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Giacamo Bianci - IZ3DBA - NAQCC # 1626

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HI NAQCC Friends,
I call Giacomo (Jack), are been born to 22 November 1959 in Bari, are transferred to me to Verona in 1986, here they are married to me with my wife Federica in 1991 and we have one splendid child of name Alexander. I have obtained the Ham licence in the June of 1999 after approximately 2 years and means of study.
Currently I have exceeded quota 12,000 qso in HF of which 95% have been made in the way that I prefer and that I cultivate that is the CW.
They are enrolled the following clubs:
NAQCC        ---#1626
I.T.C.      --- #781. 
MARCONISTA  --- #730. 
I.N.O.R.C.  --- #544. 
IQRP         ---#725. 
MDXC        --- #370.
About 12.800 qso brought backin the log of station and others about 14,000 qso in the logs of numerous contests always and only in TELEGRAPHY! Website:
The QSL always is sent via bureau, directed and LOTW/eQSL after to have carried out the qso. You find to me in HF from the 80 mt. to the 6 mt., job and propagation allowing.
A 73 All the best de
IZ3DBA Giacomo "JACK" Bianchi.
37010 PALAZZOLO DI SONA (Verona)
Tel.: 3201815799