a couple of QRP-only rigs, a watt meter, and a couple keys on the operating desk. Couldn't be happier. As if a great weight off my shoulders. Would like to see a QRP-only forum here. Nothing controversial. Will now find time to enter NAQCC contests on a casual basis. Thinking of offering special prize. Will contact the Prez. Best 72 to all. - Dick N2UGB <> - Central, NY - Mar 13
Hello to all. Qrp may also be the secret to attract the grand kids interest. I find that even those that said they hate CW have reversed their thinking as soon as they gave QRP a try. It is and has always been exciteing to make the contact with you all. - Harry AA1QT - Brownville, ME - Mar 6
Talked to WY3H on 40 CW today, just signed up and waiting for certificate and membership info. Running a 40 meter mobile (Hustler) on the porch rail, NOT a QRP antenna, but it works for now! 73, Keith, WB2VUO, TC - ARRL WNY Section Amherst, NY: Grid FN02ox - WB2VUO <> - Amherst, NY - Feb 20
As a former Navy signalman I learned code to use it by Flashing lite. My bigest problem was converting it from seeing, to hearing it. I still am slow. And the only thing that keeps me from getting my Extra, is the theory, but I'm working on that also - Jim n9egm - Dupo, IL - Feb 19
Love CW and QRP. Can honestly say one of my best times was working DX with my Heathkit HW7 back in the 70's...Keep CW alive!!! 73 - Dan N2ADI <> - Forest Hills, NY - Feb 18, 2010
Been enjoying QRP for several years, but since joining the NAQCC I've been trying my hand at QRPp and find its even more rewarding making contacts using mW pwr levels. Most of my contacts ask me to repeat my power level when in a QSO. Its so fun when I get a "????? watts" on their return. Thanks for everything the NAQCC is doing to preserve and promote the tradition of CW at low power levels. - Terry / KC4TM - N. Ft. Myers, FL - Dec 28
Nice set up looks awesame :) I will enjoy trying to help other members in sprints.. 73 dennis - Dennis & Jane Arnholt wd9dwe/AA9JM - Seymour, IN - Dec 22
Still working on the cw and plan to try out a sprint or two with my j38. k5jyd #350 - Larry k5jyd <> - Mesquite, TX - Nov 28
Hello! I am UA1CEC ATCC invites everyone who loves ham radio, CW, dx, ssb, digi and contesting, to become a member. The Membership is free. Membership in club absolutely gratis and we invite the amateurs from all over the world . Everyone has the right to propose. If you want to apply: please sent me free text (name, callsign and wish to become)to Home page: - Tony - Russia - Feb 27
Hello from #3346! I am having a blast operating QRP and only wish I had given it a try several years ago. I'm not a really big fan of contesting, but the monthly NAQCC challenges are getting me to be more active and have helped me become a better CW operator. Thanks NAQCC! 73's Cliff - Cliff - W2CRW - Rochester, NY - Feb 15
Best 72 from Poland Zen sp5agu/qrp - sp5agu - Warsaw, Poland - Jan 30
I LOVE CW, but at my age (62) life's too short for QRP. (Although I own and have used a Heathkit HW-8) - Pete - K5PRT <> - Kempner, TX - Jan 27
A'yep. Winter has struck. Antennas for 80 and 40 under 8 inches of ice, on the ground. It's ok. I'm stuck on 30 meters. I don't hear all that many QRP on this band, but when I work another NAQCC member I'm most pleased. Normally I park my bug on 7040 Khz, but it is getting tougher all the time with all the digital signals. I miss 40. Guess I'll just have to erect another temp antenna until spring. I'm awake most mormings at 2 or 3 a.m. and listening on 10.113. I have regular qso's with WI6I who is stuck using an indoor antenna. What a challenge. 72/72 for now and catch you on 30? - Myrton - n1GKE <> - Hope, RI - Jan 17

Great Website! I just worked John, K3WWP on 80 CW with my Atlas TX/RX110 and he invited me to join! Looks like I have found a home. My FISTS number is 867. - Peter WA1ISA <> - Wrentham, MA - Dec 14
I have been a member a long time, but just made my first QRP QSO with KX3H on 12/9/08. BTW...nice web site! - Leon Bishop N5PU <> - Moss Point, MS - Dec 10
A bit of "late" news, Ethan got his vanity call, W3IRS -- yes the suffix is IRS --watch out! - Tom WY3H <> - Kittanning, PA - Nov 29
An amazing phenomena qrp that moves the op to emerge from the hidden into eloquence however brief but wonderful. - BILL WJ2L/4 - Nashville, TN - Oct 16
Just joined. Awaiting delivery of IC-703 and HW-8. QRP is fun! - John Tidball/WX4O <> - Anniston, AL - Sep 30
Sorry, but I just can't resist (another) bit of bragging (please bear with me). I am the proud parent of Ethan, KB3QGW, age 15, who passed his General Class Exam July 17 at the Mahoning Valley Amateur Radio Club test site in Youngstown, Ohio. Ethan is now awaiting a special vanity call sign. He will be performing some special Website services to the club under the direction of our VP, John, K3WWP. Tom, WY3H - Tom WY3H <> - Kittanning, PA - Sep 2
Hi fellow members: Tom, WY3H here, No. 0001.
I recently received an invitation to join the Croation CW Club. Like NAQCC it's free. I think this may be a good way to open up some DX contacts for us and attract additional members. One fellow has already joined the NAQCC. Here is the e-mail correspondence I received from him:
On the 12th December 2001. several active radio amateur old timers, lovers of telegraphy, founded the international Croatian Telegraphy Club CTC.
The new Club welcomes membership applications from telegraphy lovers across the world.
The only requirement for prospective members of CTC is that CW should be their main or only mode of operation on the amateur bands.
If membership application is submitted by E-mail then no fee is required and membership is gratuitous without any expenses.
In case application is by post please include 5 Euro or 8 USD cash in envelope by plane which is a contribution towards postage charges.
It is the Club's principle of supporting CW which is far more important than any financial consideration.
In order to become a member of CTC, send your application, quoting call sign, and (where possible) E address to:
Croatian Telegraphy Club
Franjevacka 5
42220 Novi Marof
Croatia, Europe
Rules of CTC are as follows :
1) CTC is an association with free memebership for telegraphy lovers across the world.
2) The only requirement is that members be active radio amateur CW operators.
3) The aims of CTC are to support and promote CW as an active mode, to teach new telegraphy operators and to increase the numbers of CW operators on the amateur bands.
4) CTC will, from time to time, organise activity periods and contests.
5) CTC will have only a chairman and one secretary.
6) A membership number will be issued to every member, which they will be able to quote on QSL cards, letters etc.
7) The Club logo is an image of a hand key with the text "Croatian Telegraphy Club."
8) The CTC can have a stamp like an amblem. A rubber "CTC logo" stamp will be avaiaqble to members.
9) Although there is no membership fee, voluntary contributions can be made (towards the costs of organizing activity periods, contests etc)
10) The 12th December 2001. is the inauguration date of CTC and on this date each year can celebrate its "Birthday" by their activity on the CW sections of the radio amateur bands.
