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Bill Cox - ZL2BIL - NAQCC # 2882

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I'm 74 years and have been a ham since 1994. Former journalist in England and New Zealand, came here in 1974 with wife Catherine and sons Vincent and Glen.
Soon after getting a licence I got hold of a NZ-designed home-brewed Chelmsford QRP 2 watt CW rig and worked all over NZ and through to Australia on 80m. Later had a MFJ 9020 and worked the world with 3 watts when propagation was highish.
Currently have the big Kenwood TS930s screwed down to 5 watts, but conditions are not good yet. Waiting for improvement...but I'm not holding my breath!
Will find it hard to contact other members because of time differences, but will keep trying on 20M and 40M.
PS: Despite the hat I do not drive a beemer!