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Alex Wiercinski - KC2HMM - NAQCC # 1409

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First licensed as WN2ZYP in 1967, when Novice ticket was only good for one year. Had a great time working CW with XTAL controlled Xmtr and various wire antennas in a cramped space in Brooklyn NY. Went to college after that, and spent the next many years studying, drinking beer and chasing girls!!! Got married, had kids, and advanced in my career, but always read the Ham journals and catalogs. I also kept my old Boatanchor RCVR and did some SWL'ing. In 2001, re-took the Novice exam w/ code privileges. Was simply AMAZED at the quality of the new equipment. I can remember staring at my little Ten Tec Scout, wondering how I "Dip" the plate current!!!! HI HI. Upgraded to general as KC2HMM, and concentrated on CW / Low power. I have three rigs plus some "Old Stuff" which I bought on-line. I never run greater than 50 W, and usually work 20 and 5 Watts respectively. I love CW, and will continue in it's practice. Bst 73's Alex