Croatian Telegraphy Club
- Tom WY3H <> - Kittanning, PA - Jul 16
I worked DXCC with 5 Watts and my K2. Next, I will try DXCC QRPp on 10m and a 3-el delta-loop beam. I suspect it will take several years (when 10 finally opens). - Dan VK8AN - Stuart Park, Australia - Jun 11
Having a great time with QRP. I am working 5 watts from home QTH. It's all in the antenna and the antenna between your ears! 73,Steve - Steve KI6ADA - Petaluma, CA - Feb 17
I'd like to offer my special congratulations to my son, Ethan, who as of Jan. 24, 2008 became KB3QGW and will soon join the NAQCC. Ethan passed his Tech test at the Mahoning Valley Amateur Radio Association's test site, Youngstown, Ohio on Jan. 17. Tom, WY3H NAQCC President - Tom WY3H <> - Kittanning, PA - Jan 25

Cool!!! - Ed Tanton N4XY <> - Marietta, GA - Aug 27
Wanted to say thanks for the newsletters. I have been out of the hobby for awhile with work and family but am trying to make a come back. Enjoy the info and hope to cu on the air. Dit Dit Ron N7RD - Ron Smith - Sun City West, AZ - Jul 29
Hello. I've been a member for a while now, NAQCC 1565. I subscribe very strongly to the NAQCC philosophy of QRP, hand keys, and wire antennas. Unfortunately I must make do with a whip out the window. But I do run QRP or low power and use one of several hand-keys as frequently as I can. So while it isn't always possible to be a purist, I do believe in what NAQCC proposes. Today, this afternoon, I worked KB9YIG. He was running one watt to a 100-foot random wire. RST 569 and no QSB strong enough to take him out. Band was 30 meters. I was slightly embarassed with 20 watts from my SG-2020. What a great signal he had. No sunspots appearing on the solar photos, either. Long live CW and QRP. - Rich W2RDD - May 26
73 to all... As the NAQCC's newest member (#1785), I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I became very interested in ham radio as a kid, way back in the mid-60's, but never quite got the elusive Novice license. It took nearly four decades to come and go before I finally took the plunge. I was surprised to find that the code has now gone by the wayside, but I still wanted to start out the way I would have so long ago. I just purchased some rather vintage equipment (an old Kenwood xcvr), learned Morse code anyway, and I am now getting ready to make my first contact... and it will be with code. I do not even own a microphone as of yet. I am looking forward to it with great anticipation, and it is wonderful to finally join the world of the great amateur radio operator. -Patrick- - Patrick @ KC0ZLO - Arvada, CO - Apr 11
tried my first sprint, the lighting storm, shut me down...but was supprised at the number of qrp stations taking part....hope there is no storms next time!!! - Bill KB4TOX <WRCFORGE@HOTMAIL.COM> - Magnolia Springs, AL - Apr 11
I am still trying to figure out how to put up an invisible antenna at my location. I have to be very creative because of antenna restriction where I live. I am open for suggestions. I hope to be on the air during the next SPRINT. I look forward to meeting other members on the air. - Alan Jones, W8OAJ <> - Fort Bliss, TX - Apr 8
Have been inactive for sometime and plan to reactivate soon. I do enjoy QRP radio and plan to build my next QRP radio. 72's - John Horton KE7CW < > - Ypsilanti, MI - Feb 12
Thanks for the Membership! - Jerry K9UT - Feb 4
Well, with an erratic work schedule and a host of other things I finally met the QSO-A-Day Award requirements. For some this may have been a simple accomplishment, but for me it seems that nothing comes easy. One thing I've learned is "Never give up - stick to it."
So, I managed to make 2 QSOs a day for all the days in January, 2007.
But I thought that it might be interesting to give a more detailed breakdown of what was involved for me.
Although I made 2 QSOs a day every day, my monthly average was exactly 4 per day, a total of 124 QSOs for 31 days.
QSOs were made on the following bands:
105 80-Meters
15 40-Meter
3 30-Meters
1 20-Meters
During the month I contacted 24 states and one Canadian province (Quebec).
Most operating time began around 0000 Zulu, but I got in some extra QSOs prior to that time.
All of the 40, 30, and 20-Meter QSOs were made during day-time hours, from roughly 1700 to 2200 Zulu..
The overwhelming majority of January nights we had excellent conditions on 80-Meters, but on the last few nights of the month we had a lot of QRN and some "flaky" band conditions, but nothing that was impossible to overcome.
My rig was the HW-9 which puts out about 3 watts on 80-Meters and about 4 watts in 40, 30 and 20 Meters. My antenna was a random wire about 50-feet long and 20-feet up, used with an MFJ 971 tuner and the key was my old Russian Army surplus straight key.
In all the effort was a great experience and I encourage NAQCC members to try for this award at least once. And by the way, you don't have to be an NAQCC member to qualify but you do have to operate QRP-CW of course.
So, 73/72 to all and let's keep QRP-CW alive FOREVER! - Tom, KB3LFC
- Tom KB3LFC - Kittanning, PA - Jan 31
Glad to join a bunch of like-minded (QRP at least!) folks and I'm looking forward to participating in the activities. I'm almost exclusively wire, QRP, CW, and I enjoy low key operating events more than intense ones. Still working on kite-flown antennas and efforts to make some world records on 160m QRP. 'seab' lyon - aa1my bethel, maine, usa FN44nj - seabury lyon - Bethel, ME - Jan 10, 2007

Looks good - Jameson Wysgi <> - New York, NY - Dec 31
Hi all - Have passed the written for general lic & will test the code on Jan 6th - Hope to have code as main op mode - see you on the air - 73 - NAQCC 1627 - SKCC 633 - Herbert Winn - Alanson, MI - Dec 21
A year goes by quickly! Merry Christmas to the hard-working officers of the NAQCC. And thanks to the members who participate and make the club's activities fun. See you in 2007.
Bob MacKenzie VA3RKM
Ottawa, ON - Dec 19, 2006
still studying the code.Hope to take test again next month.[already passed el 2&3] I think qrp is what I want to do most.
Bill Carter KC9IRR <>
Trail Creek, IN - Dec 11, 2006
I would like to thank all radio amateurs who worked N3A, our special event station commemorating the second anniversary of the North American QRP CW Club. I'd also like to thank John, K3WWP and Larry, W2LJ for the time they put in to man the station. John, by the way, put in an astronomical amount of time making more than 150 N3A QSOs. Perhaps next year we'll do it again, bigger and better. At any rate, we all had fun and hope you did too. John and I are working on designing an attractive certificate that those who worked N3A will be proud to hang on their wall. Thanks again to all, Tom, KB3LFC NAQCC President.
Kittanning, PA - Nov 2, 2006
Just getting back to the hobby. I upgraded to General class this year.
Wm Ramm
?? - Oct 18, 2006
New member NAQCC # 1502 EPA QRP member # 96 Currently operating with HW-8 and Pixie 2 transcievers on 80 and 40 meters. Restoring an AC-1 transmitter.
Paul Bischoff N3RBN
Parkesburg, PA - Sep 3, 2006
Thanks for starting up this club. CW is the best mode of communications hams ever had. Get your speed up then become a Code Warrior. No contest and no points required. All you need is at least three QSO's in 1 month at 20-to 25 WPM and you will receive a free 3" diameter Code Warrior pin on badge. Keep the air waves filler with the beeps Proud to be a proficient CW operator.
Bob, AF2Q
Lawrenceville, NJ USA - Sep 2, 2006
Learned of this from an article in K9YA's excellent magazine at
John W6JTK
Simi Valley, CA - Aug 12, 2006
Bob Snowman KR1B
Lyman, ME USA - Jul 25, 2006
Hello to all members and guests ... Thanks for a nice site! Usefull information and all is good arranged. Thanks you for your work. I look forward already today to your attendance on my homepage and perhaps also an entry into my guest book. Thanks! Good luck and good bye from the German Alps abt. 600 Meter up NN (JN67ER). Servus Andreas
Andreas / DL2VIC
Schleching, Germany - Jul 22, 2006
One thing about QRP operation is to never underestimate the value of a good pitching arm. On the Sunday before Memorial Day, John K3WWP and I went up to my top property to my "remote" radio operation site in a small clearing in the woods adjacent to a field. We set up a battery powered operation for the annual QRP ARCI's Hoot Owl Sprint.
