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Bob Crossette - WB1DSJ - NAQCC # 2259

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Thanks for the membership. Been a long time since I have been on the air, but have some free time now. I have been a ham since the early 70's, and have kept my call through thick and thin. Can't see a reason to change it, it's old like me. I am living in San Diego, CA now, been here for abt 15 yrs. I have been a ham in all 50 states, mobile in the lower 48, but lived in Hawaii, and Alaska. I've been mobile DX in Canada, marine mobile on the open seas, and mobile-marine mobile in Mexico. I used to do cw while driving my truck in the late 80's. The best cw contact that I feel I ever made, or I should say the most interesting, was with a man in England, during a hurricane. 73 Bob-WB1DSJ