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This is the new NAQCC Autologger. It applies stricter error checking rules than our traditional autologger. You may see error messages (in the rightmost column) for entries, particularly log entries, that would have been accepted in the past. If you see error messages, please correct them in the form inputs and submit again. Once your submission is error-free, it will be accepted. Consult the rules if you are uncertain about anything. Email Andy, N2CN, with problems, questions, or comments at pix_newemail_n2cn (1K)

If you were using a call or operating from a state/province/country that is not your usual call or QTH, please let us know in the "Message to NAQCC Scorer" text box, below.

NAQCC Member Number
Enter 0 if you are not a member.
The call that you used in this sprint.
Email Address
QTH from which you operated during the sprint. Use "DX" if not US or Canada.
Antenna Category
SWA (Simple Wire Antennas) or Gain antenna(s). See definitions here.
If you used both, choose Gain.
Antenna description(s) & height(s)
e.g. dipole @ 30', 3el yagi @ 60', gnd mtd vert, inverted vee @ 50'.
Power Output
Use whole numbers only; no decimal point, no fraction, no W or MW. Express fractional wattage using milliwatts, e.g. 1.5 watts becomes 1500 milliwatts. Anything over 5 watts is counted as QRO. Max is 1500 watts.
watts milliwatts
Key sub-category multiplier
Straight Key=2, Bug=1.5, Keyer/Keyboard=1
Transmitted, but logged no QSOs
If you called CQ and/or called other sprint participants, but you did not complete a QSO, then check this box. You will appear on the results page with a zero score.
You must either check this box, or submit a log, but not both.
Transmitted, but logged no QSOs
Log (optional)

If you made QSOs, you must copy a log into the box to the right.

The log should consist of one line per QSO with the following eight items (no more, no less) in each line, with at least one space between items, and preferably all UPPER CASE letters. If you use GenLog and submit the correct log file, it will have the format shown here:

  1. Your Call.
  2. Band. 80, 40, 20 (or 160 for a 160m sprint). Just the number; no M, meters, etc.
  3. Time in UTC. Should be in the range of 0030-0230 or 0130-0330 depending on time of year. Just four digits, with a leading zero, e.g. 0028, 0131, 0246, etc.
  4. Station Worked.
  5. SPC or Multiplier (other station's State, Province, or DX)
  6. Number or Power (other station's NAQCC number, or for a non-member, power followed by W, e.g. 5W).
  7. New Multiplier (number each new state, province, country consecutively, or - if not new).
  8. Points (2 for a member, 1 for a non-member).

Please, no column headers, no comments, no totals or sums. Just the log lines as described above. The columns do not need to be lined up, just separated by one or more spaces.

Here is an example showing the beginning of a correctly formatted log from K3WWP:

K3WWP 40 0131 K4BAI GA 0644 1 2
K3WWP 40 0132 WY3H  PA 0001 2 2
K3WWP 40 0133 NV1B  ME 5W   3 1
K3WWP 80 0134 AD8J  PA 5W   - 1
K3WWP 80 0136 W2SH  NJ 0056 4 2
Soapbox (optional)
Tell everyone about your sprint, the static crashes, the multiplier that got away, the OM that patiently sent his number four times until you got a solid copy, etc.
Message to NAQCC Scorer (optional)
An optional private message to the NAQCC scorer, e.g. "I was operating away from my home state," or "I was using a callsign that I don't usually use," or "I made a mistake in my last submission, use this one instead." These are permanently stored in our database, but are not visible to members. They can be deleted on request.