Thanks to John's "pitching arm" we soon had two random wires strung through the trees. Earlier that week we mowed the grass and cleard some brush in preparation for setting up our site.
From underneath a 12X12' dining fly, we operated our rigs using battery power. John worked 40 Meters exclusively and I worked 80.
I think the event was sort of a bust in terms of participation, especially on 80, but John did OK on 40. Our final scores were nowhere near last year's event but the important thing was that we had a great time just doing it.
One of the "highlights" of the evening was when just before sundown we had a large doe walk out of the woods and give us the once over. She stood about 35 feet from our dining fly and stared at us for about 5 or so minutes. Then she ambled about 25 feet away and turned back to look at us again before slowly walking off to where ever she was first headed. I wonder what went through her mind concerning these strange humans who were apparently listening to some even stranger "beeping sounds." A short while later we heard a pack of coyotes howling in the distance. I happened to mention to John (in all seriousness) that the only thing left was for a bear to come wandering through. At that, john placedd both his hands on the arms of the lawn chair and for just a brief moment it looked as if he was ready to QRT then and there.
Well, as I said, we had a great time and the other part of our "success" was of course due to preparation. We even had a spare gel cell battery (good thing because we found that one battery registered only 11.8 volts). The meter on John's homebrew tuner failed but thankfully I brought a SWR/Power meter from my HW-9.
We also found that we had to run separate ground wires from our rigs so thanks to bringing a lot of spare wire we were able to do that too.
A couple of Tiki torches with citronella fuel kept most of the bugs at bay, although, John said they acted as "runway" lights to steer some flying critters in our direction. We had large citronella candle on our table and by the end of the evening the candle bucket was full of two dozen or more corpses of assorted flying denizens that ventured too close to the flame. Two battery operated lanterns provided plenty of light once the sun set. We found that an assortment of tools came in handy too. One item in particular was a butane soldering torch I bought from Radio Shack for $20. It proved worth it's weight at least in silver if not in gold.
Prior to the sprint we wre able to work a few stations operating the CQWPX contest and I got a station on 15-Meters about 7:45 p.m. local time.
If you've never tried running from a remote location using batteries and random wire, I might suggest you try it. You'll have a ball and who knows, you might just make some great QSOs. And if you don't have a good pitching arm, be sure to invite a fellow ham who does. There's no substitute for getting a wire 20 to 25 feet up through tree branches. Best 72/71 to all,

Tom KB3LFC <>
Kittanning, PA - Jun 11, 2006
I made my first QRP contact!!!!! I thought Id never survive working the bands with my only rig, my Heathkit HW8 putting out only 3 watts.. I think I will go a long way with QRP. Im gonna see how many DX stations I can work now. :-) Wish me luck!
Kristin KI4NZU
Conover, NC - Jun 5, 2006
I'm not sure if I posted this or not so here goes (again?) I was bitten by the QRP bug a year or so ago and have never looked back. If your interested building in a simple Glowbug (tube) rig with 5 watts output. One that uses no expensive hard to find parts,produces a clean stable note check out this 6aq5 transmitter. Overall cost will depend on your junk box and your ability to scrounge what you can. Not even any magnet wire in this design. It's for 40M but am working (as limited time permitts) a 40/80M version. Photos and construction notes at: Enjoy Ralph
Ralph M. Ferrara WA2NTK <>
Horseheads, NY - May 25, 2006
Tried and true he's now 62, if you wonder who is "he" It's John, K3WWP, NAQCC VP, Member No. 2 Happy birthday John on May 24, 2006. The more birthdays you have the longer you'll live. (Thanks Tom, I guess you couldn't think of a rhyme for 61, which is really what I'll be tomorrow at 3:21 PM HI -K3WWP)
Tom Mitchell KB3LFC <>
Kittanning, PA - May 23, 2006
Hi there fellow QRPers!
Brian - KB9BVN <>
New Whiteland, IN - May 17, 2006
I just recently got back on the air after being inactive for 2 or 3 years. I got back active primarily because I missed CW operating. I have decided to concentrate on QRP CW. I have built a Elecraft K1 that I have on 40-30-20-15 meters. I also have a Radio Shack HTX-100 to use on 10 when that band is open (it isn't now!). I have ordered a DSW-II for 80 from Small Wonders. I plan to get a Wilderness Radio Sierra in the next few months with modules for 17 & 12 meters initially. I use only wire or vertical antennas. I am not much into building, unless it is a kit, but I love the operating end of it. See you on the bands! (WONDERFUL! We hope to be hearing you in our sprints and challenges. We need more of our members to be active in our club events. - K3WWP)
Wes Linscott - W1LIC <>
Bangor, ME - May 6, 2006
Can you please publicise "The Great XTAL Swap Page" on your site? I think the concept should be of great interest to homebrewers, but take-up thus far has been pretty light. (Sounds like a good concept. Check it out if you're looking for crystals. Click John's link - K3WWP)
John Kirk VK4TJ (& VE6XT)
Toowoomba, Australia - May 3, 2006
Worked as W4/VU2YK first from Cary/NC and then Stuart/Fl from July 2005 to Jan 2006 73 Rahul
New Delhi, India - Apr 8, 2006
I am looking for some info on the Kenwood TS-120S for a friend in Sweden. Specifically is the minimum power output 5 watts or less via the power control on the rig? He has no way of measuring the output directly.
John, K3WWP <>
Kittanning, PA - Apr 6, 2006
Glad to find the QRP Group.
Dave W0DLR
Kirbyville, MO - Mar 30, 2006
Just starting the QRP Thing!
Bill WA2YTW <>
Bayonet Point, FL - Mar 22, 2006
I do a lot of homebrewing, and here is some info for other club members. There is a dude on Ebay selling brand new crystals, 10 crystals for $17.95, this includes free shipping. You can't normally buy a single brand new crystal for this price with shipping, and he has 100% perfect feedback. The crystals for the most part are QRP frequencies. If you find it worthwhile to post to the club members do so. Frequencies in the ham bands that are available and that one can order (all ten the same or ten in any mix) are: 7030, 7040, 7110, 10106, 14020, 14060, 21060, 21110, and 21135. You can't beat this. I didn't need the crystals at the moment, but I ordered ten of them for myself just because of the price, and knowing I will need them later on down the road for projects. His business is called "tqchina", and the web address I copied and pasted here: I hope this is helpful. Man this is a deal or a steal (both!!!)
Gray, TN - Mar 16, 2006
Just went thru the website. It definitely added to my QRP interest. I'm currently building a Ramsey 20M station, and playing with a Pixie II on 40M. 73, KC8YEC
Doug Birky
White Pigeon, MI - Mar 9, 2006
Very interesting and usefull information. I like your changes. Just getting into Low power and QRP from 8th Floor Condo. Have been operation VE6CCL-L a eQso gateway QRP 147.585 1 watt to a J Pole. 73 Rob in Calgary
Rob wilson ve6ccl <>
Calgary, AB - Mar 5, 2006
I diddled-daddled a little with the 160 meter contest this weekend and it equaled a lot of fun. Running 500 milliwatts equaled average range of about 600-700 miles, while running 5 watts out to about 1600 miles. For those thinking this band is tough, I use only a 130 foot end fed wire up 30 feet (that's about 1/20th of a wavelength up), or in similar-comparative terms a 17 meter dipole would be up at slightly less than 3 feet equivalent. Five watts averaged about ten qso's an hour, while the 500 milliwatts averaged about 3 per hour, but heck, look at the antenna. I hope this encourages others to try this band. It is awesome, even with a minimalist antenna. 73 John WN4OAA #150..... (What John says is absolutely true. You CAN work 160M with QRP and simple antennas. I made 63 QSO's in 19 sections in under 90 minutes with my 5 watts and attic random wire in the CQWW 160M test. Along with John, I urge you to give 160M a try - you won't regret it. - K3WWP)
John Kosmak, WN4OAA
Gray, TN - Jan 31, 2006
Read about the NAQCC club in John Shannon's article in the FISTS KEYNOTE. I read all of his articles. I now try to make a contact a day as he does. Great inspiration! Glad to see a club dedicated 100% to CW QRP and the saving of the Morse Code. Just sent in my membership application tonight with all my information and shack setup. Looking forward to my first contest this Wednesday evening on 80 meters.
Aron Brown NN1F
Bedford, NH - Jan 15, 2006
Enjoy your website John. Looking forward to being an active member. I am QRP CW operator. Fists #2606
Larry KE8LF
Beach City, OH - Jan 11, 2006
Just joined this FB Club #1165. Went thru the website and it's great. Not operating QRP yet. I have built one rig so far- CQ Nov 1992 pg. 126 by W5LET and renewed by KY7C. Need to build power supply, also working on another- Cigar Box Transmitter with two 1S4s and VFO. Will have to bring my CW up to snuff as haven't used it for about 6 yrs. 73 to all CU later
Roy Brown VE4EE <>
Beausejour, MB - Jan 10, 2006
Max H. Behrens W3DBY
Plymouth, MI - Jan 3, 2006

Merry Christmas to our club officers and all the members. I hope we have as much fun in 2006!
Ottawa, ON - Dec 23, 2005
Tom, K8VZD made an inquiry about a Heath-Kit part ofr his HW-9. In case no one replied to you yet, Tom, try contacting Ron Oxley at RTO electronics, Benton Harbor. Mich. Ron repaired my HW-9 and although he took a very Looooooooooong time, he did a masterful job. He bought all of Heath-Kit's parts inventory so he may have what you are looking for. Check him out on the Web.
Tom Mitchell KB3LFC <>
Kittanning, PA - Dec 6, 2005
What's great club! I'll be back to join later (i must change my callsign before) .. p.s. Listen to me at 10.1219 MHz sometimes.. My power level is not high - it's one watt only and antenna is not so good - plastic rod like st.Louis vertical on the ground. But i got ZL2AGY with this equipment.. And several american (North-East) stations too.. So, whatsoever contacts are possible using qrp cw :-) GOD SAVE SHORT WAVE!
Ukraine - Nov 24, 2005
vhf 144.80 +-10 front range please send slow!!! SEEMS like it would be fun how about it? tues or wed when you are in the shack. 7-8:30?
mark hiles kc0mjp <>
Colorado Springs, CO - Nov 16, 2005
anyone know of 1-5 watt 6m cw transciever kit? thanks
mark hiles kc0mjp <>
Colorado Springs, CO - Nov 15, 2005
I'm looking (desperatly) for Heathkit part # 442-763 or LM 388N-3 or equivelant for my HW-9. It's part U306 on the manuels schematic. Is there anyone in the club that could possible have one or know where I can get one? Thanks Tom k8vzd #1083
Tom Hauff K8VZD
- Nov 14, 2005
Really enjoyed your web site. I don't operate QRP but admire you for your interest and work in same. 73 w9uou.
Dick Francis W9UOU
Gas City, IN - Nov 13, 2005
Just FYI regarding the upcoming Nov. 16 Sprint: For the first hour I will be working the sprint using our club call, KB3MQT, No. 1100. All who contact KB3MQT will receive a computer generated QSL card. To save postage let me know your e-mail address after the contest so the card may be sent via e-mail. If you do not have e-mail, I will mail one out via postal mail to all stations I work with the club call. For the last hour of the sprint I will use my own call, KB3LFC. John, K3WWP; Larry, W2LJ; and I hope this sprint will have good participation. Best 72/71 to all. Tom, KB3LFC
Tom Mitchell KB3LFC <>
Kittanning, PA - Nov 8, 2005
Hello John, Just submitted my application to NAQCC via e-mail for membership. Have been off the air for awhile due to ill health. Looking forward to QRP CW activities this winter. God Bless. Norm
Norman Jackson K1NAJ <>
Norway, ME - Oct 29, 2005
very nice! I LOVE this Website! great webmaster! AMAZING! keep up the good work!
Dallas, TX - Oct 18, 2005
Great website, looking forward to being an actve member here 73 Bob KC9GMN
Robert Henning <>
Clinton, IL - Oct 16, 2005
looking forward to the nets and contesting - great club
Webster, MA - Oct 5, 2005 at 21:22 (EDT)
Glad to join always good to have more folks working to keep cw as the best mode
Paul K8PG
Chatham, MI - Sep 27, 2005 at 21:15 HH:MM (EDT)
I have fallen in love with CW again. Glad to be a member of NAQCC, and now to get active with the contests!
Paul Gates, KD3JF <>
Glen Burnie, MD - Sep 22, 2005 at 21:52 (EDT)
Was nice to meet up with Tom and John at Butler. I've worked John once or twice on 40 using the little Tuna Tin 2. It was a surprise being member #1000, it was a greater thrill than winning a hamfest prize! Plan on operating the upcoming events. Oct, 2005 will be interesting, maybe I'll run the 1929 TPTG rig for that event.
Mike, kd0ar
Youngstown, OH - Sep 19, 2005 at 11:09 (EDT)
Glad to be a member of NAQCC (#1020). Active around 14.060 MHz. Nice to follow old William who already in the 14th century wrote: "It is in vain to do with more, what can be done with less" (William of Occam, 1290 - 1350). 72 de SM0PMJ/Goeran.
Vallentuna, Sweden - Sepr 15, 2005 at 07:23 (EDT)
I enjoy looking at the website. Tom Don't feel bad about not being able to send or copy very quickly. It takes time to learn how to be proficient at the mode. Not very many people operate only CW anymore, they operate many different modes as well. I operate both CW, and Phone so I don't get too bored with only one mode. With work I don't have the time to enjoy having a QSO like I would want to have, so I am painfully slow at sending as well. Hopefully John K3WWP understands. (Yes, but I had no idea it was possible to get bored with CW. It still fascinates me after 60,000+ CW QSO's as much as it did when I was a Novice back in the 60's - K3WWP) 73's from Matt W6YNS
Thrall, Texas USA - Aug 10, 2005 06:44 PM (EDT)
How often do you list new members? (Barring computer, network, etc. problems, within a couple of days of receiving an application - K3WWP) Have a nice day.
Jerry Karlovich, KD5OM <>
Plano, Texas, USA - Jul 27, 2005 05:47 PM (EDT)
I have to say that I am all in favor of the Tues/Wed contest schedule. It is refreshing that someone sponsors contests on something besides weekends. Not all persons have the weekends off. Keep it up! I know that I have said similar before, but it bears repeating. 72, Steve W0OOW CW - It's still magic!
Steve, W0OOW <>
Johnson, NE USA - Jul 26, 2005 10:11 PM (EDT)
I will be QRP mobile on 40 and 20 meter CW all over the country in my 18 Wheeler hope to work some members. Don't have an 80 mtr ant for mobile guess I better get one. Hope to work some members.
Jay Gutknecht, KC9EUH<>
Jasper, IN, USA - Jul 10, 2005 09:27 AM (EDT)
You guys did a great job with the new website appearance. Looks great and navigates very easily. Hope to see you both in the next Sprint. Take care.
Mike L., AF4LQ <>
Louisville, Ky. USA - Jul 7, 2005 08:21 PM (EDT)
I just emailed my application and am looking forward to being a part of your organization. I am 100% QRP-CW by choice. I live in an apartment and use a K2 and the rain downspout for an antenna. 73 Fred W2XN
Fred, W2XN <>
Katy, TX - Jul 6, 2005 11:13 PM (EDT)
I like your approach concerning simple wire antennas. Although I am not an avid contester I look forward to participating in yours using wire antennas at home and portable. 73 ... Gene
Gene Hall, W4TCO <>
Irmo, SC - Jun 29, 2005 06:01 PM (EDT)
Field Day was a lot of fun, but limited time of four hours produced only 35 states with my 5watts from a Yaesu FT817, a vertical, and 160 meter Horiz. Vee. I did snag Hawaii, but no Alaska. I worked contacts on all bands from 160 meters to 10 meters, but 15 and 20 seemed the best! 73's John WN4OAA
Gray, TN - Jun 26, 2005 02:49 PM (EDT)
How about some QRP hang out frequencies for each band. (See the club FAQ's - K3WWP) Ten Meters is QRP heaven, this would be a great place for a QRP frequency.
Bob Harwell, AB4AU <>
Orlando,Fl - Jun 6, 2005 12:13 PM (EDT)
Your site has renewed my interest in the ham radio hobby. I was first licensed in 1959 and was very active for the first 4 years. Not much activity after. Read you web site, it sounds like the ticket for me. I expect to be on the air in about 2 months. I have modified my Icom 735 for qrp and am running on a battery power. All that is left is qrp power meter and wire antennas. Currently running a full wave horizontal 40 meter loop. Many thanks for accepting my application. Jim
CARSON CITY, NV - Jun 4, 2005 10:13 AM (EDT)
Hello fellow club members. I have implemented a QRPP beacon on 28.251 MHz. I know everyone's time is valuable, but if you have a few minutes to spare now and then, could you listen for the beacon. Reports have become scarce to nil. All reception reports will be issued a very unique and colorful WN4OAA/B beacon qsl card. 73 John WN4OAA
Gray, TN - May 29, 2005 10:24 AM (EDT)
My Best 73 to QRP-er. A 20m 14060 5w out dip. G-qrp 10831 ru-qrp 09
Moscow, Russia - May 14, 2005 09:41 AM (EDT)
Saw ur info in April CQ. Been QRP fer yrs. wrkng on Home Brew MB QRP DXCC CW no contest! Had few yrs off due to medical. I'm 100% DAV. Suggestions- links or site info on QRP ops and Homebrew wud add much to attract new members. Tnx bst lk es bcnu 73 tom n4cyv kn
Tom Meyer, N4CYV <>
Keystone Heights, Fl - May 8, 2005 08:31 AM (EDT)
Hello and 72/71 to all NAQCC members. Well, after several weeks off the air due to a fallen antenna, the wire is back up, a bit longer and a bit higher. It pays to have a son who can climb a steep hillside like a mountain goat and carry a wire at the same time. Thak you Ariel. I Worked John, K3WWP last night with the "new' antenna (Sunday, April 17) and he gave me a 599 RST. Of course John is a whopping 4 miles away, however, I guess because I live in a deep valley surounded by hills on both sides, John has never been able to give me a 599 report before. So perhaps this is a good sign??? I'm still struggling with getting up a wire that will load on 40-Meters in time for the upcoming Sprint. There are several matters, however, even more pressing than my antenna problems. WE NEED MORE MEMBER PHOTOS! We would especially like to feature YLs and XLYs and some of the younger set operating QRP CW stations. Also, I know that Summer is around the proverbial corner and many of us are enjoying the beautiful spring weather we've been having lately. I think this may be one reason why participation is out monthly Sprints is down. I encourge all members, especially those in the Mid-West and West Coast areas to please get more involved! If you have any ideas for future Sprints, other contests of special events, please let John or me know. We'll consider all ideas that may have merit or be of interest to club members. Future event may offer special prizes to winners FREE! We have a great club, in my opinion, it is the greatest, fastest growing and best QRP club extant. Let's all show our support by participating in as many events as possible. Thank you all for your consideration. Tom, KB3LFC, NAQCC President
Tom Mitchell, KB3LFC <>
Kittanning, PA - Apr 18, 2005 11:10 AM (EDT)
Hello to all! After 36 years of hamming I have discovered QRP. I just worked CU2JT-Gary in the Azores on 40m with 2 watts from a HW-8 and a Butternut. Last week it was Alaska with 1 watt on 20m. This is going to be fun. Mike - WB9DLC - NAQCC 845
Mike Barrell, WB9DLC <>
Columbia City, IN - Apr 16, 2005 03:06 AM (EDT)
I am a new member(found out about it in CQ). Looking forward to working some of the contest and using QRP more. Someone has done their homework on this club. Glad to be a part of it and will pass the word around.73 David WI4L
David Stanley, WI4L <>
Dalton, Ga - Apr 12, 2005 09:27 PM (EDT)
your club seems very interesting and seeing i use only qrp radios and mobile antennas only it would be fun also...thanks scotty
Thomas (Scotty) Wilson, KA2EER <>
Greece, NY - Apr 3, 2005 02:07 PM (EST)
Enjoyed web site. Set appliation via e-mail this day to join NAQCC
Ray Vaillancourt, N4EAT <>
Gulfport, FL - Mar 31, 2005 09:46 PM (EST)
Just found (and joined...) the club. Getting back into ham radio after many years' absence and got bitten by the QRP bug. Have so far only worked W, DL, and YU with 5W and a VHF discone(!) on 20m - must put up a decent antenna some time...
Keith, VA3QF <>
Nepean, ON - Mar 28, 2005 07:44 PM (EST)
I hope you guys get to check out the April issue of CQ magazine. I got mine today and immediately went to page 83. Thanks to Dave Ingram, K4TWJ (NAQCC #384) there's a nice mention of NAQCC along with pictures of the Club logo and the "QSO a Day" award. John, I received two copies; so I'll send the extra to you for you and Tom to have.
Larry, W2LJ <>
South Plainfield, NJ - Mar 26, 2005 03:43 PM (EST)
Has anyone received the April issue of CQ Magazine yet? There is supposed to be a nice write up about NAQCC by Dave Ingram. I just renewed my subscription and I'm hoping that the April issue doesn't fall between the cracks! If you have gotten the issue and have seen the article, please let me know!
Larry W2LJ <>
South Plainfield, NJ - Mar 24, 2005 at 20:08:56 (EST)
Just found a peach Argosy and got it for only $125 so, I have returned home again to the land of QRP. Happy as a clam! de: wk9c/qrp
Ken Dreckman <>
Aloha, OR - Mar 23, 2005 at 17:05:59 (EST)
good site--work cw only here, unless i hear my elmer, w5zin, on ssb--worked him once in past decade--was cw intercept op in asia during '60s--enjoy qrp rigs of all sorts(solid and hollow state)applied for membership--will enjoy the club andd this site--73--jerry--k5psh
jerry steck--k5psh <>
bryan, tx - Mar 19, 2005 at 23:45:41 (EST)
After all these years, I finally discovered a worthwhile cause. I am joining, and looking for complete Kit to build to get on air with. I monitor 7.040 now. Anyone who can lead me to a nice complete KIT, I would appreciate very much. This site is just great.
Larry Stokes NY7Q <>
Caldwell, ID - Mar 18, 2005 at 10:28:40 (EST)
I own norcal 20, TT QRP 1340, SW+80, Argonaut V and some day, a K1. I have yet to participate in NAQRP activities yet. Until now, I did not have any time. QRP: skill and "the force". Warmer wx coming, I'll pull out my fishing pole antenna and see what I "catch" (heh heh) 72's
ron / wb1hga <>
fall river, ma - Mar 13, 2005 at 13:44:24 (EST)
DREXEL HILL, PA. - Mar 06, 2005 at 21:32:04 (EST)
Please tell me what is a 2-element 40 meter vertical beam. I want to try QRP, but I don't seem to have the right freq. and time of day. Thanks Tom - KC8YOL
Tom Johnson <>
Cincinnati, OH - Mar 04, 2005 at 10:44:54 (EST)
Tom, FB on the club Web site and your and John's devotion to QRP and Morse operation. TNX QSO ES CUL, 73-73, Philip, K9PL FISTS #6753
Philip, K9PL
Morton Grove, IL - Feb 21, 2005 at 22:58:01 (EST)
Thanks for providing a great web page the students in our club that are into QRP enjoy having a web page dedicated to what they are interested in.
University of Nebraska, N0UNL <>
Lincoln, NE - Feb 21, 2005 at 08:55:41 (EST)
Great idea! Look fwd to the events.
Brian, N8AVR <>
Saginaw, MI - Feb 20, 2005 at 11:27:16 (EST)
I will be back to join. Looks like fun.
Bend, Oregon - Feb 19, 2005 at 04:38:31 (EST)
Great idea, count me in!!
Wayne, KC0PMH <>
Columbus, KS - Feb 18, 2005 at 14:42:51 (EST)
OH OH! To all who worked the Feb. 80-Meter Sprint. I had a glitch in my e-mail and I'm afraid I lost some logs and membership applications. If your log for the Sprint does not appear within a few days please resend it. Same for new member spplications, Sorry guys. Tom, KB3LFC
Tom KB3LFC <>
Kittanning, PA - Feb 17, 2005 at 20:31:06 (EST)
Nice to see some contests for those that are working weekends or nights. Good job !
Steve - W0OOW <>
Johnson, NE - Feb 12, 2005 at 23:19:23 (EST)
I am currently building a Pixie II radio. If I build it correctly and if it works, then I hope to attempt some contacts with y'all.
Justin, AI4IS <>
Kingsport, TN - Feb 11, 2005 at 23:25:15 (EST)
Great idea and site. Been a ham for 38 years got into QRP CW in 1972 when I build an HW-8 and used it for many years. Now have a K-2 and work from 500mw to 5 watts almost 100% of the time. This club is a great idea. We need some way of identifing membership on the air. I noticed tonight I had just worked a member and didn't know it. Hope I can make the next sprint. No straight key here wore out the contacts have to buy a new one finally.
Dale, IN - Feb 4, 2005 at 23:39:36 (EST)
Info for other club members: I use a Yaesu FT817. I recently installed 8 AA 2500MAH NIMH cells by Energizer. These batteries are awesome and available at different Internet Cites for about $20 for a set of 8. It makes a big difference in the operating time of my FT817. 73 John
Gray, TN - Jan 30, 2005 at 21:01:59 (EST)
160 Meter Contest: Big plans --- but illness and antenna problems limited me to one hour of fun. Results: 15 contacts and eight states with 5 watts and a piece of wire (well....about 120 feet of it up 25 feet). Fifteen contacts per hour though isn't bad for the madness of that QRO crowd. It was fun, a blast, and well worth it! 73 John WN4OAA
Gray, TN - Jan 30, 2005 at 20:47:46 (EST)
Fun sprint last night. Built my first rig (HW-8) waiting for my novice license. Was SSB/QRO for about 4 years - got bored. Then built a HW-9 and been QRP and CW for 20 years. Nothing like it. And CW is , should I say it? - AWESOME! Great club!
Larry NU4B <>
Knoxville, TN - Jan 21, 2005 at 08:33:32 (EST)
I would like to become a member of the North American QRP club!
Vern Anderson <>
Spokane, WA - Jan 20, 2005 at 15:06:13 (EST)
This looks like a very interesting group. Hope it keeps up. I would like to improve my CW operation so this looks like a good operation.
Jim Eamons, KM5WW <>
Rockport, Tx - Jan 19, 2005 at 10:12:24 (EST)
Thanks to KA5HZV for introducint me to the club. We met today 20 CW while I was operating QRP mobile (it's safer than a cell phone up to your ear!) My only HF rig is an FT-817 with five watts. While mobile I use Ham Stick antennas and a little White Rook paddle glued to a clip board. At home I have a Carolina Windom and an old R-4 Cushcraft vertical. I usually use a Bencher chrome base paddle, a Hi-Mound European style pump handle for straight key events, and my old 1963 edition Vibroplex Original for special semi-high holy days like Field Day. I was first licensed in 1959 at age 14. I'm looking forward to meeting many more members on the air. Cap
Schley Cox, "Cap" W4AMW <>
Owensboro, KY - Jan 11, 2005 at 23:48:30 (EST)
Didn't see my name on the membership list yet. Just reading up on the club. 73 for now.
Martin Szumera <>
Middletown, NJ - Jan 11, 2005 at 18:21:54 (EST)
Greetings fellow club members. Well, our "5" event went quite well and we had a number of applications for the "5" award and have received several applications for WAS and the 1000-Mile-Per-Watt award as well as DXCC. With nearly 700 members now the club is going great guns. However, there is one minor problem that persists. All people applying for membership must closely scrutinize the membership list to see if your name and call have been entered. We have received the same application(s) two, three and even four times from people who are already members. After submitting an application wait about a week then carefully check the list. If you're sure your name and call are missing after having submitted an application, then plese re-apply. We are looking forward to good participation in the Jan. 19th Sprint. Participation in the December Sprint was more than twice that of the November Sprint. As usual, a bonus is awarded for using a straight key and this month, special recognition will be given to QRPp operation. In the near future we will host events that will allow for better participation by Midwest and West Coast operators. We also have plans for those of you who are into VHF and UHF QRP CW operation. Keep checking our Web site for details of all upcoming events and contests. Finally, keep sending in your photos. New photos will appear every month. 72/71 to all, Tom, KB3LFC
Tom KB3LFC <>
Kittaning, PA - Jan 11, 2005 at 10:17:26 (EST)
I have been a ham for about 3 years now and I think cw is the greatest. I'm a shakey 20 wpm and still tying to improve. I have just recently tried qrp and it to is a great challenge and fun. This sounds like a great bunch to join up with.
Butch Perryman KD5RSS <>
Haskell, OK - Jan 10, 2005 at 20:48:51 (EST)
Great Club. 49 States with 500mw...where's Nebraska? Started QRP 35 years ago as a teen, running a simple one transistor oscillator with link coupling. See ya'll in the 160 meter contest. John
Gray, TN - Jan 05, 2005 at 23:08:14 (EST)
I would like to contact W8EKR - better known as Mr. Phil Perrault.
steve kane <>
Falls Church, Virginia - Jan 04, 2005 at 19:57:45 (EST)
Sounds like a fun group and enjoy being able to build again Rockmite 20 and soon a sw+40 when it (gets here) cu on the bands.
Darryl N3AOI <>
Brodheadsville, Pa - Jan 03, 2005 at 19:06:38 (EST)

FT817, HW8, dual triode regen, AT-1, DX20 rigs are what I usually use, unless I really need the DX, or for real world/exercise emergency ops, then I use 100 W TS440 or FT857 (mobile). 73 es Happy New Year
Karl/WA2KBZ/0 <>
Jefferson City, MO - Dec 30, 2004 at 23:29:04 (EST)
Well, thanks to John, K3WWP, got my e-mail back up and running AND, got my computer cleaned up from all the viruses and spybots. Sorry for any delay in posting new members to the list. I've been looking at some of the members' websites and I hope that all who have sites will include NAQCC on their list of links whenever you update your site(s). Got my QSL cards in the mail yesterday so will start sending them out to those I've worked since returning to radio late last summer. Good success to all workking the "5" event and wishing all a very 72/71 2005. Tom, KB3LFC
Tom KB3LFC <>
Kittanning, PA - Dec 30, 2004 at 12:06:39 (EST)
Always am ready for QRP qso.
Rafael Viguera, HI8RV <>
Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep. - Dec 28, 2004 at 20:20:22 (EST)
Sounds like this could be a fun thing to do. just got into QRP about a month ago. Having a ball. Good luck with the new club. 73, Roger/WA1GCT
Roger L. Perry <>
Coventry, RI - Dec 28, 2004 at 19:54:14 (EST)
QRP? Skill and the force!
Japan - Dec 28, 2004 at 18:43:30 (EST)
It is great satisfaction to include qso's with qrp. Near by my old TS430 I use my home made units for 17 and 30 meter band. Both with 2N3553 in PA. Happy New Year 2005 for all qrp users!
Mikolaj Botta SP3JIY <>
Poznan, POLAND - Dec 28, 2004 at 18:30:30 (EST)
I love CW!
Joe, K4NVJ <>
Calera, AL - Dec 28, 2004 at 14:19:12 (EST)
Thanks for the club number, this club sounds like it will be a real fun time!! I will be operating from Martinique with the call of TO0O for 15 total days in late January to mid Febuary, please listen for me. I will be more than happy to give other members Martinique on QRP if you need it. I will also be in the CQ 160 CW contest. Thanks, Tom KC0W & TO0O
Tom KC0W
MN - Dec 28, 2004 at 12:12:47 (EST)
My main rig is an Icom IC-725 running never more that 10W for CW; usually only 5W. I also use an MFJ-9020 or a RockMite 20 for QRPp on 20 meters. Occasionally I can be heard using a 20m or 40m homebrew TwoFer, but not very often.
South Bend, IN - Dec 27, 2004 at 16:55:48 (EST)
Found your site thru QRZ.COM and read and thought it over. Interesting and i have decided Not to join your group for 1 reason. I fully enjoy qrp phone (SSB) on 5 watts on a wire ant. ( see QRZ bio on my call). I do not use code and have a whale of a time on phone and psk31 on 5 watts. sorry your groups not for me, But for code people you got a great setup and idea. Good luck!!! 73 steve wendt KB9RDS
steve wendt, KB9RDS <KB9RDS@JUNO.COM>
Indianapolis, IN - Dec 27, 2004 at 16:46:51 (EST)
I am studying for my Tect+5WPM tests. Yours is exactly what I am looking for--CW only plus QRP. Looking forward to joining you once I get my license. Looking forward to learning a lot from you guys! Best Regards! Colin
Colin Yeh <>
Flushing, NY - Dec 27, 2004 at 16:29:55 (EST)
Even though my main radios will go down to QRP(Jupiter,706), waiting for my 703+ to come in to do some serious QRP CW. Nice site and like the idea of no dues just do.
Kurt WA8VBX <>
Allen Park, Mi - Dec 27, 2004 at 14:14:32 (EST)
CW es QRP are my favorites... 73
Al Lundy N0IME <>
Yankton, SD - Dec 26, 2004 at 21:52:59 (EST)
Just joined. Sounds great. member of FISTS #11042 12/26/04
Harry Nordman AB0SX <>
St Louis, Mo. - Dec 26, 2004 at 19:28:55 (EST)
Nice Web site.....Signed up for membership Thanks! Steve WA5HDL
Steve Janosek WA5HDL <>
Corpus Christi, TX - Dec 26, 2004 at 17:41:12 (EST)
OCEANSIDE, NY - Dec 26, 2004 at 15:54:31 (EST)
Nice page, looks like a Club that has many fun events planned, something for everyone. Looking forward to it! 73/72, Darin.
Darin, W3DCG <>
Marietta, GA - Dec 26, 2004 at 15:22:13 (EST)
CW is the way to go! Like the old saying "if it's not cw, then it's just CB".
Wayne - NM3B <>
St.Marys, PA - Dec 26, 2004 at 14:12:56 (EST)
I am a big fan of CW--plus I like QRP my qrp rig is a HW9---Heath I am also a F.I.S.T.S. member 73 WOODY
Elwood (WOODY) Turner W3CEB <>
Pittston, Pa. - Dec 26, 2004 at 11:55:54 (EST)
Love cw. Fists Member 9552 .Like using low power . Nice Club .
John I Whitten <>
Groveport, Oh - Dec 25, 2004 at 22:10:49 (EST)
This club combines my 2 favorite ham radio activities, CW and QRP ! I love ur motto, "No dues, just do". I signed up and encourage other CW/QRP operators to do so ... 73
N2COD <>
Forestville, NY - Dec 25, 2004 at 19:15:43 (EST)
How about a "minimal QRP" Contest for all those 40-9ers, Pixies, and even Rockmites out there? Also perhaps a "Vintage QRP" Sprint, with points based on equipment age? Lots of fun possibilities.
John W2AGN <>
Vineland, NJ - Dec 25, 2004 at 16:43:58 (EST)
A great idea for a club. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. If you live near Houston and want to join the Houston QRP club email me. Sometimes we operate from my sailboat. Without CW it's just CB Ron
KA5HZV/qrp <>
Houston, TX - Dec 23, 2004 at 11:12:20 (EST)
Don't forget the 6meter and 2meter and 440,1.2ghz people we are HAMs too.And qrp is just as fun there.
Lee Trask <>
LisbonFalls, ME - Dec 23, 2004 at 00:40:36 (EST)
good idea for a club like this.
Lee Trask <>
LisbonFalls, ME - Dec 23, 2004 at 00:36:42 (EST)
once a qrp-er always a qrp-er
n4ucr <>
barnwell, sc - Dec 22, 2004 at 23:32:41 (EST)
Sounds like a fun organization......
Ed Rosenberger KC0QML <>
Warsaw, Mo. - Dec 22, 2004 at 21:05:54 (EST)
I got only one make that two problems. My cw is not fast (doesn't seem it will ever get any better) and the Icom 728 refuses to go below 8 watts. I do like the idea. Thanks and Merry Christmas Tom/n5kwb
Tom, N5KWB <>
West Monroe, La - Dec 22, 2004 at 19:23:38 (EST)
How many scratch-built homebrew guys out there? Cheating on the rx with a Icom 718 but trying to WAS with a Michigan Mighty Mite 40m & hb one-lung afterburner (CB transistor), hb 40m wire vertical. 3-4 watts & she chirps like a robin (less if I hold my mouth right). 14 states and counting. 73, pat
L. Michael Patrick, ki5ct <>
Onida, SD - Dec 22, 2004 at 14:23:01 (EST)
Hi, anyone want to sked a QRS QSO? I need the practice! I can meet on 40, 30 or 20 QRP, between 0000-0400Z daily, but am right now good for only 12wpm or less (and that's only if condx are gud and we stick to the name/qth/rst/rig QSO recipe, sri, hi!) I practice often with morse tutor, but it's tough. Anyway, thanks everyone, look forward to hearing back from the group. 72/73 es Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! Ray
Ray, KA8SYX <>
Big Pine Key, FL - Dec 22, 2004 at 11:14:20 (EST)
sign me up.
Dean Calvin, N8RMF <>
Findlay , OH - Dec 22, 2004 at 06:44:34 (EST)
Must join any group that has CW and QRP in the Club Name.
Olin Padgett, K4OWP <>
Palmyra, TN - Dec 22, 2004 at 01:20:20 (EST)
First, the "bad" news: My e-mail is hopelessly messed up and so if you've recently submitted an application or contest logs they might not be posted right away. Now the GOOD news: The NAQCC has a write up in the Jan. 2005 issue of World Radio magazine, Page 47. Great description of our club in a great magazine. Tom, KB3LFC
Tom KB3LFC <>
Kittanning, PA - Dec 21, 2004 at 22:16:05 (EST)
Great fun,lets do it again. Been a Ham for over 50 years, age 78. cw with a pump handle only. 5w and inv vee on 80. 73
Roy-------k8nqq <>
wilmington, NC - Dec 21, 2004 at 22:05:10 (EST)
You can't have too many QRP/simple gear CW sites! Good luck and 73.
Roy Spangenberger, KC2DMH <>
Hopewell Junction, NY - Dec 21, 2004 at 21:34:36 (EST)
I joined. If John Shannon is involved I am _THERE_! QRP & CW forever! I hope to make my next wire antenna an 80m 4-square in the trees! 72 & best rx de kt8k - Tim
Tim Prosser, KT8K
ann arbor, MI - Dec 21, 2004 at 11:31:22 (EST)
Great site, enjoyed the visit.
N8AVR <>
Saginaw, MI - Dec 21, 2004 at 01:55:47 (EST)
filed my membership app tonight. Look forward to working some of the members soon. Wonderful project. 73
Greg DeChiara <>
Maryville, IL - Dec 20, 2004 at 22:56:13 (EST)
Nice project! Would like to enjoy the club as international member. Always qrp here despite my call sign. 73 de Einar
LA5KW <>
OSLO, Norway - Dec 20, 2004 at 21:24:55 (EST)
have been into qrp since novice days starting with homebrew one tube xmtr in 1961...
John, K8JD <>
Commerce, MI - Dec 20, 2004 at 16:48:35 (EST)
I've been looking for something like this. Its fun and FREE. I'll look forward to becoming a member and working some of you. I'll also look forward to the Tuesday nite CW Net. Joe/KF0XV
Joe Moore KF0XV <>
Kansas City, Ks - Dec 19, 2004 at 21:14:17 (EST)
I like the idea for this club. I've been out of the hobby for a few years because of getting married, work, and school. However, I have been obsessed with the thought of QRP and CW for the last couple of months. This club is for me! Thanks guys, now I know where I can go for answers.
N3TTU <>
Kingsport, TN - Dec 19, 2004 at 16:40:38 (EST)
great site Enjoyed it Very Much
Bruno Gallizzi KF6GOM <KF6GOM@Adelphia.Net>
Pico Rivera, Ca - Dec 19, 2004 at 01:41:40 (EST)
Great idea! I have been QRP cw since 1971 and I think opeating activities do a lot to promote the hobby. Tnx es 73 John
John N4HV <>
Tallahassee, Fl - Dec 18, 2004 at 22:47:43 (EST)
Hey guys, great website! I'm also still learning CW for General ticket. I have read many articles about low power CW from homebrew projects. I'm very interested. I hope to catch many of you in the near future on the bands. I liked the statement, "Real hams beep", I think that makes a good point that CW will never die! 73 -.. . -.- -.. ..... ...- ..-. -..
Michael Heussner, KD5VFD <>
Hewitt, TX - Dec 18, 2004 at 20:40:33 (EST)
Great site.. going to join... thanks G.M>
G.M. WA6CDE <>
Sacramento, CA - Dec 18, 2004 at 16:09:53 (EST)
Hi all! Enjoyed the SPRINT on the 16th! HUGE participation, LOTS of stations on the air. I was only able to work the first and last half hour, but managed to make 31 QSO's. Band was in great shape. BIG THANKS to Charles W2SH for the email "heads-up" about the event, it would have slipped my radar if not for him. Keep up the great work! 73 de Jeff / WR2E
Jeff WR2E <>
Tinton Falls, NJ - Dec 18, 2004 at 13:56:15 (EST)
I have been all QRP since 1996, when I put my OHR-400 on the air. Since then many other kit rigs, the latest being, an Elecraft K2, #3163. Looking forward to participating in some of your activities. 72, Ned
W8VFM <>
Sand Creek, MI - Dec 18, 2004 at 07:52:24 (EST)
I have been looking for something like this. Still learning CW for my General. I am building a tuna can QRP but will call a Mighty Dog because that is the can I have.
Virgil Gibbs kg4fcd <>
Sun City Center, FL - Dec 17, 2004 at 12:56:18 (EST)
What a great Sprint last night (Dec. 16). John, K3WWP had one complaint that I have to agree with him on -- the Sprint was too short. On the other hand, John, the participation was anything but short -- it was fantastice and I think we can all agree on that. A big QRO thank you to all who took part in the event. The best is yet to come.
Tom KB3LFC <>
Kittanning, PA - Dec 17, 2004 at 11:17:25 (EST)
Had a great time in the Sprint tonight! Had to devote some time to the 40M Foxhunt, too; but the Sprint was a blast. Lots of good signals into NJ; and I got to work John K3WWP, too! How cool is that?
Larry W2LJ <>
South Plainfield, NJ - Dec 17, 2004 at 00:04:01 (EST)
Great time in the 80m Sprint tonight! I've operated QRP for many years but never on 80 until tonight so I really had no idea what to expect. The band was in excellent condition and zero QRN with lots of good signals here into NY. I just finished building the 80m filter for my AT Sprint an hour before the contest and it seemed to work just great. Thanks for putting this contest together and inspiring me to finally get on 80 QRP.
John AE5X
Harrison, NY - Dec 16, 2004 at 22:45:35 (EST)
Hi again to all and best 72/71. One problem has come to our attention and that is that we are receiving the same applications from members two, three and even four times. It is important that several days after you e-mail an application that you check the membership list very carefully. This will save both John and I a lot of time and effort. Best to everyone in tonight's Sprint. Tom, KB3LFC
Tom KB3LFC <>
Kittanning, PA - Dec 15, 2004 at 23:18:04 (EST)
Nice site, guys, and a lot of fun ideas too. I plan on participating in the 80m Sprint tomorrow night & the QSO/Day for 2005 also. But I think you need to publicize more! 72 and CU on the bands, John AE5X
John Harper AE5X
Harrison, NY - Dec 15, 2004 at 19:19:50 (EST)
The comment by John, KG9HV, "Talk is cheap but real hams beep," should perhaps be our club motto. Love it! Anyhow, I just want to mention that in addition to the NAQCC, I recently joined anotehr worthwile organization, FISTS. My FISTS number, in case anyone is interested, is: 11228. A FISTS membeship is only $15 a year and you get their magazine with K3WWP's monthly column. I encourage all member's to visit the FISTS website. They, like we, are working to keep CW Alive and well and they have been at it much much longer. Also, I'm wondering if all you guys and gals broke your cameras? How about some member photos and perhaps a short, two or three sentence radio bio to boot. 72/71 to all, Tom, KB3LFC
Tom KB3LFC <>
Kittanning, PA - Dec 15, 2004 at 10:10:26 (EST)
WOW! What a club. The NAQCC will be two months old on Dec. 16 and already we have well over 400 members. Very encouraging. I trust that this is a positive testimony to the fact that both QRP and CW are far from "dead." I believe more and more radio amateurs are turning to QRP and CW operation for the sheer challenge. Let's keep the ball rolling. Please submit your photos and please try for our many awards. Tom, KB3LFC
Tom KB3LFC <>
Kittanning, PA - Dec 13, 2004 at 22:46:55 (EST)
Looking forward to working QRP with other NAQCC ops on my favorite mode, A1A. Talk is cheap,but real hams beep! 72 KG9HV
John Schanlaub KG9HV <>
Lafayette, IN - Dec 13, 2004 at 12:20:25 (EST)
Very interesting web site!
Bob Abell <>
Wellesley, ON - Dec 13, 2004 at 07:20:28 (EST)
Just testing out the brand-new NAQCC Guestbook to see if it works OK.
John H. Shannon <>
Kittanning, PA - Dec 12, 2004 at 18:31:04 (EST)